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  1. I hate to agree with Rinna, but I do think it would have been nice of Garcelle to say what she did with Harry's sauce, or how much her family enjoyed it, AFTER consuming it! I love Garcelle, but she strikes me as someone without a shred of self doubt who finds it hard to admit she's done anything less than perfect. I'd have liked to hear Garcelle say something like, "You know we really did love the sauce, had a great spaghetti dinner with the boys, & I should have let you know that!" I absolutely would have sent a thank you text afterwards...
  2. I loved those garage gowns! My cousin's mother is Israeli & her father is Hungarian. She speaks just like Dorit, so I think you're right. I just turned in my card...
  3. With the Marconis being such a good looking family, I find the choice of the actor playing Zach interesting (& not in a shallow way!). Was Zach handsome in the book? My son loves the lotto winner. I thought it was kind of cool how they both said they preferred their lives before winning the money. Carmel for sure! My favorite line was something to the effect of how Zach can't tell the Marconis anything they don't already know. I think Heather did feel guilty about the suicidal ideation warning label but perhaps was suppressing it because it was too painful to
  4. Totally agree about Kathy Hilton's butler Patrick; I couldn't get enough of him! He looked so earnestly shocked & concerned. I finally saw what all y'all have been saying about Kyle. I guess it's time for my crow pie! I love Dorit's kids, & I've been a silent fan of PK for a long time. IslandBoy has a crush on Sutton & Garcelle. (I love them too & am secretly relieved they've replaced Potomac Giselle as his hall pass person🙄 ). Not too sure how I feel about Crystal, other than she's beautiful. I can't believe her Sutton beef supersedes common moral decency. Crys
  5. I love Sutton, & even liked her wild orange coat, but she should never, ever wear those shorts again!!
  6. No of course not! I wasn't making a general statement, just an observation about Lars as an individual; I get a bicurious vibe from his character. When Delilah quipped about coming to his room with a rolled up newspaper for some puppy training, he also made a comment about how tempting that was. I know he's gay, but I think he's a bit attracted to women too. Just my opinion, & not any kind of sweeping generalization... 🙂
  7. Lars also made a comment about how attractive Jessica is. Sure he's mostly gay, but I think he can't help but be turned on a bit by what he considers a good looking woman...
  8. 🤣 That would have been perfect!! 😂 😂 LOL, or Elvis! I liked the pearl dress, & yes that last dress was gorgeous!
  9. Oh my husband & I loved Outlander! Have you seen Vikings? Another great one. As far as housewives, I've never seen Dallas so can't speak to that, & Atlanta is okay, but I just recently started binging Potomac & am enjoying it. I used to like Miami too when it was on. And there was another on for a short time that I loved but can't recall the name of the city. Was it DC? I was so disappointed when they cancelled it...
  10. She was drop dead gorgeous before ruining her looks with plastic surgery. Lala Kent is doing the same...
  11. One of my clients is an old friend of Dolly Parton's. The pictures of them together decades ago are so sweet. My client told me Dolly would always complain about how expensive it was to look that cheap! 🤣
  12. Heh heh! 🤣 There's also that old joke about the new guy at the senior center surrounded by a group of women asking where he's from. He tells them he just got out of prison for murdering his wife. One of the women scoots closer & responds, "Oh, so you're single?"
  13. Robyn said she intended on wearing that yellow ruffled garment to the reunion, but it arrived too late. Askale looked incredibly sexy at the dinner in her blazer--classy sexy, whereas I suppose Wendy looked sexy too, but cheap sexy; kinda' like the saying money screams but wealth whispers. I think 4 degree Wendy might need a 5th degree from FIT or some such...
  14. I have no idea whether Sonja was there or not, but in the documentary Studio 54, they said it was common to allow under age teenagers in...
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