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Love After Lockup Season 5: LIVE CHAT

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Just now, OoogleEyes said:

This man is not a charmer

He is the direct, polar opposite of anything like charm. 

He's down for a threesome, as long as its two girls. NO GUYS! He wants that clear from jump! 

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2 minutes ago, Maybeitsme said:

Ha! Caveman I mean Kevin wants a threesome

Is Betty Rubble available?

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So, let me get this right:  Kevin is taking to other women while building a relationship with Tiffany.  And, now Tiffany is basically rewarding him by being his girlfriend and helping him realize his dream of a threesome?  Girl, please! (As Yolanda would say)

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2 minutes ago, WaltersHair said:

My cable info says this is going to be 1 hour 45 minutes.

You know the drill.  They're going to shoehorn some low-rent loser show into the LAL time frame.

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