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  1. Yeah, I'd be on Expedia booking a trip. Although frankly, a round trip first class flight to Paris would eat up a third of the stash,
  2. Our patron saint Kit is going to smite me--I didn't get Carson City.
  3. I've been alternating between "Hit the Road, Jack" and nana na na nana na na hey, hey good-bye with hand gestures. The relief when the swearing-ins were over was overwhelming and now I'm so emotionally exhausted I just want to crawl into my jimjams and fall asleep.
  4. ABay


    You had the baby? Where have I been?! Congratulations!
  5. It's possible I missed a post, but has anyone heard from @AgentRXS lately?
  6. I kind of wish the contestant had looked to the sky, raised his/her fist and yelled "Khaaaaaaan!"
  7. Anytime I hear "elderberry" my brain immediately goes to the French knight taunting Arthur with "your father smelt of elderberries".
  8. I remember him from innumerable appearances on TV shows in the 70s and 80s. I had no idea about all the rest.
  9. I believe Connecticut is following updated guidance from the CDC and state dept of health with regard to who falls into each phase. The state portal clearly lays out who is included and that currently only people 75 and older are being scheduled. The other groups in 1b will be allowed to schedule in turn, according to the governor's nearly daily televised briefings. The expansion of 1b to include 65+ and those under 65 with risk factors isn't sudden--it's been booted about for days, if not weeks.
  10. For Desi, I nominate Cristian de la Fuente. Chilean rather than Cuban but they both begin with C and so does his name! It's kismet! He did well in the brilliant "American Duos" episode of Psych.
  11. I've had 2 peacock encounters, although the first one was aural only. I was waiting at a bus stop outside a hotel in ruralish England and heard this horrible sound from, I thought, a nearby field. It turned out to be peacock at an estate down the road. The second one was brilliant technicolor. Another bus stop...well, comfort station for tourist buses...somewhere around Thermopylae. I walked around the outside of the building to stretch my legs and there were 2 peacocks and 2 peahens in an enclosure. Random! One of the peacocks flared his tail for me so I got a great photo.
  12. I had the same answer as the first guy. It would be OK with me if for this first week Ken told a story about Alex at the beginning of the game.
  13. ABay


    Can you ask your neighbors if they saw anyone in your yard?
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