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  1. let me save you time. i'm nearly done my PP watch through.you really aren't missing much.
  2. I have to say that is consistent. because when Meredith drowned, Cristina split. I think it just brought her back to when she lost her father, and I liked the consistency there. At the end of the day - she did go to him.
  3. I had to take a break from Seattle and i'm rewatching Private Practice. makes me wish we had a thread to talk about it, but i think a few characters really shone there (Mark especially) and i think again it would have made sense to move Mark to LA (though i can't remember if Private Practice was cancelled by the time of the plane crash)
  4. The Dumbness 1: April pissed off at Jackson because she lied to her boyfriend about her virginity. The Dumbness 2: Jo is pissed off at Alex because she didn't tell her boyfriend about her past (which imo if you were gonna live with someone i'm sure that that's something that should have been brought up) The Dumbness 3: The entire Ethan storyline. they coulda spent more time with the staff infection (and Dr Quinn did it so much better)
  5. If I remember correctly Sarah Drew wanted to do a crisis of faith storyline. (I think a lot of April's most poignant storylines was because Sarah Drew wanted to do them LOL) But yeah at the end it really boiled down things were tough because i didn't get what I wanted. (like the Rabbi legit had to break it down for her like that).
  6. I always felt it was a "shock" thing too to be all Very Special Episode when they need to be. I know and understand about representation. but they always do such great nuances about transgenderism (they've touched it so many times on this show). They do such great awareness for Bisexual/Same sex relationships. and that's awesome. truly. But then they always decide to do Ugly Christian, Ignorant Christian, Intolerant Christian, Crazy Christian. and it drives me insane. like i just got to the JW episode in season nine where the guy had an accident and it was all "no blood for him" to the point Leah (who is completely dumb because I would assume this would be covered in Medical School at some point, but i just feel that was the moment where they could just explain their beliefs. like this is why we feel this way and really explain the nuances. People still might not get it, or understand it or respect it but at least it would have been presented in a a respectful and informative way. April's a virgin, and she wants it to be romantic, wants to wait for her husband, doesn't want to jump from bed to bed (like most of these people do - also it bothers me that not since season one does anyone bring up the fact the amount of people they sleep with that they aren't have regular testing done. but in season nine they keep making Jesus jokes, and i just feel truthfully if it were reversed and it was just something that should be treated with respect, everyone would cop a fit. in other news we keep wondering when Meredith became such a cow? Season 9. the plane crash killed the Meredith we knew and loved for the most part Also. also.this whole hospital thing is stupid. Also also - I really hated the way they took a great potential friendship in Jo and Alex and made them into a couple.
  7. Season 8, Ep 11 This episode makes me so mad, and Alex says it at the end - this is a teaching hospital. Bailey pulls Meredith away from a once in a lifetime surgery, Webber snakes Alex twice and they are all like "meh whatever." like. honestly. these ppl should feel shame. Season Seven: me: I totally understand why Owen was mad and he had a Point. Season eight: why is this show being so dumb. Literally i think the show forgot that Cristina told Owen before they got married that she doesn't want to have kids. she flat out stated it. And he got it. and again I got that once a baby was a reality that things shifted because before it was "were not having babies." but then ther ewas a baby and again for me, Owen wanted his opinions/feelings and all options figured out outside of "I don't wanna be a mother because it will ruin my career" which if it were me it would piss me off too because it does come off as my career trumps everything else. They totally blew up any right that Owen had by screaming at Cristina and then cheating on her. like. seriously. I though was on Team Owen in regards to his decision with Teddy and lying about Henry. she needed to focus on that and the whole aftermath was dumb. The "Yeup. i do hate Arizona Robbins" feelings don't disipate because she does everything in her power to kick Alex down. and i don't care if it's because you want him there. you do YOUR JOB and try to use your contacts and make him grow. THEN getting pissed off at him because Hopkins offered him a fellow ship because of YOUR training. and then (okay into season 9, but those two episodes really do fit in) telling Alex she wished Alex was on the plane and suffered? Find a rock and kick it I get. I get i get that Chyler asked to leave but Lexie Grey did not have to die. for god sakes. neither did Mark. lazy schloppy writing. just like they did with George. I said this then and I said it now. I loathe when Hollywood touches Virginity and Christianity because i don't think they give it the nuances it deserves (and bless Sarah Drew who was a Christian to put up with so much of that crap). I loathe the fact that they made her lose her virginity with Jackson not because she loved him or even decided to (in a clear, sane moment) that she's ready to do it but because she's amped up and slightly drunk. and then turn it into this insane moment where she tanks her boards. (also and I didn't really like April in season 8 - I did have a huge amount of respect for her for flat out saying that she would pray for her patient. and when the doctor said that was inappropriate i would have had more respect for her if she had said why? She never said she would pray outloud for the patient. just toss one up to God, before she would begin her scientific procedures. but they made it all wrapped up in losing her virginity and the like iand it made me mad. also. i refuse to believe that April "I am always prepared Kepner" would spill her tea like that to test examiners refuse).
