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  1. As long as she knows the words "alimony" and "marital property" she is good. IF she does go through with it, I hope she takes him for everything she can. It would be a fitting end to their relationship.
  2. The Coty deal had the fine print about the true value of the company. That's how this all came out. I agree with the poster above that Kris faked the numbers for Forbes, but filed legit tax returns with the IRS. I doubt anyone is going to prosecute over tax returns that were not actually submitted. Forbes bears some of the blame here. This is not the first person who faked their numbers to get on the List. If Forbes didn't make it seem it was so prestigious to be on the List people wouldn't lie to get on it. Or they need to get better vetters for their List.
  3. I apologize too. A damn heart attack. Poor man. best wishes for a speedy recovery Dr. May.
  4. The producers have no duty of care to her. They laid out a contract that I am sure has all the right clauses about it about the right to have an attorney review it (if someone then chooses not to, its on them), etc. They did everything required under the contract. There is no requirement that they prepare this child or ANY performer for a life after the show ends. This is all on her parents who signed the damned contract and kept renewing. They are the ones who instilled it in her head that this is the only way this family will have anything approaching a decent life. If I recall, they DID have at least one episode regarding the family eating healthier. What June wanted was a personal chef. What they got was an education on better eating. Which went over as well as any kind of trying to educate these folks did. Look there are lots of things out there about how to eat healthy that doe not require a producer of a tv show to provide them to you. the family is CHOOSING not to do it. They could all say "this show is ruining our family we need to stop." They are CHOOSING not to. At some point, people are responsible for their own actions. It's not someone else's responsibility.
  5. Ahh but there will be A WILL that leaves everything to you and only you. Your long lost siblings will be angry about this. They want to turn the family home into a B & B tourist attraction which is opposeed by the charming locals. Your siblings will team up together to force you to sign over THEIR inheritance. One of them will go too far and try to kill you. BUT, your true love will save you just in the nick of time. Your dastardly siblings will be carted off to jail where they belong. You will celebrate your saving and the end to the fight over THE WILL will all the locals at your home where you declare your intentions to live there forever with your true love. Fade to black ....
  6. Lori Loughlin and her husband were allowed to plead guilty during a Zoom proceeding. The start of the hearing was delayed because the attorneys had trouble figuring out the new fangled technology (as an attorney trying to figure out videoconferencing, I sympathize). This is not special treatment. Most courthouses are closed and many proceedings are taking place via zoom (my court isn't even that up to date, we are still doing teleconferences). They were allowed to stay home and be on the conference instead of having to fly to Boston. Sentencing set for August 21. based on the guidance I am getting from my local federal court, that will probably be via Zoom too. Their trial likely would have been put off as jury trials are unlikely to resume in federal courts before the end of the year due to social distancing. Unless something drastic happens, expect them to get home confinement because even by fall no one is going to be sending nonviolent offenders to jail And face it, this isn't even a top 100 heineous non-violent offense. It's entitled as hell, but there is a lot worse going on.
  7. Should journalists be 100% accurate and above hyperbole at all times? Yes. Are journalists human beings? Also yes. Ronan Farrow is not perfect. Maybe he "padded" his story a bit. Would the story have had the same explosiveness without the padding? Most likely. Did the padding undermine the overall credibility of the story given the totality of the circumstances. Oh hell no. This is either sour grapes that he broke the story that led to a huge movement and everyone else is getting sloppy seconds. OR he is about to bust something WIDE OPEN that the Old Grey Lady does not want busted open. Or a combination thereof. This is a case of picking on the messenger because the message upset the rich and powerful. The Paper of Record has been pandering to the rich for awhile now and left its journalistic ethics by the side of the road in order to continue to have that access.
  8. No matter where she serves her sentence or how long it is, this will always be a part of her legacy. it will be mentioned in every article about her from now on and it will be in her obituary. Just remember that. All to get her vapid child into a school the kid didn't even want to attend.
  9. Thats how much I haven't been paying attention this season, I just now realized we weren't seeing the Brenna A. Guess Sean wouldn't bring the drama for them so they parted ways. Too bad. We need some calm level headedness. Instead of "oh my god, oh my god, where are the crab???? we're all going to be homeless with no money, oh my god oh my god" and other drama.
  10. William and Kate take a turn at Bingo Calling. William should keep his day job. Watch for the little old lady's candid opinion at the end.
