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  1. Darian

    S04.E01 Pleasure is Black

    When Nova first started writing the book, I thought I'd be on her side. I write memoir, and I generally think you have to tell your story (Once a friend was agonizing over writing her memoir because of complicated family issues, and said to me, "You're lucky your family is dead and you can write what you want." She was immediately horrified, but I understood that she hadn't meant that, but as much as I would have done anything to have my family alive, I didn't have the worry other writers do when it comes to writing about my life). But Nova wasn't telling her story; she was telling everyone else's and from the sound of it, harshly. And she did it all the worst way possible. At least tell people what is coming, or write the truth but leave out what could cause harm. Write it as a novel, which can also be powerful. Anything would have been better than what she did. And I used to love Nova.
  2. Darian

    Masterchef (US)

    I feel like I have a higher tolerance for sob stories and catch phrases and personalities than some of you all (and higher than I should, because y'all are right), but when someone quits their job and sells their house to get on a reality show, I want them off my TV. I mean, I can see doing that for a career, but there are other ways to pursue a culinary career.
  3. Darian

    S04.E13: The Seam

    I still have the episode on my DVR, which uses cloud storage. I noticed the title is different, so it must have been updated. When I recorded it and watched it the night it aired, it was The Seam. Now it's No Better to Be Safe than Sorry. My possibly silly theory is that by putting the emphasis on the song at the end the producers expected and intended the song to do a lot of heavy lifting with regard to Quentin's arc. That's what they meant and when so many fans reacted as they/we did, they changed the title is a late attempt at damage control. Listening to lyrics "Slowly learning that life is ok," etc, I think they thought the song would do more than it did to convey that Quentin was ok, that he didn't want to die, didn't die by suicide, but a true sacrifice after making peace (hey, his middle name) with his life. It's not a defense and I think they failed, but that's my guess. The acting, especially by Jason Ralph, was stellar and certainly could have conveyed that if it had been written in better or at all. I feel for those who feel betrayed and are grieving and I can't imagine your pain. Again, I am not defending the show runners at all. Not for the decision to kill Q or how they handled (what should not have been) the end of his arc. I'm weak. I'll probably be back. But I get why others won't.
  4. Darian

    Lip Sync Battle

    I came here to say the same thing. I haven't really seen Big Bird in action much so when this started, my husband and I didn't he (they?) could do much actual, as Chrissy said, beak syncing, but that incredible. We were cheering! Two middle-aged folks on the couch cheering Big Bird. And Luna is adorable. That's the kind of feel-good stuff I watch this show for, whether it's suggestive, bleeped profanity feel-good, when it's hilarious to watch LL Cool J dad out, or a kid's character be bopping and wishing they both could win. Schwartzman was weird. It's not like I like the song We Didn't Start the Fire but it's a weird choice for this show and he did it about as badly as possible. "Hey, let me act a complete fool (which is usually perfect for this show) while lip syncing a list of decades of devastating tragedies. Wanna carrot?" Like, you're on with Big Bird. Do Fly Like an Eagle or When Doves Cry or something better bird-titled. Any songs about chickens?
  5. Darian


    I absolutely loved that. I used to sing in bands and write lyrics just with my band mates, but I never even learned to read music. People around me could riff like that and it was one of my favorite things to watch. I am in awe of it, too. I think it keeps the judges involved and engaged at a different level, too. Didn't think I was going to watch, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  6. Darian

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    Hee, me, too. Sadie looks so much like my late sister when she was her age that I can't dislike her. And my sister was older than me by a decade (born in 51 and 61 respectively) and politically active before she could even vote with a big, beautiful social conscience. She was always doing something she hoped would make the world better (and she did). Because of her, I was probably like Sadie, identifying as a feminist (not sure how common it was to use the term that far back) and talking politics and wanting to donate my birthday money and volunteer. It stuck, and with Sadie, it seems genuine to me and I hope it is.
  7. Darian

