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  1. bourbon

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    At first I was surprised that they had chosen *this* character to do the abortion storyline with. She only had two kids (as compared to the 6 kids of the cleft palate storyline), she was young, and she and her husband looked comparatively prosperous. But perhaps that was the point. If you're truly pro-choice, you don't get to judge. I generally ship characters on any given show, but I prefer Phyllis not get a romance storyline. It's nice to see an older woman be happy and fulfilled with her friendships and her career.
  2. bourbon

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    Sorry, all bets are off when the minor is pregnant. But that's another argument for another time.
  3. bourbon

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    First time I EVER agreed with Manning. Go, Nat. Minor or not, her wishes should have been respected on this issue. Choi is insufferable. And the minute a doctor says to me, "Don't you think you should tell your husband?" is the minute I request a new doctor. Whether or not I tell my spouse is MY business. Just treat my child. That said...I get that they need tension, but the whole thing made no sense. Manning is oh-so-self-righteous and Choi a little more laid back. I expected their roles to be reversed on this. Honestly, I think the writers just flip a coin. Why is Maggie of all people, who gave near complete stranger her freaking kidney, giving side-eye to Natalie for dating the widower with the baby? Halstead is a gross, whiny man-baby. Why is he pressuring Ingrid to give him the story of the meth lab? She told you what you need to know to treat the agent. Leave her alone. She owes you nothing. The Bekker story is bizarre. If I cared, I'd call it character assassination. There has never been any indication that she was unhinged. *She* was the one who was aloof and seemed not to care about Rhodes, and now she's a stalker? The intentional cutting? The "kidnapping?" It's so weird. I sincerely hope it turns out that she is NOT unhinged, otherwise it's just really bizarre writing. But why am i surprised.
  4. bourbon

    A Discovery Of Witches

    Wow. This is...not good. It feels like Twilight for grown-ups or a spooky Outlander with all the longing looks and heaving bosoms. It's kind of Mary Sueish with Diana being the most intriguing, most irresistible person/witch ever. I find Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer completely without chemistry, too. Plus her line delivery is so flat and vapid that I don't buy her as an Oxford grad student let alone an Oxford professor. And has been said before, the whole worldly older guy guides wide-eyed younger woman dynamic seems creepy and woefully out of touch right now. Do demons do anything? I get vamps and witches...but did I miss something? Do demons have any actual powers? But it has pretty people and locations and a great cast, so I'll hang in there. Something being "not good" doesn't necessarily mean it isn't enjoyable. 😉
  5. bourbon

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    All of the designs were pretty awful and unwearable, IMO. Except Christina's. Of course. And the show doesn't seem to know the difference between climate and weather. Were these outfits supposed to depict mercurial weather at a vacation location? Or some kind of seismic post-nuclear shift? Was there some kind of volcanic eruption near Palm Springs that caused the sun to block out and make it go from sunny to snowy? It seems a foregone conclusion now that Michelle will win. Despite her hideous designs, I wouldn't have a problem with it if she weren't so personally objectionable. She and Anthony Ryan are both dead to me since she copied Dmitry's style and then denied it. Whatever, girl. Fashion is reference. But at least 'fess up. And then AR tattling to her like a middle school girl that Dmitry was badmouthing her (which he wasn't.). Both of them can go. That said, Deema probably should have gone home for that dress and coat combo.
  6. bourbon

    The Widow

    I enjoyed it. It was good "turn off your brain" stuff I didn't have to think about too much. The blind story felt like it was from a different series, though. The tone, the look...way different, and for me it never really tied into the rest, although the actor playing Ariel was very good. I would not have minded if Georgia had really given Judith Will's address, but I guess we had to have him step up and implicate the rest. Too bad, though, that Judith is the only one who really pays. It *did* have a white savior feel there at the end, but it redeemed itself slightly with the last line when Adidja thanked her for giving her a home, and she said words to the effect that Adidja *did* have a home, but they were making a new one together. There was a feeling that they rescued each other.
  7. bourbon

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I enjoyed the whole thing and thought the only truly clunky thing was the 11th hour introduction of Mike Ardoin and his daughter. As soon as the little girl, who looked uncannily like young Julie, bumped into Roland and Hays, I knew that Julie was still alive, married to that guy, and the girl was theirs. Maybe if they had introduced him more organically...had him be the one to take them to the grave or something. It was just such a giveaway they could have had sirens and flashing red lights. I didn't buy the relationship between Amelia and Hays. He was such a humorless, brooding asshole I can't see how they got to the second date let along married, procreated, and lived a lifetime together. Their married life seemed joyless, and the whole thing just made me sad. She was too good for that. The makeup was phenomenal.
  8. bourbon

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    This season is utterly joyless to me. The problem with the All Stars, particularly with this iteration wherever everyone has won at least one season, there's just a feeling of ennui and too-good-for-this-ness. Bitchiness abounds, and not in a particularly fun way.
  9. bourbon

