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  1. So I just got back from a trip with my husband and forgot about 600 until 8:45, so I only saw the last 15 minutes. I doubt I will go back and watch what I missed. She seemed sad and unmotivated.
  2. According to the article, there have been several lawsuits recently. I'll bet Gina just saw a chance to make some extra money. I don't buy a word of what she says. The show made her shovel in extra food so she would fail? I'm sure they wanted to film her regular eating habit in the beginning, but after she saw Dr. Now, it was all on her to succeed or fail. I mean, does anyone really think it makes Dr. Now look good if his patients don't succeed?
  3. My jaw dropped when they both lost 130 pounds! This episode seemed to have the makings of a great trainwreck at the beginning (dirty house with too many people in it, weird girlfriend showing up, crazy car trip), but it took a turn into Successville. I agree with those who said Carlton and Shantel were polite, and I thought Michael was one of the nicest, most supportive spouses we've seen. Even with the car accident, his reaction was totally justified and fairly calm. I mean, if someone I barely knew wrecked my car, I would be livid! The kids were so cute, and Shantel seemed like a good mom. I hope they all have long term success. I'm glad we had a success story last night. I was so happy to see Ryan Newman walk out of the hospital, I felt like I wanted to celebrate. And now I'm very happy for this family Yesterday was a very positive day! 🙂 In the live chat, many of us thought Monica would turn out to be the serial killer. 🙂
  4. I don't blame her- she looked great as a redhead!
  5. The makeovers in season 3 are kind of hilarious. None of them really look different, except the Jordan who went from blonde to red.
  6. "Body image expert." I hate this woman. People like her are the reason women have body image issues in the first place.
  7. Those kids are adorable. And they look clean and well cared-for. Nicole the Juggalo should take note.
  8. I like MIchael. He seems sweet and very supportive.
  9. Their house looks clean. What happened to the girlfriend?
  10. She's happy to give up her walker. Take note, Karina.
  11. This episode may set the record for the most blurred buttcracks.
  12. She looked very pretty tonight. Yeah, there is nothing I hate more than being talked down to, so I would be outta there within the first few minutes.
  13. I agree. It was nice to hear someone say "I'm lazy and I ate too much." However, I think he's avoiding dealing with past issues, and how they may have lead to his overeating. I mean, no one gets that big on laziness alone.
  14. Lola talks to everyone like they are 3 years old.
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