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  1. Less Than Perfect. Sitcom with Sara Rue, Eric Roberts, Patrick Warburton, Zachary Levi, Andrea Parker, Sheri Shepard, Andy Dick and Will Sasso. Early 2000's. It got shuffled around by ABC, and the last half of the last season didn't even air on ABC-it aired three years later on Lifetime. IDK why it got jerked around the way it did, but it was actually pretty funny. Nothing overly original, although having a plus size lead was unusual at the time. I remember watching the first season and loving it, and it's one show that actually remained entertaining from beginning to end. Some of the characterizations for the supporting characters was all over the place by the end, but still. It remained watchable from start to finish. I think most of the episodes are on You Tube or Amazon, but you may have to search them out.
  2. IWantCandy71

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I actually watched Rip Torn's old Columbo episode, "Death Hits the Jackpot", last night before I even knew he had died. How strange is that ? It's one of my favorites (I have the complete box set of Columbo. I am a mystery nerd, and I am not ashamed). If any of you have never seen it, search it out. It's one of the most fun episodes out of that era (early nineties). Another favorite performance of Rip's-the Jeff Daniels/Michael Richards "Trial and Error" movie. I enjoyed that one, but it's been a long time since I've seen it.
  3. IWantCandy71

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I liked it as well, I've paid money this year to see movies in theaters that had a bigger budget, but weren't half as good. I agree I wouldn't mind seeing a series of movies with the characters. I could do without some of the language. I mean I get that it's Adam Sandler, but if the story is fine without it, FTLOG leave it out. That annoyed me. I also thought they could have done more in terms of characterizations. I sort of like the fact that they are apparently a childless couple-because almost all of these types of movies introduce kids at some point, for no other reason than to show the parents having to rescue the kids or vice versa. Seeing two adults not talking about their kids or about having kids was refreshing. I didn't know Charlize Theron was involved with this, she is credited as being an executive producer ? Wikipedia says she was originally set to star back in 2013, I guess it was supposed to be a theatrical release at one point ? It was good seeing Gemma Arterton, Terence Stamp and Luke Evans(who really should be in more stuff). I think it could have been funnier-but the scene with the Maharajah and Grace in the hotel room was a highlight. Grace calling out her own name and telling herself how gorgeous she is, to get in the mood-IDK if I've ever seen anything quite like that. The Orient Express ending was also unexpected and fun. They did a good job planting some red herrings. I thought the fact that the one eyed general being the only one who could see well enough in the dark to know that the father was being stabbed, was too ridiculous not to be suspicious. I thought it was possible his character could have been the one Grace was looking at as she left. One big mess up, though. No way are you going to stab someone that violently and not get blood on you, and I don't recall anyone getting blood on them except the general, and that was only when he pulled out the blade, right ?
  4. IWantCandy71

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I do, too ! 🙂 I will watch this eventually, it looks like a rainy, lazy day watch, but I'll get to it.
  5. IWantCandy71


    GOSH I loved this show back in the day. I didn't even know they did new ones. I may have to check it out.
  6. IWantCandy71

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    I've never read any of the comics, but I've heard that as well. This movie definitely puts Magneto and Charles on more equal footing, morally-which is something I've always suspected. I never liked how IM's version was always portrayed (IMO anyway) as a bit of an unhinged nut, and PS's Charles as some kind of saint. Even without knowing much about the histories, it felt like manipulation, when to me, in most situations, I actually agreed with Erik's POV and attitude. Not the mindless killing and hatred-but even that, I understood, even if I didn't agree with it. I think Charles, just from what I've seen, has a bit of a God complex.
  7. IWantCandy71

    Unpopular Opinions

    So, I've watched all four movies based on Miklos Laszlo's play "The Parfumerie". That would be "The Shop Around the Corner", "The Good Old Summertime", "You've Got Mail", and I've seen the taped Broadway version "She Loves Me", with Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti. I think it might be an unpopular opinion to say I liked them in the following order: "She Loves Me" "You've Got Mail" "The Shop Around the Corner" And lastly...."The Good Old Summertime". It's a big deal for me, because "She Loves Me" is a musical, and I normally dislike musicals unless the story is cute, the acting is on point, and there is enough story to make up for the absurdity of random people breaking into song. That was true with "SLM", and to be honest...I really fell in love with it. I've tried finding the original play online for free and can't, but I'd love to compare to see how Hollywood and Broadway changed it. I liked "Summertime" the least, because it was the kind of musical that I find annoying. I felt it was just a vehicle for Judy Garland to sing in, and she had a lovely voice...but she didn't have enough charm in this to hold it together by herself. I didn't feel JG and VJ had any chemistry. A truly unpopular opinion maybe, but I didn't feel Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan were all that sparkly together either, in "The Shop Around the Corner". I love Jimmy Stewart because he's Jimmy Stewart, but.....(another UO)...I think he's either typecast, or miscast, here...I'm honestly not sure which ? I just didn't connect with him in this. And since I didn't connect with him, I didn't connect with them as a couple, either...which is the whole point, really. It kind of ruins the movie if you can't ardently root for them to be together. "You've Got Mail". Hmm. I will say that there are parts I'd cut out. I think the story should stay "timeless", in a sense, and "YGM" was a little too modern for me here. I think TH and MR are charming though, and they have such a sweet chemistry that you can't help but root for them. Again, that's the point, isn't it ? Still though, I feel ZL and LB had the best chemistry, and something about "SLM" is just so touching and sweet. Not just the romance, but the fact that every character has a voice. It is really the only one of the four versions where the side characters have a real POV and vital scenes where the two main leads are not even present. All this, just to say...UO that the 2016 "SLM" Broadway production is better than the three versions before it(although it was written and performed technically, for the first time, before "YGM"). I think if you like that kind of story, search out the Broadway version on Broadway HD if you have to, and decide for yourself. IMO it beats them all in terms of chemistry and charm and sweetness. ETA that "SLM" has Peter Bartlett as the waiter in the restaurant in the pivotal scene where Georg sees Amalia waiting for him. That scene is one of the funniest bits I've ever seen in my life, and while everyone involved was awesome in it, PB puts it right over the top into classic territory (and I'm pretty sure at one point ZL actually had to stop himself from laughing at him). "Don't call him, he'll come back". So much FUN.
  8. IWantCandy71

