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  1. At least the horsies get to run free during this time. But so sad Trooping of the Colour and so many other events have been cancelled. Damn this horrible disease. Camilla is really stepping up to the plate on the DV issue. I gotta give her credit for that.
  2. Please note, when the Sussexes announced they were stepping back they said they would be dividing their time between the UK and North America. They never said they were moving to Canada. As a US citizen, Meghan probably always intended to spend time in the US. It's where her mother is and where she grew up, not Canada. Also they were only renting that house in Canada. They had to leave sometime.
  3. I'm sure the nannies have plenty of plans in place. Kimmie doesn't need to worry her little plastic head about this.
  4. We all said "Why are they out and about and shaking hands? Why aren't they protecting themselves?" They had to be seen "carrying on" in order to improve morale. When what they needed to be doing was setting the example. It wasn't until AFTER the Commonwealth Day celebrations that the Queen finally stopped her public engagements. HOw many people did Charles possibly infect? I must say the Swedish Royal Family handled this very well. They cut public engagements immediately. They are mostly photographed in crisis meetings, instead of ribbon cuttings right now. They even put out of the video of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar washing their hands. Imagine if the British Royal Family did that? A televised message by the Queen to stay the hell home. Charles meeting with leading doctors -- six feet apart of course. Charlotte and George washing their hands.
  5. I thought they split them to generate more interest? Instead of having it all bunched together, they split them so there would be interest every other year? Ratings you know. NBC gets the rating boosts every other year instead of twice in one year. (not that NBC can get it right YET. Everyone says SHOW MORE EVENTS. They go with more personal stories).
  6. Last night as they roll in with the big cassons "We didn't do much digging this year waiting for you to show up with these." WTF? They've been putting holes all over the damn Island and even on the Mainland all summer long. This episode felt out of sync for some reason. "It's the perfect size for a treasure chest." WTF????? I didn't know treasure chests came in standard sizes. I figured you put the booty in whatever size chest you had handy. Ipso facto - it's a treasure chest. It's not like you went "oh I WAS going to hide my treasure but turns out I didn't have the right size chest so I'll just leave it sitting out." General observations: Why did TPTB decide to feature Gary Drayton all the time. Even in the war room, they focus on his stupid grinning face all the time. No matter what is said, they have to go to him for a reaction. Do the viewers write in saying more Mr. Bobby Dazzler please? I find him a buffoon. On a more serious note -- do you think coronavirus will affect their ability to get up there and dig this year?
  7. Instagram is perfect for following the royals. It's mostly pictures with captions of what's in the picture. You can see the pretty clothes, the gorgeous jewels and ask "what is that thing on Maxima's head" without getting into commentary about who is in and who is out, who "broke" royal protocol this week, etc. The Swedish Royal family have mostly been photographed in meetings about the crisis. Let me say CP Victoria can ROCK a suit. Seriously.
  8. Saw Neil's twitter yesterday. It was hilarious and just what we need. The Arts are what we need right now. Bravo to all the symphonies, ballets, operas, broadway shows putting their performances online so we can relax and enjoy them while isolating.
  9. Now we find out if he really has heart issues or is faking it. But medical care is not the greatest in prison and no one is giving up a much needed isolation bed in a hospital for him. Right there that will doom him if it turns serious.
  10. Bwahahahahaha. My only concern is the other poor people he is locked up or the corrections officers might now get it because of him. That asshole can't stop harming people can he?
  11. CONGRATULATIONS. Oh this is happy news. They will never forget the children they lost, but every new life is a miracle to be celebrated.
  12. Somewhere in the darkness, the gambler he broke even ... RIP Kenny Rogers.
  13. Great and they moved him to another prison where he can infect that prison. That's the biggest concern with it getting into prison, everyone moves around so much. In and out, to another prison or released from confinement. Plus the close quarters, you can't do social distancing in a shared prison cell. I don't want Weinstein to get it, because then it will infect others who don't deserve it. But as someone said, the fear of getting it and not getting treatment, yeah that's good.
  14. Oh they have to put that one up. It was an amazing game. Overtime in the Miami heat. The Chargers were gassed beyond belief but they played to the end. I swear I thought they were going to do anything to get that win, even if it killed Kellen Winslow.
  15. the celebrities are going absolutely nuts with all the restrictions. They can't go out and about and see and be seen. Celebrities to a certain extent need attention. They aren't getting it right now. You can tell the ones who really really really need attention for self-validation vs the ones who don't. With the new "shelter in place" for all of California, this could get really interesting over the next two weeks.
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