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  1. That's interesting. I didn't really perceive Mary as cold in WIAWSNB, but as more confused and maybe a little wary given what Dean's character was supposed to be in this fantasy (which is both a "grrrr" and an "oh, Dean" to me) combined with his behavior in that moment. At least, though, she was also concerned and somewhat tender toward him. I loved her hand to his cheek before she went up to bed. She made him a sandwich (and let him mow the yard!). In light of what came later, this version of Mary IS warm and loving. :) I agree, though, that she was never likely the mother Dean fantasized her
  2. I'm rewatching What Is and What Should Never Be for the first time in a LONG time, and, man. What an incredible disappointment Mary turned out to be. Seeing her again in this episode just reminded me how much I hated who she actually was. Evidently.
  3. Yes. I hope there was a whole lot of groveling done by the good townspeople of Smallville before they were invited to the cookout and that a number of them contributed humble pie to the dessert table. I hope Kyle and the rest of the Cushings enjoyed it.
  4. Wikipedia says there will be 10 episodes of The Last of Us. Almost a year to film 10 episodes seems really long, especially given that usual 22 episode seasons film for, what, 7-9 months? Maybe there will be breaks that will allow Pedro time to film his Mandalorian scenes. On another note, I continue to be somewhat puzzled by how he ended up with this gig for Disney given the other projects he's working on. I'm also puzzled by the acting nominations/awards given how little time he actually spends acting for the show. I'm not trying to dog on the man - I enjoy him in the role. It just see
  5. Angry-mom Lois has become one of my favorite Loises. I also thought that the fight was well done and I really like how consistently they play those fights - Lois’s tendency toward passion/anger contrasted with Clark’s more controlled emotions. Which, now that I think about it, makes a LOT of sense given what we learned this week about he has to keep his power under control all the time. I’m sure he’s terrified of what might happen if he did lash out in one of their arguments. One thing that occurred to me, especially during Clark and Lois’s initial confrontation, was that I would ha
  6. Well, evidently Jared Padalecki wasn't allowed to cut his hair for 15 years lest viewers be unable to tell the difference between Sam and Dean Winchester so . . . I don't have much hope that we'll be spared the poor kid's Mop of Angst any time soon.
  7. bethy

    Mewling Quotes

    Part of what I loved about this exchange was the hint of mockery/condescension in Loki’s voice when he asked the question, then the “dayum” expression on his face at the answer. Like he wasn’t even sure how he felt about that turn of events.
  8. I love this possibility!
  9. True, but the feeling I got from the discussion wasn’t concern about genetic similarities but what it said about Loki as a person. I just don’t feel like it’s AS narcissistic as others seem to feel.
  10. The Loki/Sylvie relationship seems very different to me than a person falling in love with himself or having sex with himself ala The Time Traveller’s Wife. While Sylvie is a version of Loki, she’s also clearly a completely separate person, with her own life, her own experiences. This isn’t Loki potentially having a romantic relationship with himself. It’s him growing close to someone who is arguably very like him, but also not him. That makes a difference to me.
  11. I’m hopeful that Clark and Lois have a “here’s what we do if someone figures out that Superman is Clark and threatens the family to coerce him to do something” plan. As well as a “I’m pretending to help the bad guys but I’m still actually a good guy” signal/code word or phrase. I feel like all super families need to have that kind of emergency preparedness in place.
  12. When we see Clark outside of his family, though, he is more awkward and goofy. Like when he was interacting with the coach or when he was "struggling" with the water jug. Because of the nature of this show we see Clark much more often around people who know who he is. Personally, I've been struck by the gravitas Tyler brings when he's being Superman and is around the soldiers or others who only know him as Superman. To me, there is a difference, but I think you're right that the contrast isn't as obvious as it was when Christoper Reeves was playing the role.
  13. I'm tempted to roll my eyes at the use of "lensing." I've never heard (or seen) "lens" used as a verb before, though I guess it can be. I think I'll still roll my eyes. 🙄 😉
  14. Poor Clark. He was rightly upset to find out he had a hitherto unknown brother. The little family confab before Clark headed to the Fortress of Solitude was awesome. I loved that they had the camera on Tyler's foot at the start of the scene and he was shaking it/bouncing it. What a great way to show how unsettled Clark was. Plus Lois and Jordan and Jon all giving him little nods to tell them they'd be fine if he went to find out what was going on was super sweet. Kent Family feels for the win!
  15. Are we sure that resetting the timeline means the people who experienced the time variant are killed? I just assumed that a reset meant that time goes back to where the variant would have happened, so essentially the people who stumbled across it never, then, actually experience anything off.
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