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  1. On November 16, 2021, Curley Culp announced he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Today, November 11, 2021, Curley Culp left this earthly plane. FUCK CANCER.
  2. AMC is still showing a lot of them. Just you know at weird hours like 2:45 am. Good place to check for ALL the holiday shows: https://christmastvschedule.com/
  3. Thank you for this. I can only find the first episode on demand but I will keep looking. I think the best part is this small family business isn't struggling anymore. All it took was a bit of weirdness happening. (boy this one is going to be tough to avoid the politics rule).
  4. In completely missing the meaning of the season and going for competitiveness instead the Big 3 networks did this tonight at 8 p.m: CBS: Frosty the Snowman NBC: How the Grinch Stole Christmas -- the good one with Boris Karloff not any of the abominations since then. ABC: Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I watched ABC, taped the Grinch, I'll figure out Frosty later. But give folks a freaking break.
  5. The kids are cute. but how incredibly tone deaf. It's not like people don't know that Josh is going on trial next Tuesday for possessing child porn. Fine you have a nice Thanksgiving for the kids, but you don't plaster it all over social media like you don't have a care in the world.
  6. Yeah NO. Sometimes people get divorced because they SHOULD NOT BE MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. Kim and Kanye being one such couple. The fact that he is talking reconciliation while she is allegedly already dating her new man should be a big clue she is NOT coming back. but its more of his delusional controlling ways. Which are actually signs of abuse. We KNOW I don't like Kim. But that doesn't mean she should be stuck in a bad relationship with someone who is abusive. I just want her to go away, not be harmed.
  7. Why do very white people make those stupid fake gang faces and signs in pictures? It doesn't make you look cool. It makes you look like an idiot.
  8. Here's some (very) old scandal. Today in 1120 the White Ship wrecked off the coast of France. On board were many nobles and the Heir to the Throne of England and Normandy, William. They actually got him safely off the sinking ship, but he heard his half sister's screams and insisted they go back for her. He drowned. There was only one survivor, a butcher's boy who had been sent by his boss to follow the Royal party over an unpaid bill. The wreck left Henry I with only one legitimate child -- a girl. He made his nobles promise to accept her as Queen when he died. They did.
  9. I feel bad for her. She spoke up as forcefully as she felt she safely could considering her husband was all for it. The JUDGE who is NOT fundie, did not take her seriously and allowed it. this is on the Judge.
  10. The last holiday and the last weekend for Joshie to be a free man for a good long time ........
  11. 1. He probably had permission to attend IF he was there. 2. Trial is next Tuesday. No one is going to go to the effort of revoking a bond over the Thanksgiving holiday over his attending. IF he had committed a crime sure. But merely being somewhere he shouldn't well prosecutors have families they want to see. Not drag some judge back from HIS break just to put Joshie in jail for a couple of days.
  12. He's going to get out of jail and go right back to working at the "car lot." Only there won't be an internet hook up on the site or some such. JB is not going to just let his fat ass sit around. He has to at least APPEAR to be working. A car lot if perfect. Very few minors show up, hell, at that "car lot" very few of anyone show up. JB can continue to use it to launder money with the threat if Josh says anything, he will rat him out to his parole officer. JB will have COMPLETE control over his son.
  13. Ehh she got knocked up because she realized that entitles her to child support. Plus if the guy dies, the kid is now an heir. With Michael, no child support and his kids would get everything if he died, leaving her with nothing. Either that or her birth control failed and she is just making the best of it.
  14. Yes but the sentencing guideline is already based on viewing the sexual abuse of minors. So you can't say "because you did this thing on which the sentencing guideline is based, you get more time." The minimum sentence does fit the crime in the wisdome of those who created the sentencing guideilnes. The guidelines allegedly already take into account the heinous nature of the crime. That's why CSM has a higher minimum than say, shoplifting.
  15. And he will. Because this isn't supposed to happen him, the Prince who is to Inherit the Golden Kingdom. He will be very shocked when the judge revokes bail and sends him straight to incarceration upon conviction (if that happens, I doubt they will let a convicted child molester go home). So what happens for Thanksgiving? Anna drags her SEVEN kids over to the Rebers so they can have Thanksgiving with Daddy? They tell the Rebers, sorry your OWN family can't be present because of St. Josh's bail terms? But hey, you are piling up points in heaven by having to feed all of us.
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