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  1. Pointless is available but not House of Games. Of all the panel and quiz shows to choose from Netflix.Amazon/Britbox insist on providing Would I Lie to You instead of something enjoyable. When does Mock the Week start up again?
  2. Contestants should only be given points if they say Aaron Burr as if they have a mouthful of peanut butter. As I know several of us did at home.
  3. I was actually glad to learn several years ago that she didn't actually say it because it always bothered me. The combination of stereotype and rendered dialect sprained my rolling eyeballs.
  4. A news article about cats in boxes: https://www.npr.org/2021/05/10/994262792/cats-take-if-i-fits-i-sits-seriously-even-if-the-space-is-just-an-illusion
  5. I'd never heard that Outlander started as Dr. Who fan fic but back in the 1960s, the Doctor had a Scottish companion from the 18th century named Jamie. @Llywela, excellent point. Fan fiction has always been "a thing". The fixation on the author as a singular genius and the spread of copyright are very recent constructs in terms of human history.
  6. I was just watching a show where it looked like there might actually have been something in the cups, or at least the actor was better than most as holding it as if it was. There should be an award for things like this.
  7. I fast forward through the commercial and chat with Jon and don't stop until I see the Quarantinewhile graphic.
  8. ABay


    AGH! My freezer door was open all night! Some stuff in the back was OK, some will have to be cooked this weekend, and I didn't check the ice cream because it would break my heart if it was all melted. I can't face it right now.
  9. ABay


    Where are my pliers?! 2 pairs have disappeared and it's driving me crazy that I can't find them.
  10. I have to have blood drawn every year because of our health insurance plan, I have slippery veins, and now I just tell them to take it from the back of my hand.
  11. ABay


    Allow me to bore you with my day while my wrists are still functioning. It took 2.5 hours to put together a garden cart this morning. Two of those hours were tightening bolts. The cotter pins broke my pliers. My town sold compost bins and rain barrels at half price in March and today was pick up day. I'm working 12-5 today and thought I'd be able to pick them up in time to be home for work at noon, but it turns out pick up time was 1-3 only. Sure, if I'd read the original sale message, I would have known that, but, come on! Read directions? That's damned unAmerican. Fortunately, some
  12. And then Adams says, outside Jefferson's hearing, that he'll just speak to the printer later. He was obnoxious and disliked, you know.
  13. Way back the previous century, there was a tagline "It's not your father Oldsmobile" to hawk a new model of the car. I actually inherited my father's Oldsmobile and was very sad when no one got the joke. For a few years there was a Tivoli ("it's a miniature world!") along the QEW somewhere between St. Catharines and Toronto.
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