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  1. The combination of the "star-crossed" comment about Steam, and the way they're clearly going to have Hope unravelling and going to any lengths to get Douglas back, makes me fear they're going to kill off Hope and give her husband and baby to Steffy. I have to say, I'd be done then, just completely, utterly done. After everything they've done to the character over the past year, to give her five minutes of happiness and then just off her so Steffy can have everything she wants? Nope. Hard pass.
  2. I will give John one tiny bit of credit for saying to CT (after they picked him to go into the final) "if I die, I expect you to pick me up and carry me like a backpack." Johnny Bananas Backpack will forever be my favorite reality show moment. I knew there was no way the stars would win, but damn, that wasn't even close. The champs were done before the stars got a single plank in place. I agree that they should transition some of those games over to the real Challenge. They used to mix some "silly" games into the Challenge, but I feel like that's largely gone by the wayside as
  3. And John typically throws those tantrums over shit he just wishes he would have gotten to do first. And they should all know this about him by now, so I'm annoyed that so many of his cast mates indulged his whiny tantrum over not being made MVP, just because he staged a whole deal with the kid showing up and told everyone how great it would be to be MVP while he was there. You weren't the MVP, John. Deal with it. It's not fair to the other charities being represented there if you get to tilt the advantage and take away money that they should have been given under the existing rules. I liv
  4. He doesn't seem quite as 'roided up this season, so maybe that plays a part in him being less of an asshole, too? (I mean, I still think it's the hair, but who knows?) I'm not saying he's not still a big strong guy, but he seems a lot leaner than in the past. Maybe he realized that all that bulk can be a detriment in a final? I thought he handled himself really well with the whole Romeo thing. I think that, in seasons past, he likely would have gone full angry asshole over the whole thing, but he mostly seemed to be laughing the whole thing off, like "can you believe this guy went and bro
  5. He's pretty prominent these days, and he makes movies regularly with their production studio. I doubt he'd have the ability to take off the time to host a full regular season, but the lighter commitment of doing these special seasons and hosting reunion shows probably works in his schedule.
  6. Are Zach's asshole powers contained in his hair or something? Because this is really the only time I've ever liked him. (Shallow note, he looks better without the hair, but that's not why I actually like him this season.) I have a feeling he and Jenna are going to spend years getting together, then breaking up, then getting together again, then breaking up again, lather, rinse, repeat. She has tragic taste in men. Isn't it rumored that she hooked up with Vince (the Bananas cousin)? That alone should put her in the Tragic Taste in Men Hall of Fame.
  7. I think she would have eventually still reached that point, because she seems like a generally socially conscious kid, but it might have taken longer, since she wouldn't have been invested in specific people she was speaking to and seeing how miserable they were.
  8. I dislike Matt just because he took the possibility of immediately being rid of Riff Raff off the table. And is this the first time we've every seen someone get pissed at their teammates for not sending them in? I was so hoping Wes would get in Zach's ear and convince him to send in Bananas. But, of course, Zach took the easy way out and sent in Cory. MTV really and truly needs to be done with Camila. At this point, if they bring her back, they're opening themselves up to legal issues every single time she flips out (especially since they provide free-flowing booze and encoura
  9. I had all kinds of second hand embarrassment watching Maryse, like to the point where I almost had to change channels. Mike was right, she made it weird, but, then, him saying that, while they were still sitting there, made it weird, too.
  10. It counts if it becomes one of the big story lines covered at the reunion. (Of course, none of John's hookups are ever shown on camera or talked about at reunions, yet he always has a partner for Exes.)
  11. I honestly didn't even give that any thought during the past few weeks of the show, but the very second she said she cheated on him, I said "I bet it was with Jordan!" So I must have picked up that vibe but just not really thought much of it. I'd be willing to bet Jordan hooked up with her so they could be future Exes partners, and she has zero idea. I think she still thinks there's some chance that, now that the reunion has happened, and she's publicly cleared the air about their hookup and her relationship with her ex, she and Jordan are going to have some kind of relationship. She
  12. Here you go (it starts around the 2:30 mark, right after the opening credits): Rivals Episode 2 I think the talking head about it I'm remembering was in a reunion show, but this is the actual incident itself.
  13. I love how they spent a decent amount of time having the cast talk about how a million dollars is life changing money. It's like "OK, you guys heard the part about getting 'your share' of the million, and know that nobody is winning a full million, right?" And I loved their crestfallen faces when he announced that the people in third would get $15,000 each. (Yeah, I'm evil.) I think this episode pretty much confirmed our "Jordan and CM are pretending to be paired as rivals" theory. Other than Jordan laughing to the camera about CM's freak out over sky diving, they were getting along
  14. I know I'm getting old when I'm sitting here drawing a blank on anything that happened in Free Agents. I remember it existing, and know it wasn't that long ago, but I cannot remember a single detail of that season.
  15. Why am I not remembering them doing the partner switch during a final? I didn't see the last full season (the one where they brought in the champs at some point), but I'm trying to think back over previous ones, and I don't remember them switching.
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