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  1. Yeah listening to the Final Chapter part of the Bad Blood Podcast -- She's so totally going to get off. All it takes is one hold out juror. And if she could convince George Schultz with her low voice, what is some poor guy on jury duty going to do? I really hope the Prosecutor's opening argument is "Everything about Elizabeth Holmes is a fraud. her company was a fraud, her device was a fraud, even if voice is a fraud." Maybe that will get through to the jury.
  2. Since it's been mentioned here, and Elizabeth Holmes' trial is beginning I went ahead and started a thread for the Bad Blood Podcast over in the podcast forum. I have opinions.
  3. Discuss the podcast Bad Blood about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos
  4. Yes. Why did they give Meghan extensions? Her natural hair is lovely. The third looks the best because its the only one not posed to a fare thee well. I know its Vogue, but these folks aren't Barbie dolls.
  5. She has apparently farmed out her kids to relatives so she can be with Josh all the time. I do not think itis to help out Ms. Rieber. I think its because she believes her place is by her husband's side. The kids don't need care, he does in her worldview. The whole "make oneself joyfully available" at all times thing. Since he's not in the same house she has to be where he is. If she were really a good mom, but just unwilling to divorce Josh, him living with the Riebers would be the perfect excuse to avoid him. " Oh I have to care for all these kids, I just can't be running ove
  6. Damn Ravens. I thought for sure Justin tucker was going to blow the FG attempt when all the announcers talked about how "automatic" he is. The West Division in BOTH conferences all won in week 1. Gonna be a tough division this year. 2021 might be one of those years where the shifts in where the conference champions come from. I remember when the NFC East sent THREE teams to playoffs, Division Winner and BOTH wild cards. Now one of the West Divisions could do that.
  7. She was not missing the Met Gala. Look who she had to sleep with to get invited. It achieved one goal -- everyone is talking about her. too bad she can't see all the comments .....
  8. On the plus side she is not half nekkid. Nor will we have to listen to her attempt to speak.
  9. The kids are what 5 and 4 and are alone in the house while Mom and Dad have "date time" outside? Not that kids that young need to be watched every second, but you kinda got to be focused on what they are doing. They can get into stuff very quickly.
  10. boy I hope so. Because my first thought was "who paid for the ring?"
  11. There actually was a court ruling that the Director of Homeland Security was not properly appointed so all his regs/rules/directives were not valid. The lawyers just extended that to this case. Which lawyers try all the time. It was a Hail Mary, but not bad faith. They were just trying to extend an already made ruling.
  12. okay, I snarked that she is "separated" from Albert. But after reading that article, I am genuinely concerns for Charlene's health. She had to have surgery in August and then had to go back to the hospital September 1 unexpectedly. The pic with her hair hidden a scarf doesn't help. She looks like a chemo patient.
  13. Maybe the Packers should have traded Rodgers in the offseason after all. Never count out Mahomes. You know it would nice if the Lions didn't save all their scoring for the 4th quarter. Just once. Looks like the NFC East is going to be putrid again this year. SOMEONE has to win the division.
  14. No they won't. The "he made it do it" defense ignores the fact she was at Stanford when she came up with the idea, was told by her female professors it will never work and said "Fine I'll just go ask the men." Who threw lots of money at her because she was blonde and spoke in a low voice. She knew it was unworkable but made promises anyway. The failed business one might be better if not for her being everywhere making such grand promises that she KNEW were not true. The part of this I have never understood is why Walgreens bought into without every independently verifyin
  15. This. I keep saying this. It looks like "OMG the prosecution screwed up" because everyone is going over and over every little thing for lack of anything new coming out. Which is normal in cases. Something doesn't happen every day in a case. But because its someone "famous" people are eager for "news" so they pore over every little piece. If this court has a bunch of these cases, they are not going to conveniently screw up just because it's Josh Duggar. But I want to push back on "getting off on a technicality." These "technicalities" are fundamental to our system of justi
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