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  1. Carlin has a job? And that doesn’t sound like an extraordinary amount of food to me 🤷‍♀️
  2. Yearly? He has only been able travel without his parents for a couple years now.
  3. You should let your doctor know, lol. No reason he/she should not have done their research on a potentially deadly virus.
  4. Can you imagine had Brittany or anyone else called 911, the paramedics asking what mediations she was on? I wonder if they would even have been truthful.
  5. Her nicknames for her kids are just nauseating. It might be the men who are more upset.
  6. Exactly. And what are “absolute standards,” specifically?
  7. Good for you! I quit this show years ago, but still visit this forum. Stay and snark! An entrepreneur, meaning he works for himself and doesn’t have a boss, I guess.
  8. Does Italy require vaccinations? Has anyone ever asked Jill if David uses the Plexus “slim” drink and why it doesn’t work for him? 🤣
  9. Got 3rd dose of Pfizer in my left arm and flu shot in my right about 24 hours ago. So far, only a slight sore arm but no other side effects!
  10. Longish read but very interesting The Evangelical Church Is Breaking Apart Christians must reclaim Jesus from his church. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/10/evangelical-trump-christians-politics/620469/
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