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  1. I guess it depends on whether you consider something a “date.” When I was young and lived in a big city, I frequently went for drinks or coffee with casual acquaintances of both sexes. I never considered them dates at that point. It could be because I’ve had more male than female friends in my lifetime, that I don’t automatically think “date” just because I’m going out with a man.
  2. Jenelle, no one asked you and no one cares what you think.
  3. They’re driving all the way to Texas? I wonder how much they spend in gas?
  4. Would you feel the same if it were a woman friend who asked you for coffee?
  5. I helped a bf take a carload of trash to the recycling center! I didn’t realize that was a date that I should’ve memorialized! I’ve seen this picture of Jinger next to those twins all over Reddit and FB, so we’re not the only ones who noticed the resemblance! 😆
  6. Hope you’re ok! That happened to me a few years ago and it turned out I was extremely anemic. After a blood transfusion I was better than ever 🙂. Thinking of you.
  7. Best show in the history of TV! Well, tied with Mad Men.
  8. I loved it, too. Why is it a negative that he didn’t pay for your drink?
  9. Did JB and Michelle go on and on about their “date nights” or is this new to the younger generation? And if so, why?
  10. Are they only “dates” if they take place in the evenings? What about all of Jinjer’s coffee shop excursions during the afternoons?
  11. I’ve gone to the hospital while one bf had tests done, and accompanied another to Walgreens to pick up his meds. Did those count as “dates?”
  12. I didn’t know which thread to put this in. Someone on Reddit did a face swap! 😂
  13. “Adulting vibes?” Oh, FFS.
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