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  1. Hahaha. I can't help it! Her blasting him and bringing up his wife, well, I felt something between them. Yeah he is still married, but maybe something will happen between them. Or she dies.
  2. Haha! I love that you use Brainy's full name!!! 🙂
  3. Oh! I didn't know the actress is pregnant!! 🙂 No wonder she was wearing baggy clothes.
  4. Bria aka Braina: On twitter they are being called Brania. I like it. GAH! Brainy is so adorable! Sure he goes overboard, but he is the sweetest!!!! He is doing everything he can to try to make her happy. Awwwww. 🙂 Kelly and Alex: At first I thought Alex was bad, but nope it's just J'onn's brother the shape shifter!! William and Kara: Yeah I can ship them. 😉 Kelly, Alex, and fake Kelly: That scene was a great scene!!! 🙂 J'onn and Kelly: Another great scene!! He is getting his memory back!! Lena and Miss. Tessmacher What?!!?!! Mind mapping?!!?!? Are the writers fans of the soap opera General hospital?!!?!?! Cus they are doing mind mapping too!!!! PANTS Now that is funny! ROFL! Made me laugh. Good one, and good question. 🙂
  5. I'm confused. What do you mean how are they going to explain it? She can just walk into a salon and get a haircut. ROFL!
  6. Hahahaha. I love the pants!!! 🙂 OH! Does she have pockets!!??! 🙂
  7. ROFL! Everytime they show that commercial, I have to say it like them!!! 🙂 They haven't shown it in awhile. I'm glad!!! 🙂
  8. Bria: I just love their scene! I love how Dreamer wasn't afraid to talk to him, and that Brainy told her what was wrong. I love the kiss at the end!!! Yowza that kiss!!!!! 🙂 Kara and Lena: Kara's new haircut, is adorable! I love the new suit!!! SHE HAS PANTS!!! 🙂 I love how Kara told Lena the truth. Great scene! Made me cry!!! Oh no! I thought Lena forgave her.. 😞 But Lena, Kara told you the truth on her own!!! 😞 Forgive her! She didn't mean to hurt you!!! 😞 Alex and James's sister: Meh. I like them better as friends. Midnight: HOLY COW!!! She has so much power!!! How are the team going to take her down?!!?!?!?!? J'onn and his brother: Oh crap!!!!! :0
  9. Ohhhh okay.. I didn't know that.. Thank you.
  10. Why is the Season Finale in quotes? 🙂 It IS the season finale. 🙂
  11. Wait what? He has a twin? I thought he was the real J'onn who died, and that's why our J'onn is using his identity. I'm so confused.
  12. Yeah I am not buying it either. I bought Maggie and Alex relationship, and that they were into each other too. It broke my heart that they had to break up.
  13. Yeah I loved how they had the song my way while Lex was flying! Loved how he was also singing it. Hahahaha! Nice touch.
  14. Kara, Brainy, and Lena: I don't like cold Brainy!!!!! I miss old Brainy. 😞 😭 Lex, Lena, and mama: I love that mama Luther tried to poison Lex and he knew! 🙂 Dreamer, J'onn, and Brainy: I love that Dreamer used her powers on Brainy because he abandoned them. ROFL! Whoa Brainy is coming back?!!?! HE CAME BACK!!! YAY!!!! 🙂 🙌 I did not expect that. I thought he was going to be evil next season. Whew. Brainy: You can do this. You're amazing! I love how he just went on and on and on! 🙂 I kept talking to him through the tv saying say I love you!!!!!!!! 🙂 Brainy: And I love you. 😱 HE SAID IT!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Fake Supergirl and Lex: Well, you should not have trusted Lex!!! Even though you are his "daughter" He don't care about anybody but himself! Supergirl and Lex: Great scene!!!! Fake Supergirl and Supergirl: Fake Supergirl saved her life!!!!! That is awesome!!! Great scene! Lex and Lena: Great scene!!!!! Lex: Kara is Supergirl. WHOA! Bravo writers!!! 🙂 Nicely done! Oh he's dead.. Or IS he? DUN DUN DUN! Alex and James's sister: Kissing.. Meh. I feel nothing for them as a couple. I rather like them as friends. Whoa! Bria walks by holding hands!!!!!! So they are a couple?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?! 🙂 The gang: Having fun and playing games. 🙂 Brainy is sitting on a chair and Dreamer is sitting next to him!!!! They ARE a couple!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 💓 Oh oh Lena shows up privately fuming. On twitter people are upset because they think Lena is going to turn evil. I hope not!!!! Miss Tessmauker and ????: Ummmmmm. So someone hired her to work with Lex? Then she fell for him? New guy and the REAL J'onn: UH OH.
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