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    I never thought I'd say this, but Latrice lost any goodwill I had for her with her behavior this season. Girl, it's a game, and you lost. You don't get a pass because you're "beloved." The sense of entitlement was not a good look. The whole thing felt rigged as an excuse to keep Valentina and bring back Latrice. I suppose I'm OK with that one level. I don't mind when eliminated queens have to battle *each other* to come back into the competition, but it seems pretty unfair that the weak queen gets a second chance where the strong queen gets none.
  10. bourbon

    S13.E09 Field of Fears

    So much of this. My husband and I have been watching for years for the fun and the snark. (I don't follow DCC in the off-season. I don't follow any of them on social media.. I don't have an opinion about VK or Dayton or any of them beyond what I see on the show.) But this just might be my last. It physically hurt to watch Miranda's visceral and immediate reaction to having her hair criticized after being told that any little thing could be the reason they're cut. Don't know if it was also because I had been watching the Kavanaugh hearings earlier, but tears actually came to my eyes. I get that they're free women and being on DCC is a real coup, but I find myself wondering why anyone would put themselves through this treatment. Being told you have to be sexy but not too sexy. Smart but not too opinionated and not controversial. Being told that despite being an active, fit athlete and a perfectly acceptable weight, you're too fat...all in the guise of "We're worried about your health! Our uniform is unforgiving! We're worried you'll get made fun of if you look heavy on the Jumbotron!" Gah, it's borderline abusive. Breaking down these girls in body and spirit, paying them a pittance, pitching them against each other, and then telling them that they're lucky to be there. I hope the girls who were cut this year *don't* come back. They dodged a bullet as far as I can tell. I felt terrible for Madeline after her first office chat. Being told that the girls (at least the vets) didn't like her and then having to walk through the gauntlet of hugs and WEE LOOOVE YOOOOUS after she wasn't cut. How awful for her knowing that some or at least one of these girls who was know rejoicing she hadn't been cut was one who narced to Kelli in the first place. I think I'm out. Maybe it's the just America 2018 for me, but this does not seem like something women should be doing to each other or themselves.
  11. bourbon

    S01.E01: Pilot

    It scratches an itch for me -- fluffy medical drama that doesn't require me to think too hard. Or at all. But damn is it ever earnest . Look! We do interracial relationships! Look! We have a Muslim nurse in the background! Look! We have POC in high positions! Which is all great, but it's so studied. But I like the cast, which is better than the script really deserved.
  12. bourbon

    In Search Of... [2018]

    Part of the appeal of the original was that it was sort of cheesy. I was really hoping this would be an intelligent look at unexplained phenomena with a sprinkling of cheese, but it is just so dry and dull. How can you do a show about creatures from the deep and not even touch on Nessie or Champie? And it isn't even very thorough. In the episode about time travel, they talked to a guy who claimed he had time traveled...and never asked him what he saw or where he went. In its attempt to be more highbrow than the original, it completely lost sight of the fact that this stuff is silly and fun, too.
  13. bourbon

    S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    You're confusing two numbers. Kent and Neil did two duets -- one was an athletic baseball number to "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal Mo." There wasn't anything homoerotic about it unless I'm missing something or two men dancing together is gay subtext. They also did a duet to "This is How it Ends" about the disintegration of a relationship. Travis was coy about it and said it was about a friendship, and that is how it was sold, but it was clearly about a romantic relationship. The choreography said it; the emotion said it. Yet, it was sold as a friendship. To the show's credit, I don't think they would have to be quite so coy about it anymore, and the routine could be sold as a routine about the end of a same-sex relationship. I didn't say Nigel was "horrifically intolerant." He might privately be quite accepting of gay folks. He just hasn't been as open about and accepting about it on the show as I personally believe he should have been. Yes, they've had gay contestants. Yes, they've had male-male routines, but even with the gay (open or not) contestants, there's been a lot of ridiculous showmancing (Kent/Lauren) or denial of the subtext of the dance. It took them how many seasons? 12? To do a routine that was definitely about a same sex relationship.
  14. bourbon

    S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    I just don't know. The show has embraced gay or non-traditionally masculine male dancers before (Jakob Karr, Nick Lazzarini, Benji Schwimer, Travis, Ricky Ubeda)-- even when they are AA or male dancers of color (Brandon Bryant, Kupono) The problem is that this show has always been so ridiculously silent on sexuality (unless it's a het showmance), and Nigel has been so clearly squicked by any suggestion of homosexuality in the male dancers. It didn't sit right that Nigel was gushing about how proud he was of Travis, Darius, and the show itself for Travis' routine when Nigel has clearly tamped down any whiff of anything other than strapping heterosexuality in the male dancers in this show.
  15. bourbon

    S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    If I want to watch highly-skilled dancers excel in styles they're trained in, there are other shows I can watch. That's not why I watch this show. I want to see dancers grow, try new things, and exceed their and our expectations. Darius and Jay Jay (and countless other contempo dancers who've been eliminated before you might expect on this show) were technically brilliant but left me somewhat cold. Would I pay to see them in a production somewhere? Sure. Would I pay to see Slavic do Prokofiev? Probably not. But that's not why I watch this show. Rooting for Slavic. I was sorry Darius and Jay Jay had to go on the same night. This show has always embraced people of color, but the optics of two AA men getting the boot on the same night was not good.