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S12.E13: Not Feeling Jovani

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Dorinda hosts the women at Blue Stone Manor for a relaxing weekend in the Berkshires. Sonja confronts Luann about paying her less than she deserves to perform in her cabaret show, and Dorinda steps in to defend Sonja. Meanwhile, Elyse approaches Ramona about the current state of their friendship.

Airs July 9, 2020.

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They are all getting annoying. I dropped a friend for being as awful as Ramona/Dorinda and never looked back. I mourned the friendship as I hoped it would be but it wasn't. I don't know how they tolerate being in the same room other than they need the money and want to be on tv.


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2 minutes ago, Wicked said:

I want Blue Stone Manor.  I mean, I'd redecorate, but I want it.


It’s so formal, lots of different patterns.  Not for me.  The beds look comfy, though.

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“Sonja in the city” goes all the way back to season six, when Sonja fashioned herself a party planner and had the most awful music act for Aviva and Reid’s anniversary party.  She did the whole party wrong.  Glad to hear that is back!

So Sonja’s evidence that she is part of the Morgan family is her “blue book” that calls her a Morgan.  If I had my telephone number listed in the Dallas White Pages in 1997, would that make me a current resident of Dallas?

As annoying as I find Elyse’s accent, and as dismayed that I was to see her lifting her arm and punching her finger in her talking head a la Dorinda and “back it up,” is as much as I believed her story that Ramona was slyly flirting with her husband, which is so not cool.  I still don’t care about her off-camera story about Omar’s and I still don’t care very much about what she has to say.  This is like the second coming of Barbara.  

I think Ramona and Luann are both right when it comes to the reason that Dorinda is acting out—she is mad at Richard for dying and she felt used by Ramona for the party venue.  I am just not a big fan of Luann as the peacemaker, because it’s apparent she doesn’t really care, she’s just speaking her lines to move the story along.  I also get the sense from Luann that she likes to lecture and tell people to make up for the sake of having the high ground, and not because she cares about the feelings of the parties involved, so I kind of tune her out when she pretends she cares. 

I am so glad everyone was able to have a sense of humor about the fish room!  A sense of humor about anything on this show is welcome.  

A picture of Elyse driving with the caption of “it’s all fun and games until someone pisses me off” that she posted on Instagram.  Lol.  Someone’s twelve.  Or angling for the apple.  What does Elyse want from Ramona, her blood?  In my world, someone acts like an asshole, you back up from them.  You don’t stalk them into an apology.  

So now we’re rewriting history and Ramona gaslit Leah in Rhode Island?  In what way?  

Ramona was completely in her right to have the conversation alone with Elyse.  A few seasons ago, Bethenny wanted to talk to Ramona alone at a table full of cast members, and when Tinsley dared to glance in their direction at the table, she got a tongue-lashing from Bethenny.  That was absurd, and the women jumping into the conversation and correcting Ramona’s English during her altercation with Elyse is just as absurd, but on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They’re all acting like they’re 12.  And amateurish. Don’t they know the good old Blue Stone Manor tradition is to have multiple conflicts going on at once?  

Leah saying Dorinda’s behavior after Dorinda told Luann to “be careful” about what she said was like “ a communist regime.”  What is it they say about stopped clocks being right?

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8 minutes ago, Wicked said:

I want Blue Stone Manor.  I mean, I'd redecorate, but I want it.


I miss the northeast and I love big old homes, esp ones with history. I do like that Dorinda is bold with her decor and I appreciate her love of high-end fabrics & finishes but damn that house needs an edit.

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Dorinda's version of "love" is "let me be abusive to you, and if you ever call me out on my abusive behavior, I will be cruel to you until the end of time."

That being said, I have no doubt that Ramona can be a bit of a user when it comes to her friendships. 

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30 minutes ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

10 to 1 Dorinda turns Bluestone Manor into some money-making scheme, whether it is through AirBnB or just leading guided tours through the house featured so often on RHONY. 

Not with those mostly white Missoni carpet runners on the steps!  

My cousin is in the Berkshires as we speak, her mother in law has a vacation house there, (she and her husband drove from Chicago with 3 little ones, yikes!), I will see her next week albeit at a distance but  am sure she knows of the house of the velvet sofas we call Blue Stone Manor!

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I don't think I could hang out with Leah, she always seems to be right in someone's face or hulking over them, I am big on personal space and I would find myself constantly pushing her back.  And the fact that she gets a bit handsy, that is a big no-no for me.  Hands to yourself.

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Luann should 100% pay Sonja for the Cabaret show.  We all know Sonja needs the money.  Ever since I discovered the "For Exposure" Twitter account (https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt). I have been blown away by how often people try to not pay artists and creatives for their work.


Some people expect artists to work for free. These are real quotes from real people who want you to work for exposure.

Luann sounds like all the people exposed on that account.  Like artists should all be "Grateful" to provide free work to "important people" because the artists get the "benefits" of exposure and rubbing shoulders with them.  Luann calling Sonja "resentful".  Wow.

I'm actually impressed that Ramona understands that.

All of these episodes feel kind of empty, like a "Diet" version of how the episodes used to be.  I hope next week is better, but I don't really have hope.

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This is what I like about these women, they fight, kinda call a temporary truce, and have some fun. Of course then they start drinking and fight again. 
Now Lu made Drunk Sonja cry and the others are comforting her, yeah, they are all drunk but it’s nice to see that instead of everyone ganging up on Sonja too. 

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This show is suffering from too few cast members.  I have always said that five is too small of a cast.  They simply run out of organic conflict and interactions.  I actually liked the season they had eight ho’wives.

I mean, there’s an intervention for Ramona regarding whether she asked Dorinda if she was drunk last episode?  This is so lame.  It’s because nothing else is going on.  I was so glad that fight ended, because it was bullshit, but it was much ado about nothing in the first place, and I’m kind of embarrassed it got so much airtime.  

There was like a moment on the show when everyone was commenting on how good Sonja’s ass was that the general tenor of the room was something less than blotto drunk.  That moment was nice.  Then Luann and Ramona slurred at each other about paying Sonja and I was awakened from my reverie.  

I know this is irrational and not her fault, but the more corona TH’s they show of Luann, the less I like her.  She has like negative stage presence.  

Luann was so wasted stomping around with “ya done!  Ya done!”  This reads to me as more than alcohol.  She’ll likely be back in rehab or jail within the year.  Her monologue to Ramona that sounded straight out of Streetcar Named Desire was so chilling.  

Then Dorinda got up and tracked down Luann with the arm and the fingers and I got excited because it felt like evil meeting evil (not the women themselves, but the way they are when they’re drunk).  It felt like Dorinda was finally picking on someone her own size and I cannot wait to see what happens next week!

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