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  1. Which would make him a massive dumbass... But I guess that's consistent characterisation for him...
  2. That's fair. Or the writers might just forget that she said those things, as they forget most things.
  3. June said in response to Luke's reaction "I know. I'm sorry. Just give me five minutes [with my daughter], okay? Just give me five minutes with her, then I'll go." (to Luke) "Mommy loves you, mommy loves you so much." (to her daughter) That's dramatic-TV-language for signing the divorce papers and giving up custody rights to your kid.
  4. Btw. where did they get that nomansland from? The prisoner exchange was on a bridge, so I assume the river was the border. Nomansland in general is rare these days. I guess with a newly formed country like Gilead more plausible, but it's basically unheard of with a river border. One country extends to one shore and the other to the other shore (well sometimes the border is in the exact middle of the river, it depends). So there is nomanswater at best. You'd assume the border would follow the river for a long while. So did they drive like a hundret miles to get to nomansland? Or were they
  5. You are right. It would be mostly over for any real person. But this is not a real person, this is rage fueled superhero June Osborne. Her closeup stare would melt the film, if they weren't shooting digitally and she will destroy everyone and everything around her.
  6. Thinking about it, Luke is kind of a sourpuss, isn't he? So much so that it was understood without words that his and June's marriage was over... I know if my SO had been the sex slave to a key figure in an autoritarian regime for years, I'd throw them a party once they got their, very, very, very improbable revenge. Especially now that Fred is dead, it's mostly over, isn't it? She could finally move on, even if moving on might take years. Now she can start. So isn't that the best that could happen for you and your marriage, Luke? It's weird. In american TV shows people are alwa
  7. That was all kinds of impossible, improbable and dumb. But for a change, it was fun. If you have to be dumb, at least be fun, I always say. I approve.
  8. Nah, he's not dead. We would have seen that. She just sucked some energy out of him.
  9. I mean it will likely be renewed and the show runner said he has planned a 6 season arc. So of course there isn't a happy ending at the end of season three. Shits gonna get more and more real the next two seasons at least. I predict a teaming up with the lord commander against invictus. It will be interesting if Ash can be redeemed or if she is completely gone. There seemed to be a glimmer there when Gary said he was sorry they failed her. Although I have to say her turn didn't seem well done. The show had brought her back from the brink too far, that I don't quite buy that the revel
  10. Because these writers don't remember what they wrote four minutes ago, let alone four seasons. Sad but true.
  11. Well they have said multiple times on the show that Gilead is a black box. Doesn't make any sense, considering how careless the commanders are around other people, how many refugees have fled Gilead, that there are multiple aunts, who know a great deal, in Canada, etc. But if we are taking that at face value, that Gilead is a black box and no refugee can help out, because of reasons... Tuello probably has exhausted all other possibilities... So it does and does not make sense... mostly not. But that is due to the bad and inconsistent writing.
  12. Only if you reproduce. After three postings with no child it's off to the colonies with you.
  13. What was that Lydia-stuff? I know she's a horrible person. But I never got the impression that she did what she did because she enjoyed inflicting pain. I think she enjoyed the control and the power, yes, but not inflicting pain specifically. And she does have the control and the power back. So she should be happy. That screamed of "We need to get Janine back to aunt Lydia. But how would we do that? She's all the way in Chicago, it would make no sense! I know! We are going to say that aunt Lydia enjoys inflicting pain and that Lawrence gives her Janine as a torture-outlet! Brilliant!"
  14. I was disappointed with this. I love musical episodes and adore shows like Zoey's extraordinary playlist, but this suffered from the same problem Glee did: Autotune all the voices to hell until no personality is left (for Glee compare the pilot to the actual show). I know it's often hard to get untrained actors to sing well, but they had one episode, Zoey's does it every week (granted, they have a bunch of broadway stars in there, but also normal actors). The magicians did it in their musical episodes, Buffy did it. Why can some shows not autotune the actors to hell and back and others can't?
  15. You severely underestimate June's plot armour. It is made from unobtainium, gathered from a dying star, forged into form in the fires of mount doom. Never has there been plot armor the likes of this one. I've read this sentiment a few times in this thread. You guys need to think a bit more like an intelligence service would. You don't need to give a convincing story. You just need to obfuscate the real one. Of course you swear all the people on the boat to secrecy, but in case there is a blabbermouth in there, you start a bunch of rumours at the same time. "I heard Mayda
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