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  1. I knew what it was going to be, and I really enjoyed it. I mean it didn't need to do much to entertain me. Just bring everyone together and throw in a few warm moments. I feel like they are playing versions of themselves and their lives, twisted to produce maximum "behind the scenes" drama on the show. I feel like they assigned each heightened character some dignity or depth and some kind of failing or embarrassing moment too. I assume the actual actors are all on moderately civil terms since they are doing the show together? Anyway, I am in for the duration.
  2. I love Keith twitting Veronica about her non-engagement. And I gasped when Dick had his throat "slit." I feel like he could totally end up in the situation his character experienced.
  3. I totally missed this. I'm not sure if I like it, because I found that whole sequence incredibly sad, while Corny usually brought a lighter tone with him. Corny aside though, I liked the element of exploring Keith's health problems. This grind of the indifference of poor care, the struggle and pain of trying to recuperate from an injury. And the indignity of getting older. It was kind of dark, but seemed fitting in tone to what the series aims for, etc. I was very happy to be back with Veronica and the rest of Neptune with this ep. It wasn't mind blowing for me, but very pleased to catch up with some of my favorite characters. Not so sure about the cartel folks, but willing to find out where it goes.
  4. I watched this episode last night, and I just felt... deflated at the end. Assuming Logan is really dead and not just in a coma or something, I am disappointed. I like the character of Logan; I find him interesting to watch and root for, so it sucks that that's over. I liked that they gave him a lot of narrative attention since I enjoy him, but as noted upthread it was kind of a send off. And honestly, I would have been fine if he had had a much less prominent role throughout this series (even only around via skype or whatever) and were still in the picture. I felt like he was kind of toned down and less fun sometimes, but that was obviously deliberate since that was part of Veronica's complaint about him. But kind of a bummer since that's the last we'll see of him. I was kind of spoiled because apparently we cannot go two days without suggestive headlines about the finale of an 8 episode season with an even more revelatory episode title. I knew it wasn't going to end with a happy perfect wedding leading to perfect happy marriage, etc. But I feel like two damaged people struggling to get through dangerous lives more or less together without damaging each other more could also be noir. Blowing Logan to bits practically minutes after the wedding seems like overkill. And also like the answer to the question, "How can we get fans to like this show LESS?" (Not all fans of course! But a significant number.) And doubly so if they are going to go to the format of her solving crimes on the road. I think Veronica *sparks* when she's in these scenes with people we know and care about. Keith, Logan, Wallace, Weevil. If it's just all strangers? That she will never see again? And I guess they just killed Neptune as it was? It seems like it's just the haves now. Although they could always walk that back a bit and have Veronica return to fight for the even MORE downtrodden. I will probably check out whatever VM they do in the future, but when this dropped a week early, I subscribed to hulu that day and was excited to watch it all over the weekend. I'm sure I won't have that same urgency next time around. I didn't like the skip ahead a year, but if the last shot had been of the seconds after the blast, and I spent a year or so hoping it was a misdirect, and then they did another season and it turned out Logan was in fact dead, I might have felt even more frustrated. Totally unrelated to the end, what are we supposed to think about Penn? He obviously hated the spring breakers, and I guess he was responsible for some of the "accidents" that had taken place previously? Even so, it seems like quite a leap to very quickly decide to capitalize on the two Big Dick bombings with a series of escalating bombings of his own, elaborately framing his frenemy, and culminating with a plan for notoriety, prison, and a final eff you to Veronica for being a known-it-all. I guess? So was it the congressman's mother and staffer using the bombings to pressure him to stay in office? And not enough Dick in the end. His dad is murdered in gory fashion, maybe his only actual friend too?
  5. Drag him to the hospital with some excuse about how he got there and get him on life support and just keep him drugged for the foreseeable future? I loved Kyle's storyline this season. I liked that he spiraled but instead of staying crazy he got smart and took Manes out of commission without resorting to a handgun. His own version of podding him. I also enjoy aspects of both M/A and M/M. For Maria, it's completely true that even if she can't control her feelings, she could still control her actions! I do think that as far as she knows, things are over between Alex and Michael? Even so, since she told Alex she would never go there again, I think if they are good friends, she should AT LEAST have a conversation with Alex before she does indeed go there again. I guess I'm not too mad at her since I find their friendship super unconvincing. Apparently, they are the kind of friends that think fondly of each other but almost never see each other and rarely speak? For Michael, he came off the worst, since he completely left Alex hanging after asking him to meet up the next day. I don't think he is just using Maria; I think he cares about her and sees her as a legitimately good and kind person with whom he has experienced a lot less angst (than he has with Alex). I am hoping Maria is about to find out about aliens since she noticed Michael's healed hand. And I kind of think Michael did that on purpose. I guess he wanted to play since he hasn't been able to for a decade? I was trying to figure out if there was a way that Isobel was still controlled by Noah, so that it was him (in her body) saying that she lied in the mindwarp plane. Except from all the other stuff Isobel has said , she did love him... so Dreamwarp Isabel DID lie when she told DreamNoah she never did. Right? Overall, I liked the way this ep was shot, not just completely straightforward camera work, and I was surprised to see Rosa resurrected and Max dead. Although I am not that sad about Max dying since I did not for a second consider that he might remain dead. I guess it's good Michael doesn't blame himself for causing the death of the only other known aliens on the planet? I guess? I will watch another ep of this show, and I like talking about the storylines and characters, but I don't always feel as much for them as maybe the show would like me to.
