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  1. Evan Peters not only was great in the drunk scene, but he's the only actor doing the accent consistently. (I'm a Delco native) Despite all the articles online about how much work Kate did on the accent, it's not great and NOT consistent at all. She's doing the O's pretty well -- words like don't and phone, but she's missing the other markers that make the Delco accent distinct. Evan's getting the flattened O's ("you owe me a Cewke.") But he's also getting the the I in words like right and nice, that sound more like roight and noice. He's also getting the flattened A. While most Americans
  2. Wow, I just did not like this show. I had such high hopes after WandaVision, but even that kind of missed the mark in the finale. This show just left me cold. It just didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. It felt like any time the writers didn't know what to do, they would just throw in some whacky bro-tastic bickering between Sam and Bucky. And I'm all for layered villains, but there's a difference between that and just not really knowing how to handle a character. John Walker? Hero or villain? The lack of certainty about that seemed less like a writing choice and just the writers h
  3. This looks pretty dormant, but I just finished bingeing on Netflix, so... There are a few shows with finales so bad, so confounding, so WTF, that they ruin the entire series for me. How I Met Your Mother is one. Ashes to Ashes another. I'm not sure this finale falls *quite* into that category, but it is pretty darn close. I appreciated that Augustus Dove and Nathaniel were complex characters. I actually liked Dove and was rooting for him until he killed Robin. I kept hoping he hadn't actually done it, but alas. I think he really cared about Rose and Connor and wanted to do right by h
  4. bourbon

    S15 E08: We Have a Team

    Not a huge Kelli and Judy fan, and it really isn't any candidate's job to make K&J feel less bad about cutting them. I also don't follow any DCC on social media, and I don't know what went on with the cut vets raising concerns about "the bubble." That said, I'm not terribly sympathetic to Hannah, Brennan, or Lily. They were given parameters from the get-go about what the TC would be. They chose to participate, and Hannah seemed checked out from day one. She appeared to not want to be there. Then...don't? Brennan was also given a chance to bow out gracefully and earn an automatic spot
  5. This was a whole lot of really unpleasant people, but I suppose they're no different than participants on any other "candid" reality show. If that was the point they were trying to make, they were successful. My daughter is a hearing ASL interpreter, and she works a lot with students and staff at Gallaudet. She's commented about the whole "elite" deaf of deaf group. Tessa and her crew came off like a bunch of Mean Girls.
  6. I like it. It's charming and sweet and full of likable people. Even the "villains" are surprisingly likable. It's refreshing to see a show with characters who are decent people who sometimes do the wrong thing. Perfect show for this silly season.
  7. I enjoyed this. It was completely bonkers, but I enjoyed it. I suspected Meyer was not who he said he was, and perhaps he was even a Nazi. When we met him, he was watching "Seconds," essentially a movie about plastic surgery or assuming a new identity in a new body. And when he was meeting with the Swiss banker, the banker commented that Meyer's German was excellent. Not sure I bought the twist, but it was interesting. However, it never solved the question of the impossible chronology. When did OG-Meyer and Ruth have a baby? He "disappeared" in November '45, which means Ruth would h
  8. Ugh. I hated the hijab storyline. HATED. Marjan snapping "IT'S A CHOICE!" about it was offensive to the millions of Muslim women around the world who have no choice and are beaten or murdered for making the brave choice NOT to wear it. Where are those stories? I'd rather see them than the trite bullshit of the oh so brave Western woman making the oh so brave choice of wearing a scarf.
  9. Unpopular opinion, but I was not impressed with Chelsey's look at all. It was cute, but it was a swing coat. There was nothing terribly original about it, and it certainly wasn't "fashion forward" as they like to say. She shouldn't have been in the bottom, but that was a safe look if there ever was one. I can't believe Dayoung didn't win, and I can't believe some of the safe designers weren't in the top. It was marketable, I will say that, which is ultimately why Chelsey won and not Dayoung. The less said about Victoria's monstrosity, the better. Sergio's look was gross. Exploitive, weird
  10. Agree -- but it's not the Academy that bugs me. It's the endless round of auditions with their "feel good" stories and sob stories and grandmas being called up from the audience to dance with their grandkid. They could cover all the auditions in one highlights show, then Academy is one week. And dispense with the green mile. Then a legit Top 20.
  11. Yes, and Russell Ferguson won his season, too.
  12. This was an interesting concept. But ultimately, for me, disappointing? Frustrating? I guess i was expecting something very uplifting and tear-jerking (in a good way), but it...wasn't. Ep 1. I thought it was pretty smart to start with this episode where the girl got a definitive diagnosis and treatment. Although, it did set me up for disappointment with the rest of the eps where the diagnoses weren't so clear cut. Also, her dad was jerk complaining about he had symptoms, too, and how disappointed he when she said she didn't want to have kids if it was genetic. Pssst. Dad. IT'S NOT ABOUT Y
  13. I don't care about any of these people. There is usually someone or a couple every season that I really love and root for, but they are all so generic and boring and uninspiring. I really found the whole pre-live show tongue bath for Madison about how inspiring she is pretty insulting. Why? Why is the fact that she is bald inspiring? It would be one thing if she had an ailment or affliction that made it more difficult for her to dance. But being bald doesn't affect her ability to dance. So why is it inspiring, then? Because being bald is SO horrible and SUCH a tragedy that she is inspiri
  14. At first I was surprised that they had chosen *this* character to do the abortion storyline with. She only had two kids (as compared to the 6 kids of the cleft palate storyline), she was young, and she and her husband looked comparatively prosperous. But perhaps that was the point. If you're truly pro-choice, you don't get to judge. I generally ship characters on any given show, but I prefer Phyllis not get a romance storyline. It's nice to see an older woman be happy and fulfilled with her friendships and her career.
  15. Sorry, all bets are off when the minor is pregnant. But that's another argument for another time.
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