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    After this show ends, I will need a daily dose of Bishme being his funny, delightful self and a daily pep talk from Thijin, who is apparently as kind as she is gorgeous and talented. She was so sweet to Hester. I'm very happy with this final four. Hester is the weakest, but I love Santa Fe, so maybe we'll see a little scenery when they do the home visit. I could see any of the men winning, but Garo's had the lowest lows, I think. His tendency toward costume-y should make for an interesting collection, but to me Sebastian or Bishme have had stronger overall seasons. I liked Christian fine during his season, but since then, seeing how he's crafted his career and watching him as a mentor, I have come to love him.
  8. Darian

    S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    All y'all who found Rufus Sewell yummy in this (me, too!), if you've never seen the movie Cold Comfort Farm, you might want to. I won't say he hasn't gotten even better with age, but you'll still probably like it. He was my favorite part of this episode, and his character would otherwise have been a hard sell to me.
  9. Darian

    All Episodes Talk: Better Things

    I get way too defensive on behalf of Sam. My mother was nothing like her, except Sam reminds me of her because every kid who had a terrible home life could come to my house (but not stay indefinitely without parental permission, good grief) and be fed and comforted and loved by a smart-ass, no nonsense but amazingly loving woman (guess she was something like Sam). Mother's Days were basically all my friends and my sisters' friends calling or visiting my mom (half of them called her Mom) . So I almost didn't make it through this season, because it crossed the line into too hard to watch. But I'm glad I kept going, because there's nothing else like it and when it works, it really works.
  10. Darian

    Whiskey Cavalier

    So stupid! You're so right about the fight scenes. It's very rare that I enjoy fight scenes. I just get bored or can't tell what's going on or notice places it looks fake. That never happens with this show. I watch them and enjoy them. They add to the show, which is not that easy to pull off. And I hope Lauren Cohan is having as much fun as it looks like she is, because I buy her as a kickass agent who can deliver the beatings she does. I hope the whole cast has enjoyed making this show, because they did something special that I looked forward to each week. (sniff)
  11. Darian

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I could not agree more, and yet, I am a scrawny, middle-aged, cishet woman with a walker and a boring-by-necessity wardrobe and I want to wear it to Pride next month. It's terrible, but I really want it (I'll probably just get a rainbow boa or something, but I want that crafty, kinda- crappy jacket). Bishme is a damn delight. I am going to miss him on my TV when this season is over. I did feel his pain with the fast-talking in his head, and I just love his thoughtfulness and humor. Tessa's garment moved me. I was teary and loved the statement it made. Good for her. Shallow remark here, but I am not sure I ever noticed just how beautiful Venny is. Even before they showed the shot with his model, I thought, "Wow, he's just gorgeous." Loved Elaine, loved Christian, in every episode, really, but especially this one. Really, I just like these people a lot and hope that they sell lots of t-shirts.
  12. Darian

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    This episode made me so happy except for Sonia's behavior. I love how much fun they had with it, and Bishme's was amazing. Garo's, too, but I agree with others who said his was less specifically Elton than Bishme's. Still, I loved it. Good for them! I am uncharacteristically worked up over how Sonia almost ruined Garo's win. She's in a creative field where people often have to work together. You help, but it's still the other person's creation. I'm a writer. The ending of my most widely-read essay was a friend's (I wrote it and she found it buried in a paragraph and said, "This is your ending.") I've edited and written parts of that friend's book and though it's nice that I'm mentioned in the acknowledgements, along like a bunch of other people, I didn't even expect that. We do this all the time. You help each other and enjoy having a community. And Garo specifically mentioned that she did the draping, which she said he didn't. Ugh, so sour.
  13. Darian

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Am watching Dale Talde, Janine Booth, and Kevin Gillespie compete on an episode of Bong Appetit, a show about cooking with cannabis. The episode is called "poT Chef." think Michael Voltaggio either was or will be on an episode.
  14. Darian

    Whiskey Cavalier

    If anyone hears of a campaign to save the show, let us know. When we knew it was in trouble, my husband and I watched live, commented on social media, and tried to get friends into it. It is/was a fun, funny show.
  15. Darian

    What's Cooking? Cooking Shows, That's What

    Something called Viceland, which I hadn't even known existed. Apparently, the show premiered in 2017; this is the third season. I'd love to hear someone else's take on it. No one I know has ever watched it and those who want to watch it don't have that channel. I should have a viewing party. Recreational pot is legal here, so I could apply any knowledge I've picked up to make refreshments!