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  1. Girl Cat is indifferent to the fireworks but my singing along to 1776 distressed her.
  2. I've only watched the first 2 so far. OK, Rey often wrote down random thoughts and names and whatnot. But the examples were all handwritten in notebooks and apparently left in the open. As opposed to the mystery note, which was typed and hidden. I don't think it's particularly sketchy that the business lawyered up and I'm sure the lawyers told Porter (what a name) to STFU but some kind of statement would have been a good idea. And this long after whatever happened happened, talking to the show would have little impact on business, I'd have thought. So not speaking looks even more suspicious. Rob Endres is definitely a creepy asshole. There is no question there. I got the feeling, though, that there is more to Pistol's story than just being a difficult teenager--he was a regular at the principal's office, for example. Again, this in no way justifies locking the kid out of his own house and denying him anything of his mother's. It looks to me like the show downplayed Pistol's behavior in order to build more sympathy for him and that annoys me. I never watched the original but do enjoy whenever Drunk History does their take-off of it--Drunk Mysteries.
  3. @AgentRXS, a belated happy birthday from me & the Girl Cat. Well, me, anyway. She's obviously got different priorities.
  4. I'm not sure which I prefer: Colin's Marcel Marceau or Colin's Craig T. Nelson.
  5. ABay


    Last night I had a dream in which I said the names Doug Favell and Eddie Shack. Long story short, Happy Canada Day to our neighbors in the Great White North.
  6. Adding to the All of Me love. The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming is another great one.
  7. My first thought after NOOOOOO!!! was "But who is Mel Brooks going to hang out with now?" 98 and still sharp is a miracle, certainly more than most of us can hope for, but I'm choking up because what really touched me was his lifelong friendship with Mel.
  8. Are these fireworks or fire crackers? Fireworks are the big displays for the public, with rockets bursting in air and all that, and fire crackers are smaller explosives for individual use. Or that's how I see it. Fire crackers are what I've been hearing every fucking night since April.
  9. This afternoon, I have a doctor's appointment because of a bug or something I caught over the weekend. I haven't received any directions about masks, waiting in my car, or anything. While I'm there, I'm going to ask about getting a note so I can continue working from home in case the university tries to force us to come back before the end of August. As far as I'm aware, the governor's guidelines still say anyone who can work from home should do so. The lack of clarity about who is doing what and when, and the daily changes about what's going to happen are more stressful than worrying about contracting covid. On the one hand, it's all "we won't open until certain conditions are met, health and safety first blah blah blah" and on the other it's "OK, everybody (except classroom faculty, of course), back on campus" which clearly shows that the health and safety BS is just that--BS.
  10. It makes complete sense to me that people aren't taking it seriously if they don't know anyone who has had Covid. I'm not saying I agree but I don't think it's irrational to look around after 3+ months and think "If this is a pandemic then shouldn't at least one of the people in my large family and/or large social circle have been sick?"
  11. I've wanted to live in Canada since the 1970s. At this stage, an invasion is my only hope.
  12. I was so pleased to have a rose breasted grosbeak at one of my feeders for a few days this spring! The Orioles stayed around a little longer but are long gone now.
  13. My introduction to Chris D'elia was on @midnight, where he was one of 3 or 4 comedians I dreaded seeing on the panel.There is another Chris D'Elia who is a producer or something, which I on!y know because I saw the name, commented on it in the @midnight thread, and was corrected. Needless to say, when I saw the story here I knew which one it was.
  14. "He told me to pull his finger. When I did, he farted and blamed it on Obama." I snorted loudly enough to wake the cat.
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