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  1. Fessy is a quitter. He knew full well that if he dragged his feet they would time out or pull them because of Kaycee's injury. I know he'll be asked back and spin it one way or another but I agree with TJ, I don't want to see quitters on my TV. And though not a Josh fan, at least he would have given it his all at the end.
  2. Not sorry to see Joseph go. During his talk with Big T he rubbed me the wrong way when he said she reminded him of his ex. The whole exchange made me side eye him and then his teetering back and forth during the deliberation. It was as if he was trying so hard to be manipulative and failed badly. I wouldn't trust Kyle in real life but he is entertaining. I laughed out loud when he picked Kam and the look on Josh's face was priceless. Now we get to see Josh all butt hurt cAusE Its ALl aBouT HiM.
  3. I don't remember much from the original season but watching it back, it seemed so scripted. The chat between Jason and Chris with all the pauses and looks...ugh. Jason was definitely coached. And all the 'you're making a mistake' from Molly really rubbed me the wrong way. Filming the break up was in poor taste. Didn't like it here and didn't like it with the race car driver guy. There's no way that Molly didn't know what was going on ahead of time. I tend not to believe the love stories that are shown during the season because so much is manipulated for ratings. It's a fun show to l
  4. The second Johnny crossed the finish line, Jenny was all but forgotten by MTV.
  5. I saw this today. The guys were out of control haha. Poor mod couldn't keep them on track, I think he only got one question in.
  6. That was fun. Thanks for the interesting conversation everyone!!! Glad the season is over, though.
  7. But the first time they met was at the vow renewal, right?
  8. Pete's mom isn't doing herself any favours with the looks she's giving during Madi's segment.
  9. OK, the screen in screen of mama Weber staring is just creepy
  10. Hahaha Mrs. Weber is not pleased. The looks she was giving the camera were hysterical!
  11. If it's true and his last episode already aired, it sucks that Alex, a character from the beginning, gets the same kind of sendoff as Hahn.
  12. I wish I could put into words properly but the scene with Link, DeLuca and HOAG really rubbed me the wrong way. Being equal in a relationship has a lot more variables than just career. No one needs to be brought down to boost someone else. As for Amelia, if Owen is the father, I'm out. Seriously. I can't stand Owen. Seeing Amelia with Link has been wonderful. They communicate, laugh, support each other and everyone else on the show could learn a thing or two. Sadly, for plot sake, the writers have to go with whatever is the most dramatic in order to keep people interested. Or at least the
  13. I completely agree about Casey. There's been something off about him from the first episode. Reading about him from the beginning, I got the impression that all the stuff he said never bothered him actually did. At bonfires he'd acted nonchalant but there was something else there. I also agree with your take on the Ashleys (Asquared?). They like the attention and fine, ladies, you do you. It would be nice though to hear that they are changing but I won't be surprised if they end up staying with their partners or dating guys exactly like them. I thought Kate was going to be downer b
  14. I got 'nice guy' vibes from Deac when Ashley didn't give him more attention for the flowers. Didn't realize she owed you for that. I'm happy that she was able to make the decision to let him go. Same with KB. Glad to see him gone, especially after the things he said the night before. Absolutely loved Kate's message to what's his name (sorry, I have a TBI and have trouble remembering names and stuff even though I just watched the episode haha) I actually did a slow clap when it was done. I'm liking Rick more each week. It's a real shame that so many people in relationships don'
  15. Did I blink and miss who the stalker was?
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