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  1. In addition to what everyone else said, when they were talking, there was reference to how Lola didn't need to cave/be the nice one and give up what she wanted.
  2. I was curious about the last name and found out that he has some Jewish ancestry. That's fun.
  3. I don't think there was a definitive explanation for why he was stuck in the original future. They seemed to just suggest that he was a nerdy guy with very little confidence, even before the original timeline incident with the cheerleader who treated him poorly. His sister kept referencing confidence, and I think even at the very beginning of the movie the dad said something about confidence to him. So he probably wasn't taking many risks or putting himself out there much and was worried that he would be that way in the future, which he was before Maggie strategically tried to change things.
  4. I agree with @Irlandesa that I think the writing helped with Josh. I enjoyed the quirks that they created for him. Re-watching, I was more amused than I probably should have been by his dislike for wearing other people's clothing and him freaking out while running over Maggie's dad's ladder. And moments during the golf course shenanigans, like, "Have either of you seen a rat?"
  5. I watched. While I think it was a bit lighter on the romance aspect compared to most Hallmark movies, I enjoyed a lot of the plot points going on and the humor. I kind of wish they had cast two love interests with different hair color for her. Even as a white woman (since research suggests we're better at differentiating people of our own race), it was challenging to tell the two blonde dudes apart besides slightly different hairstyle, lol. I would have kept Josh, played by Wyatt Nash, because he played opposite Katie in The Bridge on Hallmark and I liked them together a lot in that (though co
  6. Not looking like there are any movies that involve Hanukkah this year. Sad.
  7. I knew Annette Badland from Midsomer Murders https://twitter.com/FionaDolman/status/1443214398626140170 And I saw James Lance in one episode of Marple, with shorter hair and looking much younger.
  8. Very good episode. I laughed, I cried. Kind of all I can say right now. Am I the only one who never pictured Rick Astley as a black dude? Before I finally saw the video, I had always imagined him as an old, fat white guy with gray hair and a gray goatee. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Thanks for the correction, both of you. And Chippings, I asked about Hallmark because I assumed she filmed her movie before vaccine mandates became a thing. I guess we'll see. I wasn't excited by the preview for her movie either.
  10. Probably unlikely, but has Hallmark announced a vaccine mandate moving forward? Just curious. I know Laura Osnes is in next week's movie. Wondering if she'll rely on Hallmark moving forward for a bit, as I think I read that she was kicked off of a Broadway show for refusing to be vaccinated.
  11. Actually, she was in the new version of Northanger Abbey, not Persuasion with RPJ. But she was with the also handsome JJ Feild.
  12. I was just going to post about Stone House Revival thinking that I am the only one who watches. I saw the first season while visiting family initially but couldn't keep up with it because I didn't get the channel in my cable package. I recently got Sling, have the channel, and the show has returned with new episodes. I really enjoy it. The eps could be longer, but I also love seeing these old homes restored or renovated to fit the original history. That time period already interests me, my parents actually live in Bucks County (where most of it is filmed), and it's nice to see homeowners who c
  13. I didn't hate Love, For Real. I didn't love the women's acting in the first scene, but I was okay with them after that. And I did feel the two couples had good chemistry which went a long way for my enjoyment. I liked it okay.
  14. I also liked that it purposely pointed out a lot of Hallmark patterns. Like the lead actor commenting on there being a mix-up and only one room for two people and how that's like a romantic cliche. I forget his exact wording. Someone else mentioned the scene with innuendo - I thought there was actually more than one scene with that. And even her wearing the nicer pajamas expecting him to stop by her room (though they weren't exactly sexy pajamas). And I also thought I spotted some tongue during the final kiss. ETA: I liked this movie more than I expected to. The commercials
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