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  2. JoanArc

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    If Anne Bates comments are deleted, then it's true. The show must go on! Is this another teenage marriage? When do you ever see stuff like that on 'professional'/popular SM accounts that isn't somehow a front? Virtually never. "The GMC Arcadia is great for accidentally running over your little brother. Not that I'm jealous or anything. It's also good driving home after you've raked up chicken crap all day."
  3. MeChelle likes to play with the Chief Ding Dong's ding dong
  4. Byrd is the Word

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    OMG, “witch” is exactly the word that popped into my head as I watched her leave the court room in a huge huff and waddle her fat ass out the door. I literally imagined her riding a broomstick. What an angry, miserable human. If the defendant’s claim has any merit she, and/or her insurance company will pursue the other driver. But chances are that either her claim has no basis or her insurance company is a sham. Either way someone needs to make that plaintiff whole and the obtuse bubblehead did indeed lose control of her car and cause the damage.
  5. icemiser69

    NFL Thread

    Perhaps he thought that Eli would have a better reaction to this quarterback being drafted by the Giants. That said, it shouldn't matter what Eli or any of the other Manning's think. The Giants have to do what is best for the Giants.
  6. monicageller

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Don't hold your breath. We need you here.
  7. I’m sorry, but why would they suspend a girl for going to extremes to make sure they can sustain the dcc standards? What doesn’t reflect well on the organization is the standards they’ve set and the fact that rules are applied only when Kelli doesn’t care about the girl personally.
  8. bubble sparkly

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I never thought the day would come when we need to listen to a Kardasian boyfriend rap for GOT spoilers lol. If Beric survives 8x03 then I think he is definitely in the frame to give someone the kiss of life because he doesn't really serve a purpose. Mel is the other obvious candidate.
  9. Honey

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Everything that Matt cares about is on Amy's current side. The Pumpkin business, the western town, all of those things. The only thing on Matt's current side are farm fields, the DW and the "wedding" barn, so it totally makes sense to me that they should switch sides. There would be a lot less upkeep for Amy if they switched sides, but Matt has always loved doing that, and he could do it now, unfettered. He hounded her, and hounded her make a decision and when she finally expresses a solution that might work for her, he told her that she was being selfish. It's not possible to make Matt Roloff happy unless you do exactly as he wants. I don't blame her for delaying a decision for so long, after 29 years with him, she knew what would happen when she finally told him what she wanted.
  10. icemiser69

    NFL Thread

    I think he has been listening to Nick Wright of FS1 when it comes to quarterback drafting. That isn't a good thing. It is not about drafting that particular quarterback. It is that if a team thinks the dude on the draft board is the quarterback of the future, you don't wait to take him. You take him now. He may not be available later. If he ends up being a stud quarterback, it won't matter that they drafted him much sooner than he would have normally gone in the draft. I am not sure I buy into that philosophy. If the dude ends up being a bust, that could set the team back for years. Drafting that early in the draft, no team can afford to draft a bust. That said, if the Chargers had listened to their head coach (Mike Riley) back in the day, Tom Brady would have been a Charger instead of a Patriot. One of the many reasons I am not a Bobby Beathard fan.
  11. Danielg342


    What if it was the broken bad girl (Chris) gets fixed by Street's love? The inverse is rare on TV.
  12. sunshine23

    Unpopular Opinions

    I do periodically find Rinna funny. I enjoyed Yolanda's house porn and loved the lemon grove. Kyle does have a great life and needs to enjoy it instead o whining. Brandi had her purpose. I enjoyed Joyce and Eileen. I wouldn't mind HW like Rinna, Erika, Dorit, and Brandi as much if they'd get their comeuppance once in a while instead of always getting a pass. Am not impressed with Andy, nor do I care about him becoming a father.
  13. mxc90


    The lpissed ook on his face when Bishop arrived makes it seem like this is the direction or maybe he wanted to bring beer and thought against doing so. I wonder if we'll see Bishop finding his brother.
  14. Dee


    How has Carlotta not had one conversation with either Alex or Star about dealing with their recent trauma re: using her recent breakdown as a prime example? She's had enough time to play nice with Cassie (who has killed her husband, gotten her grandson kidnapped & is dating her ex), counsel Simone on praying & how to handle the whole Noah/Davis/Star fiasco, and made Gravity Records financially viable again. And I still don't understand how a show that has written Bruce so wonderfully could drop the ball with Cotton so horribly. Amiyah is a solid actress who deserves a strong character arc instead of bullet-point storytelling.
  15. ElectricBoogaloo

