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S06.E10: Benji & David's Story LIVE CHAT

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Fearing that he'll suffer the same fate as older brother David, who is now 700 pounds and unable to work, Benji hopes to  be able to support both himself and his brother on their life-or-death weight loss journey.

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast showing and again during the West Coast showing. 

Because they're brothers, (non-)identical brothers in every way.  They walk alike and talk alike and I'll bet they even eat alike - when brothers are two of a kind!  

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As always: Let's avoid discussing how money is being snatched from the public's wallet for the participants unless it’s specifically revealed on the show. Anything else is pure speculation not to mention also a slippery slope toward talking politics. 

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Hah y'all doin'?    My eating habit tonight is tea with almond milk and a bowl of puffed wheat instead of popcorn.  


Shower scene.  With skin ulcers.  Huzzah, huzzah.  Fuck a duck, he has a girlfriend?  Maybe she suggested Suffer for the tat.

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1 minute ago, trashtvaddict said:

Wheeeee I finally made it to the live chat! How Ya'll doin!

And cue the shower scene! Does that tattoo say PAIN?

Yep, let's hope that's not foreshadowing.

Hey Benji only has lymphedema on ONE side- and he sounds proud of that.

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