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  1. Just watched this for the first time with a free trial of Sundance Now. I enjoyed it mostly for the friendship. Really loved all of the core characters/actors, particularly Aidan, Sally, and Josh. I actually saw a lot of romantic chemistry between Aidan and Sally from very early on, and I thought they were going to get together sooner after the first time they were able to touch/held each other's hands. It's funny that someone mentioned how awkward it was for the actors once they did get together, because they did seem to have slightly less chemistry then. But I still love them together.
  2. Plus lack of dumb misunderstanding 15 minutes before the end. I was so relieved when he overheard her purpose for being there right at the very start.
  3. At least in that case, she was choosing that dress because it was her mother's. There have been numerous other movies where the lead chose a brand new dress, in a store, with other better options, that was butt ugly and not at all flattering, and they somehow wanted us to think they would actually go for the worst dress.
  4. Even before hearing them talk about it on Deck the Hallmark, I was already planning to comment superficially on how awful Cara's chosen dress was. The one she tried on before it was much better, and luckily, so was her mother's. Good thing Ben's sister messed up. They seem to frequently choose an ugly dress in these movies.
  5. I could be remembering wrong, but I thought Daniel Lissing did do one movie for the channel after leaving When Calls The Heart before he disappeared. Interestingly, when the Deck the Hallmark guys interviewed him, he said he was willing to come back and do another movie with them.
  6. I haven't watched this show since Jack was killed off (or maybe I watched a few episodes after to see if I could still be interested and I wasn't). But I've seen the commercial for the next episode while watching the movies. I think I've figured out the names, and my guess is Elizabeth will pick the mountie, Nathan, after all. In the quick shot of the scene where Lucas goes to kiss her, it looks like she's about to pull back. Not a good sign.
  7. Has anyone else noticed the preview for the next in the "One Winter......" series? I didn't realize it was him at first, but Jack Turner (Ben) is suddenly bald and bearded in this one. 😲
  8. I watched the show recently. I really liked it. I'd love for there to be a second season, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up considering Netflix hasn't renewed it at this point. They should considering that I saw something today about them needing to have more shows with Latinx casts. The young actors are so talented, with the acting and the music. Makes my 35 y.o. old lady self feel untalented and old, lol.
  9. I feel bad, but I think my issue with Jessica Lowndes is that she just has the stereotypical mean girl/woman look and overall persona and I don't ever quite buy her as a kind, down-to-earth woman. I have no idea what she is like in real life, but that is just how I always see her.
  10. Agree with all of this. And love Lana's facial expressions. She's great.
  11. They changed a few of the details, but there was dialogue that was the same or close and the major storylines were exactly the same. 🤦‍♀️
  12. Don't watch the other movie. It's almost a carbon copy of A Bride for Christmas with lower quality actors and everything else lower quality. And I'm not kidding about almost carbon copy. I think I had pointed it out when I saw it and someone said it was the same writer? So maybe was asked to redo it for some other place for some reason. I forget. It was crazy, though.
  13. You saying this, along with your previous post, is actually kind of funny. You referenced there not being many movies from this year that you would re-watch and listed those that you would. I think many of us longer-time Hallmark Christmas movie watchers would actually say that the amount you listed is a lot for one year, lol. Especially more recently. I like the same ones and would probably even add a few more to it. In past years, there were way fewer movies worth re-watching. If you decide to continue to watch in the future, you may have to lower your expectations further. Though maybe we w
  14. Looks like The Good Doctor is filmed in Canada. I can usually tell when a show is filmed in Canada when I start to see a lot of the Hallmark actors on the show. So far, my predictions seem to be accurate. That likely explains it.
  15. Just finished New Tricks. After watching eps quickly, I tried to slow down towards the end so it wouldn't end. I enjoyed it. Interestingly, it seemed that both this show and Shakespeare & Hathaway
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