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  1. Hiyo, thank you for answering! 😊. May I ask a follow up question? Have you lost family in the Holocaust? I have, & the reason I'm asking is I'm not sure my first question was fair because perhaps one cannot say unless they'd actually lost loved ones in the Holocaust...
  2. Hiyo, this is not meant to be snarky in any way, shape or form, but rather an earnest question for you: If you had personally had family killed by the Nazis, including a 6 year old little girl, your brother, & parents, do you think you would still be good with her/their apology? I'm genuinely asking. By the way, I enjoy your posts! ☺️
  3. OMG, little boys are crazy!! When my son was around three years old, I was watching the movie Moonstruck. Afterwards, I took him for a long ride in a Burley bicycle trailer. We rode into a very fancy country club neighborhood on the golf course. I pulled over to look at some beautiful landscaping & let him out for a minute. I'm looking at these gorgeous plants, when the next thing I know he's shouting, "BELLA LUNA!!!!!" at the top of his lungs while peeing on the plants a couple of feet away from me. The homeowners came out to see what the commotion was & of course looked horrified. I scooped him up midstream, threw him in the bike trailer, yelled, "I'm so sorry!" & pedaled away, mortified, as fast as my legs would go...
  4. LOL! Are you from Canada or France? πŸ™‚ I had to look up tuque! πŸ₯°
  5. Some promos show Dorit saying to Rinna, "If I can smell your breath, you're too close." 🀣 The way she she delivered that line, with her unusual accent, kills me every time. I want that on my t-shirt! πŸ˜‚
  6. It's not only Teddi; all the housewives from all the cities complain when husbands get involved in "women's" disagreements. Personally, I disagree with that stance. As for Aaron, while he is wonderful to Denise's children, that's about the only good thing I can say about him. I find him dumb as a rock, unattractive, & his calm, quiet demeanor (to me) betrays the seething roidrage just below the surface. I'm not saying he's abusive, just another meathead moron phony bologna... 🀣 I cannot read that without hearing Kyle's voice saying it in my head!!!!
  7. I could not believe my ears when Sandy actually said (about Lara), "Well she's nice to me!"; doh, of course she's nice to the Captain, are you kidding me?
  8. If I did equate the two, I didn't mean to! πŸ™‚
  9. LOL, if I thought someone trash & shit, I'd likely mind their breath & existence too! LibertarianSlut, I could never read a post that long if it wasn't so incredibly well written & reasoned. Even when I don't agree, which is not often, I enjoy your thought process & prose. She lost me there with her hypocrisy. Sorry, but you're not going to complain about what's said in front of children & then drop the f bomb every other word...
  10. I find Aaron physically unattractive, dumb as a stone, & bat shit crazy. But I do like the way he treats Denise's children, especially Eloise. That said, I'm 100% certain he told his wife he'd crush her hand. I have no idea if he's abusive or not, I only know what he said. And I think Denise has heard him explode like that before which is why she kept telling him not to say anything. Clearly her picker is off; first Charlie Sheen & now this meathead. Portia was at the party, she was shown at the bouncy house...
  11. I could not stop staring at that damned painting. It was so distracting. Am I the only one driven mad by Brett's constantly tilting his head? He even walks around with it cocked to one side...
  12. Yes, I know she has no authority over Ciara, but Jenna had no problem going after "still breastfeeding from his mother" Parker! πŸ˜‰
  13. I hear you, but Glenn did also tell Jenna that while it was Ciara making the initial complaint, he sensed from Madison that she was bothered even though she was claiming not to be. That's enough for horse face psycho Jenna to run with unfortunately... I could not believe my ears when Jennatheworstchiefstew had the audacity to say to the Captain, "I'm lowering myself having this conversation." Is she out of her mind? Captain Glenn (perhaps in name only?!) should have made her repeat that by saying something like, " Excuse me? What did you just say?" I love making asshats repeat their vile statements before going off on them! πŸ™‚
  14. I agree it was mature of Cynthia, but at the same time I think it was equal parts delusional! Not once, but twice, did Kenya hit below the belt making fun of Cynthia's wine knowledge therefore disparaging her new business on TV. No real friend would do that, so I understand the other ladies thinking Kenya/Cynthia's friendship is total BS (at least on Kenya's end) & true friendship is a two way street. I actually think Nene & Cynthia's friendship was much more genuine. Whether the cookie lady accusation was real or not (probably was!), I can understand someone as harmless & inoffensive as Tanya wanting to exact a bit of revenge on Kenya since the attack came out of nowhere & for no reason (that I'm aware of!). I'm not a violent person at all (I safely carry flies & spiders outside in a tupperware container!) & I want to smack the $hit out of Kenya because she is such an awful creature. πŸ˜‰
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