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  1. Tori and Bobby: She doesn't care about the cake, only the Whine. in reference to how she didn't care about the wedding cake (or much else with the wedding)
  2. I just totally turned back into a 7 year old feeling all giddy. First crush all the way. Goodness he was such a cutie.
  3. I saw on one website they are calling her Fame Whore + 4.
  4. See that was always my experience growing up & living in Texas. It wasn't until we moved to Georgia that it became the 2nd question I was always asked. "What's your name? Where do you go to church?" is how every conversation with a new person here starts. Never once in Texas (at least in the Houston area) do I remember someone asking me about my religion. But I am willing to admit that I have realized since moving out of Texas, that Houston was a very culturally diverse, Liberal(ish) bubble to grow up in.
  5. I miss this show so much that I binge watched the entire season the other day.
  6. He did a Tarzan voice and said "You not Tarzan, you a Conner".
  7. It's always about her talking asshole. She could have said "had a fun day making cookies with the boys & decided to take some to dad at school." but nope. Because it's never about the kids or doing something with or for them. It's about the asshole. Always.
  8. and for all her money, the kids didn't have sports or gymnastics or activities. We know for awhile Cara played lacrosse, but that was it. SHE didn't put them in anything because it was too much work for HER.
  9. My parents divorced in 1974 when I was 5 & like you said, my dad basically divorced me too. I'm his only child & yet I only saw him a handful of times total & only after I turned 16. He was gone again before I turned 17 & never saw him again. Never paid any child support or anything either. It was considered "normal" in those days.
  10. What did Kate do to improve her ability to support her children? Because, again, the little kids are the ones who made the money to support her & the twins. It's ALWAYS been about the draw of the little kids. And how was he supposed to do more when #1 his kids had been poisoned against him #2 he didn't even know where Collin was for 3 years because SHE wouldn't tell him. #3 when he did find out where Collin was, SHE moved him immediately to keep Jon away from him. The bitch smirked & laughed on tv about how she was the only one who knew where he was. Like it was some fucked up warped contest "hide the kid in a mental institution". It should also be repeated that SHE spent the last 10 year bashing him in the media knowing that he couldn't respond. She's running around to anyone who would listen talking shit about him knowing that he couldn't defend himself from the stories she was spinning. Where do any of HER actions help the kids? We know she beat them. We know she sent moldy food in their lunches. We know she piled them with so many chores that outsiders cried for them & how they couldn't be children (Wife Swap episode). We know that she made her children support the lifestyle she wanted. We know she sent one of her kids away for having ADHD & put him in a mental institution for NO REASON for 3 long years. We know she only visited for a total of a couple of hours in 3 years. So when exactly was she doing anything that wasn't FOR Kate?
  11. I have found the PERFECT recipe for Jillbilly! I just received a bunch of old (like seriously OLD) cookbooks from my aunt. In going thru one of the church lady cookbooks, I found it. It's even got a name to fit. Can Can Casserole! 1 can cream mushroom soup 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can chicken & rice soup 1 can carnation milk 1 can mushrooms 1 can water chestnuts 1 can chow mein noodles 2 can French friend onions 3 cans of chicken Mix & top with 1 bag potato chips. Bake until bubbles like a artery hardening masterpiece! This is a Jillbilly dining experience that is just begging to be made.
  12. why???? why must you inflict this vision upon us? but now that you have, it must be continued. Jillbilly answers the door holding a bag of skittles between her teeth as she slowly pours some cheap coconut scented lotion all over her feet. Now see what you started? lol
  13. I would have never expected Jessa to attend the Jillbilly school of bad modeling. Clearly she must have failed Squint Into the Sun class, but she's determined to get extra credit for the worst Duggar shoes ever. When we said we wanted to see more closed toe shoes instead of sandals, this wasn't the look we were talking about. She might need to go back to Barefoot & used to be pregnant class with Joy. (sorry Joy)
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