  8. Season 8, Ep 11 This episode makes me so mad, and Alex says it at the end - this is a teaching hospital. Bailey pulls Meredith away from a once in a lifetime surgery, Webber snakes Alex twice and they are all like "meh whatever." like. honestly. these ppl should feel shame.
  9. the same. (if i am wrong, i'm wrong. the show is becoming a blur to me). but i am pretty sure he ended it when he came back from Iraq before he slept with Cristina. (and while i don't condone cheating at all. while he was scuz to sleep with Cristina while engaged to Beth - at least unlike most people on the show, he ended it with Beth instead of stringing her along).
  10. Owen ended things with Beth before sleeping with Cristina.(Im pretty sure)
  11. Yeah. like don't get me wrong (I am watching season 8, so I am gonna get mad at Owen soon LOL), both weren't blameless here and I think that's why the show really started to annoy me. I watch soaps all the time (or well I used to, but even on Soaps it wasn't so heavy handed like THIS IS IT. there were the subtle nuances and things like that. Greys never goes for the nuances (or they used to for the most part but that stopped after season 5 etc). Yeah Tucker v. Miranda made no sense. at all. like he was mostly pissed off that he had to stay at home and Miranda worked long hours? honestly at that point i'd be all "get a nanny if it bothered you that much."
  12. Yeah that was such a crap excuse. like. countless women don't want to be mothers. (like Arizona didn't want to be one, but became one because she loved callie and fell in love with the idea of being one with Callie). They should just have said, that Cristina has no intention of being a mother because that's not who she is. that she doesn't have that yearn to be a mom regardless of how much she loves her husband. That yes she loves kids (as evidenced with how she is with Sofia and Zola) but she doesn't want them in her life, that she doesn't want the entire experience of being pregnant, and hormonal changes. that she really thought of it, and it wasn't for her. not for Burke, not with Owen, not for anyone. and if she were a garbage truck driver she'd feeel the same way so it's not just about her career, it's about her as a person. But by making her godmother to all of Mere's kids (and Sofia) - even if the running joke was she'd stick them in boarding school, if something severely was gonna happen, she was okay with taking on that responsibility. and quite frankly, Owen made it clear that he had no problem being the stay at home dad (i mean hell, he could simply teach trauma clinics and not be a doctor doctor) - so i don't blame owen for being mad at Cristina for basically framing it as "I love my career more than i love your hopes and dreams." (again i'm not saying she should have a baby simply to make Owen happy but she never even considered it and the show never framed it that there were other reasons outside of her career. and if that were the case, then in my opinions, Cristina should have ensured that she did everything possible so she wouldn't be pregnant.
  13. Season seven done. There are a few things 1: I hate Derek. (lol) but what drives me insane is that people have been telling this man that Meredith sees things in shades of Grey, not just black and white. so he finds out about the trial, and Meredith (who is wrong by the way -and honestly, i'm not sure why they had to tell the FDA but whatever) is saying that she doens't see things as black and white as he does, and so Derek's response is "I can't raise a baby with a woman who doesn't see things as black and white, and you're (gonna be ) a bad mother." honestly, i don't really care how mad you are these are the things that should have been. "Cool. okay, peace out homie." 2: I hate Arizona. (this isn't changing either) and i hate how she (and her family) got on Mark. and it irritated me that in the episode where they treated him like sperm and no one ever said "no you're not." Also i hated the fact that Arizona is like you slept with my girlfriend. Bitch y'all were broken up. You left Callie go kick a rock 3: Alex was right in what he did but wrong how he did it. Meredith did do something wrong, and the way people were like "you sold meredith out!!" is like. so? there was nothing to sell out if Meredith didn't do something wrong. however, he did it drunk and because he was pissed and that wasn't the right way so. boo. (also Meredith was a cow for how she treated Alex for it - if she felt she didnt do anything wrong, then why be pissed off that Alex said anything? Own your poo) 4: Lucy - waste. whatever. have fun in Africa 5: How the hospital treats Cristina in re: her education. Honestly, I don't understand why Cristina is even in this hospital. people get mad at her and they keep her out of surgery for months. then they go "ohoo it's so she learns." whatever. 6: Teddy and Scott Foley. boring. next. 7: I understand Owen's PoV I think this kinda mirrors to what Mark said (in re: to Callie having the amnio and he acknowledged that he lost, but he just wanted to be heard and have his thoughts actually weighed and considered). Cristina tells him that they are pregnant, and then it was basically. NO. NO. NO. NO BABY, NO. NO. NO NO NO, where all he was asking Cristina to do was to actually consider the alternative and then have a conversation. Cristina for the most part just shut down any type/sort of discussion. . I feel if Cristina did this, then articulated again that she she didn't want to have a baby - and owen kept pushing it then he would be wrong. this might sound complicated or both sides of the mouth, but there it is. (also. Cristina should simply have had her tubes tied, or really practice safer sex because she got pregnant twice for someone who never wanted to have a baby). trying to decide if i wanna push on, or move on to something else. it really goes blegher from here.
  14. it was really pathetic. especially because it was Russell who totally slammed him down,in HvV trust wise but he focused everything on the women that season and gamechangers. it was crazy
  15. to be honest, he lost it in HvV.
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