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  1. Well the woman he was allegedly with denied it.
  2. But I don't want Deadpool's stupid versions of Colossus, Domino and Cable. Sigh.
  3. The new Legends show on Disney+ is just glorified fanvids of Wanda and Vision's best MCU moments. Not worth the watch if you're already familiar with the characters.
  4. It's really sad that Jenkins laughed at the very valid criticism of the body possession plot (it was most certainly not a body swap, where did this man's consciousness goes? No one seems to care.). And just because the sex was eradicated does not mean Diana didn't choose to use this man's body. We saw it happen.
  5. Dan Murrell did a deep dive into hows and whys the movie's review score dropped like a rock. Thought it was pretty interesting.
  6. The whole movie was regressive. From the non-consent of the body that Steve took over to Diana and Barbara's wishes boiling down to "I want my boyfriend back" and "Make me hot like my friend" (Barbara didn't become more confident, she just dressed better and then she went crazy).
  7. I really wonder (no pun intended) what's going on at Warner Bros. that they greenlit this...the plot is both too complicated and too simplistic to carry a movie.
  8. I think Andrew is worse but I just don't like his capital "A" acting. I don't disagree with anything else you said. So lame duck fight imo!
  9. I was speaking of Spider-Man 2, didn't word it properly.
  10. I spoke it into existence. The best Spider-Man film and the franchise's best villain? I couldn't be happier. Now announce Willen Dafoe!
  11. Unofficial official confirmation of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIT_ayHlYHt/
  12. Apparently it DOES take a lot of money to look that cheap.
  13. Does anyone have any idea what the season 16 finale was originally? Because what they gave us was pretty great and I couldn't see anything in this premiere that would serve as a season finale (besides seeing Derek which was clearly planned afterward).
  14. This is only interesting from a BTS perspective because Grey's does this a lot...characters routinely see dead people when they're on the brink of death. It sounds like they (Ellen, Patrick, the show) put a lot of shit in the past in order to make this work, not only to give fans something fun to watch (and scream at their television about) but also to promote Patrick's cancer foundation. It's a win/win for everyone.
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