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  1. So now I have to get rid of my (25 year old) raincoat and all my exercise clothes. I guess donating them is out of the question.
  2. The amount of people not there tonight has really helped with the length problem. On the other hand, what is up with these performances that have nothing to do with what's currently on or coming up Broadway? I mean, I know there a concert at the end but can't that just be for the shows that either have been on Broadway multiple years or didn't get to open before covid shut them down?
  3. I didn’t see it as him being homophobic. I saw it as him being A) disgusted that he may have cheated on Abigail and B) if he did cheat, it being with Leo. I mean, Leo. The guy had been hitting on him hard the entire time and he was taking it in stride. How would you feel if you were told you just slept with someone you found absolutely despicable?
  4. Is it just me or did Sunny have a little too much bronzer on? She was so shiny and glittery today.
  5. I think it’s a whole second Becky thing. At least they use either Patrick or Austin for Austin and don’t hire someone new. This show is a riot. I guess Freddy didn’t feel like leaving Florida to film but I was getting tired of his acting anyway.
  6. Is it just me or is the watcher more corporeal in each episode? Like in the beginning, he was a shadow, then an outline, then in black and white and it now seems he was in color this past episode. Small nitpick: you can't directly get from grand central to anywhere in jersey. You need to go to Penn.
  7. One thing doesn't make sense to me. With Thor gone, Loki is now the rightful heir to Asgard. Does he really need to rule earth when he's going to be Asgard's king? Or is he just doing this in the meantime?
  8. Well someone just won the award for worst father ever. How does Petra not realize that union of earth and sky means little Tarim/Bellweather babies? Meanwhile, a mycelium-made Alder? Awesome!
  9. This was SO Much better than the first movie. I feel like the first one took itself way too seriously and this one was so much fun. The end kind of reminded me of the old anime super hero cartoons, like Sailor Moon, with the giant monster fight and taking over random civilians and being defeated in the end by heart. It felt more like an MCU movie than a DC movie too. Also, so many familiar MCU faces. Sad we lost Flag. Ratcatcher and polka-dot man were awesome. Weasel was…really gross. Nanaue was kind of adorably useless.
  10. Pandora was so milquetoast this season. Sad because I loved her first season. She's all up in her head and is afraid to step on anyone's toes. She should take a lesson from Bianca and not give a damn. Still, it's nice to know she's a Douglas Adams fan.
  11. She actually tweeted that out yesterday, I believe. She said she was losing half her left lung, it was caught super early-stage I, and they told her she probably doesn’t need chemo or radiation. That is totally not cool of what Meghan tweeted. That’s just being prejudiced to hate someone based on who you’re related to. It has nothing to do with genetics, it’s based on how you’re raised.
  12. So was Adil. I really like Raelle’s dad. He did a great job raising her.
  13. As someone who tried to breastfeed but who had so little milk her daughter weighed less at her one month appointment than at birth, I can attest that it is hard for some people to breastfeed. Same thing happened with my son only with him I supplemented from day 1. I had to stop at 3 months with him because I became deathly ill, ended up spending 2 weeks in the hospital and was given an antibiotic that u couldn’t take while breastfeeding. So yeah, for some people it is hard. As for the Olympics thing, it was hard for me to be away from my babies when I was in the hospital 5 minutes away fr
  14. No need for inspection. Just watch Spartacus. He used to complain how cold it was on that set which made sense because the entire cast was pretty much half-naked. I still don’t get it. He oozed charisma on that show and here he just…hmph. Mind you, this was the first episode I saw in months. The lack of new characters on this episode was nice. I actually knew who everyone was and seeing Phillip and Brady fight over Chloe made me laugh.
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