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  1. The cut of the trailers and the music reminds me a lot of the BP marketing.
  2. Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel: The Marvels is a little much. It's called "Celebrating the Movies" so yes lol. I think it's about them wanting Brie Larson to "know her place" and shut up. These lunatics built a whole narrative about Don Cheadle hating her based on body language. They hate that she's outspoken about politics and social justice.
  3. Monica and Kamala, note that both of their emblems are in the title. Looks like they'll all be co-leads. Very exciting.
  4. Features new clips from Black Widow, Shang-Chi and The Eternals. And the sequels to Black Panther and Captain Marvel have been revealed: Black Panther: Wakanda Forver and The Marvels.
  5. Saw a theory that based on the villain he could be playing older Thor.
  6. Thanks @Chicago Redshirt. I completely missed that they'd lost. This movie very hard to pay attention. Mostly because every time the action got going it slowed down. I just don't understand it. Slow motion loses all impact when you use it every 20 minutes! The fact that most of what was removed from the 2017 release is Cyborg's story feels very pointed. No wonder the movie felt so disjointed, the plot basically hinged on Cyborg's involvement and character development!
  7. As I told my friend, this was better but certainly not good. 40% of the runtime was slo-mo musical interludes. It just felt self-indulgent. This man needs an editor. While beautiful and the best scene of the entire 4 hour slog, I have no clue what Barry was doing during that amazing scene where he was...traveling back in time through space, I think? Can someone enlighten me?
  8. But eventually they have to. Not doing the X-Men is leaving billions of dollars on the table. And I'm infinitely grateful it won't be the Fox X-Men. I like that it's (apparently) going to be a slow rollout. Not Wanda whispering "more mutants" and suddenly Wolverine pops up to shank someone. I always thought that was stupid. Since Feige likes to stick fairly close to the comics I actually hope we get a movie with the first 5 students. Even if it's the 5 kids meeting the second class so we get to Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, etc. faster.
  9. I wish that was easier to read. I almost want to be mad about these story turns but it feels very...DC. This is a full on Imaginary Story. DC loves rebooting their universe and telling Elseworld stories (I'm not saying Marvel doesn't, DC just does it every 3 years it seems). Turning the characters on their head is sort of their brand at this point. But they started doing this after decades of established history. You can't dive head first into Bruce and Lois having a baby! Nothing matters without a baseline. Since MOS they've taken for granted the public interpretation of Superman, n
  10. "What is grief, if not love persevering?" Wow okay, Vision constantly dropping gems. That hit me hard. Also Kathryn Hahn in one episode has established herself as a top tier MCU villain.
  11. In no world would Bob Iger prioritize Ryan Reynolds or Deadpool's box office over Kevin Feige and the MCU's multi-billionaire dollar cash cow.
  12. Good. It doesn't need to be. It'll be better for it. As much as I enjoy the home puns I hope we're done with the "home" stuff after this movie.
  13. Spider-Man 3: The Remix got an official title. Watch till the end. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLrwIoAll9U/ Instagram won't embed for some reason but anyway the title is Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  14. I thought about that too. They had no problem murdering a doctor but Marla's death needed to look accidental? And I don't understand what the mafia guys were trying to accomplish by Fran's death look accidental either. You're mafia, you make people disappear all the time.
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