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S02.E11: Stakeout

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Jake and Charles' bro-mance starts to crack when they volunteer for an eight-day stakeout in very close quarters. Meanwhile, Captain Holt's nephew, Marcus, comes to Brooklyn and captures Rosa's attention.



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I know he's a grown man but I cannot picture him as anything but a teenager.  Of course, I have only seen him in Drumline where he played a teenager.  However, I did enjoy Drumline and, objectively, he's a good-looking guy.  And he can apparently put up with a whole lot of crazy to that's a plus at B99.

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I liked it a lot. Nick Cannon kind of took me out of it. I can't see him as a character, just Nick Cannon pretending to be somebody else.  That said I loved the Captain's "let's never talk about anything".  It was awesome how uncomfortable he was with Det. Rosa Diaz in his breakfast nook.  I really like seeing Jake and Charles be competent cops after blowing the stakeout.

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The No No list


No over salting.



 I really like seeing Jake and Charles be competent cops after blowing the stakeout.


Me too! And I love how Jake said that they are brothers! Awwww! :)

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I'll go back later and pause to look at the list. I bet the writers had a blast coming up with the no-no's. Lady-style towel cracked me up. Oh, and Charles saying nostril bush was so gross.


Loved this ep. It was predictable that Jake and Charles would end up getting on each other's nerves, but how it happened was hilarious. Charles doing kegels and thinking it wasn't noticeable was great. 


Loved them booing Terry together.


Love when Terry was showing Gina and Amy the illustrations, and Amy asked about the two-headed hippo, "How do they defecate?" Then Terry shouting, "It's a children's book!"


So funny when Amy dropped the coffee pot into the trash can.


Holt was great thruout. Loved when he couldn't resist giving Wuntch the zinger. Everything he did was funny, whether with Jake and Charles or Rosa.


Nick Cannon kind of took me out of it. I can't see him as a character, just Nick Cannon pretending to be somebody else.


I felt the same way. I don't watch him on whatever show he's on, but I've seen him on a talk show or two. He just didn't seem to fit in with the cast.

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Rosa and Holt's conversation at the end was my favorite scene. I look forward to them not discussing her relationship with Marcus. 


So this is the second episode that has had a title very similar to one of Parks and Recreation's. I bet Jake also likes candy necklaces. 


And EW posted the entire No-No list: http://tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/brooklyn-nine-nine-season-2-episode-11/ Kwazy Cupcake callback!

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I had Gina's same reaction to Rosa telling Holt's nephew "bye." And this is a testament to how well they've crafted the characters because we know Rosa well enough that she would never acknowledge some rando relative that came through the station unless it was because, to quote Gina to Holt, "Rosa wants to bone your nephew."

By the way, I laughed out loud at the massive discomfort both Rosa and Holt showed at him having to give her bra back to her. And he put it in a teeny little paper bag!

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Last week a lot of people expressed how they like Gina the most in her interactions with Boyle. I'm starting to feel the same way about Boyle and interacting with Gina. He's starting to wear on me. I'm glad he's comfortable in his own skin, but his eccentricities are getting ridiculous. I feel like everyone else has multiple facets to their characters, but Boyle is just so one note. And the aspect of getting on each others nerves/redemption by the end of the show was the most obvious route they could have gone with that plot. I'll be impressed if the show can have some lingering fall-out of this for Jake; as there should also be of the interactions with Amy, and Rosa's inability to fully trust him. Something to the effect of him not having any of his co-workers to turn to when he has an issue.


Holt killed it this episode from the Medal presentation, to the breakfast nook, to meeting. As usual, his moments got the biggest reaction out of me.


Sorry if this got awkward. If I hadn't stopped the elevator I could have just walked off after my rant, now we're stuck here together.

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I have no idea who this Nick Cannon is, I can't recall seeing him or hearing of him before. I had no problem thinking of him as the role he was playing, just like everyone else.


The stakeout story is like some I've seen before (and not just on cop shows): best friends have to spend uninterrupted time together and get on each others' nerves. But after 60 years of TV series, pretty much any story has been done before, and it's all in the execution. This one was executed in a fresh and funny enough way that it felt new to me, and I was happy with it.

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I had Gina's same reaction to Rosa telling Holt's nephew "bye." And this is a testament to how well they've crafted the characters because we know Rosa well enough that she would never acknowledge some rando relative that came through the station unless it was because, to quote Gina to Holt, "Rosa wants to bone your nephew."


Ditto. I didn't read the episode description, so I didn't know that Rosa and Nick Cannon were going to have a thing, but as soon as she said, "Bye," my eyes widened. So Gina immediately jumping on it was the icing on the cake.


