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  1. Did you notice how absolutely crushed NitWhit looked when daddy disparaged her “Whit- Athon”? It always disgusts me how desperately she needs his approval for all of her hare - brained schemes. I do have to agree with her on one thing however, that over - the - top act of sexual aggressiveness on Buddy’s part was a bit too much to believe. ( And apparently she’s right, because in the previews for next week, he calls her and tells her they broke up! ) I just saw that movie again on TCM awhile back!
  2. Actually, IIRC, what she said was they “ Crossed The Fleshold”. Gag. Whether it’s true or not, I’ve no idea. So far, my favorite characters this season have been Todd & the Kitties. I miss Mr. Piggy! He was by far the most entertaining.
  3. I think I owe you an apology John, I was very presumptuous when I inferred that my former career was anything like what you’re doing. It’s obviously not, I guess I just made assumptions from one post and I shouldn’t have. I was merely a credit counselor for people who had no idea how to budget their income. Having lost too many good friends to AIDS through the years, my hat is off to you for what you do.
  4. Not to get off the topic too far, but you just described what I did for a living 30 years ago! Ha! I know EXACTLY what you mean, you tell them how much money they need to bring you every week, in order for them to keep their car, the lights on, water, etc.. then when they don’t, and their lights get shut off, it’s YOUR fault. At least that was MY experience many times.
  5. I’ve thought of a new nickname that has nothing to do with her weight, but is accurate nonetheless. I apologize in advance, if someone else has already used it. “ HalfWhit”. HA!
  6. The whole plant reeked of it! No matter what we were running, it was a strong sweet scent that clung to you. It’s funny you should say that because I live in Indiana! It’s probably the same plant. Small World!
  7. I just bought some Oscar Mayer liverwurst from My local Kroger’s yesterday, and I remember the sandwich spread because my dad used to eat it. But I miss this shelf- stable chicken salad you used to be able to get ( not Underwood’s), it was called “ Spreadables” and it came in a can a little bigger and flatter than a tuna can, there might’ve been a ham flavored one too, but it wasn’t deviled. I too lament the departure of planters cheese balls. I grew up eating their peanut butter. I also miss Nabicos Royal Lunch Milk Crackers, and their Brown Edges Wafers. There’s a suitable subst
  8. I couldn’t help but respond to your post. About a million years ago I worked where they were manufactured. It was a really good job actually, we had a lot of fun, but the employees personal favorite was the “ honey & Oats” because it smelled the best while you were working with it. If I had to run to the store after work, people in line would tell me all the time that I smelled like cookies! :) Eta: Nestle bought out carnation, and we were the last ones to make the breakfast bars. Our plant closed in 1995.
  9. So, this afternoon I was playing my favorite game: Gin Rummy Plus on my phone. And you never know who you’re going to be playing with, Just how many coins you’re willing to play for. Anyway, who should pop up but, wait for it....... OW Mah Leg! James K!!!! I saw his name first , then looked at his picture, and sure enough! It was him! It was very surreal. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this, and I figured this would be the thread to post it on. Btw, I won. Ha!
  10. I have another theory. I think the reason Josh became so unhinged with Dr Now was because if she has cancer, then she needs him. As we all know, Josh has an almost pathological fear of abandonment which we learned from the first episode. So, as long as she’s fat, sick, and/or helpless, he’s relevant. It’s co-dependency at its worst. Someone should tell him he’s got a job for life, she’s not going anywhere. also, my mom died of cancer. Bettie Jo is a POS.
  11. I have it on the best authority that she has retained the law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. ?
  12. Mine too! I meant it’s more than mine too, lol! Her illiteracy is rubbing off on me! Well said!!!!
  13. I saw that too, but considering the junk food version of the Comstock Lode she’s surrounded by, I’m skeptical that she’d have to resort to that.
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