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  1. ABay


    An update on siding! Because I know you've all been on the edges of your seats wondering about it. The weather finally improved enough for them to get a bit done Wednesday and more yesterday. It turns out that they don't remove the wooden shingles, they put the siding on top of it. There are only 2 guys putting up the siding and one of them said he thought it would take 4-5 working days to finish. Nooooo!!! And that's without some other guys to put up new awnings. Fingers crossed it's all done by next Wednesday when I start vacation.
  2. Panache, a sort of Musketeer/Cyrano TV movie, was my introduction to Rene Auberjonois. I was so happy when he turned up on Benson and DS9.
  3. The last one was the only song parody I haven't loved. They had to cram another syllable in a few times, not just for "Nancy". They should've gone with "Nance" and found other words that fit the rhythm of the original. I keep thinking of Bill Nighy's character in Love Actually mocking the extra syllable in his song.
  4. When that has happened to me, it has almost* always been because UPS or FedEx says "delivered" when they mean delivered to USPS for them to complete the delivery. *One time there was a misdelivery and USPS sent the driver back to where he left it and do it right.
  5. My first thought was Hungary, because magyars=huns=barbarians, Budapest is the birthplace of Zsa Zsa Gabor (and Eva, who was miles better), and the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire....You know what? Screw J! MY answer makes more sense than Monaco.
  6. Royalty and a movie star, sure. But barbarians?
  7. For me, it's "I'm so excited, I'm so nervous" BS the first time she uses the bike--you're not walking into a tiger cage, honey--and the unexplained "I didn't know how much it would change me." HOW? How has it changed you?
  8. Chewy Christmas card arrived today. Way back when it first started, Amazon sent out a Christmas gift to customers. I got a travel mug.
  9. The Hunger Games isn't as timely a pop culture reference now. Am I the only one who has a hard time understanding what the donkey is saying? Something Stephen said a while occur gave me the impression he can't understand it either.
  10. I also thought "Don Juan" and knew it wasn't quite right, but I couldn't get to "Don Giovanni." Watching the games earlier this week and simultaneously cringing in second-hand embarrassment and having flashback to Football, I wondered: Are the questions harder or are they just more badly written? There have been some where I wouldn't have know the answer if it stood on its hind legs and waved at me, but there have been others I would've known if it hadn't taken me so long to parse the clue.
  11. ABay


    Thanks, @Nordly Beaumont! That makes me feel better since I was imagining a week-long disruption. The installers will have to remove wood shingles before the siding goes up but that shouldn't add too much time, I hope. Girl Cat will be most displeased with the noise, another reason for hoping the job is done quickly. I had to have my satellite dish taken off the house and mounted on a pole, and now I'm wondering how they're going to work around the various cables and wires coming into the house. They have to deal with the electricity meter and fuel pipeline as well. In other news, I'm so pathetic that I have ordered myself Christmas gifts online and requested gift wrapping just so it looks like I have friends and family. I mean, I do but the adults in my family don't exchange gifts and with my friends it's either a donation to an animal shelter in each other's name or a tin of baked goods...Maybe I'll also make a tin of muffins and cookies for myself and wrap that, too.
  12. ABay


    Does anyone know how long it takes to install siding on a small house? My landlord is having siding installed and doesn't know how long it will take. If I knew the installers, I'd call them but I don't so I can't and what I've found online is not helpful.
  13. Thank you, @Clanstarling! I can never remember what they're called, only that Martin Luther nailed them to a door. And it's stuck in my head that there are 39 rather than 95(?). Apparently, I have them confused with The 39 Steps. It makes no sense, but there you are.
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