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  1. Haha totally! Like they acted like it was this big awkward thing that happened between them, but never really explained why they broke up. We were to assume, I guess, long distance didn't work but there were no hard feelings. I mean, I get it, life happens, seeing each other again yadda, yadda but yea, no real great romance.
  2. Did anyone watch the Irish movie? I didn't recognize any of the actors. It was okay, but mostly bc of the scenery and Irish actors. The redhead was great, I'd love to see more of her stuff. Just once I wish they would make the scorned fiancé act angrily.
  3. But he makes out with Caelynn at the wedding? So weird and gross, I just don't get it. I must be old.
  4. Ian's "are you sure it was the song" had me rolling. I love this. Can't stand the writer, but I have a soft spot for Ian, he has always reminded me of "the one who got away" in life bc he looks like him. During 90210's original run, it was real-time so I always side-eye his love interests... even though in high school/college logic I didn't want to actually date him lol.
  5. I think he got back to the hotel for a few days, hung out and is now "back"...
  6.  Thank you!!!!!! Agreed. I accidentally stumbled on her instagram page and it's a fairly popular opinion. She likes to respond to these comments too, which is about as annoying as you can imagine. But not as annoying as the hordes of high school girls who defend her... the same gals who think Ashley I and Jared have a magical love story 🙄.
  7. Did she though? I thought she was just saying that to take the heat off, hence Jason and Gabby's 'how does she do that, she's good' remark afterwards. I think the key with her was in that "girls" conversation when she says to Jennie- "you never got any bad press!" Seems like they're playing off of that? I felt like the vibe between her and Jennie was pretty tense, hopefully they will relax more. But maybe they're just acting that way on purpose? i don't know but I'm loving this show!
  8. The weirdest part of all these bachelor alum meetups is the way they (usually the girls) just go up to someone they just met (another alum) and say "do you want to go chat?" As if it's a nicer way of saying - let's go makeout. And they usually do, after about 5 min of talking. It's so fake! I'm sure it's producer-driven on camera, but when Caelynn said it to Connor, I had a vision like - this is how they approach each other at non-televised meetup events. So cheesy.
  9. Oh the one that aired two weeks ago with Ryan Paevy (?)... Montana ranch owner... a summer romance? I can't be bothered to figure out what the name was, under the stars sounded right to me lol!!
  10. And... exactly how old were uncle Roland and Julie? They looked more like peers to Tia, than to her dad... who looked like their grandfather. And actually it sounded like SHE did the heartbreaking more so than he previously, or at least it was more mutual. Was that the same dude that plays Lacey Chabert's fiancé in those bed and breakfast movie and sequels? He looked different. I like him though. I didn't quite buy that he would abandon his 5-star restaurant for a tiny old boat that may literally sink, but okay. Overall, it was pleasant. Believe it or not, Love Under the Stars was my first exposure to Erin Krakow and I didn't think she was that bad, besides having typical attitude in the beginning. She's certainly miles better than half the Hallmark actresses, but admittedly it's a low bar.
  11. I noticed it appears to be Demi who eggs the other male suitor on, in terms of confronting while Hannah/Nicole are spending time with Blake/Christian. Both times it failed spectacularly for Dylan/Clay.
  12. I am loving this. It's so campy and fun! Ian is getting all the hilarious one-liners, he's like the voice of the audience.
  13. I'm the one who brought it up but I feel like I could have written your paragraph! The other Tiffany was blonde and had a perm I think. I too knew exactly who TAT when I saw Saves by the Bell...
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