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I’m just assuming that everyone is going to die so that anyone who survives will be a pleasant surprise.
  16. Dance4Life

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    Probably because even her Asian stereotype sucks. She is very pretty but boring. I am waiting for Vanjie to bust out his ‘Papi Chulo’ ......but, I don’t think it is happening. Maybe Vanjie doesn’t speak Spanish. All Latin shows have drag ......even the news! It is all so very Tyler Perry....where the main host will do a bunch of iconic characters. As you get older these shows feel like a Santa Claus haze. The day you find out so and so and so....’people’......never existed because they were characters played by one person....it is a very sad moment. 🤣 Vanjie needs to go! Tragic. Last night the tucked stirrups and the most boring ‘mother of the bride’ shoes...WTH? Then when Michelle asked......where are your tits?? Hahaha! Last night it was time for ‘gatita’.....! Vanjie doesn’t have it. Here is Ru Paul doing ‘gatita’......(slutty kitty-kat.. meow!) Ru Paul is purrrfection! Those legs! 🙌🏻
  17. cambridgeguy

    S05.E12: The Beginning...

    It also seemed like Joker knew it was Bruce. And others might be suspicious when Bruce Wayne's return just happens to coincide with a mysterious new vigilante appearing. Say what you will about Gotham, but apparently there's something in the water that prevents most people from aging. That might be enough of a reason to live in a lunatic city like that.
  18. ginger90

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    She speaks for many, apparently.....
  19. GraceK

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Hey remember when I said I thought the For the throne album had spoilers for this season??? The whole album just dropped and this last song just confirmed my theory. The last song is called are Pray ( High Valyrian). Here are the Lyrics. Melisandre actress guest stars in the song chanting. Intro: Carice van Houten] Zȳhys ōñoso jehikagon Āeksiot epi [Verse 1: Matt Bellamy] We will pray Pray with me We can bring her back Pray, remember me, oh, ooh [Interlude: Carice van Houten] Zȳhys perzys stepagon Āeksio Ōño jorepi Se morghūltas lȳs qēlītsos sikagon Hen sȳndrorro, ōños. Hen perzys, hen ñuqīr, perzys Hen sȳndrorro, ōños. Hen ñuqīr, perzys. Hen morghot, glaeson [Verse 2: Matt Bellamy] We will pray Pray with, with me We can bring her back Pray, pray, pray with me, oh, ooh [Outro: Carice van Houten] Hen ñuqīr perzys. Hen sȳndrorro, ōños Morghot, glaeson, morghost glaeson, 'ost glaeson Please, please If you connect this song with the song Power is Power I was born of the ice and snow With the winter wolves, in the dark, alone The wildest night, I became the one And you'll know you're mine when the silence calls [Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd] Heavy is the crown only for the weak [Chorus: The Weeknd] A knife in my heart couldn't slow me down 'Cause power is power, the fire never goes out I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now 'Cause power is power Now watch me burn it down [Verse 2: SZA] I went down for the coldest one And I know I'll win 'cause I played before, yeah I don't know with whatever you say I don't know if we need it your way You wouldn't take my place Put me away, I die lookin' up at your face How do I ever know? Who can I trust? Feelings of emptiness Only love could kill me, God bless A knife in my heart Couldn't slow me down (Couldn't slow me down) 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) The fire never goes out I rise from my scars Nothing hurts me now (Nothing hurts me now) 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) Now watch me burn it down [Verse 3: Travis Scott] Breathe, feel the air that I breathe (Yeah) Air that I, air that I breathe (Ooh) Who's hotter? Been a monster with a crown (Ooh) Soul-swapper, high water, keep your head up, you might drown (Ooh) Hit as well, it's way colder, by the day, we count it down Been around, just been waitin' up, she gon' come around I took a drag, bust it out the gate, smile lil baby, slay I wore a flag, put that on my face, ain't nobody safe Lift the mask, they gon' have to see what they can't erase I took a life, so I took it back (Do-do-do-do-do, yeah) Danger's on my mind (Ah) Ain't no knife, dagger, bullet that can do it 'Fore you even know, oh, yeah, she'll do it, yeah, yeah (Ah) [Pre-Chorus: SZA] Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen (Oh yeah) [Chorus: SZA & The Weeknd, The Weeknd, & Travis Scott] A knife in my heart It couldn't slow me down (Couldn't slow me down) 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) The fire never goes out (Oh) I rise from my scars (Yeah) Nothing hurts me now (Nothing hurts me now) 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) Now watch me burn it down (Ooh, yeah, yeah) Now watch me burn it down It sounds like Dany dies in battle and gets resurrected right? Or am I really tinfoily? It sounds like Dany dies fighting the NK , trying to save Jon and dies in his arms and he eventually kills him and maybe gives her the breathe of life or gives up his life to bring her back or something . 🤷🏻‍♀️
  20. paigow

    S05.E12: The Beginning...

