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  1. Daisy

    S04.E13: Opening Night

    if the show is cancelled, i think the thing that will bother me the most is - we'll never know what the baby's name is.
  2. Geeze. LOL that's a soap-opera right there. ahh that's what i was remembering. I remember that note in the book.
  3. I could have sworn some of Dawn was written by V.C. (though near the end was very "cut/rinse/repeat" I think that was one of my favourite series though, the first three anyway, the Daughter/Grandma book was very cookie cutter and dumb). I personally feel that what happened in Heaven - would have been different had V.C. not have died I mean this is obvious - but - as book 1 and 2 were written by VC and books 3-5 were not you could tell the tone change. I don't think Heaven would have stayed with Logan due to what she knew about he and Fanny (which was also deliciously twisted in itself). But I like though how Heaven became everything she hated in her quest for power. Not cruel per-se but just looking down at everyone, being judgemental, buying Drake . it was awesome. I honestly feel they just wanted to keep the secret. If they went to the police - it would have come out that they were products of incest and who knows how sympathy would have run then.
  4. Carol + Barb are like Vee. (Vee was dark). as this is Max - I I would expect something really horrible. (But that was truly, truly creepy).
  5. Daisy

    S06.E05: Mischief Mischief

    she seems as whiny per usual.
  6. Daisy

    NHL Thread

    OMG I KNOW RIGHT?! I am still over the moon over it. I think it gives the Leafs hands down the best centre depth in the league. You can argue Pittsburgh with Crosby and Malkin and maybe Brassard, but I don't know many other teams that has a 2x30 goal scorer on the third line. I need it to be October already.
  7. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    that will never, ever make me not mad. Cirie got hosed, and i think if the answer is (to her non-vote out, let's remember she was the only person not to have received a vote, yet she had to go home) was "Well she could have found an idol" i think there is a big problem. there shouldn't be several idols + an advantage in play to the point that everyone is safe. (and what would have happened if somehow Cirie had won immunity and everyone was protected? they just go home? I would be more than happy if they got rid of the idol period. or - this. I could even deal with 3. 2 pre merge, 1 post. but even that screams like too much And it was. like people weren't happy when it came in Season 11 (officially). then of course the broken-ness of it in 12-13 (14... or 14 was when it was changed) + the "Tyler Perry Idol" season then it was very Oprah that everyone "found" an idol.
  8. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    Same with redemption islands. (so i'll be totally fair here). once you get voted out, you should be gone. g-o-n-e. no more game for you.
  9. Daisy

    S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    As true as it is (and goodness knows i'm a heartless wench when it comes to "It's time to play for luuuuuuvvvvv". managing people's emotions is a big part of the game (in fact I'd argue it's the biggest part. more than winning challenges and Making! Big! Moves!) because you don't know how people will react to you, you don't know if something totally innocent blows off in their head. I don't think i ever really understood why Sue hated Kelly by the end. Kelly never really got into it, Sue would just go she betrayed me she was playing the other side, but it was enough to make her go all Rats and Snakes on Kelly. (and that speech impacted two votes in Gervase and Colleen. so if Greg didn't go all "pick a number" (i know he was going to vote Rich but still), she wins based off a Bitter Juror (in reverse). and this show is completely different and not 18 yrs old lmao. But basically. you're always gonna have butt hurt. you have to know how to manage it. exactly. that's how i've always seen it.
  10. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    I keep going "Who the hell is Ben?" then i remember. lolol and yes. yes. he should have. ditto. Wendell.
  11. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    no i got what you mean - but in my mind so what? like before it was final 2 then they had a final 3 so they'd "stop the goat" (which changed nothing quite frankly, because very rare does the third place person get any votes. they get obliterated. - quite frankly depending on the 2nd place winner they get obliterated too). Now they want to have a fire challenge at 4 to "give the 2nd strong person a chance." so when that doesn't work and they start picking them off at 7-6-5, then what's the answer? there are a lot of people who take a "tough people to the end" mentality. there are a lot of people who want the "weak" person. and i will argue you could be anyone and the thing you still have to do is convince a jury you've pissed off that you deserve to win. Just because the "tougher opponent" got voted out doesn't mean they would have won. and Jeff using the fire challenge as a reason "to make it fair" just spits in the face of the entire premise of the show. I can only speak for myself. I knew Wendell was winning the minute Dom won immunity. the only reason why that wavered (even a little) was because his final tribal sucked bananas. and he still won. and to me it doesn't matter if it was by 1 or a landslide. he won. the whole point of winning the last immunity challenge is to choose the right who you want to sit with for a million dollar chance. Dom earned that right and he couldn't even take the person out that cost him a mill (to which i said, hey bitter or not, you gotta convince 1 more than the other guys next to you). and I can't say if Dom was flying solo if he wins in a sweep. (i don't see Laurel winning regardless but she's getting votes). if they want to change it (hey it's their show change whatever) - then i personally feel they need to change the entire format because why is the guy at day 36 worthy to fight for his life with fire, and the person who gets booted 2nd and no-one knows him yet, doesn't? that player could EASILY be someone amazing in training but got the short end of the straw in immunity and got booted out. but hey they could know how to make fire and save their life but oop, that olive branch only gets extended to the final four. it just doesn't sit well with me.
  12. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    I hate the fire making challenge, because it completely eliminates the whole premise of the show.I don't usually tweet at Probst (or anyone famous what's the point) but when I read the reasons behind this it drove me insane. It was basically set up to save "the strong person" and eliminate goats. then quite frankly, if that's the reason - then you might as well have fire making challenges at every tribal. why bother even have votes at all. just fire challenge them out. i honestly think the #1 thing that could help this show is if a really strong goat won. then it's really look anyone can win, deal with it and move on. isn't that the underdog's fault? like make your move so you're not the underdog. you shouldn't be given a bone to save your life.
  13. Daisy

