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  1. They told Kanye it was just a storyline for the new spinoff show and if he kept quiet he would get a check out of it. No way is Van Jones dating Kim K. Just no way. Kris might want that new image now that sex kitten, earth mother, muse to a "genius" have failed, it's time for the "legal eagle, Kim K." image. Except we haven't heard ONE bit of that lately have we? Not one word about the Baby Bar and the results are looooooong out. IF she had passed( and we are not sure she even took it), we would have heard about it. Someone on here once said that the law thing was only an excuse to stay in California when Kanye was talking about moving to Chicago. I think you are right. Once Kanye was off to Wyoming and did not expect her to join him, she knew she was safe.
  2. Right there with you. The whole "it's phase" sounds like that silly little Olivia just doesn't know her own mind, she'll be back because I am so wonderful soon. Just very controlling.
  3. The butterfly one on Bea is nice. I am not a fascinator person. It's a HAT, it covers your head, not a little satellite dish on your head. But the butterflies are nice and actually seem to fit more in what a fascinator seems to be to me. But then again I am a sucker for anything butterflies.
  4. WHY by all that is holy to anyone anywhere at any time in history is Urban Meyer an NFL coach? WHY? He even gets to hire the GM. HIS OWN BOSS. Must be nice. Given what went on at Florida and Ohio, he doesn't not need to hire his own boss who will be beholden to him. He needs a boss who will watch him like a hawk and make sure he follows the rules.
  5. Why is ANY team still in the post season not doing a bubble? Sure it would suck to be away from family for a month, but its ONLY a month. For the whole enchilada. If any team wins because the other team is playing without major players due to Covid, that will just raise so many questions. On the other hand, the Browns kicked the Steelers ASS without their head coach and several key players due to Covid exposure.
  6. So putting Nicole Kidman in the I Love Lucy movie (also not a new idea) is being creative and new? I mean sure she was once a big actress but what has she done lately? I think the casting director went hey a red head and a hispanic guy, with recognizable names, we are set. On to the Mertzes.
  7. The Royal Tours are not just "oh let's go gawk at the funny colonized people." Nor are they vacations where part of the attractions they visit are human Disney Worlds. They are set up by the Government and usually have a purpose. Promoting trade, supporting the Royals' on the tours chosen causes, maintaining open relations and creating understanding. If you don't go VISIT the other country and see their cultural, how do you understand it so you don't do something stupid? These are working trips with tons of briefings prior to the trip. As for Meghan not wanting to do it, she jumped in with both feet. As a working actress she knew how to make a tour work. She had a bigger platform to promote the causes she had always supported. I don't think she walked in and went "whoa wait a minute, I have to do WHAT?" She was handling the JOB just fine. What got to her was the absolute constant barrage of criticism. Often for doing the same things Kate did for which Kate got praise. What COULD be the difference?
  8. After the divorce, with Maris pretty much leaving him with nothing, Niles was able to afford a NICER placer than Frasier and he didn't have a talk show. So its highly possible that Frasier could afford that nice place on his own psychiatrist salary. perhaps he invested well.
  9. Blaming the Cambridges when the decision to go on the tour was out of their hands is pretty unfair. Just like overseas tours, these things are set out by others for what needs to be accomplished on the tour. The Cambridges just got handed a schedule of events. Now they are being blamed like they conceived it, planned it and had any control over it. Just like the pics complained of. The tour schedule said Go to the Arts Events, because the Crown wants to be seen supporting New Zealand arts. So they went. Knowing it was an art festival makes it a lot less go gawk at the wacky New Zealanders and more "oh boy are arts people so avant garde and edgy." The cloaks are actually a gift and are considered a mark of high esteem in that culture. As for "rented children" that's just a rude comment. The kids right at the steps of someone are usually someone high up's kid or has been chosen because they got great marks or did the best drawing. As for missing school, which would you rather do be sitting in school all day or having a kick about on the soccer field with someone? I know when I was a kid a day off was GREAT and I LIKED school.
  10. Zara doesn't do the Royal lifestyle. She is a private person and not part of "The Firm." She shows up for family functions not official enagements. I don't think she has security either.
  11. Zara has sponsorships for her riding. From what I understand it generates a quite nice income. Not BRF level income, but wealthy upper class income. Even they got cut off from any subsidies from her Mother tomorrow, including the house, they would still be doing quite well.
  12. Pretty sure they did the same with WKRP. Who rarely won anything .... because WKRP. Of course Les Nessman always made sure to announce his Wheat Award or whatever.
  13. Umm what? The Browns WON????? No head coach, key players out, no real practices all week, routine all off. And they WON????? The Steelers looked bad. I hope this pitiful performance kills the "rest your players in the last week" for once and for all. Part of the reason they looked so bad is they were out of sync. Yes the Browns hadn't practiced, but they had virtual meetings, etc. The Steelers just ... fell apart. I don't want to hear "but what if a key player gets hurt, then you don't have them for the playoffs." You don't HAVE playoffs if you are so rusty even the junkman won't haul you away. Steelers also clearly need a new OC. Those interceptions (with the exception of the opening play fumble) were because the Browns players knew EXACTLY where to be. that only happens if your offensive play calling is incredibly predictable (ask me how I know, I dare you).
  14. Let's just say he and Daniel Snyder probably agree on a lot.
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