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  1. Catherinewriter

    X Company

    Though I've read a lot about the holocaust, I was stunned last night by Schmidt's description of Ulli and others. Then I realized that reading something and hearing it stated are really two different experiences. It was just so, well, Nazi. He's doing a terrific job, the actor, as is his son in law. Please let them all make it though alive, that is, the ones who are still alive.
  2. Catherinewriter

    S01.E12: The End Of The Beginning

    "Hello. I'm Luke's father. Prepare to die." Poor Luke, was it necessary for the show to do this? It means that Atwood will be so grief stricken that he'll have a hard time coping with this job. I hope he gets a chance to avenge his son.
  3. Catherinewriter

    S13.E16: Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?

    Am so confused. If Robert Avery is Jackson's dad, where did the money come from for all the foundations and hospitals? Did Robert have scads of money that he ignored when he left medicine. And how did Catherine get hold of it. Really confusing. Are we to assume Robert and Catherine were actually married at one time?
  4. Catherinewriter

    S01.E05: Episode Five

    How did Pine learn how to manipulate the weaponry so quickly? He said he didn't know where they were going or for what, and then he's in charge of the massacres. (They were massacres, right, of people somewhere? And to those who say Roper isn't evil enough I say WTF? Watch his face when he's sussing someone out, and then,, oh I don't know, watch his actions!!!! Truly evil man. This is one he most menacing series I've ever seen. Love Olivia Colman. Wonder what's up next for her.
  5. Catherinewriter

    S05.E04: Mother

    I wish there were a technological way to delete Julia's face from the screen, have her words to listen to, but be able to focus on the responses of the guys, or guys and gals. I am usually so keyed into her that I forget that these actors are hilarious; when I happen to catch one of them (as in Tony Hale) responding to her, I just lose it.
  6. Catherinewriter

    S05.E03: The Eagle

    I'm having trouble with Selena this season. She's become so harsh and unfunny. Granted, she never has been a shining light of sensitivity, but she and Gary used to be buds of a sort and now she can't even speak to him politely. Wanted more out of the reveal of CVS/CBS for Dan. Does Amy even care that he slept with her sister. Does it seem insensitive to make humor out of Alzheimer's? I didn't think so.
  7. Catherinewriter

    S01.E02: Episode Two

    The actor playing Corky is so menacing I can hardly stand to watch. I keep expecting him to kill someone. Don't know him from elsewhere, but wow, what a scary dude.
  8. Catherinewriter

    S01.E10: The Verdict

    Good show, show. So much agony with so little payoff. I would never have believed they could bring it off so well. Writing, acting, direction. So Lane actually said, "Get in the car, Bob, or I'll tell them you're Jewish." Good one, Nathan. I'm pretty sure of this, but put it out there for legal eagles: Neither the Goldmans nor the Browns can speak against OJ in his upcoming parole hearing, right? Because this case isn't their case. Actually, I don't know enough about the memorabilia case to know who might have standing at his parole hearing. How do the commenters who have talked about it know about the Katrina series supposedly coming up next season?
  9. Catherinewriter

    S01.E09: Manna From Heaven

    Paulson, Brown, and Schwimmer are just breaking my heart - into three pieces. Not to ignore the real time heartbreak of Fred and Kim and their family, but this series isn't primarily about them. Don't know how we're supposed to get through Tuesday night's final. By the way, commentors keep saying that Clark was out of her league. But previous to Simpson trial, she had won 19 out of 20 cases, so I'm not sure what this means.
  10. I apparently missed it in real time (twelve years ago) and now, but WHY didn't the gloves fit. Can someone explain? And if that really the straw that broke the prosecution's back? Thanks
  11. Catherinewriter

    S01.E06: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Daisy: "Man, Johnnie Cochrane and OJ - serious pieces of poo." Is this a statement of legal content? I love it, made me laugh.
  12. Catherinewriter

    S01.E06: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Simon Boccanegra, thanks for posting the interview with Marcia Clark, I'm so pleased for her that she thinks the show is doing well with the main points, including the trashing of her. I wonder what happened to the custody issue. Haven't watched this episode yet, but am sure I will want to put my fish through the TV.
  13. Catherinewriter

    S01.E04: 100% Not Guilty

    I didn't know anything about Faye Resnick. But given what the show is doing to her, I'm confused about one thing. Bugliosi's book (and he could be said to know a few things about trial process, etc.) says that her book had substance and was helpful to the prosecution. But then he doesn't give any examples. Anyone know of other statements he made to support this point of view?
  14. Catherinewriter

    S02.E01: Switch

    I'm pretty ignorant about economics, so I'm confused about the luncheon with the stockbroker. What did Jimmy and Kim gain except a really expensive meal? Was there something else that I missed. Or is it just that this kind of thing is something Jimmy does well and we'll probably see a lot more of it? What are the Easter eggs that people keep referencing? Odenkirk is an amazing actor. Could watch him all day. Was the opener showing us what Jimmy was doing after BB, and before anything in the first episode came to be?
  15. Catherinewriter

    London Spy

    My On Demand for BBCA hasn't had a new London Spy since the first episode. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know what to do about it? Thanks