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S11.E06: Sleeping With the Fishes

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In the Berkshires, Dorinda organizes a trip to an old Morgan family mansion; Dorinda and Barbara's issues resurface when Barbara finds out she's in the fish room; room drama continues when Bethenny arrives from visiting her new beau.

Airs April 10, 2019.

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2 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

Oh no! The guide's name is RICHARD

Will Dorinda slide into madness?

No but I bet we'll hear a story or at least "That was my dead husband's name."

Her Richard blah blahs are right there with Sonja's yachting with John John.

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How many times is Dorinda going to apologize to Lu? Didn’t she do that at the last reunion? This is getting so boring. 

Isn’t it Halloween? Why is everyone now wearing summer clothes? 

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6 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

Who else thinks Sonja just put something in her bag?


Lu why you gotta make me hate you. I will go to Bluestone Manor and sleep in the fish room!! 

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Just now, Keywestclubkid said:

What in the living what is everyone’s problem with the freaking shark room good gravy 

IDEK. I'd rather be in the fish room than the room Dorinda and Luann were just in with the thick great grandma curtains.

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2 minutes ago, FlyingEgret said:

I totally thought she was "rescuing" the letters that should be under plexiglass!

I cracked up at her schtick of how things need to be preserved.

I remember a scene in the townhouse where she flipped the sofa cushion that was stained with shit

I guess she is embalming the furniture in crap - an old Egyptian method of mummification by fecal matter

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2 hours ago, bosawks said:

I don’t know if I necessarily don’t want the murder to be Barbara....

2 hours ago, bosawks said:

For fucks sake, shut up Barbara!

By the pool, that was a super scary close-up of Barb The Builder's fucked up face.

Dorinda - the best hostess in town offers Barbara a fresh crisp pillowcase


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1 minute ago, Straycat80 said:

If anyone hasn’t seen The Star Is Born,  Bethenny just gave away the ending. 

Yeah...me!  But, I've seen the previous ones, so I kind of knew what would happen.  

But, can't figure out if Bethenny had a good time with the new boyfriend, or if she had a bad time.  

And, those hours she spent crying after seeing the movie - was she with the new guy or by herself?  

Inquiring minds want to know!  

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