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    I'll pray for ya'll if this is true. I hated Courtney more than I can't stand Sam or Kristina. Although....Courtney and Kristina in one scene....HEH. People would be rushing to their pharmacies for refills *during the first show*.
  9. IWantCandy71

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    If they brought back JE for a temp stay to groom BL as a sort of protégé, I'd watch that. I had to put up with years of Alexis and her spawn, (none of them DEAD yet. Not a single one, and yet the Qs drop like flies). So, other people could put up with BL being in everyone's face. I don't think Adrianne Leon has the slightest interest though, if she even acts anymore. So a recast would be necessary. Or Hayden could be Tracy's daughter after all. She could be Liz's sister AND a Q. Tracy could have slept with Jeff Webber to get back at Monica, and Naomi lost Jeff's baby and switched them.
  10. IWantCandy71

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    All the dialogue in the movie was cheesy bad. The only bit in the movie that got me emotionally(and barely that) were the Charles/Jean interactions about her being "broken". As if Erik would have just stood there and repeatedly asked "whose blood is that?" knowing Jean came from where Charles and the others were. So dumb and OOC.
  11. IWantCandy71

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    I will say, I feel they played it more like - that kind of power in the right hands, is a good thing (what Jean does in the end). That kind of power in the wrong hands (Chastain's character) IS Evil personified. Or alien-afied. Whatever. They're not entirely wrong. Power isn't evil-but power mad people create evil when they aren't checked and contained.
  12. IWantCandy71

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    Except doesn't this version explain that Xavier lost his hair because of something to do with Apocalypse in the last movie ? I've forgotten. I just seem to remember the hair loss isn't because of age. Fassbender is definitely Robert Redford-ing it with the cragginess, but in 92, Eric is only about sixty(guessing, since he's a young boy during WWII). Plus, the mutants age a lot slower. So I'm good with it, James McAvoy looks okay bald, I'm not so sure about Fassbender. I can't quite picture him as a silver fox type. This movie wasn't good. It was still a better time than Captain Marvel, but that's not saying much. I mean, at least with X Men I like, and have even loved, some of the characters, and I was/am invested in some of their stories. James and Michael both seemed so over it all, and who can blame them. Jennifer Lawrence did as well, but she acts like that in every movie she's in, so I can't tell a difference. It was just so bland and lacked so much energy. And the best part of the X Men franchise-any Erik and Charles interactions-was just boring to me. I think the franchise has been over itself for a while now, though. It should have stopped with Days of Future Past.
  13. IWantCandy71

    Shazam! (2019)

    Yes, so much fun, still hoping for a sequel.
  14. IWantCandy71

    Joker (2019)

    Aren't most actors in comic book movies OTT in their performances these days, though ? They are either OTT or underwhelming. I think very few find that balance in the middle. But when you're playing a comic book character, I think a little bit of "look at me" is okay. I actually get the opposite feeling watching the trailer. I don't think you'll forget you're watching JP play a role-he just has that kind of presence. But the second time watching the trailer, I could feel more of the sad, mentally unbalanced aspect of the man himself instead of the persona of the Joker. The two times I've seen it, I kind of get an "American Psycho" vibe-and while that is way too violent for me now, it's one of Christian Bale's best roles and movies thus far. If this movie is even remotely like it in tone, the critics will love it, I think. Not sure about the general audience. It seems like a "niche" type of film, for sure. Probably polarizing- it'll be loved or hated by those that see it. Too bad, I think JP and RP could be good opposite one another.
  15. IWantCandy71

    Yesterday (2019)

    I think that's the point-were supposed to be somewhat horrified by what the character is doing. From the trailer though, it seems very respectful ? Guess we'll see. Yes, something fun and light, exactly ! Looking forward to it.