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  1. rho

    Good Girls

    He was managing the store when they robbed it. When Annie reached into the safe to get the cash, he saw her lower back tattoo. Then recognized it later on one of her shifts. I'm not sure what episode this happened in but eventually
  2. Yup! Same mom, different dads
  3. I just binged the crap out of this and fucking loved it. I'll have to give it some time and rewatch more closely, probably around the time season 3 comes out. But I have to say, my absolute favorite part was Sr. Torres and his total devotion and loyalty to Nairobi. He's such a small character but every scene he's in is so rewarding.
  4. If the club wasn't even open yet, how was there already a super drunk girl barfing in the bathroom?
  5. That's my thought. Sandoval is putting A LOT of effort into the cocktail menu. Schwartz basically saunters around repeating what everyone else says. But I do think he'd be okay as front of the house. And hopefully he will learn. If Lisa does her job alright, Schwartz should be able to handle all the day to day stuff she and Ken don't want to deal with anymore. He needs to be the Guillermo/Nathalie of TomTom.
  6. I didn't watch any of the drama but I did tune in long enough to catch everyone's look. Loving the short style on Kyle and it's nice to see Rinna rock something other than the shaggy bob. As usual, Dorit's hair looks unfinished with all those bobby pins scattered throughout. I hope the glam squad is only charging 50% for a half-ass job.
  7. My favorite part about this episode is that there were only about 30 seconds of Ariana
  8. Okay, I might be Kristen's biggest fan but I need to disagree just a little bit. I think she's great for the show and I would do anything to have her legs. However, after the initial shock of her being all but stark naked on my TV, I was a little underwhelmed. She looks amazing in clothes! She truly is the perfect model. But she is so gangly. I've never seen a naked woman with literally zero curves. I don't normally make a habit of commenting on anyone's body, she is still beautiful. All this just to say, I highly doubt she and James had sex on the stone ledge around the hot tub with just two tiny ass pillows as cushions. The two of them are the two boniest people on the planet. I still can't believe they had sex with each other as it is. But I certainly don't believe they had sex on a slab of concrete. At least a couple broken bones would have come out of it. Also, I never believe a word out of Jax's mouth and I certainly don't trust his powers of deduction.
  9. I'm ride or die for Lisa Vanderpump but I do enjoy the little jabs between the Lisas. Not sure why they hate each other, if it's just a battle of the Lisas or if it started because of the show. It's a fun little feud though, not violent like some of the others have been. I wonder if they actually have harsh feelings toward one another or if it's just something that production encourages in the TH. I think they had one tomato tartare for someone who is vegetarian or on a restrictive diet. Maybe Rinna? When the girls heard it they all wanted one.
  10. I know it's stupid but the joke about the card reader sold me. Those fuckers are so aggressive!
  11. Veganism is actually huge in Germany. Sausage and beer is still a big part of their history/culture but in major cities like Berlin, there are plenty of milk substitutes and most of them are much better than the ones here. I think the truly clueless ones were the housewives. Their behavior was so confusing for the poor guy. But he didn't have it nearly as rough as poor Axel.
  12. I think the women objected to the veal more than the tartare. LVP has tartare on all her menus and serves is every time she has anyone over for tea. Whether they understand it or not, I think they felt a moral obligation to turn it down. It's not a good look, especially in light of LVP's Yulin documentary being a prominent story this season.
  13. Unseen footage of Dorit trying to shift the villain role onto literally anyone but herself:
  14. Pretty sure LVP has a few furs of her own. I know some animal-loving fashionistas justify vintage fur but I still find it hypocritical AF. Also, Erika's ass looked hideous in those black satin pants. They gave her a total mom jean vibe.
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