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  1. There is a connection in that Mozart wrote A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) and Sondheim borrowed the title for the musical that features Send in the Clowns. The plot he borrowed from Ingmar Bergman.
  2. Whenever I see a post that begins with "Does anybody else think... or "Am I the only one who..." I am so tempted to respond "No" to the first and "Yes" to the second.
  3. Damn it, beaten to the punch. WRT DARPA, check out Digital Disconnect on Kanopy for the infuriating history of the internet.
  4. ABay


    The Emmys have gone from appointment TV for me to "Wait, what? The Emmys were last night?"
  5. Are the ads on Hulu always so damned loud? I was watching 9 Perfect Strangers and had to keep my hand on the remote so I wasn't blasted out of my chair.
  6. I did watch Lost in its original run* and I loathed the ending. It is the ending I measure all endings against. It sucked fetid donkey balls. But I don't regret for a minute watching the series and have never understood the freaking out over whether there was or was not a plan and people screaming they'd wasted 5 years of their lives or whatever. Come on, you didn't enjoy anything else? Your entire enjoyment of the show was pinned to the "mystery"? I wasn't in it for the plan or mystery or whatever. I'm not even sure what other people thought they needed answered. I was curious as to where it
  7. I thought of all of the late sleepers here this morning when my next door neighbor started raking her driveway at 7 a.m. Even I thought that was rude. At least I waited until 8 yesterday to push an a/c unit out of the window.
  8. Will someone shut that man up?
  9. I don't know what brought them to mind but I was just thinking about the series of Polaroid commercials Mariette Hartley and James Garner did together. They seemed so right together, people thought they were married.
  10. Although...if you put a comma after elephants, it still looks like you're addressing the elephants. Maybe not using all caps would allow space for a few extra clarifying words.
  11. ABay


    Was it here or in Pet Peeves that someone asked about more spiders than usual? Because, yes, there are way more spiders than usual in my yard, especially the part outside the kitchen door where it's almost always in shade. Web in the corner, web over the storm cellar door, web under the window, web on the railing next to the door, web next to the tool box, web in the tool box. What makes it worse is that the spiders are doing a piss poor job of getting rid of the mosquitoes.
  12. Dark Matter was planned out for 5 seasons but Syfy cancelled it after 3. There were a lot of little things that seemed like throwaways and later turned out to be significant (like 5 looking at Sarah's coffin seemed lie nothing but paid off later on) and now I'll never know what the hints were. Although the biggest mystery to me was how Three managed to retrieve his hideous vest from the prison. And even more, why.
  13. I mean no disrespect by this because I'm a fan and treasure memories of singing along to Sweeney Todd and A Little Night Music while driving around with my best friend when we were in high school, but what is going on with Sondheim's eyes? I watched the 90th birthday party special and I'm sure he was on camera at least once and I don't remember him looking like that.
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