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  1. I think that's further evidence of what a truly wonderful person Dawn Burrell is.
  2. They could still do that since this Gabe situation is not going to die down or go away. Besides, how many people, myself included, would love to see a final showoff between Dawn and Shota for all the jewels? There would be no losers in that one!
  3. Maybe Maria will really be the first Mexican-American winner of Top Chef!
  4. This is why you don't have affairs with your employees. That, and it's an abuse of power even in the best of circumstances.
  5. I guess I'm a total guy because I thought she was especially beautiful on last night's show.
  6. Just so it shows up here as well since I'm a completeist: They were all 3 amazing and I wish they all could have won.
  7. Feh. Gabe is better off now anyway!
  8. Can't post in the actual episode thread until 10, but this was an amazing finale. Any of the three would have been deserving, but Gabe was especially so. Many of those foods sounded like things I would never eat in a million years, but watching and seeing, I want them ALL! I still loved that all 3 of them were so close and there was no in-fighting amongst them. THAT is the mark of a true professional and artist! And I so loved that Maria called Gabe cabron at the end and they didn't translate it literally. Now I can watch basketball with a clear conscience. Go Atlanta! (Since the Nets
  9. Having family in Astoria Queens, it confused me to see the Astoria market and whatnot in Oregon. Astoria is in NY. 😀
  10. Best penultimate episode ever! They all three deserve to go to the finale. Shota's food was again remarkable. Gabe's food was again something I would love to eat. And Dawn is a force of nature. Being both Catholic and ethnically Jewish, I totally get her guilt issues and time issues. And I love seeing Nina Compton on my screen again!
  11. And one that I'm ashamed to have mentioned again.
  12. THIS may be one of the reasons why I love Dawn - I am also horrible at time management. Since I can say it, CPT! I am actually willing to try cheddar cheese and apples together as a result of this week's challenge.
  13. Yeah, I meant to say something about that too.
  14. Mad props to Shota tonight! I normally am not a fan of cheddar cheese and am lactose-intolerant besides, but I wanted to try his dish. He deserved the unqualified win tonight! I've been eating yogurt for breakfast for the past six months and since yogurt contains the enzyme that breaks down lactose (I have a science undergrad), I've been able to eat white Italian and Middle-Eastern cheeses (like feta) again. He's inspiring me to try cheddar again - in a very small dose at first. I have to say I've been on the fence about Gabe all season because I heard the noise early on. I listened to th
  15. Words cannot express how much I love Brooke. I did get all verklempt when Kristen was giving Maria all the positive reinforcement and when Jamie thought about giving up her spot for Maria. This is an amazing team this season! I just didn't think any of the food was especially compelling this episode....
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