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  1. I hire movers and packers. I really dislike moving.
  2. I think her family realizes this is a big mistake.
  3. This drama seems so manufactured to me, so forced.
  4. I'm a nurse and this gets old. People will have piercings and tattoos all over but can't handle the very tiny butterfly needle for lab work.
  5. We need a bingo score card for this show. I'm going to work on it.
  6. While I know people do stare, I think they are staring because he is being filmed.
  7. "We do not partake in intimacy, because we aren't married yet" .....Ooooookay keep telling yourself that.
  8. My closed caption said "pizza bites"...all the same.
  9. I'm always fascinated by the way fat is distributed among so many different bodies. The human body is bizarre.
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