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    I've had "Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" stuck in my head for days. Specifically "CBS and Warner Brothers, RCA and all the others. Life is a rock but the radio rolled me..." Please make it stop.
  2. The local news has shown RI state troopers stopping cars with out-of-state plates and, I believe, telling the people in them to self-quarantine if they're staying in RI. My neighborhood has had a rash of car break-ins and according to a neighbor on Next Door, the town police wouldn't come out for that but took a statement over the phone.
  3. That's how I always referred to the couple that lived in the apartment above me. Moving out of there was such a relief.
  4. Girl Cat had a vet appointment this morning. I wondered how they'd deal with the physical distancing when their exam rooms are quite small. Here's how: I called when we arrived, one of the techs came out to get the cat and my credit card, I waited in my car, and the vet called me when the exam was done and went over everything, then cat and card were returned to my car. I was worried about not being with her but apparently she was more relaxed without me. Rotten beast.
  5. John Oliver's video jittered a few times but otherwise, no problem. I howled at "Who wants to celebrate Irish culture?"
  6. Ordering groceries online. The person doing the shopping sent me a series of links which I didn't see until almost 30 minutes later because my phone didn't notify me, and I couldn't open them anyway. So frustrating. I ordered 6 things and 3 of them were out of stock, and none of them were toilet paper. How can you run out of feta? And the delivery window is tonight 9-11. If things are going to be out of stock anyway, I might as well risk infection and at least shop for the things they don't have at a decent hour.
  7. Wow, Susan really did not get the premise of the before & after authors category. I've never heard of Bryce Harper but still got to the answer. And I laughed at loud at Upton Sinclair Lewis Carroll. It seems like there have been far too many games lately where they don't clear the board and one wonders how these people got enough right on the test to get on the show.
  8. @BooksRule, just to compare experiences: I'm a reference librarian at a university and we are closed, like really closed, until at least the end of the semester in May. We are all working from home because the only people allowed on campus are construction workers and campus police*. Physical library items are unavailable--no books, no DVDs, no teaching kits, no reserves that aren't electronic, no interlibrary loans that aren't electronic. No fines on books currently checked out because they can't be returned until the university reopens. We don't keep logs of our activity; we're faculty so unless they're going to ask all faculty to document what they're doing they can go fuck themselves (I'm very passionate about faculty rights 8-), but we are all still working. Instead of being at a physical ref desk we do our shifts by monitoring the chat and messaging apps. They've been pretty active. We also keep up with the tech classroom faculty have just had to learn so we can help them and the students (IT is swamped). I've lost track of how many tutorials and webinars I watched during the last 10 work days. It was really overwhelming at first--so many things, so many that cover essentially the same functions. I'm glad I used Blackboard when I taught in the fall because it is not user-friendly. And many of us are taking the time to revise subject guides and all that. I just added a video to one of mine and am going over the others to see where I can add more short videos or Gifs on how to find and use resources. And we have virtual meetings. So many meetings. I swear I'm seeing more of my colleagues now than we shared the office suite. I'm having trouble configuring office space at home because my home is a few square feet shy of being a Tiny House. After trying out working from the comfy chair with the keyboard and mouse cords stretched across the room--so tempting to the cat--with text blown up to 150&, and trying to perch on the ottoman and moving the mouse in a 4 inch space, I've ordered wireless ones from Amazon. I'll still have to increase text size on the display but at least the cat won't keep disconnecting things. Probably. She's crafty. Jesus, this is long. Sorry! *The campus is also housing about 40 international students and apparently one of the residence halls may be used to house COVID19 patients or healthcare workers.
  9. I object to Alex saying pads are not items of clothing! The 1980s were not before his time so he should remember shoulder pads.
  10. @Kelly, I've made the regular no-knead several times but not the faster method from the video. I used bread flour and used beer for half of the liquid because it improves the taste, Until last year, I was doing great and then I couldn't get the dough to rise and get bubbly. I blame the new gas stove that doesn't feel warm on top like the old one. Eventually, I'll run out of bread here and try the shorter method although I wish I had some beer to add to it and I'm skeptical about using all-purpose flour.
  11. When Trevor says something is African, I always assume he's joking and that whatever word he used for it was something dirty.
  12. Vikram's voice...I'm usually not looking at the screen so physical tics like swaying or waving the buzzer don't bother me but voices, those get to me. And his was very, very annoying. His delivery reminded me of someone but I can't think who. Jonathan from Buffy? Probably not it. Wait...what? An American poet who is a woman and the category was not Women Poets? I...I...just...what?
  13. I covet that colorful collar.
  14. @magicdog I share your pain. I recently started PT because I would like to be able to walk without crippling pain. My next appt was for tomorrow, but now the office will be closed for 2 weeks or more. PT and chiropractors are on the essential list, I checked this morning knowing the list would be issued last night. I guess too many people are cancelling for them to stay open.
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