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  1. Haha. Neither has my 33 year old son.
  2. Kail is such a cold hearted bitch for allowing this to be filmed. The first thing Isaac did when she told him about Bear was look at the camera. Poor boy wanted to cry but wouldn't because of the cameras. She should have at least told him before filming that scene. Every time i see clips of the show ( I haven't been a regular watcher in years but i watch some clips) I loathe her even more.
  3. Hey everyone. It seems like a lot of you are not doing well. Im sorry for those of you who aren't feeling well, you're all such nice people that i hate seeing any of you struggle. I don't pray but you're all in my heart and thoughts. I have good news. The 10 rounds of radiation has shrunk the 4 tumors in my brain. That was the goal because they can't start to work on the lung cancer unless they could shrink them. I go in tomorrow and have a line put into my chest, I'll have an IV line put in so they don't have to put one in every week, it'll be weird to always have a tube coming out
  4. I thought Angela's trailer home looked quite nice. Clean and what looks like a nice piece of property. To each their own but I could live there easily. I didn't see any crumbling.
  5. The only difference between the two skanks is money. I don't see Kim on another level at all. She's just as trashy as Karl, she just has more money.
  6. Don't forget that killer body of his. He mentioned it when he was pondering why she loved him. I guess they don't have proper mirrors in prison.
  7. Why does Laura look so dirty? She looks like she needs a hot shower. Is that some type of make-up or something? I know this is stupid but all I can focus on is her dirty face. Did anyone actually call Alexis fake? All i heard was them saying she lied, which she did. I used to like her until watching this. She's a big baby.
  8. I do. I've always felt for Ryan and I think his parts of the show are interesting. That's just me though. Im in the extreme minority that I have also always liked Tamra.
  9. Sweet baby. Newborns are the best. I'd love to snuggle one for a while. My daughter is done having kids and my son and his girl don't want kids so no more newborn snuggles for me. Lauren isn't my favorite but i hope all went well and everyone is happy and healthy.
  10. I have bruises up and down the outside of my arms from my recent IVs. I think the other posters are right that they put them any place they can.
  11. I thought I was the only one who loved Steve! I don't understand the hate for him.
  12. I don't think they deserve it either but everyone has the right to their opinion. Thanks for the company at the table.
  13. Looks like a fun family night outside to me. My family did things like this a lot when my kids were small and we all have good memories of those nights. Someone said something about their lawn used to be green. Looks green to me still.
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