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  1. I really don't think the person got what the problem with that song was. The truck is a central element. It turns from something Evan loves to something that took his father away and he is now afraid of, will take his mother away, too. Of course Moore is going to put emphasis on the word. The original boradway singer did as well. The problem is that this song really isn't super fancy, so the singer has to carry all of it, without any help and Moore just isn't a good enough singer to do that. But that isn't even the worst part. The poster made another tweet below this one linking to a post
  2. *sigh* I'm sure you are right. I had so much hope for this show. Why can't every show be The Expanse? That's more of a complaint I would have with this, too. It didn't tell us anything new about her, didn't reallly progress her character, nothing. And how she would have heard about the competition is a really good question. Considering stars you can't see don't exist: No. Planets can't orbit imaginary stars. ;)
  3. I can believe that the life support systems in it could only support one person. That is the least my suspension of disbelieve has been strained this entire show. 😆
  4. That Hari wasn't dead was crystal clear when they said they shot him into space "in a coffin he designed". So it seems the original plan was for Raych to get into the cryo pod and be picked up all these years later, since he has access to the ships controls. But Gaal realised that something wasn't right in the math, ran to Hari's quarters, interrupted the plan and so Raych had to sacrifice himself for her. A dark star? As in a star comprised of mostly dark matter? As far as I know those are theoretical stars that might have existed in the early Universe, but probably no
  5. I can't understand all the reviews saying "worst musical movie ever". In fact, if you exclude all the Disney animated movies, this might be one of the best in the last two decades. Let's see off the top of my head: Cats - worse Mama Mia - worse (though I love it, guilty pleasure) Les Mis - worse (though some great songs) I get the feeling these people just don't like musical movies and just like to pile on. Musical movies are there to deliver great songs and that this one did, with a competent narrative to string it all together. Only complaint from me is that it is a
  6. Would have had no complaints if that was what they said, but they specifically said that the laptop had no network connection and thus Breanna couldn't hack in.
  7. She's not his doctor or healthcare provider, she's his employer, so I doubt she broke any HIPAA laws. But there might be other laws regarding employers having to keep their employes data save. I'm german so wouldn't know about these laws in the US. There is however the right to your own image. I'm pretty sure that is the same everywhere in the developed world. She can't just plaster his photo on a wall without premission.
  8. Shaun is right, they can't both be right and Salen is full of shit. Every study shows that hand air dryers are a desaster that spray bacteria everywhere and they aren't even better for the environment than paper towels (like somebody said ealier in the episode). I can't speak to the other changes, other than that the doctors will stink real fast in those synthetic scrubs and I don't think that will attract rich clientel, but if it's researched as badly as her hand dryer idea, it can't be good. And it's nice that she values "unique perspectives", but maybe she should value the unique
  9. "This is an energy dense battery that achieves 600 watt-kilogramms per hour." 🤦‍♂️ Oh my god. Who screwed this up this badly? Was it the writers? Or was it the actor and nobody caught it? I mean that might be the worst tech-gibberish I've ever heard. Makes absolutely no sense. Correct would be 600 watt-hours per kilogramm (600 Wh/kg). And for the record that would be really impressive. LFP batteries are currently at about 175 Wh/kg, NMC batteries at about 200 Wh/kg. I know the guy is a grifter and he doesn't actually have a battery with that capacity, but come on, a grifter woul
  10. Interesting enough I just rewatched the pilot of the original Leverage and the "Shouldn't I be playing the computer guy?" "No, I need you to actually be the computer guy." conversation we had this episode between Sophie and Breanna happened the same way there between Nate and Hardison. Intentional callback or the writers not remembering what they wrote 12 years ago? You decide. :D
  11. A bit of a one note character for James Masters. I would have liked to see a more fun villain from him, maybe recurring. The interludes of Sophie and Parker in the vatican were amazing. I guess they are doing a few episodes this season that are light on certain characters to squeze out one or two more episodes? It actually makes for a nice change of pace, mixing the team up now and then. Does Drew Powell keep getting hotter or do I just belong in horny jail?
  12. So, the Goop episode. This was fun and had a satisfying conclusion. If only somebody could ship Gwyneth Paltrow off to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Minor complaint: Blockchains don't work offline. So that whole thing with having to overcome the airgap was a bit bullshitty. Which of course is only a problem since hackers on this show are magical and can break into every computer on a network.
  13. Not very well. But like I said above, even worse if you are on a moon instead of a planet. Which isn't that much of a stretch as you might think. There are some massive gas giants with big moons in habitable zones out there.
  14. The Terminus storyline has reached the state of "annoyance" for me. Last week it was just indifference. Which is a shame since the storyline in empires palace is really intriguing to me. Even though I can see where that is going. Young Dawn wanting to take a wife, have children an stop empirial cloning. It's not even that much more interesting than the terminus stuff, I think, but the acting just slaps, while the acting on terminus is just boring. I guess I have to fanwank that they somehow integrated some inertial dampaners into that force field, because falling on a force field wou
  15. There is a second part to this season? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. "What's TNG?" That got a good chuckle out of me.
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