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  1. In other Washington team news, apparently the 3 minority investors have been trying to sell their stakes in the team but with no success. They want out not because of the name, but because being partners with Snyder absolutely sucks. The no takes on the sale is probably because of the name PLUS working with Snyder. THAT's why Fedex suddenly started pressuring Snyder to change the name.
  2. She did name some names and got called a whore, a slut, and a liar just out for money. What would naming more names accomplish? WE believe her. But those who can actually do something about the Jeffrey Epsteins of the World do not. Dershowitiz is STILL claiming her story has inconsistencies in it so that means she is lying and he never touched her. Oh well, forgive me if the sex trafficking victim didn't get the fucking receipts and might be confused on which date specifically you raped her.
  3. Kim tweeted support of her husband's latest stunt. I miiiiight have responded with "How did the baby bar go? You could be AG?" No response. I'm thinking she didn't take the baby bar this year. If she had we would have heard all about how hard and stressful it was but she is sure she passed.
  4. One the attorneys had a whole chart that showed all the connections, every girl brought in by another girl and flowing back up to Epstein, Maxwell and that other woman. Every. Single. One. They only showed a portion of the chart and it was scary how many had been recruited. Not only feeling complicit, I think one of the girls was threatened with being charged with sex trafficking herself for having recruited other girls. Epstein knew what he was doing. He got an endless supply of girls and co-conspirators he hoped would keep quiet in order to protect themselves.
  5. Worse, apparently during a private tour of the palace, Ghislaine Maxwell put her creepy, sex trafficking of minors butt on the throne. I mean seriously, who says "Yeah that's the Royal Throne, go sit on it and I will take your picture." It's not a prop.
  6. Has she like .. looked in a mirror lately? Does she think folks of a certain persuasion are smart enough to look at her and go "oh wait, she's one of the GOOD brown ones?"
  7. My favorite is the Washington Unindicted Co-Conspirates, especially as the way the team has been playing is criminal. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your server A LOT.
  8. Well I never thought he was the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but this was hardly a suprise. Unless he was one of the one's helping hiding her and his foolproof plan .... wasn't.
  9. "Congratulations, you're the mother of America." Yep, Yep, Yep. So wonderful to see that. She's right she and Patricia Neal were very different. I think the show would have had a whole different tone if Patricia Neal played Olivia. I'm glad they went with Michael Learned (nothing against Patricia Neal but the way they wrote the part was not right for her)
  10. Fedex is also a part owner of the Washington team. Snyder is the majority owner. If Fedex is finally calling for a name change that carries a little more weight than a sponsor pulling their name. Fedex also has naming rights to the Stadium. Also losing sponsors hurts his bottom line more than people not buying season tickets because his team sucks. I always thought it would take positive incentive to get Snyder to change the name, but hey, if the carrot won't work I'm good with the stick. If his wallet getting hit finally builds the momentum for the change, I'm good with it.
  11. Some very rich people have been hiding her for their own reasons. I think we know where the tapes went.
  12. THIS. Nothing would have stopped the racist tabs. But IF the Queen or Prince Charles had come out with a strongly worded statement about appreciating a free press but that racism will not be tolerated it would have helped Meghan. To know SOMEONE has your back would have left her feeling supported. I highly doubt she reached the age of 36 without knowing you ain't gonna make the racists go away completely. But you expect at least your own family to speak out about it -- or in this case your in laws WHO HAVE THE BLOODY MEGAPHONE OF VOICES to at least condemn it. Not just tell you "don't talk and don't let your friends talk either, it's just not done when one marries into the Firm."
  13. Oh there are women who hate Kate because they wanted William -- women who had no chance in HELL of ever even meeting him let alone snagging a ring from him. That's where all the comments about social climbing and Watey Katey and Duchess of DoLittle came from. But that's why they did the same with Meghan as they did with Kate, to the palace staffers it was just the same thing -- delusional women being hateful. They literally did not see the racism that went with it. So to palace staffers you ignore it or as noted, throw someone else under the bus to save yourself. business as usual. They could NOT wrap their heads around it wasn't just that this AMERICAN stole Harry, or that this DIVORCED WOMAN stole Harry, it was that this BIRACIAL WOMAN took their lily white prince from them.
  14. Yep. Something tells me she did this ALL her life. Maybe if I bend over backwards daddy will love me. Not even like he loves his other kids because I don't think he loved them very much other. He is a narcissist who only saw ALL his children for what they could for him. At the biggest moment of her life, he let her down -- again. I also defintely believe staffers told her to not comment. That's been the royal plan for decades. You don't comment on tawdry tabloid stories and they go away eventually. If you comment it gives them legitimacy. So you ignore it and just move on. But this was different. It wasn't the usual "Meghan's turn in the barrel" sort of tabloid gossip. The Palace literally could not see the dog whistles being blown because they didn't have the experience of it? Should they have? Different debate. But they weren't used to dealing with the racism because they didn't even know to look for it. But honestly, SOMETHING could have been done. They supposedly learned from hanging Diana and then Sarah out to dry without any support and that leading to the two divorces. But I guess they didn't learn quite enough. Honestly, the Royal Rota has to go, that would be a good first step.
  15. My big question is what is a "socialite" doing in New Hampshire? It sounds like she wasn't too hard to find so they could have arrested her before this. I have no other questions because that "lady" is up to her botoxed face in this mess. She procured the girls for Epstein, period full stop.
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