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  1. I got a strong Quantum Leap vibe from Hiddleston and Wilson and I don't hate that. But it's not really Marvel ( which is a plus for me). The same set up could have been created with TH as a different character and would work just as well. Admittedly I was a little bored during the psychobabble session. I think Mobius only bothered asking all the questions because he's trying to get into the head of the one he's hunting. My prediction: Mobius betrays Loki in some way. Promises freedom if Loki helps them, then doesn't deliver on the promise, so Loki decides to become a self fulfilling
  2. I honestly think Walter is conflicted. Remember that in one of the earlier episodes, Walter is still trying to get Sheldon to come around to his way of thinking. He doesn't really want to do all this. He'd rather co rule with his brother by his side, but that was never going to happen, so. A coup it is.
  3. The actress who plays Raiku outed on Twitter that Raiku isn't really dead. Which means Walter might be smart and powerful, but not infallible. What a shame the show was canceled. A little tweaking and it could have been great.
  4. I actually don't think we're supposed to like Sheldon. It's why some of us are rooting, at least a little bit, for Walter. Walter is not wrong. But Walter shouldn't be in charge, either. Grace or Fitz are the only ones I'd even trust to pet sit, much less lead anyone. Josh Duhamel is doing a great job at making him seem like the arrogant, entitled, spoiled control freak brat that he is. I wondered about money as well, but Walter's millions could easily be gained by gambling since he can read minds. I am assuming they will explain that in season 2 if they get one.
  5. No, I didn't get my wires crossed. I'm fully aware of everything Walter has done. I'm also fully aware of what a jerk George is. A person who mocks someone for a mental health issue is a bully. A person who outs those issues to strangers out of pettiness and spite is a jerk who deserves whatever is coming to him. Period.
  6. I've seen interviews. And I've seen people online make far harsher judgements about an actor based on less than that. In her defense, she's young and probably just happy to have a job. And in the interest of positivity, she's very pretty.
  7. I can't stand Chloe. It's got to be the actress, because I love Walter and I should probably hate him. But then, Ben Daniels can act and the actress playing Chloe is obnoxious and incapable of layers. I also equally dislike Matt Lanter. He and Abigail Spencer so repelled me in Timeless that I refused to watch the final season of that show. Every single character he has played that I have seen, comes off smarmy and smug. Pretty sure that is not the intent, but there it is. And considering his character in Timeless, on paper, is nothing like George, I blame the actor . As far as George
  8. Completely agree. I knew decades ago WG was something special, and had he never been in VP I never would have bothered as Danny McBride honestly just doesn't do it for me. It's a very crude show and something I would normally not watch. But it's one of those things that once I did, (because of WG) I was so glad I did. Lee Russell is one of WG's best roles to date. He's worlds apart from Wade ,and yet....both made me laugh AND cry. I wouldn't have given The Unicorn a try if not for WG. I just don't really do network sitcoms, or much network television anymore, if I'm honest. Another ins
  9. I can remember hearing about Danny McBride years ago and how he's so funny, etc and when I first saw him, he completely turned me off. I still don't think much of him. As a actor and a comedian, he's limited. However, because of Walton Goggins, I watched all of Vice Principals. More than once, actually. And I laughed (and CRIED-the last two episodes of that show are some of the best series TV I have EVER seen) more than I ever thought I would have. Even at things DMc did. Lee Russell and Neal Gamby are anti heroes (at best), outright villains at their worst, and yet I LOVED them and their frie
  10. Bought an old copy of "Sonnets from the Portuguese" today at a used book sale. I love the way it smells-that slightly musty paper smell that only an old, comfortable book can have. It's one of the reasons why I'll never understand wanting an ebook or audio book over this. I haven't read EBB's poems in years and can't wait to read it this weekend !
  11. I actually didn't say Peter was likeable, I said he was fascinating. Fascinating IMO usually doesn't translate to an easily likeable character. But then I guess I tend to latch onto the complex, damaged characters. "Likeable" doesn't' have to be a criteria for me to LOVE a character. I LOVE all four of the Musketeers, because Alexandre Dumas wrote them with life and color and human traits, up to and including them doing horrible things and making horrible mistakes. And I guess that's what I'm missing here-color and life in the characters. Except for Peter and maybe one or two others, t
  12. A co worker has read most of, if not all, of the Inspector Gamache Series books. She said she really liked them, so I picked up the first one, Still Life, and read it. I will say Ms. Penny can create some interesting characters, but that's the most positive thing I can say about the experience of just reading the first book. I thought Peter Morrow was fascinating, so much so that after I finished the book, I had to find out what became of him, because I knew I wouldn't be reading any more of these. And then I found out, and well. Now I know for sure I won't be reading any more. I
  13. I'm okay with the family being a source of discussion. But that's just it-those conversations are never shown. IDK. I guess if I feel a random person like Nelle knows stuff like that about Alan, for instance, there should be a brief explanation as to how she knows. I felt the moment was more the writers going "hey look at us, we know history" . The moment didn't feel organic. I get what you are saying. I just think having Nelle also add "yeah, that Carly has a BIG mouth" or some other brief comment to explain how she knows stuff she really shouldn't know, would have been better.
  14. Even the barware ! That's why he flings it, out of jealousy ! J/K. Sort of. I don't dislike Mo as much as most here I don't think, but I cannot really abide Sonny, so I rarely watch his stuff when I check in to GH. I do think he's done some good stuff with Mike/MG, from what I've seen.
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