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  1. okay that Lyla chick....i didn't see that one coming.
  2. LMAO LMAO "Wait the superman thing is real" teeheee. that was crazy.
  3. so if this soul guy is staying on this island thing.... what happens to the Arrow body back on earth one?
  4. Old Flash isn't named Barry Allen? (also that was kinda sad).
  5. well that was easy enough. so all the earths are gone but this one? this wave moved fast.
  6. that's a very normal response. brava. I like you Choi.
  7. lol very true. snorts. once you put it that way.
  8. so Barry doesn't think before he acts still, huh?
  9. I thought this Nash/Paraiah guy was Reverse Flash? so he's 3 people?
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