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  1. It won't be a fun two weeks, but it won't be horrific. But why on earth is Sarah Jane Moore there? I doubt FH will be relegated to indie films or theatre over this. As stated, it's a non-violent crime, no one was physically hurt. If actors can come back from drug charges and DUIs with injuries to others, without going that route, I doubt she will suffer much. At most, it's a talking point about her. She'll be getting offered tv movie roles and pilots just like before.
  2. I think it is more the blowback from Eugenie wanting the big "Royal" wedding when she was so far down the line of succession. Not wanting more bad press about the Princesses who are not senior Royals, she was instructed to tone it down. On the other hand, it's the Daily Fail, so I am taking anything about a Royal Rulebook on weddings and Beatrice "ripping it up" with a very very very large grain of salt. Something tells me that Rulebook also contains the nylons and wedges rules.
  3. Of course, it's similar to what Diana wore. Because Diana was following the QUEEN's tradition (somehow no one mentions that) of wearing an outfit in the country's national colors when starting a state visit. Now Kate continues that tradition. Because it's a good one. It builds up good will right off the bat. Not sure if Meghan did it in on the Africa tour, but I might have missed it being mentioned.
  4. They weren't rough calls. They were flat out made up calls. There were no hands to the face. The player had NEVER been called for hands to the face before. Suddenly in a game that looked like the Packers might lose, he gets called twice at crucial moments? His play didn't suddenly change for this game. Those calls clearly extended drives for the Packers. Then that was the world's fastest review of a scoring play when the ball was clearly moving. Any other team they would have spent 10 minutes examining it from every angle so they can call it back. Nope, for the Packers, it was confirmed in the blink of an eye -- even though the pylon cam showed he was down before the ball crossed the plane. Said cam the refs have access to if they so wish. Result -- the Packers conveeenieeently only needed a FG to win.
  5. Since when did Jon have joint custody? It's always been he gave up any rights in exchange for not paying child support. Or is it just Hannah and Colin they have joint custody? Did the custody arrangement change when he got Hannah and Colin? Is he paying child support now for the other 4? The biggest question -- WHERE IS.THE.MONEY. KATE???? I mean buying groceries and paying taxes on a mansion aren't cheap. But surely something should be left. It's not the money though, Kate desperately needs the attention. Her narcissistic personality cannot stand being out of the limelight. But she knows without the kids, no one gives a damn about her. So she claims its for the money to keep a roof over her poor innocent kids' heads. The books when those kids turn 18 and are away from her are going to be EPIC.
  6. Back in the days before cell phones and storing numbers on your phone, someone would say "I need to call Jimmy's teacher" and then proceed to just DIAL the number. Apparently they either called Jimmy's teacher a lot so had the number memorized* or somehow miraculously knew every single phone number they would ever need so never needed to look it up. You only ripped pages if 1) you were a bad guy or 2) falsely accused and desperately trying to find the one person who could prove your innocence. *one drawback to cell phones is no one remembers numbers anymore. If I need my husband's number for something, I have to look it up on my phone. Whereas, I think I still remember my dad's landline number from when I was in college. I called A LOT. Sometimes for money. Okay, mostly for money and food.
  7. If he was in line too, he was probably not officially there. He was just a guy taking his kids to see his Santa. I think that if a celeb is out with their family, especially kids, leave them alone. The kids didn't ask to be part of this life. I haven't had any real celeb encounters. In 2000, I was at the Super Tuesday watch party for Shrub. The Texas Rangers (he was still governor so he had secret service AND Texas Rangers guarding him) had to pull a Fox news cameraman off me who was crushing me against the barrier on the rope line. he didn't move very far because when Laura Bush came along and shook my hand she said "Watch out for that camera" because he was about to clock me in the head while swinging it around. I shook Shrub's hand too but her handshake was more memorable.
