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S08.E11: Thank You, Thuck You!

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5 hours ago, JAYJAY1979 said:

Remember when the show was about their lives..not petty arguments that could easily be resolved by honest communication?

I missed those days.

When was that? I honestly don't remember. Maybe the first season of the OC show? 

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6 minutes ago, ParadoxLost said:

No, I don't actually.  I think that is a mythical time that didn't exist.   The Camille, Kyle stuff happened in season 1, didn't it?.

Exactly. Bravo - and the Real Housewives franchise especially- was built on the back of these petty arguments! 

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5 hours ago, JAYJAY1979 said:

Remember when the show was about their lives..not petty arguments that could easily be resolved by honest communication?

I missed those days.

Yes, I remember. First season of O.C. it was fun seeing ‘how the other half live’ kind of thing. I think the fighting and petty arguments started on New Jersey. 

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I am Dorito'd out. All I hear when she opens her mouth is blah blah blah. She is such a witch. I guess its the Dorito show and everyone else is merely players or pawns.

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Just now, Snappy said:

I hope LVP holds Dorito accountable, and doesn't let her off the hook too quickly. Make her squirm. Make her squirm hard.

I don' think she will. She basically told her they're only friends until PK finds wife #3. I think it's only a matter of time before Lisa starts distancing herself from Dorit.

And Dorit is so dumb for falling for it.

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Just now, Mindthinkr said:

Erika in the van (with her version of the beehive) reminded me of Patsy from AbFab. 

omg yes! She's only missing the cigarette in the corner of her mouth

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20 minutes ago, rho said:

I normally just ignore Erika Jayne and her designer t-shirt dress du jour, but I cannot excuse those crap-ass old lady blackout sunglasses. And she wore them to sit in the dark at a fashion show. 

I know! I defended her last week for allergies. Maybe she still has them,  but damn those glasses were planned and there's medicine for that. Except for me,  three weeks out of the year by right eye leaks no matter what. Stupid pear trees. 

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First impressions, the lighting in Kyles store was horrible. Every woman, sans Bethneey looked like their faces were drenched n foundation , makeup and it was going to melt under the bright lights. Lisa RInna looked bad. Kyle, who i love her hair that length and I always find gorgeous looked not so good.

It is a little mind numbing that the ladies are arguing over who, likes who more.

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1 minute ago, KungFuBunny said:

Too many shots of botox gives LVP the Salvador Dali painting look

I was just think the same thing. Well, not exactly in the deliciously descriptive  way you put it, but, same thought.

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16 minutes ago, Alonzo Mosely FBI said:

“And maybe almost 60...” hahahahaha take that LVP! Rinna is right. Kyle has gone to bat for her so many times and LVP wouldn’t never reciprocate .

Dorito put on her thick British accent when she called LVP and lost her accent the more she raised her voice and got flustered. Accent amnesia .

LVP and Dorit can have each other as far as I am concerned . 

Kyles hair looks great short. 10 years shaved off ! 

When were these many times? 

I remember Lisa standing up for Kyle very aggressively during season one and two until the reunion/after she'd caught Kyle's "preys on weak people" commentary. 

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4 minutes ago, gundysgirl said:

Great advice from Teddi. 

Lisa really is clueless about others.

Funny that she admitted offering to go in the cab with Dorit so she wouldn’t look bad to PK.

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LVP: no empathy (why she’s clueless about others) no compliments (tonite, Kyle’s new purse), piss-poor apologies (unless Teddi writes them for her), doles out punishments (next week’s fun with Dorit). Standard Bravo narcissist.

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