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  1. As much as it was just ok, Jensen killed it and he had me crying. Such a Dean thing to do to still be taking care of Sam even when he is dying. Telling Sam what he needed to hear to keep going. As much as I am not happy about Dean’s death or about it just being a fluke thing, I think it was the way Dean would want to go, especially since it was before Sam. Damn, the timeline is fuzzy but how much freedom from Chuck did Dean even get to enjoy? Fast forwarded past most of the Sam stuff at the end. Though I did see he went to Texas and the awful grey wig. It gave me a laugh. I am not go
  2. I really liked this. I have been through a few versions. I really liked when the had Jacqueline basically cancel the Me Too/Times Up movement. This was an outcome that REALLY came out of left field. I wanted more of Mikey but him being the moral center and calling me out on not making the right choices for Kimmy was spot on.
  3. Even though they played it for laughs with the spelling, I liked that they had Geoffrey correct her about calling him Geoff. I also have a name that is commonly shortened. Even though I go by both, I find it weird that many people when they first meet me take it upon themselves to shorten it even though I use the full version when I introduce myself. Just one of those quirks of society.
  4. KEVIN! Finally! And a mention of the awesomeness of John Wick. And Holt turning into John Wicks at the end. And Kevin’s delight at Ray loving his joke. And Jake handling their freak out like a pro. And the clothes swap. And all the rest. Thank you show.
  5. I really liked the fact that the episode played more like a “coda” then a finale. All the characters already had their wrap ups. Johnny, Stevie, and Roland with the business in The Pitch and Moria with her accepting the show on her turns, Alexis and restarting in NYC and rejecting the money, David and Patrick with the house and staying in Start Spreading the News. This was just good times to be had by all. So sweet and ridiculous. For someone who just found this show this year, it has been a short, intense, and forever love affair.
  6. For me the clips didn’t work because it just reminded me of when this show was awesome and how the quality is not there anymore.
  7. I don’t know if I have ever cried so much at an ending of a show. At first I was a little mad because I wanted to laugh and be happy. But like Eleanor, I realized that was a self motive and I had to let the show be what it has always been - funny as heck with real emotion and philosophy. I have enjoyed this ride and it never got old. Though I could probably watched forever, I am happy that it left on top.
  8. It is always the little things for me this this show. The episode had three great ones. Chidi's unintentional LiL Jon impression (Yeah! Okay!), Chidi's repeated Nos when he found out about the problem with the Good Place, and the groups (especially Michael's) reaction to Jason being bored with the racing.
  9. I am sobbing. Chidi- it finally seems like you joined this season. And it was beautiful. So many great call backs. Little Chidi trying to decide which desk to choose was adorable. We got to see Chidi’s first stomach ache.
  10. OMG! I caught that and all I could think of was Chidi. So awesome.
  11. So many of the shows I have been invested in have ended or are coming to a close. I am just hoping that the ones still to come bring me the satisfaction this one did. (With the understanding that I don't think I could be satisfied with the end of Supernatural just because Dean Winchester will be leaving my TV screen 😪). I will also second all the comments about Joan's clothing.
  12. This freaking show! I am writing this through the tears. I will miss my consulting detectives. And Captain Bell. At one point I thought they were trying to make us believe there was some off scene shenanigans and Arthur was their child. And I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Then the real reveal came and the hug and the staying and the feels. I lost it. So good. Thank you show for a great wrap up
  13. I'm in the NYC area and saw a promotion that WPIX (11) will be carrying the regular CBS line-up.
  14. I am so happy. I was pulling hard for Sebastian the whole time. I loved his collection. I knew Garo was out. I also have an appreciation for what Hester does and thought all of her stuff was well made and unique. I could not have been mad at her winning with this collection. I thought the same thing about Karlie's dress looking like Sebastian's collection. I have to say it again. I really really loved Sebastian's collection. Christian was just on point this episode. He has been great the whole season but the back and forth with Sebastian about the thread was hilarious.
  15. Though I was rooting for Brooke Lyn, I think based off of lil syncs the right person won. Yvie was my second favorite. Congrats Yvie! I really liked Yvie’s minimal take in the last lip sync. I also liked Brooke’s “obvious” reveal. I felt Silky was doing too much in her lip sync and I knew Brooke won it when she did the handstand. Was not crazy about the second lip sync.
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