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  1. gingerormaryann

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    JJ said she never spoke to her husband about mattresses. Sometimes you hear stuff like that and you realize how out of touch she can be and how judgemental she is about others who don't do as she does. She asked Byrd if he ever talked to his wife about mattresses and he went off script and said yes. Whatever points she was trying to make were effectively nullified. I can't speak for anyone else but I've often spoken to people about mattresses and never found anything weird about it but I do think it's weird if a married woman says she never spoke to her husband about it.
  2. gingerormaryann

    Comeback Kitchen

    LOL. Adam was definitely not pissed about anything regarding Food Network. He finished third and got a ton of exposure, more than many winners. Since his loss was almost a decade ago, that's certainly a long time grievance. I've personally heard him say that he owes it all to Food Network.
  3. gingerormaryann

    S14.02: Destination Videos 2018.06.17

    Samone was just unpleasant to watch. Her performances on both challenges were so angry that you were uncomfortable watching. I thought they'd let her stick around for the drama, but no. Adam's ringer status is getting worse. In both this and Comeback Kitchen, he made mistakes that someone with his experience in television wouldn't make. He even did a show on Cooking where he did a post mortem on NFNS and had the eliminated contestants on. In the team challenge, there was no way he wasn't going to pick Amy but he was clearly told to pick someone else. Incidentally, if anyone remembers Adam's season, it was the most interesting examples of producer interference at the time. Adam was in the finale 3 along with Lisa and Aaron. The belief was pretty strong that they wanted Aaron to have a show to pair with the Neelys For the final 3, they went to the Wynn Las Vegas and cooked a buffet for the chefs and employees of the hotel. Adam went back to his smokehouse roots and did a barbeque that everyone went crazy over. I think the judges said he was the runaway winner from both the chefs and and employees. Lisa did a nice presentation where she sang but Aaron bombed huge when he pretended to cry. Aaron was obviously going to be eliminated but since that didn't go with the script, they brought all of them into the finale and were able to eliminate Lisa and Adam. Aaron's series lasted, I believe, two seasons and more than a few people said they couldn't understand him without Closed Captioning. I'm fascinated to see how they're going to use Adam.
  4. gingerormaryann

    Food Network in the Media

    The show has proven that narrow focus is what makes successful Food Network shows. I think Debbie is extremely good at presentation and it is interesting that her saying she's Korean is singled out when we constantly hear people talking about being Texan, Southern, etc.
  5. gingerormaryann

    Food Network in the Media

    Since when did One Note become a detriment? Jeff Mauro went through his entire season making Sandwiches and not only did he win, he's hosting a morning Food Network show. I'd personally love to see a show devoted to Asian cooking as opposed to another devoted to Southern cooking, several of which are already on this show.
  6. gingerormaryann

    Food Network in the Media

    You could see there was a fair amount of distance in the presentations between Adam and Debbie and the others and that's obviously because they've been on TV almost continuously since their early seasons. I also think Adam intentionally did that thing with the egg separation for the sake of competition. He has his own successful sausage business and also hosts a lot of shows so why would he want to be on Next Food Network star again? At this point, he more successful in the media than the two who finished ahead of him in his season, Lisa and Aaron.
  7. gingerormaryann

    The Kitchen

    I've only started watching the show and I think there's a real problem with cast chemistry and overall production. It's only an hour show so why do they force the personalities do those crafty elements that they obviously hate. For Zacharian to have to decorate a store bought cake was humiliating. Their ideas for parties is beyond bad. The moments where they simply cook are the best although I could live without the "ooohing" and "aaaahing" the personalities have to do and the interesting facts they have to throw in. I think they should consider moving the show to LA and use Adam Gertler and Debbie Lee as the co-hosts. Both Gertler and Lee are contestants on "Comeback Kitchen" and they have much better rapport than anyone on this show. Then they can bring Marcela back. I personally like Jeff and I think he does a good job and we should put GZ out of his misery because it's almost like he has to do this show as a condition of his bankruptcy. Katie Lee might be tolerable if she worked on her voice as I can't stand her nasal, whiny delivery. Sunny needs a stronger director but you can also see the difference between her and another Reality Show star Niecy Nash. NN is immediate and likeable and also knows when to be quiet. Sunny seems like a nice lady but she's almost playing a parody of the sassy African American on the panel.
  8. gingerormaryann

    New Episodes Discussion: Cooking for Jeffrey!

    I think today's episode was one of the best. Simple foods, easily explained and well demonstrated. I could have lived without seeing that dick Bobby Flay doing that milkshake again, but it was almost like watching the old Food Network. Instruction and entertainment. How good is that?
  9. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    I know no one has the answer, but what exactly is she funding? We all have the snarky answers but how is she defining her scam? She speaks vaguely about getting better but as the now deleted comments noted, she was given a golden opportunity to get better with Dr. Now and she blew it. I guess it doesn't exactly cross the line into deception as she isn't clear at all about what the money is for.
  10. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    It's a message from God He doesn't think she should have $50,000.00. ETA: Someone just donated $5.00.
  11. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    She has disabled and deleted the comments from her GoFundMe page. Talk about brutal. I'll give her this: She keeps getting punched and keeps asking for more.
  12. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    Her GFM page has great comments. Someone posted "In my best Dr. Now voice, 'Really?!'"
  13. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    Her FB page was updated with a video to tell everyone she did NOT eat the pizza. And the only man she fell for was God. There's a lot that could be said about her and her crew but let the video speak for itself.
  14. gingerormaryann

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story LIVE CHAT

    Wow, Dr. Now gave one of the classiest responses to her apology you can imagine. He said she didn't offend him but her health was his priority so if she lost weight, it was the best apology.
  15. gingerormaryann

    S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I really enjoyed seeing Zac back. I would have gone for Fabio for the win but how can you dislike an Anthony win.