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  1. i saw your edit note - I think YR's salaries are just as costly. they just focus on the good stuff at times. (ie: romance, etc) vs. stuff like mob shootouts over and over and over again.
  2. my money is on BaileyLou at the rate the show is going.
  3. Mistah Sheffield: Peter, you are alive because of me. Me: Well, i just hate you. Mistah Sheffield: execute him Me: I take it back <3 Oh son of a bitch. are you serious? of course Peter turned the guards when Drew was there for years (with money) and couldn't. LOL yes, of course googling huntingdon's disease is what caused Lisel to be kidnapped. just.. shutup show. Drew is just showing what an amazing father he is. Take notes, show. That's a great father. Not Sonny. Not Michael. Not Jason. This guy. Peter: Let's go kill good guys Drew: NO! (
  4. Sonny doesn't know if he can comprehend Jason/Carly. yet doesn't tell his wife that he had a thing for/with Nina. classy guy.Also. how is this a surprise to Sonny. HELLO. Carly's been hot and sweaty for Jason forever. (also this is BS. 2 days ago "I love you Jason." Today "I don't love Jason." And no Carly. you have your dumbass husband to blame for being missing for 9 months. Spencer is channeling the brat card super hard today. Pride goeth before the fall, dude.
  5. i would honestly think it would depend on how said trust fund is set up. i mean my only experiences with them are in novels but a lot of people (in said novel) couldn't touch their trust fund until they reached a certain age. (not to say i believe (or don't believe) Esme, but i've seen this being stated on YT and twitter, but it easily could be Esmee can't access it until 21 before she can contact people to withdraw funds).
  6. Carly, Jason, Sonny and Peter, so clearly today is gonna suck.
  7. First of All Addie. I missed you. 2nd of all I would have punched Krista in the face if Addie said she and Jake were over. like tackled her and punched her in the face. Thankfully for Krista's face lol Addie and Jake are good. the residents are dumb. can't even with them.
  8. I had to laugh about the first part, but yea. that's what is not making any sense. like it wasn't just a passaby "meh i don't care." SMike was so adamant that he didn't want anything to do with his past. At all. and I mean like I said Nina is taking it like a champ because I figure if Joss wantsto play big girl games i would have flung it in her face that her beloved step father wanted nothing to do with her, or her shrew mother. period end of story, and close the book.
  9. seriously? why doesn't she, Josslyn just eat at her mother's or i dunno, campus.
  10. Nearer the end I would imagine. I don't remember if their actual characters did though
  11. I feel i should know this one. But i can't remember the details also squee... Downtown Abbey buddies! I don't remember the whole contract thing (but wasn't she being abused or something?) and Ned wasn't able to help her so that's why. but i think a LOT of this is motivated out of guilt for hurting her family. [speaking from what i gathered so if i am wrong i own it] I don't think she realized that Valentine had had enough shares to actually take over the company so she figured she can save her butt and take care of herself as her dad told her to, and not worry about it. But i don't thi
  12. The Same. Tres Q (Edward would be happy). Tres Soap. Tres Crappy. (aka the perfect blend).
  13. that's the thing. Edward didn't change the will. And that's what BLQ (and the others) are doing. all the document indicated was that he was considering changing it. But it wasn't even dated the day before he died (so you can argue he died before he literally could call Dianne). It wasn't even like the week before he was ill. It was just there. and so my argument is like. if this is about honouring Edward's last wishes - his last wish is what was in his will. not what he has lying around on his desk. Considering Edward went out of his way to screw Tracey - he could have taken the three seconds
  14. this show is trying to make me feel sorry for Carly, Jason and Sonny. yeah. it's not happening. Why Sonny lost his memory: Because he was going to kill Julian. (you know. Leo's father. so Leo will now grow up mourning his dad who is never coming back, because Sonny needed to play God again and kill someone again) Why Sonny wasn't found sooner Because Sonny decided he didn't want to take any action in finding out about his family. at all. Why Nina Didn't say anything Because 1: Carly decided to bite her head off over something that someone else brought up (Note Nina di
  15. what kind of dumbass question is that "it was our wedding night." - Jason "what would have happened if i hadn't walked in." - Sonny they were getting ready to play scrabble, Sonny. obviously. also. Joss earns all the shut ups today
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