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  1. NIKE! Micah....oh lordy NIKE NIKE NIKE!!!!!!
  2. I've "casually" mentioned putting up the tree enough that my husband had a preemptive hissy fit over it. I'm not "allowed" to put it up until after Thanksgiving. Except he'll be gone for 10 days before Thanksgiving on a hunting trip. He's gonna come home & find the tree up. And a 2nd tree just because "don't tell me not to do something" switch must be flipped...just saying. Bin's had this great accomplishment and he's not going to get any credit or attention for it, I kinda feel sorry for him. Ok it passed. Gonna be interesting to watch the future Jeremy graduates episode with the full on cap & gown & preacher bow tie while little Binny sits quietly & wonders why he didn't get a party.
  3. they did not custom build the house, it was bought from a local doctor.
  4. If she's really careful, she can go on without hormonal birth control & not get pregnant. I managed to. Had 1 kid then between closely watching the date (tracking my period) and condoms we haven't turned up pregnant in the last 27 years. It can be done.
  5. Keep in mind that at the time of the divorce, his MONTHLY child support was rumored to be $22,000. A MONTH. There was no way for him to maintain & pay that without a tv job. TLC made sure he was unable to work on tv. His only option could have been to trade $22,000 A MONTH for visitation rights. That or end up in jail.
  6. Kate went on tv & gave an interview where she gloated & smirked about how she was the only one who knew where Collin was & she wasn't going to tell Jon. It wasn't Jon playing the victim, it was Kate sitting in front of a camera being the villian down to her core.
  7. As someone who attended school in the 80s, they didn't let us girls take "boys" classes like wood shop or auto shop. We could take home-ec, child development (wanna carry an egg for a few weeks?), or typing. Boys had wood shop, auto shop, & weight lifting.
  8. I wonder how the conversation went between her & Derrick the 1st time she had a drink & how long did it take her to get to the point of being comfortable enough to order a drink with dinner.
  9. she's now verified in the comments that it was a "regular" pina colada not a virgin one. Go Jilly Muffin Go!!!!! She had a shockingly normal date night. Went out to dinner, got a buzz, & most likely got a piece of ass. (sorry for the visual)
  10. Steff

    The Waltons

    There are multiple different episodes where Corabeth makes backhanded comments about Golden Boy/Johnboy. But because it's Corabeth, it just gets played off as her being her bitchy self. She tears into him pretty good during the mine cave in episode, but again, does it in hysterics, so she's shushed for being a drama queen.
  11. imaging crunchy roasted peanuts cooked until they have the texture of canned green peas.
  12. Congrats to Joy & Austin. Thank you cheezus that it wasn't on my birthday! Happy birthday to all the August ladies (and gents)!
  13. As someone who had never had them until moving to Georgia where apparently, they are all the rage, it's definitely a "big food experiment" and one I regret ever trying. I'm sure someone will disagree, but O.M.G. they are awful. Words can't describe how awful they were.
  14. We're scared of being SEVERELY reprimanded or just too tired to bitch.
  15. oh dear gawd, this is the closest I've ever been to having to share a birthday with a fundie. August 19th is my birthday & I do NOT want to share it with any Duggar, not even a grandchild. UGH!
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