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  1. They're pretty good, though they fall short of the bliss that is mini Reese's cups. And they're definitely better than the peanut M&M's (granted, I don't like the peanut ones). "Your she-shed was struck by lightening." There's not a cloud in the sky. VICTOR TOTALLY BURNED DOWN THE SHE-SHED!
  2. He reminds me of Steven, too. Like, his face shape. He's not as misshapen as Steven but somehow looks similar.
  3. Just popping in to say that this is depressing and I'm not going to finish watching it. I mean, I already know how it ends. It's not even fun to snark on Sean- he is mentally stuck at 14 years-old and has no desire to change or to live.
  4. Is it weird that I think Hades from "Hercules" kind of looks like Lee?
  5. Disclaimer: I missed the first half of this episode because our power was out. Lee: I don't think he's really changed. His saying "I'll jump through whatever hoops Dr. Now wants me to to get skin removal" was very telling. He also had this weird smirk on his face the whole time he was talking to Lola (maybe that's just his natural expression?) I got the impression that he was just saying what he thought people wanted to hear. Sarah: She's an amazing success, but I still thought she seemed sad at the end. She seemed to be hiding behind her wig. I hope she can continue to grow and move forward in life. I wish her the best; she really does look amazing.
  6. I'm so glad you brought that up. 🙂 I posted this in the live chat, but Justin posted to Reddit about how upset he was with this episode, and how they manufactured everything. The post has been removed, but starcasm picked it up. https://starcasm.net/assanti-brothers-update-my-600-lb-life/ After seeing the episode, I wasn't exactly sure what he was upset about. I didn't think he came across particularly terribly. I then realized I think he is upset because the narrative of the show was trying to put forth the idea that Steven was doing better, and that the brothers were working towards reconciliation. Justin wants none of that, and I don't blame him. The best thing he could do is get away from his family. Oh yeah- he also says he bought the dog himself, with money he got from being on the show. The idea that his dad bought the dog for him was manufactured, too. I knit, though I don't knit socks. I do know that sock patterns are for socks that are shaped like human feet. Not sure how you could come up with something that would fit those monsters. And who would want to get close enough to measure? I agree that the show was pushing a narrative and stirring up drama. However, someone on another forum suggested that maybe Sr. sees Justin as more stable, more "OK," so he gives his attention to Steven Jr. who is more damaged and in need of help. (Not saying he should; just a theory about why he is that way). I've thought that from day 1. And even if he didn't, how dare Dad try to push Justin back to his abuser. I mean, they all admit that Steven was physical with him. It's ridiculous to try to make them reconcile when Steven won't even admit how bad the abuse was.
  7. I kind of don't blame her...I have twins. It's hard. I honestly can't watch those shows about people with multiples because it makes me so tense.
  8. Yep. There was a lady who bathed in bleach every day, too. My cousin said, when she was pregnant, she wanted to eat powdered laundry detergent. She didn't, but it was her weird pregnancy craving.
  9. .....are you for real? She's like Angie J levels of bad. Just not as fat.
  10. ? It's not illegal to go barefoot (is it?) Some places won't let you in if you don't have something on your feet, though.
  11. This episode has been on TLC go for at least a couple of weeks now.
  12. Pretty sure it's legit. She's fairly attractive, too. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/my-600-lb-life-star-steven-assanti-update-married-and-matching-tattoos/
  13. I hope you're right, but Steven is married now and has a step child.
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