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  1. From watching Hot in Cleveland, I'll probably will be roasted for saying this.. but I thought Betty White was the weak link in the cast. I much rather watched the three leads moreso than BW.
  2. Sadly as long as ratings can be spun to be gold... we won't see any change. If change is truly wanted than people need to tune out.
  3. Granted the books were written in the 30s, so I understood the need to update the franchise for the 21st century... but when you have the same people that did The OC and Gossip Girls running things... you know that a beloved franchise will be altered.
  4. Jennifer's pot stirring and bullying had been noted by karma...hence why her daughter is excluded by people that act like Jennifer. Sadly..Jennifer is too shallow to connect the dots. I wonder if Jackie had a daughter..if the party was would have been more put together?
  5. I'd settle for Vicki only if Brown water and Kelly Dodd would go bye bye.
  6. That after show interview finally shed light on Shannon's dislike of Kelly...Kelly involving herself in a law suit as a character witness after shannon confided to her about it...hmmmm. is it the Bellino lawsuit she was talking about?
  7. Delores/Frank/and her boyfriend... an interesting combo.. yet if it works for them.. more power to them. Teresa and Joe still don't get the damage their selfishness has done to their 4 girls. I could watch a show with all of them in their own lives with little to no interaction and be a happy camper :)
  8. The early seasons had the kids featured alot..so it's going back to their roots.
  9. Emily and Shannon are alike.hence why they don't gell. Fire Kelly and Gina
  10. Over the years, I figured Steffy's drastic change of character over the years was due to her unresolved grief over her twin Phoebe's death. The Steffy from before Phoebe's death differed quite a bit from the Steffy after Phoebe's death. Of course, that would require the head-writer being able to write sub-text.. and we know talent for writing isn't always inherited.
  11. Brooke... karma is a witch.. and her name is Shauna. Finally someone calling out Brooke for being a hyprocrite. Brooke of 1987 through 1989 had some guilt/morals... but that went out the window when she went for Eric even knowing that her mother still carried a torch. To me.. Brooke hasn't been a rootable character since she lost Ridge in early 1990.
  12. Eileen...so petty...and she was my least favorite Ashley Abbott
  13. Oh Lauri...she was a fascinating one. I think the fact she had kids and he had kids was one factor...and she always wanted to be the society wife.pobably back in her Idaho living days. You could tell she was from the pre fighting era of OC because she wasn't good at fighting...she should have gone to Tamra for advice. Nice to know my instincts about Gretchen were right...a dumb grifter wannabe...heck Taylor from rhobh could have helped her hone those skills.
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