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  1. Tom and Ian were out there for like 12 hours, and the only reason why Ian stepped down (and lost) was because he wanted to win back Tom's" trust"
  2. Why the hell Nick? WEN. DELL. WEN. DELL.
  3. Sorry i have to goto the bathroom before i pee myself. Ben's a big threat. loloolol
  4. wait? another shot in the game? what? how? why?.
  5. Actually no, they suffered on EoE because they were voted out.
  6. Jeff. I would give anything for you to shut. your. mouth.
  7. is this a puzzle?! JUDGES?!! Judges vote: YES STOP. WITH. PUZZLES. ALREADY.
  8. Jeff stop making this a thing. let's just get to the challenge.
  9. I feel like we've missed an episode or two. like it was such a jarring shock.
  10. I loathe episodes/stories like these. Alison. you suck. you suck monkey butt. it's like "I'm not a terrible person because I'm in in love." (the bear face affair person earlier this season). like. it blows my mind that people write this and then they do table reads and they all apparently approve it. like no Like i'm sorry. if you love Teddy more, Allison, then you tell Clare and you give her space, have her move out. Or. you let Clare find two new roommates. you don't justify having sexy times behind her back. Now, I have to imagine Owen doesn't know that Alison was Teddy's lover, because again - naming your baby after your secret lesbian lover is gross. I would be livid if I had a baby and my husband/fiance choses this gorgeous name that means something to him (akin to a best friend) and then i find out that nope. it's the name of his lover he's apparently so not over. (and uses this to be a scuzzybucket cheat). which you are Teddy. If you want to love two people. don't be in a serious relationship with one. don't string them along, don't have sex behind each others backs, don't lie about it. it's making big girl decision and choices and no pretty speech is going to change the fact that you were a yucky cheater with Alison (which - Shari Saum tends to play lesbians all the time lol), and you are a yucky cheater with Owen and stop trying to romanticise being a scuzzybucket cheater, Krista. because there is no bow on that pile of poo that makes it okay. not one.
  11. Teddy named her daughter after her Lesbian Lover .... who was a secret, and she was cheating with on her best friend? ew.
  12. in australia they shared a mouthful of mountain dew and a Doh-Ree-Tooo. #Tina
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