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  1. Darian

    Author Antics

    She's horrible but sometimes does good. She has the same gleeful viciousness all TERFs do when they speak and harm about transgender people. They enjoy it. I'm cishet but have been an LGBTQ+ advocate then activist for over 40 years. She's done too much harm for me to excuse her because she also does good sometimes. A dear friend's transgender son died by suicide because of people like her. And she knows she's doing harm but keeps doing it.
  2. Ooh, I didn't know there was a season 2. Will definitely watch when it hits Netflix. I'll watch almost any skills/talent-based reality competition and I enjoyed season 1. I have a terrible memory so I can't comment on contestants or challenges, but I know I hoped it would come back.
  3. I watched this again recently, and still recognize a few extras my sisters and I knew. I grew up outside Boston. I was in high school when this came out and saw it for the first time maybe a year later. My friend's brother had a summer job showing movies at a senior center. One night, he brought the screen, projector and film home, and we all watched Jaws floating on rafts in their pool. Terrifying. If you ever have the chance to go to a screening at a water park, and you have a strong heart, do it.
  4. Yeah, every time I see the commercial for that show I think it could work with the right people. That ad ensures I will not watch a single second of that show.
  5. I would have liked this as an extra or companion piece, with the last episode, tweaked, as the finale. I love hearing the genesis of any creative project and we got a bit of that, fictionalized. But this reminded me of what a creative writing professor said about writing memoir: if you want to publish it, you have to be ready to treat the process as craft not therapy. This episode made me think this whole project, especially this episode, was partly therapeutic for Jason Segel, but this episode was more therapy than craft. I didn't hate it entirely, but wish I had not gone in primed for a finale. I loved the previous nine episodes and will also rewatch someday but end at episode 9.
  6. I haven't read The Seven Husbands, but I may give it a shot because people whose taste I share keep recommending it. I did not like Daisy Jones and the Six either. I enjoyed The Sun Down Motel a great deal. So much so that I looked for what else the author has written and saw that I read something by her years ago that was so-so. Still, I'm now reading Silence for the Dead now and it's pretty good. These days, I need reads that aren't too taxing on the brain or hard to follow. Next up are The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom, The Night Country by Melissa Albert, and The Revisioners by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton.
  7. I want to bake cookies and send them contactless delivery to everyone involved with this episode (really, the whole series). It was so well done, and I teared up, too. Convenient that Simone Missick and Wilson Bethel had staircases wherever they're sheltering. What a nice touch. I bought Mark's "Lola" outburst, because he's at work, but not at work. Hearing the stories of friends who are working from home, seeing my own husband on the days he doesn't have to go in but gets to work from home. It's weird and disorienting. I loved all the guest stars. This show has a stellar casting team. After reading the article about how they put this together (thank you, buckboard) I feel less shallow for noticing in the first scene how great Simone Missick's make-up was and marveling at how great she looked and how beautiful she is every time she was on screen. I think months of seeing people on TV without hair and makeup professionals got me used to seeing them look a bit different. She looked as perfectly coiffed and made up as usual. I love Lola. I almost skipped this series, but it's one of my favorites. Dry, overwashed fingers crossed for renewal.
  8. That moment was one of many that got me, too. I was a home hospice RN (and now in hospice myself, with a fabulous nurse, but she's no Howie), and it was one of the best, most rewarding jobs I ever had, but it could be hard. When I was new, the nurse training me said I had a "hospice heart." I guess I thought it meant especially loving or something but I came to understand that yes, it meant loving, but it also meant being able to care for, even love, your clients and their families but be able to lose them and keep doing the job without hardening. Something like that. I feel like there was a nod to that balance in that moment. I love this show.
  9. Gah, I wrote this in a hurry and I left out what I meant to say, which was that. I adore my funeral director, and trust her not to upsell my husband. My "they want a new jet ski" to my husband was before I found her, and based my experiences burying both parents and both sisters (at different times). I did not have good luck with funeral directors back then. I also saw good and bad when I was a hospice nurse. My grandmother lived over an Irish funeral home in Boston (I have stories) and the family that operated it were good people. Sorry for being careless.
  10. I loved the pep talk they gave Maggie about resisting the high pressure sales techniques in the car. I've been terminal and in bad shape for so long that we joke that I'm immortal or a zombie, so I've made my arrangements. But I've lost enough family members to know how they push you to overspend, playing on your grief and love, and I wanted to make sure my husband doesn't fall for it. After the house across the street sold for just under a million dollars and the new owners moved in with lots of expensive toys, living a lavish lifestyle, I learned they own a local funeral home. I begrudge them nothing, but I also used them to do what the kids did to Maggie last night. I told him, "When they make you feel like you're being cheap or not honoring my memory, just think, 'They just want another jet ski.'" I'm currently sad for most of the characters. Zoey and her family, Max, Mo, Eddie, even Leif. But I love this show.
  11. In the pre-heat, I watched Christine trying to yank something out of Tati's hand that Tati clearly was already walking away with, so it's a pattern and I'm glad Christine is gone. She wasn't the worst, but still annoying. I like everyone else. It's rare for me to root against a baker in this show, but Christine had me hoping for her ouster last night. I'm pulling hard for Tati.
  12. I liked Clinton fine his first season but now, I just love him. He's so good with the bakers and just delightful in general.
  13. That was a satisfying finale. I like when everyone does well, rather than someone completely falling apart. I'm a sentimental sucker, more so these days, so I love seeing families hugging and supporting each other. Will Arnett was the only thing I didn't like about the series, and he didn't annoy me that much.
  14. Darian


    I watched the first episode of season two, and I can't remember who half the people are. Might read some recaps, because I wasn't even sure if some of them had been in the previous season (I know one wasn't, but am not sure about some of the others). I kept looking at the paint colors in Earlham's house. There's a bright vivid blue with a bit of green in it that's gorgeous.
  15. Wow, you weren't kidding. So much better. You convinced me to go back and it was such a pleasure to watch Tom. Thank you! I wonder if he gently told her to calm the hell down, and maybe suggested she not shove him hard repeatedly as he's chopping with his other hand on the cutting board. That really bothered me.
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