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  1. Meghan always seems to talk down to Sara...and people tend to do that to those that intimidate them. Sara has common sense, is relatable, had empathy..but doesnt let it cloud her judgement. I recall br Meghan went into quarantine that Sara said she wanted a stop to politicizing this, to work together etc...and Meghan basically talked down to her about how cute it was what she said, etc. Lastly, Joy is almost too angry now...she's almost as bad as Meghan. Meghan is home..but she proves the point that if it involves her..she cares. If it doesn't, she would still be dismissive..imho
  2. Have lisa Ling and Sara on guest co host roster when Meghan goes on maternity leave
  3. Sara H talks about her kids yet I never get annoyed with her. I think it's cause she doesn't have the know it all mom vibe, plus she's warm. And she's logical with facts and common sense. I've missed her. Meghan, Joy and Sunny are sometimes too into emotion vs fact and Whoopi alternates between the 2. Sunny is what my co worker would call a 'braggy mom' she brags about her life, her kids, etc non stop..and sometimes can be judgy (I like when Whoopi bursts her balloon sometimes).
  4. Why is Sunny there and not at home? Isn't she married to a doctor? Which would put her at higher risk of getting it? I think they should all be a home and do the show that way. Also, Rahm was mayor of Chicago..and he made some mis steps..costly ones still felt. (I'm a former Chicago resident)
  5. I wonder if it ever enters Jennifer 's mind that her daughter gets excluded in school by girls that ae like Jennifer? Probably not...she shouldn't be rewarded for her behavior..but I guess if Teresa gets rewarded than why not Jennifer
  6. Ruby's 3rd book killed off all the interesting characters that in the 4th book..there was no plot..imho. At least in midnight whisper..Fern was around.
  7. Any of the messages I've seen on her Instagram post have been encouraging. I wonder if the school has a PTA, market days, room mother, etc. Jill will be in heaven if they do that.
  8. I actually don't think Jill is a bad mom..she reminds me of a lot of twenty something moms with trips to the library, being a stroller mom, being overwhelmed, etc. I think she got a crash course look at reality that the picture she was given of motherhood by her mom isn't what she expected..so she's floundered. She always was the shy Duggar daughter..believing in all that she was taught and always feeling anxious about pleasing others. Plus, her two boys seem happy...imho. I bet once he's in kindergarten, we will get an announcement of baby #3. A friend of mine lamented about her child starting kindergarten, than bam..she got pregnant
  9. Anna karenina by Tolstoy...Deep and detailed. Took me 2 months to finish it..but realized contentment was as difficult to obtain back in 19th century Russia as it is now lol
  10. I'm surprised no one has taught them about filters.. because that close up could have been filtered a bit.. to smooth out some of the troubled areas of the skin.. so that the focus was on the lips instead of on the skin. Also, I do like that she's trying different things with raising two children like going to the library, hanging out with friends with kids, etc.
  11. Delores seemed to do reverse parenting...encouraged her daughter to pursue an education/career (delores said she regretted not doing that) yet encourages her son to use his looks. Fascinating study..imho
  12. Joy seems so worn down...sad for someone so young.
  13. I like Stacy H better as both Kristen and Susan...
  14. To be an influencer, you need one important to trait...to be driven and in control. Jinger is too sweet and kind of passive....Jessa, on the other hand, would fare better because she is persistent and is anything but passive.
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