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  1. I'm a lot closer to your take on this. I can't fully understand, being a cis-het woman, but my best friend in high school was a closeted lesbian, who didn't even come out to me until we were both around 30. Actually, it was such an unspoken thing, she never did really come out to me. She just invited me to go stay with her for the weekend and opened the door to introduce me to her girlfriend, arms around each other, and I just acted like you would meeting a dear friend's significant other (except I'm a lot but I possibly overdid it). But I guess that she knew I'd be happy for her and didn't ne
  2. I guess after watching the first episode I can't discuss the US version in the forums since I want to also watch the British version, probably after this one, and this thread is full of spoilers for that. I enjoyed, I'll keep watching, but I want to be unspoiled for the British version, so I have to bail on the forums and watch both versions before posting here.
  3. I love her writing. I remember reading The Witch Elm, which I know wasn't her best-received, but it was not long before I ready to stop life-extending measures and eventually enter hospice ( then came March 2020, so I stuck around to help my spouse survive it.). But I had reached this sense of peace and readiness that it was time, but also a detachment and cherishing of everything that seemed at odds but weren't, that I'd never quite been able to describe, but in that book a character speaks about how he knows his time is coming and how he feels about it and it was so close to what I'd experie
  4. I was brought up by former Catholics (who did not taking leaving lightly but were very disillusioned when they left, and took enough heat from family that I didn't get exposed to much Catholicism, though this was a family of Boston Irish and Italian immigrants) with a very vague idea that there was a god and he sacrificed his son so we don't die, but you didn't have to do anything, but should be a good person. It was not talked about much and we never went to church. Basically, I grew up to be open to new and question things, and I ended up leaving that vague belief behind (studying a lot of d
  5. I keep seeing new books by Agatha Christie, by Sophie Hannah. I think they just Poirot novels. Have read and enjoyed books by each author, but haven't read these and haven't planned to. Robert Parker's Spenser series continues, though Parker died in 2010. I'm in a dry spell. The last few books I've tried have not been good. Going to grab a bunch from my library e-accounts and hope for the best.
  6. I started a rewatch of Bly Manor just to see Rahul Kohli (his character) alive, charming, goofy, and British. (no spoilers. I'm not saying whether or not he survives the series. Just that he's in it and oh-so good).
  7. I've had true crime TV on and my spouse was working in the next room. He said, "I can't believe how stupid people are and the stupid things they kill over." This is why Allison's plan to murder Kevin rings true to me. Long-term consumption of true crime books and tv has shown me people, even ones with all kinds of other options and resources, will kill for something that seems almost trivial. So I've never questioned that.
  8. Well, it got to me in the end. Brought me to tears, even though I didn't enjoy the last two episodes as much as the prior ones. Great acting, though. They leaned so hard on the Neil Diamond songs in the first episodes, that I kept thinking of other of his songs that have religious imagery (my sister was a superfan). I'm fine that they didn't use more, mind you, but it seemed like it was going to be a theme. Erin slashing the "angel's" wings reminded me of the story she told Riley of having to hold birds while her mother clipped their wings. Maybe an intentional call back, maybe not, bu
  9. Completely evil. Kidding. I'm watching too, but barely, to the point I hardly know any of the characters names and don't have much of a handle on the plot. So I have nothing to say about the episodes. I am still watching just to finish it off since I'm on bedrest and bored and because I still love anything to do with Schitt's Creek and Emily Hampshire is in it. I don't know if Loa is annoying or not, because I haven't paid enough attention. But I loved the actor who plays her so much as the little sister in Transplant that I hope am rooting for her to somehow come back (which is probably n
  10. I went from being pissed off that Darlene's inability to connect or form healthy relationships was put down to her atheism (this is from an atheist in a blissfully happy marriage to another atheist, who cares about the people in my life more than anything. Sick of that stereotype) to being teary-eyed when they were showing the excited and masked audience, one waving a mini version of The Afghan. I figured they were calling audience members or uber fans or something, so I didn't care how well they did. I was just happy for them, and thought it was a cute way to celebrate the audience being ther
  11. I liked several of the people, though I can't remember everyone's name. The designer, LaShae, Derryl who wanted to sit at the Mexican restaurant and drink while they raided the headquarters, and one or two others. Your last paragraph is what I was saying to my husband last night. When he and I met, my best friend of almost two decades was a sane, lovely woman who a few years later got pulled into an MLM cult (can't remember which one, but it was Amway-like, lots of cleaning products, food stuffs, etc). I tried for a long time to stay friends but she would never, ever give up trying to recr
  12. If there are no carvers, I don't think I can watch Bagans as host. I've only seen bits and pieces of him here and there, but he seems to have one setting: maximum jackass. I adore Eddie Jackson, though, and like Aarti (she kept me watching that stupid Candy Land show) and Shinmin a lot. I may give it one shot, bit I hope they didn't ruin this as much as it sounds like they did. I also feel bad for the carvers. I mean, it's got to be a good gig for such a niche. Plus, how they work and what they can achieve fascinates me.
  13. Alex G. is the worst about this. The intensity she puts into that stare is ridiculous. Like, "If this doesn't taste good I am going to come over there and stab you." I notice when others star, but she just brings a serial killer vibe to it. I don't even dislike her. But that star/glare/laser-focus is over the top!
  14. I remember following this story as it unfolded, and it just took me awhile to watch. Even with knowing the story, even with the restrained, non-sensationalized (I'm thinking of what the contrast with what a US version would be and prefer this kind of true-story telling.) I'm just on episode 3 and agree that I've been pleased to have the killer be in the background and the focus on the victim. The moment that got me the most, so far, was when the parents brought in her computer and were so protective of their daughter's work and pride in the good she did and the sources who trusted her who c
  15. Thank you! I didn't mind the butter churning, because it's a skill and it results in something you can use, but making people eat disgusting stuff is wasteful and when they vomit, it's terrible, because they're suffering and it's gross to watch. I'm a childhood cancer survivor from the 70s, before they had effective anti-emetics, and it was just, "Here's your chemo, there are these pills you won't keep down so go home and puke for five days." It takes a lot to make me cry, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, the one thing that will still make me cry is vomiting. I get really angry over maki
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