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  1. MaxAccess

    S06.E17: Reunion

    @MajorNelson Thank you so much for typing that all out!
  2. MaxAccess

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Can someone post a recap of the herpes clip? I didn't see the reunion, and for some reason it isn't on Sling OnDemand. Thank you!
  3. I hummed the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme throughout the chase scene.
  4. MaxAccess

    S04.E01: While the Kat's Away…

    Did Landon have Craig's last name misspelled in her phone? It looked like it said "Connover" but I only saw it for a sec.
  5. MaxAccess

    S04.E22: Reunion Part 2

    I actually turned this off, and I usually love this show (though that's fading this season). It was boring and annoying. Around the time of text-gate, I couldn't take the shouting over each other anymore. It's a disappointing way to end the season. BUT if Stassi called James a misogynistic sociopath, I'll have to re-watch. Stassi, who I wanted gone, has kinda been MVP for me this season, and I find myself enjoying her.
  6. MaxAccess

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I didn't think Travis could get more punchable...and then I saw him in that hat. I'm still watching. I love this show. It's just so...*bad*!
  7. MaxAccess

    Blood, Sweat & Heels

    Never mind. Answered my own question through excessive Bravo watching. :)
  8. MaxAccess

    S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    <sputter> I...I missed it! I just turned on the tv for 9 o'clock happy hour and it's over. Speechless. Sigh.
  9. MaxAccess

    S03.E16: Ring on a String

    New favorite word. Speaking of Tomgaggery...or maybe this was Tomfuckery, Tom was dancing y'all... dancing with himself. Even if he was trying to look stupid, I felt embarrassed by those shots.
  10. MaxAccess

    Small Talk: SURly Viewers

    Oh yeah. I meant Southern Charm. Duh. That's what happens when you post upon waking...or are an incurable lush. Thanks for the info, OnceSane and ExplainItAgain. I tried it briefly last year but didn't get hooked right away. I'll try again while reading the PTV board. That'll help.
  11. MaxAccess

    Small Talk: SURly Viewers

    Hey VPRers I've seen a couple comparisons on other boards comparing VPR with Southern Comfort. So thoughts? Do you watch? Will it make me tingly with joy?
  12. I felt like I was watching a conversation between two marionettes.
  13. MaxAccess

    S03.E13: Miami Vices

    Well played psychotic state. Well played.
  14. MaxAccess

    S03.E13: Miami Vices

    Right there with you Fozzy. I loved every minute of it. Bootleg MG, disappearing FI and Nugget (not to mention their try too hard kissing), crazy ass Kristen (tv gold), Schemer's delusions of wedding grandeur...it was all a gift. The comparison has been mentioned several times around here, but I have to add that I haven't been this happy since the heyday of Melrose Place: "Mondays are a bitch" and I second the poster who said losing Kristen would be akin to losing Kimmie on that show. It was never the same. Love the show and I love this damn board. Best on ptv.
  15. MaxAccess

    S03.E10: Bachelorette Beach Party

    Ahh Ghoulina, let me remind you of this classic moment: "Guys...I have cancer." Jax supposedly had a lump in his pit and breast cancer in his family. This led to a couple of episodes about his struggle with his mortality and Stassi mocking him and dumping out all his supplements. Good times. I spent the holidays doing a rewatch <hangs head in shame>.