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  1. Recently got around to watching this show on Netflix and, boy, am I bummed that they cancelled the series after Season 3. I’m not a huge fan of zombie flicks but this show was so brilliantly hilarious!
  2. I would be much more interested in a revival if it took place 10+ years later and had Jack Hotchner joining the BAU. His mother was murdered by a serial killer and he’s spent his formative years pretending to be someone else in witness protection. This gives him insight into catching bad guys for the A plot (COTW) and an acceptable level for brooding angst for the B plot. I can imagine Reid still being in the BAU but the others have moved on. Either JJ and Emily would be a higher up and be simultaneously proud of Jack and “Shit, what have you done again and what do I need to do to fix th
  3. Oh nooooooooo. Every revival of my favourite shows has been a hot mess - Gilmore Girls, The X Files, Arrested Development. I have absolutely no faith in a CM revival being even halfway decent. I’m just going to stay in my corner and rewatch the first 5 seasons, and maybe the last 5 minutes of the Season 7 finale for Emily in Dolce and Gabbana.
  4. Thanks. I finished Season 4, not sure I’ll keep going. I started off the series rooting for the Gallaghers (except Frank), and by Season 4 the only one I can stand is Liam. The cast, while talented, is getting too bloated and I can’t stand Sammi and Chuckie.
  5. I’ve started watching this show recently and just finished Season 3. I loved Season 1 and most of Season 2 but I’m already starting to be annoyed with most of the characters. Should I bother with Season 4, or just call it quits now?
  6. I would say I hated this except hate would require a level of emotional investment that I simply did not have. I found this season to be terribly long and unfocused, and I didn’t care about any of the characters except Hannah. Little Luke and Nell I wanted to rescue from Hill House; I just wanted Miles and Flora to stay the eff away from me. Those are some creepy-ass kids, so kudos to the young actors. Basically I thought this was a less scary, faux-British version of American Horror Story: Murder House. On a separate note, a friend of a friend on Facebook posted that Bly Manor was h
  7. I felt like I was watching a tedious, sober version of Drunk History.
  8. I don’t think I really understood what was going on, which might have been the point of the movie. As Reid says, how it feels to be scared of your own mind. I was impressed by Alison Brie’s performance in this because I’d previously only seen her in comedies and I had no idea she could do drama so well.
  9. I was watching Horsegirl on Netflix and caught MGG in a cameo ... playing a detective on TV.
  10. That was the episode that got me hooked onto the show. Other scenes that crack me up thinking about it: Alex realising when she gets drunk, she eats ribs; Jazz Kwon Do; the one where Max is a bear.
  11. Vancouver! To quote Allison Janney when she guest-starred on Weeds: primo weed, really good Chinese food. I did not know anything about this series until I saw a complimentary review in NYTimes or Variety or somewhere, but as soon as I started watching, I knew it was filmed in Vancouver. I’m pretty sure Kristy and Mary Anne’s neighbourhood is in Kerrisdale. Damn, now I miss home.
  12. I grew up in a part of Canada with a large Asian community, but regardless of ethnicity, almost everyone I knew took off their shoes before entering the house. I always thought wearing shoes inside the house only happened on TV, especially if the floor was carpeted. I had quite a number of BSC books but not the whole collection, I mostly borrowed them from the library. A couple of years ago, my parents cleared out their house and I agreed to donate most of my books, including the entire portrait collection. I might still have a couple of them left but I’ll never know because thanks to CO
  13. The first BSC book I read was one narrated by Dawn, so I always think of her first. She wasn’t my favourite but I didn’t dislike her; I liked the stepsister relationship she had with Mary Anne. And I coveted her long, platinum blonde hair. My least favourite was Mallory because she was so blah. I think AMM might have had a thing for large families. She wrote two books about a family with 10 (later 11) children called Ten Kids, No Pets and Eleven Kids, One Summer. I really enjoyed those them. The kids were better defined than the Pikes but they had really stupid names due to their parents
  14. I loved that Claud called Kristy out on her bossiness. I found Kristy overbearing at times but knowing the reasons for her desire for control, I could empathize. Wouldn’t want to hang out with her though. I love Stacey’s outfits. So stylish but without being oversexualised, which I really appreciate. Sadly, my fashion choices lean more towards Kirsty’s. Jeans and a hoodie are my go-to.
  15. I watched the first 2 seasons during its original run. Even now, whenever I see the ending montage of A Time to Hate, it makes me tear up. When this show was good, it was good. A couple years ago on a flight to Tokyo, I discovered that Japan did a remake of Cold Case. I really enjoyed how they tailored the storylines to make them relevant to their own culture/history. The victim in the remake of The Letter was an ethnically Korean woman with whom a Japanese man falls in love in post-WW2 Japan and the episode was every bit as compelling and heartbreaking as the original. They also did the
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