  11. The judge still has to approve the plea deal. But she has not shown any inclination to go tougher on defendants than the prosecution is asking for, so highly unlikely she will disprove or modify the plea agreement in anyway. Same with delaying until there is a vaccine or some such. Since that is a year or so away, no one wants an open case sitting on their docket that long. It's a nonviolent crime, no point in postponing things just so they can satisfy the public they actually went behind bars. Courts have more important things to deal with. In reality, this case in the grand scheme of things is not that big of a deal. Sure it is flashy and non-rich people like to see rich people get their come uppance. But for the criminal justice system this is a almost a nothing burger -- rich people behaving badly. The sentences have been a few months, not years and years. The court wants this over and done with too.
  12. Ehh. good lawyering. The burden is on the state to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. A good defense attorney is going to file to dismiss if they think there was any game playing by the investigators (and I think there was. I think Singer was told what to say to lead people on). It doesn't always work, but it would be malpractice not to try it if there was a plausible shot at it.
  13. Lori Loughlin and hubby worked out a plea deal. Incredibly reduced charges. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/lori-loughlin-husband-plead-guilty-charges-college-admission-scandal-n1211941?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ma This is absolutely brilliant strategy right now. 1) it gets it behind them so they and their kids can move on and 2) with Covid going on, she is likely to get home confinement rather than actual in jail time. Jails are under orders to release non-violent people because of it spreading in jails. Why put her in and expose her? Updated article says she agreed to 2 months prison (about 2 weeks more than Felicity Huffman got by pleading early) and he agreed to 5 months. But I still say they won't actually be put behind bars, not now.
  14. But the CDC even recommends wearing masks. It does prevent the spread of germs. Will it protect 100% like an N95? no. Will it help along with social distancing? According to the CDC and other scientists -- yes. Honestly making masks is the least objectionable thing she has done lately. Mark your calendars folks, the California Baby Bar is June 23. Little more than a month away. Exam results will not be know for awhile. But let's see what she is posting on social media that day if she even bothers to take the exam.
  15. For a minute there I thought Vasilly was going to refuse to leave the boat. Wild Bill told him to leave and he kept saying "no, I want to talk about this other thing that I think needs to be done different on YOUR boat." Wild Bill is nicer than me. I wouldn't have brought him around to the Dutch Harbor side. I would have said "lots of folks heading that way someone will give you a ride. But not me." All this talk of out fishing the Russians, but then when there comes a chance to join them, Wild Bill jumps at it. Jake getting more quota was a picture. Of course you take it. Mo' quota = mo' money. I get the crew though. It's been a fucking slog, and then they gotta go get just as much as they already put on the boat. Ugh.
  16. Oh how beautiful. But DAMMIT. Why coronavirus. So well played in All the Right Stuff. I was looking for the Astronaut Wives Club forum and couldn't find it. My favorite Annie Glenn story is when she got home from her intensive stuttering cure looked at John and said "something I've been wanting to say to you for years -- Pick up your socks, John."
  17. she approved the design and/or saw it and liked it. sometimes you gotta remind yourself you aren't walking the catwalk in Paris and you gotta say no to whatever "vision" the designer is pushing.
  18. well there was a line not to read while eating.
  19. It's Queen Maxima's birthday today. Let's wish the Lady with the Bright Smile a very special one. Máxima Zorreguieta, consort of King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands, was born on 17 May 1971
  20. Yeah anyone reaches to pick up my fallen apples (wow is that a mettyfor or what?) right now can have them. I ain't touching hands with no stranger no matter how handsome he is.
  21. Yeah he and his buddy on the Seahawks are at the party, everyone recognizes them so they rob them. The third robber, who probably no one knows, is the only wear to wear a ski mask. Real bright guys. Oh and the getaway cars? Lamborghini, Mercedes and BMW. Because THOSE blend in real well. Idiots all around.
  22. I had literally forgotten about them. Not surprised. I just remember that horrible picture from before they got married where they are at a basketball game and he is literally clutching her head and basically covering it up. It looked so controlling.
  23. His contribution was usually to reference a film noir. Then apply it to the situation at hand. Because apparently faux things in film noir do happen in "real life."
  24. that was an episode of the Twilight Zone. Although in a department store instead of a restaurant. I get the concept, but the execution is off the scale on creepiness factor.
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