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Love After Lockup Season 5: LIVE CHAT

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Just now, Pepper Mostly said:

Those cheerleaders are dreaming of the day when they too will have a felon propose to them, surrounded by cold, dirty, hungry kids. 

And cameras...

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Bobbie knows.  She's already been informed by Chance.  She's prolly packing up even as this proposal is going down.

Oh Lacey....  You poor deluded woman. You gave up your FAMILY for this fool.  What a dumbo.

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50 girls, I find that hard to believe because he's too lazy and does he use the charming 'foo' and not giving any fucks to lure them.

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1 minute ago, LEILANI2 said:

50 girls, I find that hard to believe because he's too lazy.

50's girls....WHY

I must admit that I have reunited with my Magic Wand these past few days.

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Just now, Auntie Anxiety said:

So is Lacey just finding this out now? That he’s a violent, hot tempered jerk?

His MOTHER told her this. When somebody’s parent tells you their kid ain’t shit, you should  listen.

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