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  1. I finally caught up on Christmas Town and agree, it was terrible. Though I don't mind CCB as a person, I really can never take her as an actress. I could buy that the angel would still be in the antique store, but why wasn't the wing piece with it? And clearly all it needed was some glue, so why did dad even bother to send it back? He could have just glued it and put it back on the tree. And why was CCB so shiny and wearing a terrible wig? She looked awful. My big issue was having to spend the night in this town. Like, Boston to Springfield, MA (I assume since everyone seemed to know what she was talking about) is an hour and a half. Like Amtrak wouldn't provide a bus? And where did everyone else stay in town? I can usually suspend disbelief but c'mon.
  2. I watched Christmas Getaway tonight and I really liked it but mostly bc the lead male was so hot. That's mostly why I like Crown for Christmas too... bc that's how I roll!
  3. I'm a tough critic on here, but I actually liked Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen... I love Luke McFarland and Erin doesn't bother me. I like her much better than Lacey or Candace. It probably helped that I couldn't quite remember the real story of S&S other than Luke was obviously trying to mimic Hugh Grant's bumbling Edward...
  4. And yet she's fine with shilling for pharmaceutical companies. I turned A Christmas Wish off after 5 minutes. I prefer to keep my propaganda out of my Christmas movies.
  5. Oh wait she wasn't American? That explains her weird accent and she felt very uptight to me. Idk, it was boring and pretty unbelievable. How far out of NYC did she live to have a house like that? (Pretty far as I know the area very well bc I lived there for most of my life). Just traveling in and out of the city at all hours at night? No issues w parking? (Side note: they would not have driven downtown and parked, they would have taken a cab or Uber) I get that we needed a house decorated scene but that was pretty far fetched. So was having a full time job as a solely-Christmas decorator in the NYC area (I mean, he would have to do other decorating the rest of the year). So was Ryan being so in the know, as to have been hired by the Plaza. So was having the academics despise her bc of her job at the plaza. So was her her job at the plaza. Something like that would have been started in the spring at the least. So was her turning down the job to work full time as the historian at the plaza and instead teach. I mean, I'm not an archeologist and even I would take that job.
  6. I have no memory of the first movie (though I'm sure I watched it). And I'm really annoyed tha Haha this is funny because that's basically the premise of the first movie. I tried watching 10 minutes and turned it off. Snoozer!
  7. Totally just posted the same thing in the other thread. I cringe when she does serious movies but love her in the comedies. And yes her hair was awful... she needed bigger hair!
  8. Alicia Witt is no country superstar in her awful page-boy haircut. They should have gotten Jessica Lowendes (?) for this role.
  9. Making the deal with Graceland to shoot some movies there was a great idea, but it's time to retire it. We need to move on. Nobody spends that much time there, especially not "Miss Priscilla Presley." I watched The Mistletoe Promise as well yesterday and I really hate how Jamie King's character is such an ice queen to Luke McF. Like, she doesn't deserve him to be honest. Of course it all worked out in the end, but I didn't understand why she was still so hurt after 4 years and seeing her jerky ex everyday. I mean, he was such a loser!
  10. I watched Christmas Land last night and enjoyed it. Luke MacFarland is so good looking but I couldn't get over how stupid Jules was to sign the contract without reading it. I mean, she was already starting to learn how skeevy her boyfriend was, why wouldn't you at least have the estate attorney look at it? So while it all worked out (though I was hoping the grandmother would have hidden money in the old carriage), I didn't feel as happy for them because she literally was out over a million dollars at end because she was so dumb.
  11. I can't be bothered to learn their names, but the actor in Random Acts is so unattractive to me, I just can't with him. He's usually paired with pretty good actresses too. I think the only time I found him decent was in the Jen Lilley one where he's an author and he wore glasses the whole time. I think it was the same guy.
  12. I watched it last night purely bc of your post and loved it! Thanks!
  13. I was confused too! I had it streaming on my phone while I worked on my computer, so clearly I missed something but I thought CMM was w Jax in all those scenes as the brother/manager. Then at the end, they called the brother up on stage and I'm all - who the hell is that? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I kept waiting for the scene where he takes her to meet the singer. Christmas Under the Stars. Did something happen to Autumn's face? I watched Love at the Thanksgiving Day parade a day before the new one so the contrast was jarring. But also, LATTDP is one of the best, so her acting is awesome in it. I kind of want a follow-up to it. CUTS was super dull for me and eye-roll at the foster mom thing.
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