  6. This whole development really annoyed me from a story telling perspective. Like oh here are all the people that could answer some questions and really move the story along and - oh. Never mind. Michael (?) accidentally triggered the self destruct of the prison before rescuing any of them. Seriously. I admit it was not self-evident that the whole thing would be rigged to blow, but perhaps an approach other than try to physically smash the cells would have been prudent. This whole thing materialized in about 3 minutes and then Michael vaporized it in about the same time frame. I don't like dumping this psychic baggage on a character who is already kind of a downer, and I don't like dangling a bunch of answers in front of the characters and audience before snatching them away. I thought it was very reasonable to conclude that Noah probably needed to die. He is an extremely powerful alien who is also a serial killer and can take over and use vulnerable people without any remedy. If they cure him, they will also restore his powers and will have no way to keep him from killing all of them / continuing his murder spree / becoming more powerful / etc. Turning him in to the authorities seemed like it would accomplish almost nothing. He could probably easily escape and continue killing and/or expose them all. I thought it was much colder for Max to draw his gun on Michael. And it frustrated me, because I enjoy them working together, and I do not enjoy them hating each other. Nor do I enjoy that cowboy hat. Since people say stuff that isn't true all the time on this show, you might be right! But I thought the idea was that he was damaged by sitting in his broken pod trapped and awake for decades. This is a really good point. I mean, he could have said something about having cared for Michael for so many years or being unwilling to let him go now when they are getting closer again. I will say I really liked that Alex was not convinced when Michael was yelling that he should get lost. AND I really liked the twist that Liz was sensing what Noah was experiencing because of the handprint, just as she had with Max. I thought it made sense with what had come before, and had some dramatic potential for putting her in conflict with Max. They didn't make much of it, but I thought it was a good detail.
  7. Kudos to you! I remember this came up back when Noah directed Liz to the storage area where she and grant were attacked by Wyatt under the control of... Noah! I know they HAD to have Max and Liz dance at this shebang, but if they were trying to keep a low profile to keep the 4th alien relaxed, maybe both Michael AND Max should have stayed out of view, and then he wouldn't know that they were rescued and back in play!!!!! The Pod Squad scenes are my favorite by far, and I am annoyed by the distance between Max and Michael to begin with and the primary explanation for it (they remind each other of the night Rosa and the other girls died) makes it even worse. I am also getting confused by the mood swings of their dynamic. They work together and seem to be reconciling, and then Michael's deeply irritated the next time they interact. I can see how buried tensions could emerge when they are trapped together, but I felt like Michael was irrationally put out with Max from the moment he woke up. Their ship was referred to as Candy (because M&M). I agree that it's kind of confusing exactly what rapport exists between which characters at various times. Maybe they just decide they want to have a fight or heartwarming conversation between certain characters and then make it happen. My theory is that they are going to make Alex into the aliens' nemesis. Not that he will turn evil, but that he will decide that the aliens are dangerous and not to be trusted, and his first loyalty is to the US of A, and he has to do his duty, etc., even if he does love Michael. So it would be a star-crossed lovers situation, which will be sad for M/A fans but would give the character a ton to do. I didn't notice their absence in the moment, but it's maybe a little odd Alex and Kyle weren't in this one. Kind of an all hands on deck situation. Makes me think of Maalox. I liked the idea of the mind control alien using the people to find something. That made me consider that if he's not a protector, maybe Noah wants to stick close to Isabel because he thinks their people will come back for her / the others / and he wants to get in on the exit plan. Hmmm. Yeah, and did Kyle really want to stab Isobel with a giant potentially fatal and highly experimental serum? Seemed like no. I feel like they are playing a bit loose with this claim.
  8. Oh my goodness, yes. She was so pleasant. It was completely jarring.
  9. This is how I saw it. He was going to see his frenemy (with one-time benefits) but looking for a drink and some company not sex. And also, while I don't really blame Alex for taking a minute to process or feeling hurt that Michael is trying to leave the planet... on what basis should Michael have reconsidered / abandoned his decades-long quest to understand his very nature and possibly reunite with his family / his people? I loved that the two of them actually talked to each other, and that Michael told him everything. I find it very understandable that Michael still wants to leave the planet, a couple conversations with Alex and some whiplash hook-up/break-up sequence not withstanding. And very understandable that Alex is stung to realize Michael might be leaving for good. And very understandable that Michael goes for a drink with a friend when he doesn't get the support he would have liked (IMO, if anything, Alex has been the flighty one between the two of them). I did not think Isabel was semi-conscious during the 4th alien's use of her body. I thought that she was completely out of it at those times. But that somehow the memories of what the 4th alien did in her body are/were locked in a part of her brain she could never access before, so she had no idea why Rosa hated her since as far as she knew she had nothing to do with Rosa in life and had only helped cover up her death thinking it was to help Michael. I also thought that she was now able to access and partially experience the 4th alien's memories stored in her mind. I also thought they were saying that Isabel's blackouts from childhood were what made her susceptible to the alien-takeover.
