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  1. I think what bothers me more than Heaven's red hair, the weird acting, the weird time jumpcuts.... they are making heaven out to be this nice, sweet simple girl and that wasn't her. Heaven was always driven by her pride, the need for revenge and everything. not this simpering girl.
  2. I'm a week behind (so I am watching Dark Angel). the Heaven and Troy relationship went 0 to 60, like the hell? There was no lead up at all!
  3. that's basically it. Garden of Shadows was very much "VCA" though the tone was wrong, as well as Fallen hearts because i felt those were very much "this is what i am going to do" (but she passed away." I personally feel that had VCA had lived we would have not gotten Annie's book (or Leigh) - but Jillian's pov. (same with Dawn/Cutlers. I think we would have learned about Laura Sue more than Lillian). I just feel that the Ghostwriter got stuck with. Main Daughter who is SPECIAL Main Daughter gets raped Main Daughter has child(ren) by other men Main Daughter gets married by childhood sweetheart Main Daughter Dies Daughter's Daughter tells a story (not really needed) Gramma tells a story that's not really needed. eta: good gravy i just finished watching heaven. did they ever mess things up. at least FITA was more accurate.
  4. do you happen to have a link to it? regarding the Tony being half/full siblings - I always fully flat out thought it was gonna come up ala Dolls that Troy was Tony's son, not brother. also I never liked Troy either. he was too much drama. though, he allowed Heaven to do what she loved best: be in control and take over without giving her grief lol
  5. honestly. they've stripped off most of what drives heaven to do anything
  6. Good gravy. Thanks for that heads up I basically only read up until Landry series because other than that it's just too hard to read everything.. they really should let things go.
  7. Wait? What? Cory died in Flowers in the Attic from the poisoned doughtnuts. (what is Christopher's Diary?)
  8. Gramma Jana never knew. Leigh ran away, got off the train, met luke, and missed the train and just decided to stay with luke.
  9. That's why the Fallen Hearts (and more importantly, Web of Dreams by the Ghostwriter) completely dropped the ball. Luke was a creep, and I can figure out why Leigh got seduced by him (because he was handsome and you know not Tony), but the GW made it seem it was like Luke was undone by Leigh's death hence the drinking and spiraling into horribleness - where as you'd have to imagine that had Leigh lived -Leigh easily could have become Sarah-all hope and faith beaten/raped out of her. (Death literally saved Leigh). exactly. like. not Leigh being groomed (Like Cal groomed Heaven), but not Tony trying to rape every generation of Leigh. (which irritated me with the Ghostwriter. obviously something was wrong with Tony in the head but that relly became the GW's go to. Tony rapes Leigh, (almost) Heaven, and Annie (or almost i can't remember i hated Annie so i legit ignored her book). go to Cutler series and Philip is a raping rapists who rapes Dawn and Christie, like. why? why go there with Philip? and then down the line. I am so mad I can't watch this series (i mean I know i'll rage and rant, but i wanna rage and rant with you all).
  10. right. yah. okay so def. "not a good person, Luke." something that my friends and I wished when we were young was that VCA didn't go with the whole "Tony was a crazy perverted child molester," but because the story was already so dark and twisty, why not have it some sort of like Lolita-ish twist. (this doesn't excuse the fact that Tony was a crazy perverted child molester, but we just wanted something a little bit different. (though i mean it was as you know. Jillian pimped out Leigh for Tony so she wouldn't have sex so she could stay young).
  11. i can't remember how far apart Tom + Leigh were. (but i mean they could have been together then he met Leigh and ended it, then went back to Sarah after)
  12. exactly. and I thought that. Luke went to touch Heaven remember, and Gramma Annie stopped that right in its tracks. and I think Fanny insiutated that there was something there. (and she basically did it so Luke would "love" her like he "loved" Heaven and the thing is though Luke is weird. he was completely sweet to Leigh a complete ahole to Sarah and the whole kids (turning into a whoring, child selling, abusive (physically/sexually)) but then back to a completely good husband with Stacey and father to Drake.
  13. because it's VCA - it wouldn't surprise me if she (Mrs. Wise/Mrs. Rev) planned the whole thing.
  14. exactly. like. with anything else. you just needed to have. Black Hair fanny (because Luke loved Fanny) and Logan's wanting the Whore while loving the 'Madonna' (the two of them having black hair was important) Angel Blonde Leigh (because she was soft, sweet and blonde, and luke adored her). hence. DARK Angel Heaven who looked exactly like her - cept the hair. (it also Triggers Tony. ditto the black hair on ANNIE). Also. still can't find this to watch in Canada. gr.