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  1. Love this show. Can't believe I just discovered it now so there is no discussion to read. Even the archives only have seasons 4 and 5.
  2. Not true, I just had an MRI with no prior CAT scan. They are 2 different technologies and diagnose different conditions.
  3. They would probably get unemployment, but stimulus money seems unlikely since Toby was supposed to be pretty successful in the tech world. And health insurance alone for their family would be astronomical.
  4. mansonlamps

    Big Shot

    I never participated in high school sports, but I'm pretty sure the opposing coaches would not be allowed to personally attack the actual players. Coaches maybe. And yes to the actress playing the daughter being wooden. I think that role was seriously miscast.
  5. Yes, you clearly haven't watched In the Dark. You can also be antagonistic and unbelievably self-centered. I'm wondering why this hasn't worked for me.
  6. mansonlamps

    Big Shot

    I thought this was the norm in college, not sure about high school though. But since it's a private school, they can probably do what they want. I'm glad they went the way they did though.
  7. mansonlamps

    Big Shot

    I love this show and am sorry to see so little interest in discussing it.
  8. I would really struggle in today's world I think, luckily for me the young people at my job haven't changed any pronouns yet. When I read your last sentence, I was thinking "wait, was someone else with her?" And you can say 'how hard is it' but imagine professors trying to remember the pronouns of 100 kids. And the plural contradicts everything we've been taught. I don't think people are trying to be asses, it's a very different mindset and takes some getting used to to get it right.
  9. I'm not British, but I loathe Mary Poppins. Gaggy...love it! And agree with those who don't miss Delilah at all, I would mind if she never returned.
  10. Kate is a little more than just overweight and Toby takes medication for depression, let's put them first on the list for a healthy white infant who would be pursued by hundreds of couples! Yeah, that's realistic. I mean if their last name was Pierson maybe, but they don't even have that to make them soar to the top of the list.
  11. I don't think it's just porn, they've placed a lot of emphasis on the raunchy lyrics and blatant misogyny in the rap music this generation listens to non stop also. It made me sad when that first girl at the party in episode one actually went back to purely pleasure Brendan after he treated her like garbage and that she accepted the way he talked to her during the act.
  12. I finally deleted this from my DVR. I love all the rest of the cast, but Jessica 's ego, arrogance and entitlement have made the show unwatchable for me.
  13. She was amazing in the film Booksmart as well.
  14. If you are going to buy a food processor with the intent of breadbaking, make sure to get a big enough bowl. I bought a 9 cup and can only make recipes with up to three to three and a half cups of flour, which is to say, not very many. I wish I had gone for a 12 cup.
  15. We have potlucks all the time at work and chili is a popular dish, so that seemed normal to me. But I don't think vegan chili or vegan anything would go over too big in my office either.
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