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  1. Kary does seem to lack knowledge of right and wrong. Kameron doing the pet psychic makes sense she was away when her little one passed so she is left without closure. Pets are a member of the family imho.
  2. Crystal comes across like a witch...and Erika needs to be taken down a peg or two.
  3. Perhaps she should have been tested before getting on the plane...or made to qurantine for 14 days before heading to NYC? She should have known better..but this is Kary after all. The only cast mate that most likely has some degree of natural immunity is D'andra..since it's only been like 3 months since she recovered from it.
  4. Watching Jersey always reminds me of how the OC used to be in the first several season.s Fun moments, husbands that were interesting(not necessarily likable though), family scenes, and some good fights. I'm hoping during OC's hiatus, that the producers study old episodes..and watch NJ to remind them of what they once were. And Evan is eye candy to me. Can he still appear even if Jackie is dropped?
  5. Dallas has scenes where the women actually have a good time..and also features most of the hubby's as strong support without going overboard like Jersey. Kary looked down on Tiffany in an earlier episode for saying she had to work the next day, etc. So no surprise she looked down on Oklahoma.... so she can dish it out, but can't take it. How exactly is Leeanne and Kary not alike? Other than Leeanne could be funny. Dandra cooks..and also camps?!?! It's a shame she is always talked down to by her mom. Kary had to apologize when she realized she went too far. When she was mocking Charles..she was also mocking Stephanie since she's from Oklahoma.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised Roseanne's 1st hubby wrote 2 season 1 episodes that I always liked. The overtime episode and the death of a salesman episode. Season 1 had some fun episodes, but as my mom said once upon a time...it was more about the punch lines with some plot thrown in. Season 2 started the process of making the comic zingers come from relatable stuff vs the standard sitcom plots.
  7. The husbands add so much to the show. At least the housewives have some fun while fighting.
  8. Brandi is what Delores on RHONJ would describe as a 'professional victim'. Tiffany and Dee's interaction shows another side to Dee....a human side. As I've said before...Dee wishes Tiffany was her daughter. Kary is emotionally stunted due to being a child of an alcoholic. Her daughter last week said her mom is all emotion..no logic. Kam and Court are the odd couple that works. D'andra and her hubby do seem to enjoy one another.
  9. From watching the 1st 2 seasons..I forgot how likable Annie was. She was the calm one with Eric always jumping to conclusions. When did Annie become the prototype for the modern day Karen meme? I know even Catherine Hicks struggled with playing Annie sometimes.
  10. They're done....Gabrielle was a poor choice for the 5th book. Grandmere or Daphne would have been better
  11. I was a year younger than the main character...and everyone in my high school watched this. My mom joked it was a 30 something for teens. Little did she know it was by some of the same people. I think season 2 would have been good...but not like the magic of season 1.
  12. I remembered reading All that Glitters years ago..and I had assumed it would be the last book in the series since Daphne, Giselle, and Paul were killed off...and Gladys lost her bid for custody of Pearl. When I saw that Hidden Jewels was going to be published...I was concerned it would be a boring book because all the interesting characters were killed off...and I was right. Imagine Giselle as the flashy fun aunt determined to make Pearl like her better than ruby. And imagine Daphne coming back into the picture after some tragedy leads to ruby and Beau being without money..etc....and also Paul vs Beau over being a parental influence over Pearl. And at the center would be Pearl..confused over all this tension.
  13. Julia Duffy played the wife who was shot by accident. It was pretty good.
  14. I never understood why Ross and Rachel were a thing...they were much better as friends than as a couple.
  15. what Ruby and Beau did...isn't that considered a crime? Also, Kristian Alfonso was perfect as Gladys...and she had Ruby's number. I would have ended the series with All that Glitters in written form..imho.
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