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S07.E10: Destinee's Story LIVE CHAT

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Born as 'Mathew', Destinee never felt as if she fit in. Now, having come out as a 600 lb. transgender woman, she likes her curves, but she will need to say goodbye to them if she wants to be approved to transition completely.

As we all know, we will likely see  Destinee's curves in all their naked and/or blurred glory.  What is My 600 Lb. Life without a shower and/or toilet scene?  That's right, less demeaning!

As stated in the TLC episode description, Destinee is a transgender woman.  At PTV, we follow the GLAAD guidelines regarding talking about transgender persons.  With that in mind, Destinee was, is and will be female.  She is a woman.  If you have any questions about these guidelines, please PM your kitty Mod @PrincessPurrsALot and your breakfast treat Mod @frenchtoast.  

This thread will be open during the US East Coast and West Coast showings.

Original air date 2019.03.06

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Hi all! The week is 3/5 over and I am ready for Chat! Tonight's eating habit: broccoli slaw mix from Wegman's ("Food You Feel Good About"!) mixed with just enough honey French dressing, a bit of shredded Cheddar, and a small handful of lightly-seasoned croutons. For dessert, a Cheesecake Factory double chocolate pudding thing I discovered in the dairy aisle last week (it's not bad; I probably won't get it again but there were two in the box and I didn't hate it so I will eat the one I have left, because chocolate. I actually turned the first one into two servings because it's pretty rich. The flavor is reminiscent of the dark chocolate frosting on Olive Garden's Black Tie Mousse Cake, but of a slightly grainy pudding consistency, with a layer of a slightly sweeter chocolate sauce at the bottom).

Here's another Pablo pic to get us going. Sometimes his eyes were bigger than his stomach (not a problem for the folks on this show, I guess). He weighed 1/100th of the average poundicipant. And now I want to see a Chihuahua version called My 6 Pound Life (where we follow perfectly healthy-weight pups doing adorable pup things, like eating biscuits bigger than their leg).

[Backstory: My mom was visiting a friend who had two Olde English Sheepdogs and brought home one of their biscuits just to see what he would do with it. He ate the whole thing...eventually.]


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How ya'll doin' tonight?

My eating habit is a big salad with ranch dressing and an angus beef patty. Simple and good. 

Wow, Destinee has quite the set of nails.

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1 minute ago, 88Keys said:

Wow...that is NOT how you cook bacon!  😞

Wait, I missed it. Do I really want to know?

Aw, cute baby!

"I hate that I have to burden her..."

Well, you don't have to.

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