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  1. For the last few years, I've been wondering how I got sucked into this alternate universe and how I can get to the AU where 2020 is not the last step before a post-apocalyptic hellscape.
  2. ABay


    It finally feels like fall, so I baked an apple coffee cake this morning and will probably roast a chicken and make cookies tomorrow. Because 2020 sucks and food is my bourbon. Looks like I picked the wrong year to give up drinking </Steve McCroskey>
  3. What a Boone, what a do-er, what a dream-coming-truer was he! "Rivera. Wait was there a painter named Goya? No, that's beans. Definitely Rivera."
  4. Update! Because I know you're all as fascinated by this as I am. I called the number on the site and got a message saying the office was closed due to the pandemic, support staff was working from home, and gave an email address. I had to replay it 3 times to get the full address and it still wasn't clear whether the address was cssindustry.com or cssindustries.com. Slow down and enunciate, people! I sent the email to both addresses and said I expected 1 skein of each of the colors that will run out.
  5. @Browncoat, sympathies on the shingles! I hope you can get treatment quickly. @icemiser69, I actually bought the kit from Herrschners—by now they split my paycheck with Amazon-- and checked their floss supply. However, the cost for shipping one skein of floss is about 5x the cost of the skein. @theredhead77. Oh, I know I was at the right place but the search apparently searches all their brands regardless of what part of the site you’re on. At the time it was also too late to call the phone number. It's just frustrating not to be able to solve the problem immediately. Joann Fabric is really close by but in addition to worrying about COVID, I'm also having mobility issues. One of the benefits of working from home and being able to get everything delivered is that I've been able to postpone hip surgery for a bit since I'm not walking anywhere but to the mailbox. What happened, I’m guessing, is that the floss calculation was based on all stitches using 2 strands when 4 colors use 4 strands. Which means there might not be enough of the other 3 colors, either. Shaking my fist at the sky.
  6. It's a complete boondoggle. www.dimension-crafts.com, which is the site given on the kit (no phone #), redirects to Simplicity. Dimensions is one of 5 businesses in the top banner. When I first tried to search for the floss, it sent me to a sewing pattern.
  7. FFS! I'm doing a Dimensions cross stitch kit and there isn't enough of at least one color of floss to complete it. But the kit is supposed to have enough floss! That's why you buy a kit! Dimensions helpfully says "contact us if you need more thread"... because their thread is ever so special...and then gives no directions about how to do that. Down at the bottom of one page there's a web address, so I dutifully search for it...and no floss except in bunches. I need one damned skein! Why is this so hard? I used their email contact form but the site does not encourage optimism. There are several conversion charts online and I've found a DMC match more or less, but of course can't find that anywhere either except for $5.62 on Amazon. Floss costs about 50-75 cents a skein. If there wasn't a pandemic raging, I'd pop over to Joann and look for a match. But 1. Dimensions should supply it 2. I should be able to find it online at a reasonable price, and 3. pandemic.
  8. It had to be Boone because as the song teaches us, Crockett was "born on a mountain top in Tennessee/shot him a bar when he was only three...Davey! Davey Crockett! King of the wild frontier."
  9. In CT, COVID is a valid reason for requesting an absentee ballot and everyone in the state got the application. I mailed mine yesterday. I would love it if mail-in became the norm after COVID because it so much more convenient than getting to the polling place. I would miss some of the feeling of being part of a big event and getting an "I voted today" sticker, though.
  10. I knew it was Gordy and BErry went through my mind, but I'm sure I would've written BArry and call shenanigans on the show ruling it incorrect because the spelling did not change the pronunciation. If they're going to pull that shit, they should stay away from questions where it's going to be a problem. I recall the same stupidity in one of the homophones categories. There are many differences in pronunciation--don't get me started on aunt--but they are identifiable and can be avoided.
  11. Parthenon is in Athens, Pantheon is in Rome. The Greek root was the only thing that tipped me off; there isn't anything especially angelic about it. He was probably referring to the roof but the place is pretty solid, not the delicate thing I'd associate with angels.
  12. As my on-ground colleagues regularly report that students in the building are not wearing masks, I am very glad I got the medical exemption to WFH. The university system demanded ADA-level exemptions which meant they could ignore HIPAA and require disclosing the specific conditions that make me at-risk. That decision is being challenged but too late for anyone who needed to avoid going to campus when the semester started. When I first asked my doctor about getting a note, he said they wouldn't have to disclose, because he'd never had to before.
  13. Decades later, Mrs. Peel is still one of the best female characters in the history of TV. Fuck cancer and fuck 2020.
  14. "...but first, you'll need to have this fish in your ear." Babel fish in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. "Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation."
  15. ABay


    OMG y'all, it's a Labor Day miracle! Neither of my party-house neighbors blasted music today! The house behind is having a party so there are the usual children shrieking* and whatnot, but my walls aren't throbbing from bass. I am choking on the cigarette smoke from next door, but that's a different issue. *I don't remember constantly shrieking when I was a girl. I generally don't understand why people have to be so fucking loud all the time.
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