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  1. Unclejosh

    S01E04: Shook One Pt. II

    Yeah especially if he had been doing this for years prior and was used to the process. I mean it is 2019 and I am shocked when my online buddies on music boards still insist on paying more for CDRs of live shows instead of paying half the price for a lossless audio file. Some people are just either stuck in their ways or need something tactile.
  2. Unclejosh

    S12.E20: The Decision Reverberation

    I was today years old when I found out that there was more than 1 way to pronounce sherbert and that the 2nd "r" wasn't always the correct way of spelling this word. Mind blown.
  3. Unclejosh

    One-Punch Man

    Episode 1 of Season 2 is up on Hulu.
  4. Unclejosh

    Boston Legal

    So I started a rewatch on Hulu this past weekend and I forgot how much I loved this show. James Spader is so good as is almost all the cast but he just is memorizing in pretty much everything he does. I met him a few times back in the late 80's (his parents lived in town of the video store I worked at and he came in a few times to rent movies when he was visiting them) and he was very nice but very tiny in person. Anyway I finished episode 17 of Season one and at the end it showed scenes from the next episode mostly dealing with stuff regarding Kerry Washington's character but the next available episode in Hulu was Season 2 Episode 1 and it had a new cast and nothing from the "next on" scenes were in the episode. It seems like Season 1 only aired 17 episodes so what happened to the episode they previewed at the end of ep 17?
  5. Unclejosh

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Fair enough. I have been watching Jay in things for 20 years or so and I do like him but I think this particular show works better when he isn't the sole focus. I prefer the episodes and scenes when Magnum and Higgins work together rather than rehash the lame bickering and sniping of the old show. I don't mind the show moving in that direction at all. I was never a fan of the Rick and TC characters other than in supporting roles so I don't need any more of them although I do like both Stephen and Zach in their roles. But a little goes a long way for me for those characters.
  6. Unclejosh

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    I am liking the change because while I like Jay ok, he doesn't really have the charisma to lead the show solo like Selleck did and Perdita Weeks is the best part of the show in my opinion. I would rather have her being more a part of the team than try to redo the dumb Higgins hates Magnum bull that made the original show tiresome. Hillerman was awesome but it was just stupid having him just be a foil most of the time. Got so repetative and unbelievable that it took me out of the show. YMMV
  7. Unclejosh

    Doom Patrol Season One Discussion: Cockroach Love

    Oh ok. I thought they were robots.
  8. Unclejosh

    Doom Patrol Season One Discussion: Cockroach Love

    If that guy was able to create what appeared to be humanoid puppets that he was able to send his conscious through, then why cant something like that be done for Cliff. Surely that would be better than his current situation.
  9. Unclejosh

    Doom Patrol Season One Discussion: Cockroach Love

    Despite the lack of size, I though the Cyborg in this was better than the one in Justice League to be honest. I am sure a lot is the writing but he seemed more charismatic and had better presence to me.
  10. Unclejosh

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Think it involves Jenna hooking up with a male castmember known for cheating. Multiple people have said it isn't true though. Amanda is also the one who made up the lie about Jenna and Bruno so...
  11. Unclejosh

    Media: All for You

    Just started watching this on Netflix, had no idea it was originally a Lifetime series. I don't have cable. But this show has some F bombs and other content which would seem out of Lifetime's normal content unless they are way more graphic than I thought. Did the swears air as is on Lifetime or were they edited?
  12. Movie was made by CT's best friend. They have been friends since they were little kids. He is a former drug dealer/gangsta/junkie who got clean and now is a filmmaker. He was CT's best man at his wedding if you watched that special. When CT has that fight with Wes years back and said he and his friends "do dirt" Johnny was one of the guys he was referring to.
  13. Unclejosh


    What was with the glowing eyes in the painting in the lair?
  14. Unclejosh

    S01.E01: Part 1

    Just started this and I can't believe Mr Tilly (Lyle) is Sikowitz! Wow.
  15. Unclejosh

    S32.E24: CT's Getting Married - Part 2

    I think CT's dad really hates the cameras as evidenced by them not being allowed in the house. His mom seemed to have no problems with them later so it must be the dad. Also CT and Lili were married in a civil ceremony already months earlier and this was really just a big party for show. I bet they didnt invite the family to THAT one which is the real cause of the tension. They probably felt used. Like they werent invited to the real wedding but they get invited to the one MTV is paying for?