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Kate Plus 8

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1 hour ago, farmgal4 said:

And evil to the core.  I’m convinced that the bitch sold her soul to Satan in exchange for D-list fame.

Even Satan has standards,  surely. 

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The twins graduated from high school over the weekend. There are no articles, and Kate hasn't posted anything.  Mady posted a pic with two of her brothers

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5 hours ago, JerseyGirl said:


They couldn't "afford" dresses that fit?  I know they are only just out of high school, but they look so trashy!  Of course, with their over 40 mother showing off her wrinkly, old knees, in an equally ill fitting dress, I guess we can't expect much better.

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51 minutes ago, Absolom said:

Possibly another failure to launch out of the gate:  773K viewers and a .22 rating for the premiere.

For Kate Plus 8?

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Kate Plus Date.

Thanks.  I had followed the other thread and somehow lost the follow.

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