  8. I know. With all the messes going on right now, this one is a bit of escapist fun. Although I am sure that Coleen having her personal stuff being put in the tabs was not enjoyable. But good on her for nailing Rebecca. Someone on Twitter even asked why she did it. Like the answer is anything but "money dear people, money." I read that Coleen was so dedicated to finding out that when the gossip rags reached out to her people about the fake stories, they just didn't comment. Which of course the rags took as proof they were true and raaaaan with them. Now it's not just Vardy who has egg on her face but all those rags. Who Prince Harry is suing for separate reasons (check out the Royal forum for that bit). I am LOVING it.
  9. Titles get complicated. That is why Wikipedia entries have a separation section titled "Titles and Honors" so you can see when each person held which title. Including when they got the HRH and when they lost it. Which in England is HUGE. Diana was working things to keep her HRH after the divorce. Fergie cried she was losing hers. Andrew is fighting tooth and nail to keep his, and his daughters. Princess Anne has her HRH but got the added title of Princess Royal in the 1980s for all her hard work. It was a thanks from her mum since she didn't want titles for her kids/spouse and was never likely to succeed to the throne.
  10. Louise should be a princess, but Edward didn't want that title. Also being younger, Andrew probably conveniently forgets about her. Zara would not be a princess because it's the daughters of direct MALE heirs of the Monarch. So Only Charles, Andrew and Edward (see above) would have princesses. Princess Charlotte had to have her Great Grandma do a special patent to be called a princess because she would not be entitled to be called that until her Grandad Charles becomes King. Then as the daughter of the direct heir to the Monarch (William) she gets the title.
  11. So about the same as someone who is not an Hollywood couple. I was shocked a few years ago when a judge qualified an 8 year marriage as "mid-length." Other than Hollywood marriages that are OBVIOUSLY publicity stunts (or back in the bad old days, to cover up one of the people in the marriage's sexual orientation [hope I am saying that right]), I look at them like any other couple. You win some, you lose some. You have great taste in partners, you can't pick 'em to save your life.
  12. They are still members of the Royal family and get to keep their titles. They just aren't HRHs whic means they don't do official duties (and get money from the state) unless specifically asked to do. For which the expenses of the royal duty they are asked to perform will be paid by the Royal Household. So it's not like Princess Anne and Duke Harry declining titles for their kids. It's more like the Duke of Gloucester and the Queen's cousins. They aren't HRHs but they get a lot of perks anyway, besides being rich. Andrew has to be dying. This is EXACTLY the kind of slimming down of the "official" Royal Family that Charles wants. Which leaves him and his "only true princesses of the blood of their generation" out in the cold.
  13. Just saw on twitter that the Browns play the last unbeaten team in the NFC tonight. The 49ers. How the hell did THAT happen?
  14. @possibilities wasn't saying be paranoid. They were making a point about how saying "oh just get another job" really limits the victim, not the perpetrator. That the person who is the victim is always told to change. Sexually harassed at your job - go get another job/career. Creepy guy at church always making inappropriate remarks -- go find another church. Creepy guy on bus staring at you, maybe always finding an excuse to brush up against you -- take a different bus or change your commute. Just like when we were kids and the bully on the playground was making you miserable and the playground monitors said "well just stay away from them." Yeah because MY movements should be restricted because someone else can't behave. Why does no one tell the bully/sexual harasser to stop? Because it's easier to make the victim change their lives than actually address the problem. Especially if the perpetrator is seen as more powerful than the victim. The Stanford Rape Case. Brock Turner, white, blond athlete got 2 months for raping a passed out woman. For someone reason I always pictured her as a little blonde woman too. Until she came forward. She's Asian. So the WHITE guy got 2 months for raping the WOC. Let's talk about power and how well, she shouldn't have been drunk.
  15. On a happier note, Prince George and Princess Charlotte went to a soccer game featuring their dad's favorite team. Prince George was quite happy about his team's play. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/07/football/prince-george-prince-william-aston-villa-epl-spt-intl/index.html
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