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S14.E08: Let’s Get Metaphysical

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At the Miravel Resort, Tamra tries to mediate a peace between Kelly and Shannon; Vicki arrives and finds herself in hot water with Kelly; after an aerial yoga class, Tamra confronts Emily about not inviting her and Shannon to Las Vegas.

Airs 9/24/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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Maybe the crystal healer could smack Shannon on the head with a crystal and cure her. Honestly all these women are dingbats. 

No Kelly, the problem is all the alcohol being drunk. 

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Most of the employees at Miravel look like hippies.  No thank you for me, on that place.  I am really growing to hate Gina.  What a “B”.

 If I were Emily, I wouldn’t have wanted all the ladies at her performance either.

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Tamra needed Vicki to tell her Kelly is aggressive?  Really????

Kelly might owe Gina a muffin basket because as long as Gina is there, Kelly might not be the worst one.  Still too early to call it.

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They are on a diet, they had private chefs, but they need to have Vicki bring them In and Out burgers. Pick a lane women. You aren’t so health conscious  (and ingesting a lot of calories through the booze) as you want us to believe you are. 

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9 minutes ago, Grumpbump said:

I am so confused.   What happened to the spread by the executive chefs??  That they had to ask Vickie to bring them fast food?  

Didn’t they change villas? Maybe it was left behind.

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2 minutes ago, pieinmyeye said:

Didn’t they change villa? Maybe it was left behind.

I thought Brauwyn, Kelly, send Emily drove to Shannon's villa where the spread was.   Then it looked like they took the food back to their villa.  I think. 

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7 minutes ago, Mr. Minor said:

Kelly needs to be shot with a tranquilizer dart. 😳

And I'm going to take it one step crueler and say....and then she should be euthanized. (I'm not serious folks!)

I feel sorry for the wildlife living within a hundred miles of these crazy bitches.

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1 minute ago, Mr. Minor said:

How am I suppose to unsee Icki waddling out of the bedroom. 🤮😟

Shall I send you to that spa so you too can experience the tranquility?

I wonder if anyone can book Kelly for a head banging to get some sense. Nah. I’d have to wear ear plugs the whole time. Not worth it. 

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