  10. I took it as Alex needed some time. It certainly wasn't a complete embrace of Michael (after asking some probing personal questions) and all that he is, but it didn't seem too unreasonable to me. I thought Michael went to Maria, not to sleep with her, but because he always heads to that bar and enjoys some banter when he needs to get away. When Isabel said "I come in peace?" I thought it was super cute. Even though their relationship is not my favorite so far. It does seem all of the Rosa moments were between the 4th alien (who is drawn to Rosa and is maybe a male) and Rosa. And that they were one-sided in that Rosa was not interested in not-Isabel in that way. (Based on Rosa's cave dialogue.)
  11. As usual, I mostly enjoyed this episode. Things moved right along. Everyone (except Maria) on the same page and trying to solve things. But it still bugs how they have this attitude toward ALIEN pharmacology like "A little antidote helped a little. Maybe try a lot, and it will help a lot??!?" "No it's too dangerous. Oh fine." Or maybe just give Isabel 48 hours and see if she continues to remember more and more? This handwavium ridiculous science stuff was a lot easier to swallow when it was being presented by a high school student instead of a research biologist. I felt sad when it switched to Maria at the bar: meanwhile, over in a plotline that has nothing to do with the main story... 😞 I loved Michael showing up at the hospital. He and Isabel might be my favorite relationship on the show. They might be the most consistent? I am suspicious of Noah too and honestly of Alex, not that Alex is an alien or a double agent, but I feel like he always has this expression like he might turn to the dark side at any moment. I thought Maria was kind of mad at Michael for sleeping with her since she is friends with Alex, but I didn't really blame him for that one.
  12. I know they are trying have some bumps in the road for Max and Liz, but yes, maybe pushing them to the point where Liz committed to eternally hating him (yet it only lasted half a minute) was a misstep. I particularly appreciated the Michael / Alex thing. They had tons of heat, but I wanted to see more caring / friendship / something for their relationship, so hurray! You mean the ever-burgeoning I Know An Alien Club? Yes! I initially liked her character, but she got really boring when she was just reluctant Manes lackey. Allying her with Kyle and Alex really pulled her back toward the center of the action and returned some of her agency. I overall enjoy watching this version of Roswell. I love the zippy pace of the plotting. (One zillion things happened this episode!) But I still have a number of gripes. First for this ep, if people are going to call Michael by his last name, could we PLEASE achieve consensus about how it is pronounced?!!!?! There may have been three different versions of it this ep alone. And I would deeply appreciate it if Michael would never wear a cowboy hat again. I was also going crazy when the healer told Max the clip art was something she'd seen somewhere, and he didn't even ask where she had seen it! Oh well, just stomp off in a huff then. Not like you are in a line of work that would ever involve learning to follow leads or ask follow-up questions to obtain information. Thank goodness, he did return to later to ask these super obvious questions, although I still felt like he could have pressed the older woman for more info about the woman who died. Did she ever leave silver handprints behind, for example. I found lots of parallels to the og show in this ep, especially Michael kissing Maria and then immediately stating that he kissed her to quiet her.
  13. I had a strong reaction AGAINST Liz this ep. Partially because it’s so unbelievable that she would be able to create some kind of anti-alien serum and have ANY idea what it would do... that the idea of her actually deploying her concoction against one of the pod squad is breathtakingly arrogant and irresponsible. It could kill them / release Isabel’s murderous alter ego / drive her insane / turn her into an atom bomb. She didn’t even know what the acetone did for the aliens on a surface level. (And don’t get me started on Max saying she can make them normal; you are aliens! This is your normal. Until it’s revealed that you are hybrids (surely not) or mutated humans, there’s no reason to think your powers can be suppressed without killing you.) And her response to Max threatening the racist hospital patient also bothered me. Max works outside the law because the actual law would a) vivisect him and the people he loves and b) deport your father to Mexico in a heartbeat for that matter. In short, I am way more invested in the podsquad together than Max / Liz. They can just avoid each other for life as far as I’m concerned.
  14. I have really been enjoying the Chronicles movies. I liked the first one a bit more. I always like when there are a few moments of danger even though you know the main characters are safe. And that's also why I liked the 101 movie better than the Taylor Cole one (although I enjoyed it well enough when I watched it.) I am way behind on the Hallmark romances, but I am looking forward to the Belgium one since I love Bruges. For older films, I watched Royal New Year, but in the end I didn't love it. The perfectly nice almost-fiancee who was RIGHT THERE most of the time was even more problematic than usual.
  15. Max flat out says they avoided each other because they reminded each other of the worst thing they'd ever done, but it's a lame reason, and they have had the characters lie to each other before, so maybe he's still lying? Who knows.
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