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  1. YUP! I was just thinking that! 🙂 I like Dick Sargent better in the role. 🙂
  2. Yeah I heard. First Alice kills her brother (which I will never forgive her for) and now this!!! This is strike 2! I don't know if recasting is such a good idea. I'll give it a chance, but I don't know. 😞
  3. Yeah me too!!! This sucks! 😞 Rio just found out she is pregnant!!! They have to end it like that!!! GAH!
  4. Yeah I will have to choose to believe that too!!! Douglas changes his mind and really wants a baby!!! Also, Angie changes her mind about summer with her boyfriend, and goes to Will and tells him how she feels about him, and he tells her how he feels about her! They start dating and become a couple! Eventually, Douglas and Poppie get married, and so does Angie and Will! "Ack! Going to that link I just discovered 3 other shows I watch are canned! " Which ones? 😞 The other show I watch is Bless this mess, and that is canned too! 😞
  5. Hahahahaha! She did!!! At the time I wasn't laughing and was so scared!! GIL!!!!! 😞 But yeah thinking about it now, ROFL! Yeah me too! I thought she was dead!! Yeah I like Martin back in his cushy cell too.. With Mr. David. ME TOO!!! 😞
  6. Too bad she had to die. I hated them together, because she looked too much like his sister. Gross. I hate that he was hurting because she broke up with him. 😞 I really love him with Adrisa and Dani!!! He has chemistry with both of them.
  7. You thought he was playing possum? I didn't even think about that!! I thought the bad guy was succeeding!! I also thought that Martin was going through the man's brain at first!!! His eyes YOWZA!!
  8. Endicott must have done something to her before Malcolm showed up! Maybe they will talk about it on season 2. Hahahaha. Or fall down while she was running!! That would be so 80's movies hahahaha.
  9. Hahaha. I can't help it! Her blasting him and bringing up his wife, well, I felt something between them. Yeah he is still married, but maybe something will happen between them. Or she dies.
  10. Haha! I love that you use Brainy's full name!!! 🙂
  11. Oh! I didn't know the actress is pregnant!! 🙂 No wonder she was wearing baggy clothes.
  12. Bria aka Braina: On twitter they are being called Brania. I like it. GAH! Brainy is so adorable! Sure he goes overboard, but he is the sweetest!!!! He is doing everything he can to try to make her happy. Awwwww. 🙂 Kelly and Alex: At first I thought Alex was bad, but nope it's just J'onn's brother the shape shifter!! William and Kara: Yeah I can ship them. 😉 Kelly, Alex, and fake Kelly: That scene was a great scene!!! 🙂 J'onn and Kelly: Another great scene!! He is getting his memory back!! Lena and Miss. Tessmacher What?!!?!! Mind mapping?!!?!? Are the writers fans of the soap opera General hospital?!!?!?! Cus they are doing mind mapping too!!!! PANTS Now that is funny! ROFL! Made me laugh. Good one, and good question. 🙂
  13. I'm confused. What do you mean how are they going to explain it? She can just walk into a salon and get a haircut. ROFL!
  14. Hahahaha. I love the pants!!! 🙂 OH! Does she have pockets!!??! 🙂
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