    S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    I just had to laugh. Roy gets fired for lying about eating a pot cookie and performing surgery Izzie keeps her job for stealing a heart.
  14. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    I think (and I know this is repeating myself coz i must have said it). these are what you have to do. 1: Quest for Fire. I don't even remember when this stopped but having the whole elaborate set-up to get fire was always like. "Okay GAME ON." *2: Getting to know you ice-breaker kinda game. (First seen (officially) in Amazon). I really liked this game because i think you get to see the personalities more. you also see this type of goofy hahaha stuff during Trivia Quiz with the blocks. i think removing this from every season was bad - it's a perfect way for us to continue to know people, especially with all of the swaps. *3: Coconut Chop OR Some Game where you have to rank your tribemate. (and. how you "fix it") you don't make this a reward. (though it should) you make this an immunity challenge. There is no way (even if you were secure in your alliance) would you throw it then. *4: Memory. (my favourite ones was Fiji (probably because of the Lisi bellyflop) but the Amazon "memorize the village then answer questions" was also awesome). and really THAT would be so cheap to set up.... 5: "Gross Food Challenge" i'm glad they started to bring this back to be honest. *6: Let Me Tell You A Story. (Jeff's storytime quiz) why this stopped, I will never know. this was always so much fun and a "play along at home" type of game. 7: Giant Puzzle Maze Race: (Usually final four but has been seen in other versions). this was ALWAYS my favourite challenge because you knew it was game time. 9 remains my favourite, but Cagayan had the amazing one with the turnstiles too. honestly, if this meant scraping all the puzzles just to have the GIANT PUZZLE at the end - do it show. DO IT NOW *8: Fallen Comrade Memory Game: I know exactly why this one stopped Tom v. Lex re: Lindsey v Kelly- but honestly, i think by now you can come up with questions that can avoid that yah? 9: Temptation Endurance: Jumping for Peanut Butter? Stripping for Peanut Butter? Negotiate for a Boat Ride in? Again. it lets us know (and care more) about the players, and it shows some stragey if you are playing attention 10: Auction Time!! Like i said if the point is to "unbreak" it. you do it by hiding the advantage in food. it can be in the first item, in the gross food item etc if people don't wanna eat it or whatever, fine their perogative but it gives us something fun to see, and it's fun to do (also. in this i'd let them share money etc. that's the best part, sharing money and bidding for food together. again. it shows more character. (He's a JEW! HE CAN'T HAVE THE HAM!!) 9: FIGHT TO THE DEATH Endurance Challenge: like I said I don't care that Tom and Ian Broke it. That was the point. and I honestly don't think it should have stopped. i think so many storylines have come out of this challenge (Rich stepping off, Tina/Colby fighting for it, Lexheria, Amber pleading with Rob to step down (and then touching the pole, and Jenna's whinging that she didn't move her foot), Lil's "I do squats Jon." retort, the arrow stances in Vanuatu, the Tom/Ian Show down. like. at this point. there is no way you're gonna buckle, unless you know you're safe (and do you even risk it really? - i mean the only one who had to was truly Rich because Rudy would take him (and he'd lose), he'd lose if he Took Rudy and he knew he'd lose Rudy's vote, and kelly made the most sense, and he still almost lost. and the ones i have starred.. I think those are what make the show amazing. We can "play" along. we can try to figure out where things are, you can remember how much you remember about the contestants, they're not just the same blob of people for the most part.
  15. Daisy

    Fix The Show

    I remember the SJDS one. Jeff was maaaaaaaaad about that one LOL but i always think really, you "fix" the auction by having the advantage with the food. and just be like "it's just food y'all." so if you buy it and get it yay, and i know some people never spend their money to begin with. and i think really if someone figures out how to break the game, that doesn't mean it will ALWAYS be broken. i mean heck it took from Marqueas four to SJDS to break coconut chop and that was because i think Missy didn't have any rewards or she was like "the ma" (i think this was before the ankle break too)