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  1. Yes, either the writers or the Russos said part of Bruce's snap wish (or whatever you call it) was to bring everyone back safely, minus the people who died as a result of an accident due to the snapture. I guess only unnatural deaths counted.
  2. Justin Chambers is excited for life after ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ There's a video and honestly he looks better there than he has on the last few seasons of Grey's. I wish him the best.
  3. They're really selling that this is part of the Spidey-verse. Especially with that reveal.
  4. Feige expanded upon that, they are talking about horror like Raiders of the Lost Ark. So not like a real horror movie but just some horror sequences.
  5. ScarJo is obviously going to get a (undeserved) nomination for Marriage Story, so why couldn't they put J. Lo in her supporting actress slot instead? Sad. The best part of these noms is definitely John Cho and Issa Rae. The worst part is definitely all the clapping after every nom is read.
  6. How can anyone LIKE Bucky? He's a human McGuffin. I'll never understand the Bucky obsession, he has no personality. He was very nice to Steve in TFA and has had 5 lines of dialogue since. Doctor Strange's cloak has more screen presence.
  7. Either it's a medical or substance abuse. Regardless based on his statement he didn't want anyone to think it was medical or substance abuse so why would his co-stars send well wishes if the cover story was that he was just exiting the show?
  8. I'm interested in the sequel because of Strange's power displayed in IW, I'm a huge Scarlet Witch fan (and have come to love Elizabeth Olsen's portrayal) and I want to see where Marvel takes the multiverse concept (which I'm not even a fan of, never have been. I don't like universe jumping). Ah. What IS the proper use of magic? Didn't the guy just want to walk again?
  9. Something's going on here. Justin's always been a pretty quiet dude, he does the work and goes home, I can't imagine him just quitting without giving the fans a proper sendoff. That said, if this was just him saying "I'm done", I can't blame him. He's nearly 50, he's a millionaire several times over by now surely and he's...bored. Alex, unlike a lot of the other characters, only sporadically has something interesting to do. And frankly he looks bored in the majority of his scene because he has nothing to do.
  10. I woke up for that part! I didn't know what was happening so I fell back to sleep until Chiwetel killed Benjamin Bratt for reasons I'm still not clear on.
  11. Honestly Dr. Strange is the only MCU movie I’ve ever fallen asleep in so whoever they hire can’t be worse. Strange was handled MUCH better in Infinity War than his solo effort.
  12. It was actually 12 years ago, he got out of the ice in 2011 and reunited with Peggy in 2023. But I agree, he got to see Bucky recover from 70 years of brainwashing, save the world, and then he got a chance to reunite with Peggy (and if they wanted to go there, actually save Bucky in an alternate timeline), can you blame him for going back?
  13. I'm 100% certain Bale is taking this job in order to work with Taika. He's an obnoxious person but a good actor so I'm here for it.
  14. The director says Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (I think, whichever had them in the mental institution) was an inspiration.
  15. The giant monster at the end should not have been in the trailer. Unnecessary.
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