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S35.E16: Reunion Special LIVE CHAT

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1 minute ago, Daisy said:

ooh the live episode thread got locked. so here we go. 

Lol yes. I’m glad I didn’t set it to lock at 10 because I didn’t expect the episode to go to 10:20

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1 minute ago, ChicksDigScars said:

Damn. I wanted to see what would happen with a tie. I know they said it last season, but I still wanted to see. 

That's where all the speculation started, too.  Wonder why Probst even brought it up last season.

Well, Ben had production help, but those guys were idiots to not tail him.  That's a true million dollar mistake. 

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Man, this season was underwhelming.  So glad it's over.  I'm happy for Ben and he was the most likeable of the final 3 IMO, but the way he won feels so UNDESERVED to me.  I can't believe that twist is coming back next season too.  Yikes.  

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Honestly, i get the majority of people here hate Chrissy but I do think she played a good game. i just don't think playing a majority of idols to save your butt = strong game play. but i will always say the winner always deserves to win  so congrats Ben. 


(though i i really think the producers really did some mojo here. extra idols, and that stupid twist).

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I am elated!  I realllllllllly did not want Chrissy to win.  Ben hustled and worked and blindsided and deserves the Survivor win.  It's not what we do in everyday life, but it's what we do in Survivor and he should be commended for it.  Against all odds and so few in his corner, he SURVIVED.

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1 minute ago, mythoughtis said:

Ohh, why bother with a reunion. 

It really does feel like they are doing their best to phase them out.

What's the point of even having a live audience for 40 minutes?

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