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  1. Joy and Sara are pros. The View, as usual, has shown how disorganized they are. Perhaps do the rapid tests long before start time so that the results are in before the go live. Upside is both Ana and Sunny will have hybrid immunity once they recover (i.e. vaccine + natural immunity)..so they'll have strong protection from future variants
  2. I do.recall my mom always liking meg Foster...but she thought she and Tyne Daly were too similar. She said Sharon Gless's take was a mix of sexy and intensity...and played as a good contrast to Tyne's more low key Lacey. If you look at the tv movie version, Swit and Daly were opposite of one another...which was lost with Foster playing the role.
  3. At least he had a personality and I always remember him as Mr Feeney :) Now Dr Morrison...he was my least favorite character. He was such a drip..and I read that the actor started darker characters to avoid being typecast. And he was too personally involved with his patients. So far, I liked Nurse Shirley the best of the characters..but I know she isn't on the whole time.
  4. So I finished watching season 2...quite a lot of continuing stories. Dr. Armstrong's quick descent...it did seem to come out of nowhere, but after almost being attacked..it was the strong that broke the back for her I imagine. The rapist story made total sense..because as we all know..it's about power more than sex. I did like the scene between Dr Cathy and Dr Armstrong..which highlighted how each person can handle being a survivor of a crime. And wow...Mark Harmon was hot. No wonder my mom always crushed on him lol He and Nancy Stafford had a nice chemistry and her role as a
  5. Dr Craig was a d bag...why his character was popular baffles me. Serialized and semi serialized shows do better on streaming platforms than when rerun only on TV. Although Knots Landing was reun on TNT in the 90s to huge success after it was canceled.
  6. Speaking of recasts...watching this scene of Brenda Epperson playing Ashley makes me go...'Eileen who?'
  7. When doing a rewatch, have gotten a new love of Madeline and Louise. Shame they vanished after season 4. Both were ahead of the curve and thought outside the box: In this clip, both of their ideas are now kind of a reality.
  8. The original was so ground breaking. My mom saw it in the theater and made her hesitate about marriage. She also said it helped make Liv Ullmann more known in America. It also inspired Knots Landing, Family, and other family dramas on TV in the 70s and early 80s. I do think a remake is cool because marriage in the 21st century has different challenges (technology, higher cost of living, more muddled gender lines). But my fear is that it would be bias and favor the wife over the husband...when in the original version..both were flawed and equally at fault for their marital issues.
  9. Helicopter parenting is why kids are so neurotic and anxious all the time. The kids were inside winding down while the parents were outdoors. Before the 21st century, that was considered typical. How far we've fallen
  10. They cancel this, but renewed the wokeifed Saved by the bell?
  11. With this being streamed on Hulu, it's fitting to start a discussion of this unique medical drama from the 80s.
  12. Fallon is the weak link in this revival. She needs to step aside and let the pros be the stars of this.
  13. Phyllis, Rhoda, and Mary all had distinct styles...and I knew many a female that would look at what Mary wore and would wear it. And these are twenty something women in the last year or so of the show. I loved Mary's original apartment and hated that horrid follow up apartment. The original apartment was almost a character in itself..just like.Rhoda's attic apartment and the newsroom offices.
  14. Regarding the bar, I have several lawyer friends..and they had to take the bar two or three times before they passed it. So Derick should use the next six months to study before retaking it. I do see they're a typical married couple with 2 kids and a house. And Jill being a stay at home mom isn't that unusual as people think. I have several female friends (educated, had high powered careers) that opted to stay home because they wanted to be with their kids. And some have taken to part time work from home deals, or they became teachers because their schedules coincided with the
  15. Where is Camille when we need her? She always thinks on her feet and could have handled Ericka and called out Rinna. Heck, she would have known to throw water on the witch Erika..causing her to melt
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