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  1. Micheal: My sister loves you and you blackmail me? Not. I like you/i respect(ed) you or whatever. just. My sister loves you so how dare you? Also. if you wanted to sit down and work with Nina to be in Wiley's life - you would have done that ages ago. you didn't. don't pretend that you were gonna do it later. Also also no one did this for wiley when they took him away from Lucas did they? nope. Also also also: no one would have to blackmail you if you weren't scum of the earth and sleeping with Willow instead of telling chase. like grow a freaking pair dude.
  2. Nana Winston, and Daddy Maggie: Selfish. Owen and Teddy: Whatever Linc - poor baby. I'll marry you Amelia - go kick a fricken rock. open your damned mouth and tell the people you are involved with what you want. Jo - whatever. I'd say i won't come back. but i will. but geeze it's making it so hard
  3. exactly. Like. Nina falling in love with him (bleggh) is stupid. but i would hope if i had no memory of who I was, i'd want to find some answers, not just settle down in some town, tend bar and flirt with other men. I'd want to find out who i was, where i came from and if people were missing me. basically this is showing how selfish this dude is.
  4. I am showing my stupid because i honestly thought a Midwife and a Doula was the same thing thanks for that correction
  5. oh just yuck. (I'll have to watch the whole cyrus thing. i didn't get the gist of why they took Portia/Trina hostage etc) but i'll have to ignore the Millow Sex
  6. the thing is - BLQ did say she had a Doula. a lot of people give birth via Doula and don't have to be checked out by a doctor after -the baby does need to be given her "just given birth" shots and stuff. I do think BLQ needs to look more ragged just having BLQ2
  7. Her last episode was helping the guy who was suffering because Izzy stole his heart for Denny. She found out about Izzy stealing the other guys heart for Denny, and like a normal person flipped the hell out about how insane it was for Izzy to even have her medical licence let alone working at the scene of the grime. She forced Izzy to do right to the guy instead of pouting and saying it's too hard for her and then she was going to basically report Izzy and the hospital about what happened. Callie was like but then we'll lose our accreditation, and Erica said maybe you should crap like this
  8. That's why I really wish VC wrote Leigh's story (if we even got it). I honestly wondered (again not excusing Tony's nastiness touching a child) - if Leigh was supposed to be a Lolita type girl in regards to Tony vs. well her being Leigh. exactly - the reason why I kinda wanted the Lolita angle - because it would be different, you know what i mean? I always feel that there was always an undershade of darkness from the Momma types. Corrine freaking locked her children up in the attic. Lillian hid her mentally challenged daughter away and broke Laura Sue for "sleeping" with Bil
  9. It would get cancelled very quickly, and then they'd infect our GH again.
  10. yeah. I am very team smut.... and it's very lacking in my soaps.
  11. Yeah. the thing is Corrine was always weak. I don't doubt that she did love her children once, and she loved Christopher, but I think she was always used to a certain life, and she gave it up for Christopher, and without him, she didn't really want any part of it (even the children). like she was given the option to just leave w/them and not have money (as pointed out - why not just steal what she needed, and make better connections and be well off). We never did see her point of view on anything (which is why i wish Garden of Shadows was based on Corrine not Olivia). like did she hesitate wh
  12. Of course! you know, i always knew Paul was scuzzy but i forgot how completely disgusting he was. And it's something - you can understand why Cathy would handwave all of that, where you know Heaven would give him the business.
  13. Yeah pretty much. Again, i'm not against crossovers, and I get when they are in the same world (someone brought up the Chicago series) and Law and Order - it makes sense - so it wouldn't bother me so much if that they had them linked. And maybe i'm over dramatizing it - but i tried watching S19. twice. (one of them was trying to see what happened to DeLuca) and i was just so bored, and not into the show. and i hate the fact that a Grey's character (whom i really liked) was murdered, and I don't know how, why or anything. all of that shoulda been on GA not 19. same with Bailey adopting
  14. thanks for that (i honestly didn't know), but yeah it's getting too Days-y for me where everyone was basically related but you had to squint because it was cousins first removed. and since all the Quartermaines and Wards are dead it's not like we can have other connections anyway again for me. I am all for babies on soaps. if it makes sense but basically GH gives everyone a baby because they legit have no other idea what to do. and then they are pregnant for longer than elephants because they decide "OH WAIT I CAN DO THIS" and then go "oh boo they are pregnant."
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