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  1. AmeliaBedelia

    S08.E05: The Bells

    I think episode 3 will end up being my favorite out of this weak final season. That had cool effects and everyone united to defeat the NK. Now, I feel like boxes are just being checked as we race towards the end. I hate that Cersei had such an anticlimactic ending. I hate the repetitive dialogue (Jon called Dany his queen...take a shot). I love the comment on Twitter that said How I Met Your Mother is so grateful it's not going to have the worst finale anymore. Too true.
  2. AmeliaBedelia

    Five Feet Apart (2019)

    I liked it a lot. It reminded me of the Lurlene McDaniel books I used to read as a preteen. I wanted more focus of the movie spent on Will/Stella doing their treatments together. The ending was not the best, but the actors were very charming. I would watch this one again, and I can't say that about Fault in Our Stars.
  3. AmeliaBedelia

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Did Isobel heal Max with nail polish remover? Hope they mention Tabasco at some point. My big takeaway is that I like Max and Liz. Not sure about the rest of the cast. I will keep watching.
  4. AmeliaBedelia

    Ocean's Eight (2017)

    This was a thing I watched on a lazy Sunday. I liked the cast a lot, but the heist was so weak. There are a lot more plot twists and turns in a single episode of Prison Break than there are in this entire movie. I actually thought the magnet clasp on the necklace would add some much needed tension, but that conflict was immediately resolved.
  5. AmeliaBedelia


    I have many tweaks/rewrites/and full seasons that should be burned in a trash heap but the most disappointing aspect of the show for me was the disappearance of Emma's relationship with Snow. Ginny and Jen are friends and had great familial chem onscreen that was completely ignored and often undermined for bizarre plot reasons. Also (if I'm being shallow) Hook and Emma's first time should have been alluded to. Emma didn't pillage and plunder on the first date, but surely by the third...
  6. AmeliaBedelia

    S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    Not a good, cohesive episode, but this show rarely did that. I always thought the characters would return to the Enchanted Forest during the finale. But, it was nice to see the cast together one last time before they move onto other projects (which many already have).
  7. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    Hope is so overused as a baby name on tv.
  8. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    I know the twenty second scene I'll be rewatching from this episode.
  9. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    Ready. Set. Read!
  10. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    Hook's theme music!
  11. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    Yes, it's really me. It's Maui. Breathe it in...
  12. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Leaving Storybrooke

    I will never be on Regina's side. Get her Henry!
  13. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Homecoming

    Please, have my magic bean. I hid it in my pocket.
  14. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Homecoming

    I can't believe how many times they've said the word "beignet."
  15. AmeliaBedelia

    LIVE CHAT: Homecoming

    We don't negotiate with villains...barf.