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  1. The spoiler sites reported before the show aired that CT was proactive in contacting the vets before they left to team up against any rookies. So he basically pulled a Wes. Very good move. CT was always smarter than he let on but also his use of substances legal and illegal impaired him using said smarts, plus I think being smart was looked down upon based on his upbringing so he learned to suppress it until he matured and it wasn't seen as a weakness (not that he is anywhere as smart as Will Hunting but some of the same dynamics were in play, that was pretty realistic in my experience
  2. Hughie's butt is big not because of being out of shape or anything, he has had 2 Brazilian butt lifts to make it that big.
  3. I think it is more Berna was talking to other people in the game about making moves and CT's game relies on keeping under the radar as long as possible without telegraphing his plans. Seems to be working for him more often than not so if his rookie partner is doing that stuff behind his back, I get why he wanted to get rid of her.
  4. Personally happy about this as I think despite flaws overall he was the best showrunner. I do wish Jodie would have been able to work with RTD as I have no issues with her, only the writing and storylines have been subpar compared to the best under RTD and even Moffat. Moffat was a great writer, but not the best showrunner in my opinion. Anyway this news has brought some excitement back on my part and am looking forward to seeing if RTD can recapture the magic of the early days (of the reboot obv)
  5. No clue what will happen on the show, but off the show Amber moved on to some kid like 10 years younger and even got his name tattooed on her body after 2 weeks of dating.
  6. Remember on Rivals when Sarah did handwriting analysis and said CT was a psycho due to his writing? LOL
  7. Supposedly Amber went to the medic and was complaining that her eyes were burning and she was having issues seeing. Esther threw wine not water confirmed by Tori on the official challenge podcast. She went AFTER she made up with Esther so some people took that as Amber trying to get Esther booted but there doesn't seem to be any proof of that and just seems to be paranoid Amber hate to me. But that is why Esther was pissed again. They made up and Esther thought that Amber was trying to get her booted by going to the medic. I can't stand Fessy so him getting booted made me happy, b
  8. I can't link it as I am at work but that new Dear Evan Hansen promo with CT and Aneesa was pretty good.
  9. Armie Hammer is not big enough in my opinion. Has the height but not the mass needed. Based on the most recent reason of Titans compared to the prior ones, Alan Ritchson clearly bulked back up for this role as he had lost weight in the past few years compared to some of his earlier roles.
  10. Is there a thread for Episode 2? I can't see one. Nvr mind.
  11. I did like they made him flawed and kinda a bad person and not just a perfect gay savior trope that can do no wrong.
  12. I believe Nam had COVID pretty bad and was not healthy enough to come back after the 2nd quarantine as stated above. Unless I am mistaken, he didn't just test positive, he was actually sick. Theo in addition to his eye being a liability, he has some problematic issues with women I think. Either in person or on social media. So even if he was fully healthy, he might not be on.
  13. The reason Devin keeps getting picked is he has one of the best social games going. No one targets him because he isn't much of a threat, yet he is friends with a lot of people and is well liked by the majority so him being a house vote so early is not likely. So anyone attached to him in the early goings is pretty safe from being voted in by the house. Of course the "Agency" can pick anyone so being his partner wouldn't help necessarily in being picked by them but if he likes you and he has friends in the agency, they aren't going to pick his partner.
  14. Agree on Cavill. Disagree on Antje and Ray. Almost anyone could have played Faora in my opinion and I actually preferred Jovian Wade in Doom Patrol as Cyborg. Not that I thought either was bad, they were both good but not perfect to the point were I couldn't imagine another actor playing the part.
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