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  1. JAYJAY1979

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    If he brought it up.. than girlfriend needs to make sure he is clipped down under.. or else there could be a little Mauricio son or daughter walking around down the line.
  2. JAYJAY1979

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Kim was back to give kyle and rinna relevance
  3. JAYJAY1979

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think chick lit books don't get the respect they deserve. And they can be educational as well. https://youtu.be/5IEJ1zh7Xq8
  4. JAYJAY1979

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm re-reading an old classic 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte...so surreal and unique for the time it was written.. and it's still unique to this day. I think the fact that the author was isolated and didn't socialize with the outside world so much helped enhance the uniqueness of the story..imho. A fun review.. https://youtu.be/NcYdC_gkP8o
  5. JAYJAY1979

    Abby Huntsman: The New Kid

    I was watching reruns of That Girl...i swear abby could.play that lead character in real life..and probably already does.
  6. JAYJAY1979

    S44.E21: Paul Rudd / DJ Khaled

    I know people rave about Kate..but she's adequate...she's no kristen Wigg. And in the View sketch apparently isn't Fred Armison either. Just because you have enough female cast members doesnt mean they should only impersonate females. Kate is all wrong to play Joy Behar..even Joy Behar said Armison was funnier.
  7. I looked up the writers...one was the creator of Major Dad...also wrote Simon and Simon....the other writer wrote a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie called Christmas Everlasting. It isn't the writers, but Hallmarks rigid rules that are the problem.
  8. JAYJAY1979

    Dynasty (2017)

    I also think it was a mistake making Sam into a gay male given the network, etc. Even the creator Esther S said it wasnt a good idea. It's weird to say..but even the Moldavia story and the rita/Krystal stories on the original is better than anything on this show. Showrunners on here will be producing Nancy Drew...can't wait to see how they ruin that show, too.
  9. I recall hallmark stopped gg reruns during the day...ratings dropped so they were reinstated
  10. JAYJAY1979

    Dynasty (2017)

    Sam isn't working cause the show isn't following how the original show handled the character..which was to have the character come and go. Alexis...such wasted potential...NS was capable..but the show forgot that she played Paige on KL..the fallon Carrington of that show. It isnt the actors nor characters..its the showrunners that need to go.
  11. JAYJAY1979

    "The View": Week of 5/13/2019

    Because 2 wrongs dont make a right.
  12. JAYJAY1979

    Watch What Happens Live

    And paris basically said Kim was a cooler aunt than kyle..lol
  13. JAYJAY1979

    "The View": Week of 5/13/2019

    Warren needs to appeal to people like me..independents and more moderates. Her wanting an endorsement from peeps like AOC turn me off. However, she needs to go on Fox since she wants to be president of the USA..not just the Dems..or far left. Bernie has done Fox News..so what's the problem?
  14. JAYJAY1979

    "The View": Week of 5/13/2019

    Meghan isn't always wrong..but her body language and manner of delivery is so harsh that she is never listened to. Last week her and Seth Myers were both wrong..and are both unlikable people. I miss Sara H more than ever...i felt she represented my view more than the other panelists.
  15. JAYJAY1979

    In The Media: Fresh Off The Press

    This is why it's a shame made for TV movies dont exist on networks anymore..because they filmes around tv show schedules, etc. Since the lines between tv and movies blurred..we get more of these situations, etc.