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  1. I recall the princess was a recurring character in the final Eastland season..and I wonder if the show was trying out that idea...but opted to keep the focus on the quartet?
  2. When did comedies stop being funny? Mugging for the camera does not make a comedy.
  3. Brenda Epperson as Ashley. Unpopular opinion, she was better than Eileen as Ashley.
  4. Season 4 is so like the original format of the show so far. Adriana gives me bunny boiler vibes..and I'm sure her son is relieved not to be around her. Alexia is a bridezilla lol. Her life is a telenovela and a movie of the week. Marysol and Kiki are perfect friends of the housewives Larsa is trying to be a single mom..but her jewelry seems non descript. Lisa having no nanny lol. Now she gets what most middle and working class moms go through. Julia...hmmm..not sure about her. Nicole seems almost normal.. even with her issues with her dad. Least fave pa
  5. I liked that Kat has become a bit more grounded with more insight...as opposed to the UK counterpart that seemed like a caricature. It would be refreshing if the unrequited love trope was laid to rest..and Kat/Max just stay friends. They work better as friends.
  6. People keeping telling Gina not to trust Heather, but has anyone stopped to think maybe Gina shouldn't be trusted? She certainly doesn't show good judgment (i.e. DUI, etc)
  7. Heather is getting psycho vibes from Noella? She should look at a mirror. She's narcissistic and has an inflated sense of self.
  8. This show might as well be called Alexia and the Real Housewives of Miami. And her fiance is right, she does enable her oldest..and I think she deep down wishes her younger son would go back to who he was before the accident.
  9. Miranda was such a witch to Steve when he cheated...yet we're supposed to be happy she cheated on him? Also, now that Carrie..Charlotte and Miranda are in their 50s, they're now getting the age shaming that Samantha had in the SATC 2 movie. All 3 must have needed a paycheck (Cynthia because of her governor campaign, Kristen and SJP....not sure the reason)
  10. She did put her foot down once per this video.
  11. Problem with the show is the writers room. Samantha Irby's humor is different than the humor of Sex and the City. Plus, she seems bitter and I'm sure secretly is taking out her resentments out on these characters...imho
  12. I saw Betty White as Rose on GG first and couldn't believe she'd played a Blanche like character. And I think it was good the parts were switched. While she was funny as Sue Ann, she was not likable at all. Rose was my favorite role of hers.
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