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  1. Joy and Austin do seem to have some basic/decent editing skills (and they're monetized so some chump change is good to have with a new little one coming). Regarding the partying with a pandemic...I can't judge. They're adults and will have to accept the consequences
  2. One thing I notice about Jill's 'influencer ' attempts vs her sisters..is that she seems like a sweet person just discovering something new and wants to share it with all of us. Jessa always seems like she's preaching at us in hers while I think Jinger is not being herself when she does these type of vids (she always the sweet demure one as a teen).
  3. 4+ years ago...Jana was asked the same thing as in the recent interview...same answer. If she were forced to marry, it would have happened well before now.
  4. I miss the days when the kids had as much focus as the housewives
  5. Jo proved that shaming someone with money made her no better than the wealthy people she didnt like. Nowadays Jo would be considered admirable for this trait..but back than, she had to swallow crow. I was always team Blair
  6. So I watched the painting scene and Jana was patient,but firm, with Josie. Someone needs to be because josie has the double edge sword of being the youngest and coddled cause of her early struggles. Same thing happened to my cousin..and it didn't turn out well.
  7. Oddly Susan Lucci became more famous outside daytime cause of her numerous losses. KKL will sadly never get nominated. The rape storyline alone should have gotten her a nom.
  8. Kyle has always been vyle..going back to season 1. I think she's the dark cloud hanging over the show. With Kim and LVP gone..the dark cloud remains.
  9. Is it wrong to say Jessa gives off an entitled vibe..moreso than any of the others. I feel for Ben since I'm sure she presented herself as someone she isn't. She's a female Jim Bob..imho.
  10. When watching 19 kids & counting..I would have lost money cause Jill was to the last Duggar I would have found relatable..yet she's the most relatable. She's still a Christian, but is balanced (for a Duggar..that is).
  11. So I'm a guy that kind of read the books as a kid. I like that the show has combined the original elements with a 2020 sensibility. I knew Dawn would be the one to be changed from caucasian...and I always thought as a kid that Mary Ann was mixed..and I figured maybe her father and mother faced discrimination as a couple..and he became over protective of Mary Ann because he wanted to keep her safe. And Alicia Silverstone is totally at home as Elizabeth..who knew.
  12. If Jana were to be courting and marry..would that cause more interest in the show than if it were her younger brothers? And how can one meet someone if their every move is monitored?
  13. So I guess Tinsley is gone now? She's smart to run..best chance she has to avoid turning into someone bitter like Dorinda. If Tinsley relationship with Dale is anything like the mom/daughter relationship in her novel she wrote that years ago...eek.
  14. Funny story, when my dad remarried..he married a conservative Christian (who thinks witches and Harry Potter are the work of the devil, etc). On the surface, he's the decision maker...but in reality that isn't the case. I lived for a summer in Mississippi and noticed this for most couples in the local church my dad went to. It made me glad I opted not to marry. And I see Jessa and Ben fall into that category. She makes the decisions while he meekly agrees...but on the surface he's the head of the household
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