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  1. I remain glad Vella Lovell is on my TV screen again and the rest of the cast is great. How could Danson not be? I'm impressed as hell with Holly Hunter. She's a riot, and her character is interesting.
  2. I'm kind of a hardass about honestly and forthrightness and all, but I would be afraid to disclose something that could land you on a locked psych ward. Best case, the person you're telling will never see you the same way, never feel completely free around you again. Or something. I just find it interesting, and a little scary. I lost my father when I was around Zoey's age, and it was devastating. We'd had a lot of illness in our family, but felt we could handle anything as long as we were all together. And then we weren't. I can't imagine grieving him and having the additional burden of hearing heart songs. That just seems so emotionally draining and confusing. I'd be dreading it all day. Jane Levy is killing it as Zoey and it's almost too real. But I love this weird, heart-wrenching, heart-warming show.
  3. I watched season 1, but my husband hadn't. He has to get up by 5 am, so usually I'd watch a show or two after he want to bed. During the pandemic, I introduced him to a bunch of new shows, shows that can be intense but have a lightness or humor, one of which was Prodigal Son. I am loving the re-watch and he thinks I am a goddess for bringing this batshit show into his life.
  4. Darian

    Your Honor

    So, should I keep watching mostly rich white people agonizing over doing the wrong thing, but doing the wrong, self-serving, power- and privilege-preserving thing every time? Actually, I can't. Last night's episode was enough. There's maybe one character I hope lives through this mess, and I can check recaps to see if they do.
  5. I'd started thinking that in a pandemic, I will watch absolutely anything and am incapable of being remotely critical. Apparently not. I'm out. It just makes me cringe too much. For anyone still in and enjoying it, I'm glad. That's me these days with some shows many others have found unwatchable. It doesn't help that we had to put my snugglebug of a cat down last week. It may not be a coincidence that I bailed after the most cat-focused episode yet.
  6. I like Tiffani and always have. I liked all four chefs who competed. They went out in the order I'd have predicted, and I wish Marcus (just keep talking, Marcus. I love your voice) the best of luck going forward. I think I watched Christian Petroni's Food Network Star season and don't remember having positive or negative feelings about him. Then I saw him in a few things and was "eh," but I've really come to like him and am glad he's been showing up on FN more often. He's an affable, self-deprecating guy who seems to hold his own in cooking and judging and has a good time while he's at it.
  7. Looks like she dyed it pink and put some in a couple of buns, as people do. A lot of my friends have let their kids dye their hair during the pandemic (and get pets). It's quite a thing. Personally, I love seeing pics of my friends' smiling kids with their hair dyed pink and green and blue and every other color. Poor kids are living through a pandemic. I want them to have hair (or pets) that make them happy.
  8. This was fun! The audience looks like they're having a blast. So much so, I half-thought they were all stoned. Their enthusiasm really adds to it for me. I only saw the first episode, but I'll stick with it.
  9. Save My Bakery. I remember because I watched it, too, and enjoyed it. Had hoped for a second season. I was always glad to see Kerry in any show. Such sad news.
  10. I only half-watch this show, but I think I heard Alex throw a little shade at Giada on last night's show. Antonia Lofaso said "pistachio," but used, she said, the Italian pronunciation and Alex said (paraphrase), "Giada's on line one."
  11. Love all of the casting news. As a huge fan of Renee Elise Goldsberry, I'd love them to bring back Ava. I just watched a clip of her performing "Out Tonight" from Rent. She's insanely talented.
  12. Yes, that's why I said maybe she misspoke and allowed for the possibility that Food Network did everything right. Thing is, Food Network had a lot of footage to choose from and they aired that snippet. So they mustn't care if people think they might not be taking adequate precautions. Either by airing a statement that is not true and gives tacit approval to risky behavior or being lax in their practices, Food Network biffed it. Sorry, I have lost five friends to coronavirus in the last two months. Two were healthcare workers who got it at work. I pay attention to how productions are handling things. I won't bring it up again, but since I did say it could be an error, I wanted to address your response to me. Here's hoping all goes well. This show is consistently one of my favorite cooking/baking competition shows.
  13. I enjoyed it, like all the kids, and the parents were fine. But I was a little wigged out when a kid (Miabella, maybe) said they got the call she'd been selected "last week" and then traveled to LA. I realize I am someone who has had a feeble immune system since 1977 (I was already washing my hands a zillion times a day using the same technique as medical professionals and using hand sanitizer a lot), was an RN, and would have majored in Microbiology if I hadn't been a non-traditional student needing to finish. But I had this idea that they brought everyone in, had them quarantine for a period, tested them, and then started shooting. But from "last week" it seems like a bunch of kids and adults flew in from all different parts of the country days before starting to be in close contact for hours day after day. Maybe they're testing, but you can still transmit the virus before you test positive. I don't feel as carefree watching it. It doesn't matter when this was filmed. Any time after March means they're not being safe enough. IMO, anyway. Don't mean to be the death of fun, and maybe the baker misspoke or production actually is safe. But I got concerned.
  14. This is another show I watched during the pandemic that I don't know if I would have enjoyed before it. It just works. It's really fun, and Titus Burgess has charm to spare. I'm enjoying it.
  15. Business acumen is definitely a big factor in who is going to get through this. That has me worried for Christian, who says it's not his strength. Maneet and Vivek were lucky to have a brewery they could reconfigure (there's a better word, I know). I wonder if in the future, restauranteurs will consider having some kind of backup plan or arm of their business they could convert to retail. Sadly, there will be other pandemics. I'm fascinated seeing the different approaches. I felt so bad when Antonia got so enthusiastic about Seder dinners, and then they had to shut down.
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