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  1. My DVR recorded but the label was an old episode, but it was actually new. Confused. "Jump in the Line" is on my mp3 player! When Harry Belafonte appeared on TCR, he and Stephen sang "Jamaica Farewell" and it's a lovely song but "Jump in the Line" it's so much more fun to belt out in the car. Shake shake shake Senora, shake your body line!
  2. No new show last night? My DVR recorded an older one from the day Trump sent Pelosi the long whiney letter.
  3. Yes. I pay all of my bills online and 2 of my payees don't have electronic accounts, so my bank sends them a check. I usually go into a bank a few times a year, when I have to withdraw money from my savings account at one and deposit it in my checking account at the other. No one has offered me coffee or coaching.
  4. Almost any of the women who have appeared frequently on Mock the Week or QI (which is the only place I know Susan Calman from) could do a decent job with the funny part but the show really needs IMO is someone who also wants to support the bakers.
  5. OMG, @Browncoat! Sending you virtual hot soup, warm cookies, and a cold compress. How well I recall the abject horror of 3 hours (HOURS, people!) without TV following a storm.
  6. My interpretation of Ken's buzzing then reacting with relief when he answers correctly is that his game theory is: buzz if you think you might know the answer then hope that you can produce it within the time allowed. I think that's why he pauses. However, I do agree that his reaction to being correct is sometimes overplayed.
  7. "If I had a million dollars, we wouldn't have to walk to the store if I had a million dollars, we could take a limousine 'cause it costs more if I had a million dollars, we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner But we would eat Kraft Dinner? Of course we would. We'd just eat more."
  8. Yes! That was hilarious. Connery and Aaron Burr. Brad rocks. Pity about the whole losing thing. As for James, I don't think James means to be mean or offensive, I think he's just socially awkward. Still glad he didn't win.
  9. Not sure if this counts as "reality" but every now and then, the drummer on Late Show with Stephen Colbert does a rimshot. Stephen never seems to expect it and remarks on it when it happens.
  10. @MargeGunderson, I had to give my beloved Bear fluids toward the end of his life and just to give you a benchmark: I jabbed myself with the needle the first time. Also the second.
  11. I cringed at James's GHOST note because I thought it was in really bad taste given how soon Alex will be one.
  12. What she said. When an animal enters your life, you know the inevitable end but it still sucks so very, very much.
  13. @Jack Shaftoe, may I pull up a chair? I couldn't make it through more than 20 minutes of the first Witcher episode.
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