Rosa and Amy are two of my favorite characters on TV right now. And this season has had some hits and misses, but they've really done a nice job playing around with character pairings, so that it stays fresh and fun to see everyone grouped together in different combinations. Like, it was nice to have Jake/Boyle again, but Terry/Amy/Gina and Holt/Rosa were a delight.


Also, I would totally buy Terry's book.

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I literally had to pause because I was laughing so hard at the face Holt made when he produced the baggie with Rosa's brassiere in it. Oh Andre!

I rewound this scene about 5 times.  I almost peed my pants from laughing.  The slow deliberate movement and the facial expression were just incredible.

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Since this is the last episode before Christmas, I guess it's too late to ask for Terry's book to actually be made and sold.  And to actually see a four hour road-trip with just Rosa and Amy.


Enjoyable episode, but I did think it hit some of the common tropes that I've come to expect in comedies.  It was obvious that Jake and Boyle were going to turn on each other after spending several days uninterrupted at a stakeout, they would fight and "break up", but become friends (or brothers!) again, at the end.  But, I do like the Jake/Boyle relationship, so I enjoyed a lot of it.  Especially the "No-No List."  As others have said in other threads/reviews, I find it kind of interesting that Jake's side was bigger, so Charles had had more grievances with Jake.  I guess he really keeps a lot of it bottled in, because of their friendship.  Still, they were hilarious!  I love the ones underneath Jakes about not comparing himself to Idris Elba and no complaining about "not seeing The Wire."


Same with the Terry picture book stuff.  Knew it was going to cause Amy and Gina to overcompensate for their weaknesses, but it sure as hell didn't stop me from laughing at Amy throwing the entire pot of coffee in the trash.  Angry Amy will never, ever get old.  And, then her asking how does the Scully/Hitchcock Hippo "defecate."  That totally is a question Amy would ask.


The stuff with Holt/Rosa was... interesting.  Not a huge fan of Nick Cannon, so I wasn't wild about Marcus.  And, he really didn't leave much of an impression.  But, all the Holt/Rosa awkwardness?  Gold.  Pure gold.  We really need more of those two.  Andre Braugher and Stephanie Beatriz are magical together.


I still love how Wuntch brings out the immature person in Holt.  No regrets indeed, Holt.

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I so love that Jake is every bit as dorkily invested in their friendship as Boyle is. I'm still surprised by how that particular relationship has not been what I expected.

The Holt/Rosa scenes were treasures. The whole exchange with Holt asking whether she was single for Marcus was delightful.

After establishing Holt was not a third grade girl....

Rosa: If Marcus wants my number, he can ask me himself. [gets up and leaves]

Holt [to himself]: Now who will tell him.

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The only thing I didn't like, really, was that it seemed out-of-character for Rosa to set herself up for a walk of shame at Holt's house. She was so happy about the task force, and it sets her up to be a real leader at the precinct. So she follows that up with this? Rosa takes her career much too seriously--at least that's how I read her--to do this, so it took me right out of the episode.


Guess I should edit this and add that I'm not saying the hook-up was inherently a bad move. It's more that I just don't see it as career-savvy when it's at your boss's house.

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No love for Rosa's "I had to suffer four hours with another human once", followed by Amy's "What about our trip to Boston? That was almost four hours [the light dawns] Oh, I see what you did there".  Never change, Amy!
I've heard of Nick Cannon, but don't know him as an actor, and didn't recognize him, so I thought he fit the episode.  
And the jab at Garfield was brilliant.
From the linked review:

my favorites were Jake's complaint about multi-level marketing schemes and Charles' surprise that there is more than one Die Hard movie.

Charles knew that there was a 2 and 3, but didn't know about 4 (there's a VERY good reason for that!)

As Jake says, "brothers fight, but at the end of the day, they're always there for each other."

Then, as often happens, the crook gets into the action, talking about his brother and Jake has to shush him.

and from the Jake side:
no backstory for Mrs. Peacock

I wonder if Chatles is a fan of My Conviction from Hair

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Yes, I sometimes introduce my nieces that way, "This is the 9yo, this is the 8yo, this is the 6yo..." but it seems like and odd thing to do with an adult. Ages are often part of the stories of the kids, but less so the adults.

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I'd say it's funny because it's a weird way to introduce someone or use as an identifying characteristic. Holt also uses it twice, which makes it twice as funny.

You're talking about somebody who, instead of saying his dog had puppies, said she gave birth to "smaller dogs."

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