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From White Elephants to Birthday Cakes: Gift Ideas for Dummies

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Some of us are naturaly gifted at... well.... gifting.   Some of us are not.   But all of us spend a shit ton of time on the internet and see some cool things/stuff we never talk about. 

But now we gon' talk about it, ho-ho-hoes!   Because we are all going to a) become awesome gift-givers this year and/or b) buy ourselves something wicked cool.  And maybe we help other people find gifts for their people in the process. 

Here's how it works...

1)  Find a cool thing you think someone would like (that someone can be you.)  Create a gold-post here formatted as follows (I'll put a sample below so you can see): 

  • URL to buy item
  • Description of item
  • Person you're considering purchasing it for
  • Why you think they will like it and/or why it is appropriate
  • Occasion you're buying for


2)  Create a standard post here...

  • with a description and URL of something that you think would be an awesome gift for anyone


  • to ask others for gift ideas for someone you know (ex:  "Can someone help me think of a Teacher Appreciation gift for my daughter's music teacher?  I think she likes Harry Potter and I'm trying to be in the neighborhood of $15.")


  • about a great sale you saw/heard about at a store that sells gifts or a popular gift item


  • about a gift you received that you loved and why it would make a great gift for someone else

You can also use this thread as a reference point to find your own birthday/anniversary/holiday gift ideas for when you're ready to shop. 

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gotfnmpopdjs_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=15627700Daenerys and Jorah with Swords Funko Pop!Moment Figure from Game of Thrones


Pre-ordering a holiday gift for a good work friend - this person would happily listen to Iain Glen read the phone book, and she took 2 personal days after


Ser Jorah died in Daenerys' arms.  

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