    Only Gary Oldman can wear it...
  21. wknt3

    S20.E21: Exchange

    The Good: Fin! He was sorely missed. Fin and Carisi. Whenever they are on screen it's like I'm watching an older SVU worthy of the name. I thought Benson was marginally more tolerable than the last couple episodes (but see below) The Bad: No shrink. As everyone has mentioned it desperately needed a psych consult. No Stone. I thought it was rare bad week for the guest casr. Perhaps it was bad direction or perhaps it's just that given that they usually try to wait at least a season or two and there seems to be mandate that victims must appeal to the show's core audience (affluent white women 18-49 who lack the ability to empathize with people who aren't exactly like them) they've scraping the bottom of the casting pool? Too much Benson Stuff yet again. It was another episode that felt like they took a Season 18 script and edited it until it reached the level of competence. And again with the whispering! Overall it feels like the handwriting was on the wall at this point. Not sure exactly when it was filmed, but Chernuchin seems to have checked out. It was competent, but I'm not getting the feeling that they are trying for something more like I have for most of the last couple seasons. And this is the first long stretch where there hasn't been an effort to switch up the type of cases or give at least some focus to somebody other than Benson. On it's own it was meh, in context it was a relief at the slight improvement combined with disappointment with the trend.
  22. auntlada

    Pet Peeves

    I used to walk up to the ATM at my bank's drive-through. It was designed for cars, but it was the only ATM, so I walked over from my office. It seemed silly to drive half a block to use the ATM. I could have gone inside, but then I would have had to write a check and talked to someone. I preferred to use my bank card. I always wished they had a walk-up ATM at the main bank, but since it was just across the alley, they probably thought it was unnecessary. And yes, I stood in the line of cars sometimes. Sometimes I stood on the curb next to the line of cars to avoid possibly getting run over, but that led to people just driving right past me to get to the ATM first. I don't know if they didn't see me or just thought I was hanging out next to the ATM. I occasionally saw other people on foot using that ATM also.
  23. Chloesmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I know I am ruthless in my snark about these two but I have to say I feel sorry for them today as they are going through the story about releasing that Coast Guard guy who threatened to kill several people including Joe. You can hear the emotion in Mika's voice and I don't blame them as they live in rather close proximity to where he is based I believe. It was a good discussion and highlights yet another hole in our judicial system that Congress needs to address (good luck with that) but I am horrified they are looking at releasing this guy even with "restrictions".
  24. SVNBob

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Lauren is confident that the idol was not re-planted. Pocket Idols are historically not replaced. Funny you should say this... The original plan for Season 30 was named Ghost Island, and had a gimmick very similar to this season's. But they scrapped that plan and recycled the name for the Ghost Island season we got, and then recycled the gimmick for this one. And we know this because CBS leaked the old plan shortly after announcing the as-aired Ghost Island. You can read the original plan here. (Warning: the website may also have spoilers for the rest of this season and the upcoming two. The page I linked to has no spoilers...except maybe in the comments. Avoid those on principle.)
  25. Alonzo Mosely FBI

    S11.E08: Birds, Broads and Breakups

    A good shrink will tell you this is all her noise about childhood abandonment and parental dysfunction. Bethenny was a princess she had love, flashy wealth, designer clothes, no curfew, in a fast paced, rough world not a preppy pampered one. When she went to prep school I think she found out she was very low on the spoiled brat continuum and resented the one thing she couldn't get/find at home safe boundaries and limits. She always pushes ppl away with preemptive vulgarity and shock before they see the real little girl inside. They should hv asked kelly about Beth. Kelly knew all along. Bethenny playing up her antics constantly..... B took Kelly out first so Kelly wouldn't expose her, oldest trick in the book for a narc. She never had humility, ever. She had hustle and opportunity. Without her wedding, marriage and the baby she wouldn't be the $$$ success she is. Skinnygirl would not have launched without Jason, Bryn and the spin offs.
  26. Dee

    S05.E20: Good in the 'Hood

    After all these years I re,aom surprised the show dropped Junior's potential friendship with Charlie's kid.
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