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S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

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Um, Hannah is telling us that she NO LONGER needs constant validation?! Sure. Sure. Well, she’s right that we saw all her layers—especially the bad ones.

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This monologue is so spliced together its hard to tell who she's actually talking about.  

I wonder what random people in Crete thought of this girl lying in the middle of the road in a ball gown!?!

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1 minute ago, dizzyd said:

No broken nails or heels or rips in the ugly dress?

Just a boo boo on her elbow. She held it up for the producer to kiss and make better, and he passed. The NERVE!

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1 minute ago, AnyTimeFromNow said:

Why are they obscuring the face of the producer? Are they in some sort of Bachelorette equivalent of a witness protection program?

The producers probably ask for face blurs so they can get other real jobs in Hollywood and not be associated with this dreck franchise.

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Hannah kibble is the manna for dogs with a false sense of bravado and diminished expectations....

Hannah kibble the treat from Crete.

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1 minute ago, saber5055 said:

Jed was spouting such BS while choosing a ring, it's like he was making up words to his next dog-food jingle or something.

Maybe he was hoping Kay Jewelers would notice him to do their next commercial.

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1 minute ago, CindyBee said:

Even though I've been spoiled, this is brutal to watch this girl dump one of the best guys ever on this stupid show.  Its like if Ashley Hebert would have dumped JP!

Noooooo, you picked Ben, oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!

That might’ve been my demure reaction.

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Tyler's face as Hannah hugs him ... hilarious, like he is thinking THANK THE GODS I'M FREE!!!!!!!!! And of course he says all the lines he's rehearsed as an audition for The Bach. Nice job Tyler! You just forgot to bring some Visine to make some fake tears.

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I usually don't care who the next lead is as its usually just about the crazies that are cast but I really want Tyler on my TV come next January.   And hopefully in the past few months he has realized what a bullet he dodged

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Do you suppose Tyler has ever been rejected/turned down?

I bet Production told him she was picking him. He seemed very prepared, with speech, etc.

In conclusion, the editing in yesterday's (and I'm betting today's) episode has been great (for a change).

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