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  1. So am I. Too much same-old, same-old with Eve being even more pathetic than usual and Villanelle being too over-the-top in every way - I'm even losing interest in her wardrobe. Geraldine is a stiff, Konstantin is too over-involved in, well, everything, the online newspaper or whatever it is just feels awkward and gimmicky, etc. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was more bored and irritated than entertained or surprised with this episode, and I don't know if I'll even bother with the rest of the season.
  2. A lot of people seem to have problems with her. I don't like or dislike her - she's just kind of forgettably there. But that dress was HIDEOUS and you're right about her needing a different stylist, although from what you see on the (real) runway and the red carpet, well, I question their taste level (or whatever Nina says).
  3. Jamie belongs behind bars. Ambrose and Sonia belong in padded cells. This show belongs in the garbage bin.
  4. Is Nina Garcia going blind or just in the tank for Victoria? At least she could show the same shitty attitude towards all these mediocre designers, but she's so blatantly biased that I can't stand listening to her sniping or seeing her active bitch face when she's critiquing. Nina: Sergio, you are a POS for stealing gorgeous, elegant looks from from Galliano, Dior, etc. and not copping to the "borrowing." Nina: Victoria, you are FANTASTIC for stealing cheap crappy looks from Wet Seal and Forever 21 and not copping to the "borrowing."
  5. In the infamous 1920's case of Leopold and Loeb, two smart, affuent Chicago college students kidnapped and murdered a child to prove Nietzsche's theory of the "ubermensch" or superior man. Failing to get away with the crime rules them out of the superior man category, but the appearance of "ubermensch" on the headboard makes me think that Jamie and Nick tried the same thing, killing and burying someone. And the flashback grave-digging scenes suggest that unlike Leopold and Loeb, they succeed in getting away with their crime.
  6. I liked Clara's character, and it's a pity that she won't hve a bigger role (if any) going forward. But what really puzzled me is her living status. She's rich, young, beautiful. . . and has no servants or parents around to come to her rescue when she's fighting off a rapist? Max has a key to her house, like they are already living together? Maybe I missed something that would explain this, but it all seems very wrong for the time period.
  7. Dated is right! Her model looked like something out of the pajama party scene in the movie "Grease."
  8. That was the first thing I've heard Karli say that sounded so mean and unnecessary, even more because Chelsea could hear it.
  9. After four episodes, I'm done. I was really hoping for something engaging and different, but this show is simply dreary and repetitive, plodding through one disastrous development after another with no change in tone and and no effective story twists. Considering the potentially dazzling skating sequences, the lack of energy here is amazing. Supporting characters Marcus and Jenn are far more interesting and sympathetic than the leads: Kat, her mother and her sister are increasingly annoying and dislikeable, and Justin is nothing more than a teenage romantic fantasy. The only things I'm even remotely curious about are if Kat will ever smile, and if Marcus will be able to change his mind and go to Stanford med school instead of joining a ski team - but it's not worth slogging through this redundant, angst-filled story to find out.
  10. For the runway and judging Victoria wore this white outfit of hot pants bottom and and a weird ruffly top - really, she looked like something out of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." But then again - I may be the only one with this opinion - everything she has made has looked trashy to me.
  11. She should have beed auffed just for wearing that grotesque romper/pinafore/hooker outfit-thing. I actually winced when I saw it.
  12. Just finished watching season 5 and for the most part, I liked it. My biggest problem with this season is in using Oswald Mosely as a central figure: anyone who knows ANYTHING about the lead-up to WW2 knows that he most certainly did not die of an assassination attempt in 1930. I got impatient waiting to see what would really happen when Tommy's plan didn't work, and knowing that Mosely wouldn't die really undermined a lot of the suspense that episodes 4-5 were going for. OTOH, I'm waiting (for the next season) when Tommy finally figures out that it was Michael who betrayed him. And I'm sorry they killed Aberama off, even though it was probably to give Polly an incentive to turn on her brothers. Having said that, I don't see things being easy between Polly and Gina (who is an absolute snake).
  13. Is/was there any explanation for why the Russians would want to unloose this hell-on-earth force, which would destroy them as well as the rest of the world?
  14. jrlr


    Good analysis and I suspect it's correct - although I hope we are both wrong! I'd forgotten some of Thursday's less than above-board behavior, probably because he's always been portrayed as being old school in his methods (including smacking suspects around) especially when there was more tolerance for any methods used to get to the bad guys. But this payoff/bribe from a superior officer seems different, and he did seem awfully relaxed and jovial in the bar scene that Endeavour observed.
  15. jrlr


    Lewis is my favorite, too. I keep wishing they'd continue on (I guess this would be reaching "saga" status) with a Hathaway series, but I think that's probably very unlikely. Completely OT but if anyone here is also a Dorothy Sayers fan, wouldn't Laurence Fox make a fantastic Peter Wimsey?
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