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  1. I don't think it's even been confirmed that Owen Wilson will be back. I think many people are just assuming he will be. He's got a pretty busy schedule though, so he could be one of the reasons for a delay ? Hey, they could always use a different actor as a Mobius variant, but that would not go over well. I'm not gonna lie about it- I think Marvel knows they need Owen almost as much as they need Tom. Hopefully, they'll get it filmed and back onscreen within two years.
  2. I don't have any predictions for season two. Just wishes. I wish season two would be more like what the first two episodes of season one promised us. A "buddy" type show with Loki and Mobius. And sorry show. While I don't "ship" them, the relationship between Loki and Mobius is the only real thing it's got going for it. And if Father/son was what they were going for, they never should have cast Owen Wilson. Even with a grey wig, OW looks at best, five years older than TH. Plus, he has a very "youthful" onscreen presence. I see Loki and Mobius as friends and peers. Even though Loki is at least
  3. That may be something we have to wait until next season for. My first instinct was that time reset. It's the same Mobius, just a different reality/timeline. I say that mainly because I can't see the show wasting a lot of air time with Loki trying to find "his" Mobius. I wonder how far in the future they are. Kang made a reference to "back" in the 31st century. Renslayer said "eons" of friendship, but we know she was taken in 2018. It's one of those details I'm curious about.
  4. I guess. It just sounds headache inducing to me. The show has moments where it's already confusing enough. This is me as well. I don't care for Marvel outside of Loki, and I have no plans to watch any of the movies. I kinda think the TV show will be self contained. Things that happen in the show affect the movies. But not necessarily the other way around ? I don't know. I do think OW is confirmed for season two ?
  5. I thinknk (or rather hope) that there is only one TVA. The purpose of the TVA is to keep "order". Having multiple TVA's would upset that. But then, everything is supposed to be upended chaos now, so.
  6. Yes, you could be right. Either way, I think Loki's fate of being left alone again was sealed when he and Mobius parted ways. Now, if Loki would just remember that time machines exist in this universe. He needs to go back to the void prior to that moment and keep Mobius with him. Of course, he could go back further and avoid being pruned in the first place. But then he would have never made his first friend. I think she knew it would end in chaos, and at that moment, she didn't care about the outcome. And right after she believes Mobius called her his favorite. Knowing she might b
  7. I kinda guessed the Mobius thing when he went off alone last time.I knew that would not be a good thing. It still hurt, though. I love any good portrayals of friendship. The OW/TH chemistry is on point. I do think this isn't the same Mobius, but can we be sure ? Maybe I've seen too much time travel related stuff, but circumstances can change while the people remain the same ? I mean, if it's truly a different timeline, why is he still just an analyst ? Owen does seem to be playing this Mobius a little differently. Colder., I guess ? Just from that small bit. I don't think Sylvie k
  8. I think we're unfortunately stuck with Sylvie, but I could be wrong.
  9. So does Marvel really do fake spoilers ? I heard they do ? I know the strange pic of Mobius driving the van never happened because in the pic, he has no mustache. Just wondering because there's a pic circulating that shows Loki at the TVA in his current clothes. He is looking around and the place almost looks abandoned because there is no one else in the shot. Sorry don't remember where the pic came from so can't post it. Possibly from some promo ? It could be fake. Interesting, at any rate. The fake spoiler thing is pretty sadistic if true.
  10. I don't think Mobius needs to be a variant of anyone. It takes away from the fact that he's a unique character in a unique universe that Loki has never encountered before. Plus, since he has no memory of his life, he's a wonderful blank slate that can go anywhere.
  11. But they spoke to her directly when she was standing there, as if they saw her. I know they aren't real, but a prerecorded message would not explain that. I think this show might have a bit of Dr. Who Disease: confuse people, don't explain things, pretend it means you're clever and call the viewers stupid if they don't get it. But, in for a penny.
  12. So I'm back to thinking IF it is a Loki, it is REG's version. His death could be a classic misdirect. I just don't think they'd bother getting him for one show like that. And, they put special emphasis on his ability to do illusions. As far as why he'd need another Loki to basically be groomed to take over the TVA, well, Lokis do DIE. They are not immortal. So Old Loki keeps ordering them pruned until the right one comes along. The Time Keepers did say to Sylvie "you are a child of the Time Keepers too" or something like that.
  13. Why can't it be both ? "Our" Loki has grown. The one behind the curtain, has not. I am just speculating, but I don't see how they are going to take down the TVA and get out of the void with less than an hour left. I think when Loki discovers the truth and refuses to bow to himself, the Loki in charge will reset the timeline and send another Loki to Mobius, who will either not remember, or will know what's happening and not be able to stop it. Meanwhile Sylvie and Loki are stuck with the other Lokis in the void. Or they rush the ending and everyone gets a HEA. Both possible.
  14. I think the big bad will be a Loki as well. I thought it would be Richard E Grant's version. Variant Loki gave it away when he first stepped foot in the TVA and said "this isn't real, this is an enchantment/illusion". And now this Loki has Sylvie teaching him enchantment and making a comment about him having a kingdom to rule. I think he was originally supposed to be The One, but something happened to change him. God Bless Tom Hiddleston, Richard E Grant (I have loved him the longest), and Owen Wilson. It's always a treat to watch good actors do their thing.
  15. Okay. In this series so far ? Yes.
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