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  1. I love She-Hulk AND Tatiana Maslany is a phenomenal actress. I can't WAIT for this.
  2. all at movie this understand didn't I.
  3. JessePinkman

    Hamilton (2020)

    Part 2! Worth it if only for Say No to This...a must listen.
  4. JessePinkman

    Hamilton (2020)

    This is putting the biggest smile on my face. Just...wait for Laurens.
  5. JessePinkman

    Hamilton (2020)

    Okay okay okay but did anyone see Renee's face when Angelica said "I'll leave you to it!" during Satisfied? It's my favorite song in the show (MAYBE NOW tied with One Last Time after Christopher Jackson decided to destroy my disposition with that performance) already but my god being able to see Angelica's heartbreak up close and in technicolor is really too much for my soul.
  6. I watched Air Force One the other day and I guess Hollywood has gotten to me because I was taken aback by the fact that Harrison Ford's president's first lady looked age appropriate to him. Though Wendy Crewson is 13 years younger she didn't look it and had actual gray in her hair (that's what actually made me perk up, I can't think of many actors who allow gray to show if the role doesn't call for it). This prompted me to check out the age of my other favorite movie president (David Palmer is my favorite TV president if anyone's keeping track), Thomas J. Whitmore of Independence Day. Bill Pullman is actually two years younger than his onscreen wife Mary McDonnell.
  7. Anthony Mackie Gets Candid About Marvel Studios' Lack of Diversity He's right. Marvel was smart to hire predominately black people for Black Panther but when you have the rest of your movies with nothing but #FFFFF people behind the scenes, what are you saying? That you only hired black people for BP to avoid backlash basically.
  8. This show is very stupid but I'm still watching it. It's like one long segment of Legends of the Hidden Temple. I don't understand why they don't have headgear on. There are so many head slams on this show. I'm sure they've signed ironclad waivers and that most of the objects are just foam but damn some of these hits have looked rough. I also like the way they disappear into the lava.
  9. The last cliffhanger this show had of any substance, that actually made me stand up and go "Shut up!" is when Kevin was revealed as Michael's brother. They kept that well under wraps and it worked incredibly well.
  10. Yeah Cameron is in prison. They should totally bring him back. Maybe have him seduce Mariah somehow as revenge. Anything other than Nick and Sharon jumping from partner to partner every 2 years.
  11. Mac grew up not knowing who her father was (and Brock didn't know she existed). It was 1999 so I guess she could have googled "Katherine Chancellor" lol. That's kind of crazy, isn't it? She's been on the show for 37 years and not one child. And I think just the one miscarriage.
  12. Yes, it was the Colonnade Room. For the longest time I thought it was just an event room in a hotel or something but I guess it was a restaurant too? I will always hate Kevin for burning down Gina's. Yes, it looked like a Bobby Rubino's but dammit it was a classic. I think they eliminated that set so we could have the GCAC, which I also enjoyed. Did any notice the windows in Vanessa's home in the episode from 81 the other week? They were very of the time but I find them so pretty. I almost feel like if a set doesn't have dark wood then it's not Y&R. It always bugged me that Neil and Dru had that tiny ass apartment. That was NOT the living space of two highly successful professionals with two children. It looked like a bachelor pad.
  13. There were rumors a few months ago that Shang-Chi was casting for a tournament of sorts, like Mortal Kombat so it could be one of those roles.
  14. I was just thinking of Soapdish the other day! I think it made me a diehard Sally Field fan (this and an Eye for an Eye, which is a totally different experience). This movie and Delirious was everything to my young soap loving heart ever wanted.
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