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  1. They announced on twitter today that Maxine, the 17 year old dog, passed away last night.
  2. I would totally watch Just Jay! He's very entertaining considering most of the time he barely registers a heartbeat. I bet his commentary while deer cam watching is a lot funnier than anyone would ever expect.
  3. or in the very words of the late Roseanne Conner, "Are you new?!"
  4. When my gramma passed away, I got several random boxes of her stuff. One large box had 3 plastic shoe box sized tubs filled with blank Thank You cards (and 2 more filled with blank Birthday/Get Well/Congratulation/every holiday card you can think of) . Gramma was a Southern woman & they are definitely prepared when it comes to Thank You notes (or any possible reason needed for sending a card to someone). I could send a box of them to Jilly Muffin with a note saying I know how hard it is to always be prepared & these will help get her a step up on thanking everyone who sends her something. Ya know, some good Southern gramma guilt. Not that it would work, but would be fun to see if she included them in her weekly "look at the shit we got" video.
  5. Ok I'm late to the whole 90 day program & admittedly only watch the pillow talk show, but it's been driving me crazy as to where I have seen the 2 Southern ladies, Molly & Cynthia before & I finally figured it out! They had a show on Lifetime called Double Divas where they own a bra shop in the Atlanta area.
  6. I think Kody is getting "Robyn'd" for the 1st time and Robyn is getting "Kody'd" for the first time. Janelle is keeping her head down & acting like she's not seeing it. Christine is thinking "don't aim either one of them in my direction" and Meri is smirking her fat ass off while shoveling in the popcorn.
  7. I was thinking about this last night & wondered if Derick hadn't already warned Jilly to not take phone calls from her family right now, but to let him deal with them. The shit is going to hit the fan with JB over this. I hope Derick realizes it & is taking steps to protect Jill from the backlash.
  8. We're gonna get 1st day of school pictures, videos of them waiting for the bus to drop him off or videos of her & Sam waiting in the carpool line. Bad brown bag lunches to snark on. Every teenager's nightmare, bad elementary school picture day pics framed on the wall. Back to school shopping! (always the 1 thing I hated doing the most) Book fairs! So many typical, every day mom with a kid in school moments & pictures. Again, so damn proud of little Jilly! I'm willing to give her the whole first year of "yay!" and "did you have fun today?" moments because it's just so damn amazing that she did this.
  9. My soft spot for Jill just got a little bigger. This must scare the shit out of her, but she's going for it. This is the biggest breakout moment yet IMO. Pants & a nose ring don't hold a candle to putting her kid in a real school. She will be the mom who cries the hardest on that first day of school, but it will be for so many more reasons than the typical emotional mess mom. I never thought that I would feel "proud" of a reality tv person, much less a Duggar, but hell, I'm so proud of her for doing this. Looks like they were first in line on the first day of registration. She didn't drag her feet or procrastinate at all. Way too go Jilly!
  10. Does anyone ever think that we posters/non-fans are just as obsessed with Duggar pregnancies as the Duggar's are with getting pregnant? We speculate as much about it as they talk about it. They could announce they are waiting for health reasons & we'd doubt them or flat out say they are lying about it. NOT leg humping, but do have a bit of a soft spot for Joy after her still birth. She's basically damned if she does & damned if she doesn't with most of us.
  11. As someone who recently redid a bathroom & restained the cabinets, I think a blood vessel in my brain just burst. Not only didn't she take off the knobs, she didn't take the doors off/drawers out to stain them. Talk about half assing it, she sure did that 100% half assed. She didn't clean the doors first, sand them, degrease/deshine/clean them. She just slapped some stain on them. I bet they are still tacky a week from now. The stain will probably rub off in places because of her half assed job. And if I, the most unhandy/clusterfuck of a painter that has probably ever walked upright can do it the right way, there's NO excuse for her to half ass it. I also did it all alone while my husband was away for school for months. Figured out how to take the doors off, how to work the hand held sander, what to use to degrease/deshine/clean them before sanding them all while crawling my fat ass around in a small bathroom to accomplish everything. So even if she had to do it all by her special snowflake lonesome, she could have done a decent job.
  12. Ok, I'm gonna go there since it's what I first thought, but I want to add right up front that I know that breast feeding is NOT sexual in any way. With that said, posting the videos & pics of little Firestick pretending to breast feed & pump opens her up to being sexualized by perverts online. Sharing it with family & how cute it is that she's being a "little mommy" (UGH! so Duggarish) is one thing, but putting it online takes it to a bad place IMO.
  13. I guess I understand the old Jackie into new (and NOT improved) Jackie because I have an aunt with a lot of similarities. Was once well loved, everyone's favorite person/aunt, great sense of humor & lots of friends. As she has gotten older she's become a bitter, angry, hard to like person who has ran everyone off. At least Jackie hasn't burned her family to the point they are done with her like my aunt has. Jackie hasn't laid down & given up quite yet, but she's realized that her life is a steaming pile of shit. IMO, losing her sister just took off her blinders & took away the person who made her believe she could still do better/more. Which is ironic because Roseanne didn't exactly scream "supportive sister". Maybe Jackie's motivation was to just prove Roseanne wrong. She's lost that now. She's a walking clusterfuck.
  14. While I love to snark on her inability to housewife, I do give a pass on folding laundry. At this moment, I have 4 loads on the ottoman behind me that need to be folded and I'm just not feeling it tonight. I also think it's great they had a dance party before bed. Some kids are like cats/dogs that need to run around like a maniac before they go to sleep. Some kids are all calm, quiet & read a book, but others need to be little maniacs for 20 minutes to burn that last bit of energy. One of my complaints about Jill is that she doesn't let the boys burn off their energy often enough. Quiet walks, sitting at the table & coloring, or watching a cartoon quietly wouldn't have worked with my kiddo & I don't think it works for hers. Izzy looks & acts the happiest when he's running around, being loud & being energetic. Instead of walks, they should ride their bikes/trikes. We can see they're walking on streets with no houses/traffic, so let the boys burn energy while she strolls. I do think the dance party was a subliminal f-you to JimBoob, but i also think it was for the boys more than the f-you. F-you was just the cherry on top. I liked that Jill was the light master & smiling while she did it. Big difference from Jinger looking all nervous when Jeremy danced with their prop baby, I mean Felicity. Jill looks like she's becoming more comfortable with being "different" than her family. I don't think she's completely there yet with separating, but she's realizing the world didn't stop spinning, nothing bad happened, and God didn't come down personally to tell her off when she does something that wouldn't be Duggar approved. All the terrible consequences she's been programed to fear aren't happening.
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