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  1. No need for inspection. Just watch Spartacus. He used to complain how cold it was on that set which made sense because the entire cast was pretty much half-naked. I still don’t get it. He oozed charisma on that show and here he just…hmph. Mind you, this was the first episode I saw in months. The lack of new characters on this episode was nice. I actually knew who everyone was and seeing Phillip and Brady fight over Chloe made me laugh.
  2. It’s too bad he couldn’t use his natural Aussie accent, or even the one he used in Spartacus. I love Dan but I don’t know if EJ is right for him. He just felt so…stilted.
  3. Except he was using Israel as an excuse to be antisemitic. He said, "my insatiable appetite for war and killing" not "Israel's insatiable appetite for war and killing. " And there's more. He also wrote an essay called if "if I were an Arab" justifying Arab, or rather Palestinian, attacks against Israel. So, in other words, it's okay for Arabs to fight in self defense but not for Jews to do the same. (I'm purposely not using the words Israel and Palestine here because he didn't) So while I agree with Sunny that conflating Jews and Israel is bad, that is exactly what he's doing here!
  4. I thought that was Ana. Also, regarding the attack in Canada, I read the original Twitter thread and a girl was sexually assaulted. Essentially, what happened was she tried to intervene with the old guy getting attacked and the attackers grabbed her breasts.
  5. dear Meaghan McCain- i do not need your Wonderbread self to defend my people from antisemitism. And while, yes, Omar Ilhan did conflate Israel with Judaism, she was shown the error of her ways and apologized and hasn’t made any such comments since, MTG has not. In fact, she decided that I, and my fellow Jewish people, stand with her regarding mask wearing, even though wearing masks saves lives while wearing yellow stars inevitably killed people. I’m vaxxed and I still wear a mask. Also, AOC, as a representative of parts of both the Bronx and Queens, has a lot of Jewish constituents
  6. My father-in-law died yesterday so I just caught this ep today and it has hit so close to home, you have no idea. Not to mention, my family usually has tragedies occurring during important events (IE, I’m turning 40 tomorrow). I was an intern at Microsoft years ago and this episode really reminded me of that experience, especially puzzle day-although we weren’t vying for a job. This was a great episode. And I just love when Peter Gallagher makes light of his eyebrows.
  7. Just a small nitpick. He was Israeli, not Russian.
  8. No kidding. My son is 7 months old, goes to daycare and probably also thinks he’s the only baby in the world when he’s by himself. Of course, when he looks in the mirror: “oh, look, another baby!” Now, I’ll admit, this last year has been hell, and this is from someone whose life hasn’t changed that much (kids still went to daycare, I still went to work-I’m a doctor, FYI) but being vaccinated means I get to see my 93 yo grandma and my mom can travel from a different state to help out without quarantining without fear of any of us getting sick. And as much as I want this pandemic to be over
  9. I think that Bucky needs an asterisk next to his name. He was brainwashed and tortured and didn’t know who he was or what he was doing. When Robert Redford had his memory wiped, that shit looked painful. Had he been given the serum as James Buchanan Barnes, I don’t think he would’ve gone all crazy, as evidenced by his rehabilitation from the winter soldier. Of course, part of that was his love for Steve... All I kept thinking after Lemar died was that when Steve thought Bucky was dead, he didn’t go on a warpath, he tried to get drunk. Poor Lemar, I liked him. I think even he was begi
  10. That was a different sister. Magneto has like half a dozen kids. Anyway, in a deleted scene in Days of Future Past (although I believe it was added back into the Rogue cut), Wanda is referenced but not seen. There was such a legal mess with the two Quicksilvers, I don’t think Fox wanted to deal with adding Wanda too, although I always felt their background made them more a part of the X-Men universe than it ever did MCU. But that’s just me. On a more topic note, could anyone “play” Pietro though? I mean, he’s a speedster. A normal non-enhanced person could not be able to move like
  11. The X-Men’s Quicksilver is American, not Sokovian. He wouldn’t have an accent. Of course, I highly doubt that the MCU Quicksilver would have an accent in Westview either, considering Wanda doesn’t.
  12. I feel like this adaptation has no urgency. Even the dream sequences are kind of boring. I remember being so creeped out with the first miniseries. I mean, sure, I was only 13 at the time but I was already well versed with Stephen King and actually started reading the book during the miniseries. But with this, not even the captain trips victims seem that freaky.
  13. Limited series just means it’s longer than a miniseries and shorter than a regular series, ie no multiple seasons.
  14. Saru said he’d never seen one so old before. I thought that meant that the elders were much younger when he was little due to them all being killed at a relatively young age during Varahai. Once they stopped getting killed, they actually started growing old. Dang, kelpians must live for centuries.
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