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  1. Just finished watching season 5 and for the most part, I liked it. My biggest problem with this season is in using Oswald Mosely as a central figure: anyone who knows ANYTHING about the lead-up to WW2 knows that he most certainly did not die of an assassination attempt in 1930. I got impatient waiting to see what would really happen when Tommy's plan didn't work, and knowing that Mosely wouldn't die really undermined a lot of the suspense that episodes 4-5 were going for. OTOH, I'm waiting (for the next season) when Tommy finally figures out that it was Michael who betrayed him. And I'm sorry they killed Aberama off, even though it was probably to give Polly an incentive to turn on her brothers. Having said that, I don't see things being easy between Polly and Gina (who is an absolute snake).
  2. Is/was there any explanation for why the Russians would want to unloose this hell-on-earth force, which would destroy them as well as the rest of the world?
  3. jrlr


    Good analysis and I suspect it's correct - although I hope we are both wrong! I'd forgotten some of Thursday's less than above-board behavior, probably because he's always been portrayed as being old school in his methods (including smacking suspects around) especially when there was more tolerance for any methods used to get to the bad guys. But this payoff/bribe from a superior officer seems different, and he did seem awfully relaxed and jovial in the bar scene that Endeavour observed.
  4. jrlr


    Lewis is my favorite, too. I keep wishing they'd continue on (I guess this would be reaching "saga" status) with a Hathaway series, but I think that's probably very unlikely. Completely OT but if anyone here is also a Dorothy Sayers fan, wouldn't Laurence Fox make a fantastic Peter Wimsey?
  5. jrlr


    I am so happy this is back and that a 7th season is going to happen. But can someone enlighten me on one point? For the life of me I can't (or don't) understand why Thursday is currently treating Morse like he has the plague. I must be one of the few who think that Joan is a pain in the ass, but I'm happy they have given her a direction in her life. And Strange continues to quietly, without fuss, set things to right - he's a great character. It is sad, though, as someone pointed out above, that we are seeing Morse start to become that bitter, dour man that he is in the future.
  6. This! Bishme was in no emotional shape for this challenge, and it wouldn't have hurt Christian (who has generally been doing a fabulous job) to steer him more clearly in a direction that might have resulted in just a forgettable outfit instead of that mess on the runway. Although I like Hester as a person much more than I did for most of the season, her stuff is so damned juvenile and derivative, I don't see how anyone can think it is "fashion forward" (loathsome phrase IMO). I'm not a fan of Garo's style - most of it screams "costume" to me, although he is terrific at what he does, and his stuff is always polished and noticeable. But even with his skills he couldn't pull off that ridiculous Nina tuxedo assignment, and it was a true mess. He might have done better if he'd thought a little more outside the box and designed a short tuxedo dress - and also if he'd chosen a different fabric because that was just plain ugly. I've been rooting for Sebastian from the start, and still think he is really the only one who deserves the big win. And that deep orange outfit was gorgeous! Whether he'll win or not seems to hinge on how much the judges love Hester's silly designs and annoying histrionic personality.
  7. Sounds like Erin to me. Her crappy, craftsy kiddie pool designs were right on par with Hester's, but by treating the other designers decently, Hester now at least seems likeable (ish).
  8. Yes! During that entire, interminable scene, I kept thinking that if she was too (understandably) freaked out to split his skull with the axe, why not just use the wooden handle as a baseball bat and at least knock him out?
  9. That pretty much sums up the whole crop of mediocre designers (with the possible exception of Sebastian) that have been creating tired, dull and completely forgettable looks this entire season.
  10. Sebastian's look was elegant, beautifully executed and was original enough to stand out in this challenge - I think it should have at least been in the top 3. Sonja's wasn't much, but it was far better than the irritating Suzie Creamcheese's "shocking" use of pasties (Gawd, what a buffoon Hester is) or Bishme's fugly mess or Tessa's dull-as-ditchwater layers of drab. I liked Jamall's look a lot, and it was nice to see him finally figure out how to execute his vision so coherently. I'm afraid we may never get rid of "Look at me, PLEASE, look at me!" Hester, who AFAIC doesn't have an original idea in her head, but who seems convinced that she has re-invented the wheel every single week. I thought Brandon Maxwell's disgusted initial reaction to Hester's mess was the most honest thing to come out of a judge's mouth all season. . . but of course, he dialed back his honesty in time for the judging. Ugh.
  11. jrlr


    Unlike most precociously annoying daughters on television, I've always though Maddie was a been pretty reliable and likeable teen character. I don't even mind the puppy love too much - although I hope it doesn't become an important subplot. But there's one thing about her this season that I find very distracting - she constantly keeps her head tucked down into her chest or her shoulder, even while speaking her lines. It's awkward and odd, and makes her look like a crane, is anyone else bothered by this?
  12. She admits to 34, but she seems more like late-40s to me - a lot like uber-hipster Michelle on PRA, who also claims 34. Is there something magic about that number?
  13. I agree. The fix seems to be in for the irritating and "special" Hester. Everything she makes looks like bad Lisa Franks from the 80s, and those talking heads with her in her idiotic costumes hurts my eyes and ears (that vocal fry is awful). Really? Plastic in the pants cut-outs? Wow, such INVENTION (not). This whole Hester thing makes the judges seem like they are stuck in the past, gushing over kitchy bullshit which isn't even original, let alone stylish. SMH big time.
  14. Isn't it time for the whole manic pixie waif thing to go far, far away? I feel like it's been plaguing us for DECADES, and it's just tiresome - especially since all the girls (and I'm using girls rather than women on purpose) who are like this (and ugh! Erin showed up to "help" on all-stars) just try soooooo hard to be quirky that it's exhausting. Guess what? If you're truly visionary and offbeat, you don't have to scream it from the rooftops or radiate it from your sunshine overalls and silly glasses - it comes through in your work. And I have no idea why Hester was even in the top three. It was a checked tablecloth repurposed into. . . what? When the judges were oohing and ahhing over how each piece of it could be used/sold separately, I wondered if we were even looking at the same hot raggedy mess.
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