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  1. Kanner

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I totally agree. Plus it was not like he just told her out of nowhere. She brought of the Lyanna rape story and how that troubled her with the other stories she heard about her brother. There was no way Jon was going to let her keep thinking those things. If he waited after that conversation her reception would definitely be worse. At the moment all we have is shock. We will have to wait for the "processed" reaction.
  2. Kanner

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    OH GOD! Almost every scene at the end I was like "and this is the last time they speak". It was all set up for death. But so good. I am living for the interactions this season. It was so subtle, I almost missed Ghost. I am happy that Tyrion's screw ups were clearly addressed and I like how it was handle. Jaime and Brienne was just everything to me. I wanted Gendry/Arya but went it started happening I realized I wasn't ready. It was like watching my teenage nephew in musical theater kissing. Damn you Night King. You kind of interrupted an important conversation. Not that I think Jon is manipulating her but thank Dany for bringing up the point to Sansa that Jon went South and got everything he wanted and had Dany pause her campaign. I know the show is not made just for me but if Sansa had been like she was this episode more often I could totally be with her. She was assertive, asked the tough questions, and was persistent. But the snotty bratty "I know more than you attitude" was missing.
  3. Kanner

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    In addition, Jaime clearly states that he learned from the war with Robb and used that strategy. Part of a good commander is learning from past mistakes and using great ideas from others.
  4. Kanner

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I would like to think you are right about the response to her potentially pardoning him but the North hates the Lannisters too. I could easily see them thinking it is a betrayal also. She might be in a lose-lose situation here.
  5. Kanner

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I’m baffled by the notion that Jon is just doing what Dany wants. In reality, SHE is doing what HE wants. This has been his goal for so long and she has paused her goal to help. Granted it should have been a great PR move but those Northern Lords and Ladies are just too stuck in the actions of others in the past.
  6. Kanner

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I was disappointed in the poor CGI of Jon dragon riding. It took me out of what should have been a much more awesome moment. It was great but it should have been spectacular.
  7. Kanner

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Correct me if I am wrong. Sansa may not like it, even I may not like it but the King bent the knee to her. That means she is the Queen, right? Isn't that how this world works? Why would she be expected to act differently? Either way, it is still a silly way for Sansa to act. I am completely fine with her not being happy about the situation but to openly antagonistic doesn't smart to me.
  8. Kanner

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I am pretty neutral toward Dany though I do think she is generally a good person. I loved her snark tonight. The smirk when the dragons first flew over. I saw it as a combo of pride at her children and a take that you side-eyeing ungrateful people. I LOVED here whatever they want answer to Sansa's extremely rude question. That was just uncalled for. I just wish they went about showing Sansa's displeasure in a different way. What kind of host acts this way to her guests? Is Dany acting entitled? Yes. But just about everyone else is too. This is a world of entitlement. Sansa shows the same amount of entitlement about Winterfell and the Starks as the ruling house of the North. And Sam as much as I love Jon, he doesn't get points for giving up his title for his people. He didn't want it in the first place and he was raised a bastard, he didn't expect to have that sort of power. Oh Tyrion. When Sansa comes across as the logical smart one, you know you have hit rock bottom. I don't get his thought process toward Cersei. Hopefully, he doesn't come up with another idea like his stupid wight hunt idea. Arya must not know a lot of people. how smart can Sansa be that smart when she doesnt realize more fighting men and dragons are a good thing against the dead. The next episode is going to be crazy. Jaime is here! Will Jon tell Dany? Her reaction.
  9. Kanner

    S8 Spoiler Free Live Chat

    Tyrion you have fallen so far down if I am agreeing with Sansa.
  10. Kanner

    S06.E12: Casecation

    When they started with the having children storyline I was disappointed in B99. I was like my show is better than this. It is definitely One of my least liked tv tropes. But they turned it around so well. They had discussed it. And every thing was gold after that. One nitpick- I need to SEE Kevin.
  11. Kanner

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    I have been doing a another re-watch and am now in the dreaded Season 8. I should a modified re-watch in that I am only really watching the Dean scenes (don't judge me). It is amazing how better Sam comes off if I watch the show this way. lol If you had asked me before this re-watch I would have said my thoughts on Sam per season were 1 - liked, 2 - loved, 3 - loved, 4 - hated, 5 - disliked, 6 - meh, 7 - meh, 8 - hated, 9 - hated, 10 - present - liked. In the re-watch I am seeing that Season 6 and 7 Sam is not so bad with some specific story line exceptions (Amy). My Dean ratings per season were 1 - liked, 2 - loved, 3 - present - obsessed. Which haven't changed so far. But here I am with 8 and even with fast forwarded the non-Dean scenes, Sam is a total ass. I have't even gotten to Citizen Fang yet (up next). Part of that is his irrational reaction to Benny. The character of Benny was just fire when he was introduced and the chemistry between him and Dean was off the charts. (I miss Benny). Dean didn't help by not explaining Purgatory but once Sam said Benny was the same as Amy (The situations are not the same. She had just proven she was willing to kill humans.) and he equated Dean not mentioning a friend to Sam as the same as Sam not looking for Dean I knew he wasn't being rational. The other thing I realized is the recency bias I had toward Crowley. I had totally forgotten how EVIL he is. Shame on me. One of the other things that has popped out on re-watches is how the nature of the boys switches in regards to friends. Sam was all about having friends and Dean was no friends at any time. But when you watch you see Dean making the connections with longer term characters and Sam not so much or only after Dean has invited these people in. This is not say Sam has none but the majority of "long-term" friends have a greater connection with Dean.
  12. Kanner

    S09.E16: The Storm

    This was not a traditional finale. So it did suffer from finale episode expectations. I liked it though as an episode. Some great interactions and I liked the navigation of the snow. It gave us a different look. I did like this season a lot, though I don't like what it looks like they are trying to do with Negan. I will never forget.
  13. Kanner

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I hope that is it. As I said, I will wait to see how it plays out. I also meant to say that if this this true that I probably answered my own question when I said emotions are not logical. You are probably right with the misplaced blame. As I definitely can see it played that since Zeke can’t blame Henry (or Carol) and it looks like at the moment Alpha is out of reach, Daryl is a person closer to home he can place the blame on.
  14. Kanner

    Spoilers and Speculation

    How can Ezekiel blame Daryl or Carol for Henry’s death? What am I missing? I know emotions are not logical but come on. Alpha is to blame but if you don’t want to blame her then Henry is next. I will wait to see how it plays out but that is annoying. With Daryl going to Alexandria, I am interested in (nervous) how the writers handle interactions between him and Negan.
  15. Kanner

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I was with Nadine last week and agreed about the dishes but then she had to just lose her mind. As a plus sized person who loves prints, I was annoyed that she thought she had to limit her look. It is never a good look to blame the model. I liked almost all of the looks tonight. I would have picked Sebastian to win also. I am loving Christian’s critiques.