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  1. The Jeffrey Toobin moment became a talking point on every lawyer listserve, facebook page and amongst ourselves. Because the judges have been telling us that Zoom Court is just llike being in court. Dress appropriately (please wear pants, please wear pants) and act appropriately. Just ewwwwwwwww.
  2. Well to be fair, your friends have no family or friends other than hanging out with your group of friends, so the plans probably included you anyway. Just the location was changed. If it is a work based show, your colleagues are also your best friends, so again, no plans other than with you.
  3. My team is just sad. A QB who can't throw. Receivers who can't catch. An entire Defense that can't tackle. But you know there is a football genius at GM so why isn't it working?
  4. Thank Giants for beating Washington. Much appreciated. Kept Dallas alone in 1st place in the division. The Tua moment is even more special if you know what he is actually doing. I caught a tweet later about it. he is Facetiming his parents. They couldn't be at the game because of travel restrictions. It's his first game since his injury so he wanted to share the moment with his parents, from the line where he last played a game (because he couldn't remember where the last Dolphins' drive ended in the game).
  5. Thank you. Nothing I hate more than a show set in a country that does not speak English and the American actors speak English with an accent. They would be speaking their native language in the real world not English. By putting the accent in there, it just reminds me they are NOT speaking the native language. If they speak English it doesn't even register.
  6. On tv, they always do amazing shenanigans to get out of jury duty. Me, I have the perfect out. I still gotta report but I just say the magic word "Lawyer." I don't even get called to a panel and am usually out by noon. One time I got called for the same day I had a trial already set (not a jury trial THAT would have been hilarous hijinks worthy of tv). I just called the jury person at the courthouse, and they reset me for a new date I was available.
  7. Good chance that everything with his wife was "joint with right of survivorship." That means it passes directly to the other person without going through probate. If you own a house with your spouse that is how it is likely titled. So if your spouse dies, the house is automatically yours even if spouse leaves it to their crazy cousin Dave in the Will. The only things left to probate would be those not designated that way. Or he didn't have as much net worth as people thought.
  8. Diana was a flawed person. Charles was and IS a flawed person. Both caught up in a bad situation. Charles is hemmed around by "duty." He's been taught his whole life to do his "duty." So when he is told by his father to marry that girl or let her go, he does the "honorable" thing and marries her. Was he also incredibly selfish that he wasn't going to let his mistress go either? yes. Diana wanted the fairytale princess role to make her whole life perfect because her parent's nasty divorce had scarred her horribly. So she said yes when Charles proposed even though it was clear they had nothing solid to build a marriage on. Then she was just thrown in the deep end and expected to be the "perfect" Princess right from the start. Did she manipulate that image to her own ends? Oh hell yes. William and Kate get a lot of grief for not being full time working Royals and doing so few engagements when the Queen is so old and Charles is not exactly a spring chicken. But the Royal Family learned at least ONE thing from the experience with Diana, and to a lesser extent Sarah Ferguson. Don't expect royal wives to just jump in with no support. Let them be a family for awhile. Let them get a solid base as a family first before they have to be "on show" all the time. It will help in the long run. The Royal life is not all the lawn is mowed and your travel is planned for you. There is a LOT of work that goes into it. Those Christmas decoratioins that go up each year right on time? There's a theme each year and the Queen has to approve it. The Queen reads her red box every day -- even on "vacation." Those trips --most of them are business trips with the schedule packed with meeting people and going places chosen by others. It's not "Hey I'd like to go to Bora Bora for 2 weeks and go snorkeling." Yes they get more vacations than the rest of us do, but they work a lot more nights and weekends than the rest of us do too. Those fabulous clothes? How many times have we on here criticized something that one of the Duchesses wore to an official engagement? At least when you or I go out, even some place fancy, no one picks apart our clothes, our shoes, our make up, our jewelry. No one is watching our every move and listening to our every word to criticize. Those servants that are around to get the cufflinks, put out the clothes, etc? Means there is NO privacy. They knew Diana was having an affair before Charles did. They knew Charles was still sleeping with Camilla before Diana did. Because again, no privacy. To sum up -- Charles and Diana - human with their good and bad points. Being royal - pros and cons. Like more people and life in general.
  9. Woke up trying to remember who was playing tonight. Checked the NFL website -- no one. Oh yeah. But double header Monday. I feel for the NFL scheduler. It's going to get worse.
  10. Yeah WHY create something new for a historical event? My big issue is it fits perfectly. It's well known that Diana lost so much weight before the wedding that the dress didn't fit right. Especially at the shoulders. Honestly if they leave out the bulimia in order to paint Charles as the poor misunderstood victim of all this I will LOSE IT. Diana was no saint. She really had her issues. But Charles was no saint either.
  11. She didn't bury him on the site, she fed him to the big cats. Make sure you get your salacious rumor right. Direct evidence? No. Circumstantial -- yes. He went missing supposedly on a trip that no one can prove he ever even left on. He was supposedly talking about divorce, which Carole denies adamantly. She had him declared dead realllllllly quick after he went missing so she could probate the Will. Which mysteriously left everything to her and nothing to his kids from his previous marriage. He did have a good relationship with those kids and a previous Will had provided for them.
  12. We went through this when the Sussexes bailed on Royal Duties. There was a whole discussion about how they announced while in Canada with Archie to keep the Queen from grabbing him. The summary was that it was BS. If the Queen was going to do something like that, she would have done it to keep Beatrice and Eugenie from Sarah Ferguson. She didn't do it then, she didn't do it with Archie. She won't do it in the future. There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to believe Charles would do anything either when he becomes King. Nor will William when he is King. Etc.
  13. If they get through the season with everyone playing 16 games, I don't think there will be an asterisk. In history, I think it'll just be treated like teams overrun with injuries. It's the playoffs where things will get interesting if one of the playoff teams comes down with an outbreak. Your husband wasn't an NFL quarterback. The surgeons who will work on him aren't in the ER with the gunshot victims. No sirreee. Funny, my husband said the same thing when I mentioned how he had to wait. It's not so much locked in (they moved it for the 2001 season). It's the host city has preparations already in place with locations committed for certain events, that might have things committed on the new week. I know that was a problem with moving it before. It's not so much that the date is fixed, it's that you might not have the venue on the new date. Changing cities would really screw over the host city who had already invested in all the necessary planning.
  14. Geez, my husband had to wait to the next day. Too many gunshot wounds taking up all the surgeons (kid you not). I feel for Dak right now. My husband hasn't ridden the bike in months because he doesn't want to risk an accident and be in the hospital with Covid still an issue. Although it looks like Dak's family can be with him.
  15. My husband broke his ankle in a similar fashion. Got his legtangled in the foot peg of his motorcycle as it was falling. He was off work for 3 months. Has plates in his ankle and a rod in his leg. Dak is done for the season at least.
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