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  1. I concur with a poster above who mentioned the lack of older bakers as part of the off feeling this season. There's a lack of diversity in general compared to some previous series but I'm really feeling the lack of age diversity here.
  2. ABay


    Air conditioning on Wednesday, heat kicked in overnight and the cat stayed with me all night. I love fall. I made blueberry coffee cake this morning to celebrate. On Wednesday when it was 90+ I had to make a 50+ mile round trip and the tire pressure monitor came on. I turned it off because it seems probable that the heat of the drive changed pressure enough to trigger the monitor, and for 40 years I've driven cars without a monitor and have survived to tell the tale. I don't have a pressure gauge and the last time I tried to put air in a tire, I let air out of a tire. So I took the car to the closest dealership and they wanted me to wait an hour. To use a pressure gauge. So I left. To my eye, both front tires look slightly less inflated than the rear tires but none of them is remotely flat. Maybe I should ask my neighbors if Tom Brady has been seen nearby.
  3. I bought the Pioneer Pet Big Max stainless steel fountain 5 years ago and it's still going. It's easy to clean, especially compared to the plastic Drinkwell ones I had before. It's quiet unless the clam that holds the motor and filter slides up against the cover and then it hums a little. This is the Amazon link.
  4. My mother was a nurse and single mother so Julia was more or less mandatory viewing at my house.
  5. One of my friends is worried because her neutered cat has been licking his penis a lot (I know what some of the guys here are probably thinking...). He used to do it when she first got him but hasn't since. Any thoughts? My beloved Bear used to do that when he was in his final illness but none of my other males cats did. At least, not while I was looking.
  6. Hey! I will have you know that BG, OH is home to the annual National Truck Pulling Championship. There are signs for that at both ends of town, too. And...and...and there's the Black Swamp Art Festival! So there.
  7. Things take longer in the tent. Plan accordingly.
  8. When I lived in Bowling Green, Ohio [answer to one clue, team names changed to Falcons], the Olympic torch went through town. Scott Hamilton is from BG, as signs on both ends of town announce. I vaguely remember the torch; it was somewhat overwhelmed by the all of the Coke advertisements on the vehicles.
  9. I spent Saturday grading an assignment that required freshmen to write short answers to a dozen questions. Several times, orally and in writing, I told them spelling and grammar would count as part of the grade and urged them to proof-read and get help. About half the class got the lowest possible grade just because I lost count of the problems. WTF? I don't even know what to say to them today.
  10. @Bastet. That guy's a flaming asshole. Love to Chester.
  11. Maybe he's part labrador and part luchador.
  12. Well, it's not a jinx or curse since ABC clearly knows when notable champs are going to lose.
  13. When ABC News runs a story on a champ, you know he or she is about to lose. Spoilers, Muir. Spoilers.
  14. Would they have accepted "that volcano in Hawaii"?
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