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  1. This a thousand times THIS. If they hated Meghan and blamed her for Harry leaving, and there was rift with Harry, etc., they would not be respecting their wishes. They would do whatever the hell they wanted. But they are. So 1) the family is talking and 2) while they have issues LIKE ANY FAMILY, they still love and respect one another and 3) they are ALL trying to protect ARCHIE from the abuse his mother got.
  2. You are allowed to have mixed feelings. Because people are complex. Both the predator and the victim. Someone doesn't need to be a saint to be victim and someone doesn't need to be Satan to be a predator. Which is why processing it can be difficult. And that's OKAY. What's not okay is trained professionals only looking at the good in the accused and the bad in the victim and deciding based on that. But the rest of us can be confused and even a little hurt when it turns out someone whose work we LOVED falls into the predator category. I don't know about Barrowman, but i
  3. Pretty sure she captains during salmon fishing. But boy did you catch her playing to the cameras. She pops into the frame and looks dead at the camera like "am I in the right place now?" It's right when Sig is first talking about Junior. Which the timing on this was REALLY weird. Junior would be talking about his daughter in broad daylight, then they would cut to one of the other captains talking about it and it was dead dark out. I mean I guess if it was daylight at Dutch, someone fishing more than 12 hours away would be night time but it seems ODD.
  4. Sometimes a picture is just a nice picture. Everything doesn't have to be analyzed to death. That's conspiracy level thinking. No Charles shouldn't have realized "how OTHERS would see it." Because the OTHERS are irrational who see everything in terms of their own focus. If you try to appease them, they just move the goalposts. If he used a photo with Meghan in it, he would have been accused of using one that shows her not wearing nylons on purpose, or where she was in profile as a means to diminish her instead of full on face. Literally any photo would have been criticized. So
  5. I feel sorry for the Reibers. Well Mrs. Reiber. She is in the cult too so couldn't say no when her husband volunteered them as the custodians of the idiot. She did say she didn't feel comfortable being alone with him. Which is as strong as she could get in contradicting her husband in public. Why couldn't the Idiot go live with his dad somewhere? Because Mom and Dad were the ones who mishandled it the FIRST time. Dad had a state trooper friend come in and talk to the Idiot about how badly he was behaving. The state trooper must have made an impression on the Idiot. The S
  6. Yep. Samuel Ball was quite the entrepreneur. He wanted that wharf so he could expand his cabbage empire and diversify his goods. He lived on a fucking island, of course you have a wharf. It's like, "treasure" is not the only heavy thing in the world folks. Oxen and heavy loads REALLY support the shipyard theory. So does the fact they are talking british military having an outpost. Did they forget the L shaped structure from last year that was the French? Who DID have the paychest (which probably had ... silver in it which would explain the water test). The French had
  7. I'm going with this theory. He wanted to shoot a bear. He knew going after the big one was not allowed so he CLAIMED to be going after the problem bear. Then "ooops, went the wrong place" and shot the big bear. ASS.
  8. Was coming here to talk about this. The DM claimed that because an aide might have helped write it, that she wasn't the sole copyright owner the Crown was because he was a royal employee. Which is BS. The secretary denied writing it. The CROWN said "nope we got no copyright here." Which its tough to tell but I think they were saying even if the aide did assist, the Crown doesn't consider that enough to make it a Crown document for which it had copyright over. DM was reaching for straws and failed MISERABLY. But her personal letter is still out there.
  9. They announced William would be called Wills. It just never stuck. Henry VIII was known as Prince Hal or Harry. Talk about strong genes. Look at a portrait of Henry VIII and then Prince Harry. George IV was often called Prinny by his close friends. It stood for Prince Regent when he ruled for his father during George III "little spells."
  10. My first reaction to the Bill and Melinda news: Prenup or the lawyers going to get rich? A friend who also does family law says "nah, they will each take a bit and give the rest to the foundation, they've been doing that for a while." I said maybe that's the reason for the divorce, one of them isn't as on board of giving it all away to the foundation as the other one? Time will tell.
  11. Sexual predators/abusers don't start out assaulting and abusing immediately. If they did, no one would be around them. They use charm to gain trust, THEN start in. Unfortunately far too many people only see the charming side (because they aren't people the predator/abuser wants), so they can't believe that nice man would do such a thing. Predators/abusers KNOW this btw, and use it to their advantage. They always have "character" witnesses who can claim they are just too good of a person to do such a thing. Which is why sadly it takes multiple women coming forward before peop
  12. I think we are seeing representative samples of what they find. Like ONE shard of broken pottery. And ONE ox shoe. They aren't showing every single shard of broken pottery or ox shoe because that would get repetitious. Also, they probably aren't showing us anything that doesn't support the idea of TREASURE. So if they find a pewter fork, well they can't spin something so plain into TREASURE. The iron cross SHOULD be in that category but that managed to spin that into proof the Knights Templar buried treasure on the Island. Most of what they are finding is just artifacts of e
  13. Because its always a woman's job to control the situation. the boys just can't help themselves. It goes right up there with "she shouldn't have been wearing that outfit if she didn't want to be raped." And "why was she in the neighborhood." It also goes along with the advice to "watch your drink so no one puts anything in it." You know instead of telling men -- don't rape women, don't spike their drinks.
  14. Someone will always come up with some word using a Z that lands on a triple word score then shout about it. This one word will win the game for them.
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